The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 99

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 99: The Extra Is Too Strong

Ten days ago, four individuals joined the Gatekeeper Unit—a young bastard of Bernas named Mord, a 15-year-old who claimed to have come from the Grand Fortress, and his three companions composed the squad. The soldiers and warriors whispered among themselves.

“I’m not sure what the General is thinking.”

“Well, do you think the General does whatever he wants? That Mord guy must have some powerful backing.”

“True. Accepting requests like these sometimes makes it easier for us to receive support. Political deals are inevitable.”

Instances where the hand of power had clearly played a role had been steady and ongoing. And all of them—their everyday lives as Gatekeepers, so natural as breathing—had failed to endure and fallen by the wayside.

“He must be counting on us for a self-corrective action.”

“But isn’t it too much for headquarters to not provide even a single soldier? At least let them engage in some activity.”

Even though ten days had passed since the formation of Mord’s unit, headquarters had not supplemented them with a single soldier. The minimum number of troops for an independent unit was eight. If headquarters didn’t assign personnel, Mord’s group couldn’t carry out operational activities.

“Ah, that. It seems at first headquarters planned to assign four experienced regular warriors to them. But that young brat Mord rejected them.”

“Huh? Rejected? Why?”

“He said they were enough on their own.”

“…Was he out of his mind?”

Such a ludicrous story. Everyone else would be begging for additional hands, yet he declined in such a way?

“That’s right. For a standard unit, it’s just about assigning soldiers, but an independent unit requires at least warriors. Who among the warriors would want to go there?”

“Even if by some chance he has some skill, shouldn’t he take the opportunity to showcase it? Must be a moron with no brains.”

“Well, it’s not without a solution, is it?”

“An emergency support request? Could he be planning to make a glorious entrance only after holding out for an emergency support request? Wow, that’s quite a fantasy. He might have received an intermediate warrior’s rank at Grand Fortress because of his background, but we’re not that easy a crowd.”

The warriors chuckled among themselves. There were only two opportunities for Mord’s undermanned unit to participate in operations: respond to an emergency support request from headquarters or conduct joint operations with another unit. But who, truly, would wish to conduct joint operations with Mord’s unit?

“That’s to be expected from a kid who doesn’t understand how the world works. Once an emergency support request comes and he witnesses the hell on the battlefield, he’ll learn.”

* * *

Mord and his group spent the ten days following the formation of their unit in peace. Since they were only four, operational activities were impossible. This impossibility served as a convenient excuse for them to focus solely on rest and training.

“Damn it. I shouldn’t wish for it, but I can’t help thinking when the emergency support request might come.”

Leon grumbled. An emergency support request would mean the Gatekeeper Unit would be facing danger. While eager for an opportunity to fight, it’s wrong to hope for an incident that leads to people dying.

Despite this, his restlessness couldn’t be helped. It was bearable when they were in the barracks of Mord’s unit, but whenever they went to the mess hall for a meal, they were met with disdainful and mocking stares. Ignoring them as if unaware was no ordinary stress.

“I understand how you feel, but don’t be hasty. After all, what we need is time. Opportunities to fight will certainly come, even if we don’t wish for them.”

Mord spoke calmly. They had been spending their time diligently over the past ten days. Freed from the stress of an imminent enemy attack, they could rest comfortably and digest what they had learned through training.

In fact, except for Parwell, the three of them were becoming stronger just by resting, as they needed more time to fully assimilate the nectar. For Mord, the value of time was even higher than for the others. His body was that of a fifteen-year-old boy in the throes of growth, filled with endless potential to be tapped through training, and the thirteen world fragments he had obtained were already enhancing his existence.

He would have liked to spend about a month just training and resting. However, the harsh realities of the White Demonic Frontier would not allow them to lounge and indulge for long.

* * *

“Knight Mord of the intermediate warriors!”

It was the afternoon of the twelfth day after the unit was formed. As usual, they had returned from the dining hall, enduring the irritating stares, and were training in their barracks when a soldier burst in urgently.

“Sir Mord, what’s the matter?”

“The command has issued a notification! An emergency support request! Please prepare for battle immediately and report to the headquarters.”

“The time has come.”

Leon smiled wryly.

“Let’s go.”

It was Mord’s unit’s first sortie.

* * *

The White Demonic Frontier was a battlefield everywhere. It overflowed with monsters. The most profound depths of the frozen northern seas were already demonized. The troops stationed in the White Demonic Frontier served as a dam, defending the continent. By engaging the demonized dungeons and sometimes venturing into the very depths, they kept the number of demons in check.

However, the majority of their battles were against monsters. Due to the sheer number of demonizations, it was impossible to locate and attack each demonized dungeon individually. Consequently, numerous monsters established themselves in the present world through dungeon breaks and often invaded human territories once their numbers increased.

“Damn it! Who would have thought so many were hidden!”

Most of the White Demonic Frontier’s terrain consisted of mountains and forests. The difficulty of finding and attacking all demonized dungeons, and hunting monsters that emerged from dungeon breaks, was largely due to the terrain.

And now, a force of five hundred men led by the senior warrior Adwight of the Gatekeeper Unit faced a crisis. They were overwhelmed by an army of monsters exceeding fifteen hundred—a force primarily composed of Ice Trolls, regarded as the epitome of regeneration and specializing in cold climates, and Gray Orcs, the foremost of the demonic orcs adapted to cold regions.

“The fire power is weakening! What are the mages doing?”

Adwight, scanning the battlefield and exasperated, complained.

“Some are on break due to the depletion of their mana!”

“Frail things! What about the rest? Shouldn’t they be more evenly distributed?”

“There’s no helping it. They’re preoccupied with blocking the central Ice Troll sorcerers and Gray Orc mages…”

“Are you offering that as an excuse?”

“The left wing is collapsing! It’s the Gray Orc cavalry!”

Urgent reports were heard. The offensive of the Gray Orc cavalry, stronger even than the hellhounds riding monstrous ash-gray wolves, was causing the ranks to fall apart.

“To hell with this! Lieutenant, take command! If there are any brave souls who aren’t afraid of a little thought, follow me!”

The highest commander dashed to the front lines to reverse the course of the battle at a critical moment. For the Gatekeepers, no, the warriors of Bernas, this was nothing less than routine. After all, to become their supreme commander, one had to prove they were a hero worth a hundred men!

Senior warrior Adwight was a middle-aged man with a bald head and blue tattoos. Towering well over 180 centimeters with a muscular frame, he brandished immense physical strength and charged into the left wing with a band of elite warriors.

With a roar, Adwight swung his heavy two-handed sword, and a blue impulse burst out like thunder.

The Gray Orc cavalry vanguard, previously surging forward confidently, was instantly killed and flung away.

“Kuaa! Humans!”

“Strong humans have emerged!”

Black Orcs and Gray Orcs, among the demonic orcs, were much larger and had sturdier bodies than regular orcs that had established themselves on the surface. Gray Orcs averaged 180 centimeters in height, significantly surpassing humans in basic physical capabilities and instinctively manipulating magic, making them incomparable without martial sorcery.

Yet the momentum of the Gray Orcs, particularly the cavalry, was shattered by a single stroke.

“Ha-ha! A strong warrior, the strongest warrior! All you ugly orcs lusting after death, I am your man!”

Adwight lifted his enormous two-handed sword, laughing heartily, and the orcs charged again.

“Come! I will send you to your heaven!”

As Adwight swung his sword, a massive trail of blinding light cleaved through space.

With a thunderous boom, the Gray Orc cavalry—along with their even larger ashen wolves—were cleaved apart, hurtled away.

Impulse Ball Barrage!

Adwight released ten spheres of impulse, striking them and charging with his men. Just as the Gray Orc cavalry began to fall into chaos…

A tremendous roar echoed, and among the panic, a being appeared, standing firm against Adwight’s sword strike.

“Human! Impressive!”

This Gray Orc was a full head taller than the others. Judging by the ornate helmet, it was evident he was a revered warrior among his kin.

“Is that so? It will be an honor to die by my hand!”

Adwight and the Gray Orc warrior had one thing in common: both wielded large two-handed swords.

Their clashing swords, wrapped in azure impulses, ripped through the surrounding space, coercing the other forces to retreat and naturally leading to a one-on-one confrontation.

The Gray Orc managed a sneering laugh amidst the tense exchange of blows.

“How regrettable!”

“What nonsense are you spewing now?”

“It’s a shame there seems to be no warrior like you.”

“Spit it out before you die, why don’t you?”

“I must! Before our duel concludes, this battle will end.”

A massive roar resounded across the battlefield.

Adwight scowled.

“An ogre?”

From the enemy’s rear, an ogre revealed itself.

“Hiding an ogre, were you? But how does throwing in a mere ogre change anything?”

Ogres were mighty monsters by themselves, far surpassing orcs. But they also had clear limitations, mainly due to their low intelligence.

While orcs were weaker than ogres in base strength, they could speak and transmit culture, venerating strong warriors and cultivating combat techniques over time, resulting in particularly powerful individuals, like the one facing Adwight.

However, ogres were not as fearsome on a battlefield with such formidable forces. While demonic ogres were stronger than their surface-dwelling kind, they were no match for Adwight.

“Hmm, you really don’t understand, do you?”

The Gray Orc warrior laughed as if pitying Adwight, who then realized a possibility.

“A variant?”

All monster species had their unique variants, like orc sorcerers rising from ordinary orcs incapable of understanding magic.

Ogre populations were typically low, making the emergence of a variant rare. But there was no doubt variants existed within their kind.


“Hold it back! No, dodge!”

In an instant, the right wing began to crumble.

The average height of an adult ogre was four meters. The variant, with a hint of blue to its skin, towered over six meters, and with each swing of its massive steel club, humans were literally pulverized and sent flying.

“Cursed creature! Attack! Stop it!”

The warriors fought back, gracefully evading the variant ogre’s assaults while continuing their attacks. Yet, the ogre did not stop. Like a heavy tank, it charged forward, taking the brunt of the attack.

“If someone would just…!”

Just as the warriors began to despair amidst the collapsing ranks…

Light Arrow!

A spell cast by a mage hundreds of meters away struck the variant ogre, and exploded before impact.

With no destructive force, the arrow made of pure light flashed brilliantly, blinding the eyes.

The relentless variant ogre, unaffected by the warriors’ assaults, screamed in agony.

“Who is that?”

“Damn mages, if it was so easy to stop it, why didn’t they act sooner?”

Before the light arrow hit, a nearby message spell had warned the forces. Thus, the friendly troops either turned away or shielded their eyes, unharmed by the assault.

“Back off! Regroup and prepare for coordinated attack!”

The crazed variant ogre became indiscriminate, attacking friend and foe alike—if anyone came too close, they would be obliterated, forcing even the monsters to retreat. This became the Gatekeeper Unit’s chance to regroup their shattered lines.

Then, amid the commotion…

A thunderous boom sent the variant ogre tumbling.

“What the…?”

Everyone was aghast. Even a barrage of attacks that couldn’t halt the ogre’s relentless advance had been stopped in a single blow. It was a feat not even a supreme mage could accomplish. Had a high-ranking mage arrived?

‘No, it wasn’t a mage.’

Midway through directing his soldiers to regroup, the intermediate warrior recognized that the attack was not a magical spell, but a martial sorcery strike.

‘A senior warrior has arrived!’

Overjoyed, he turned, but his expression soon turned curious.

“…Who’s that?”

An unfamiliar towering figure was rushing towards them.

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