The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 98

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 32: The Gatekeeper Corps

The origin of the soldiers in the Gatekeeper Corps varied greatly. Some were from the Duchy of Bernas, while others were not. Furthermore, a significant proportion were natives, born and raised in the region. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising when newcomers from outside suddenly joined the corps.

However, it would be a different story if there were two among them with Bernas bloodline. The bastard Mord, and…

“Starting as an ordinary warrior… Wow, starting as an ordinary warrior at this point…”

Lion grumbled as if it were ridiculous.

Before leaving his family, he had been an advanced warrior. But now, in the Gatekeeper Corps, he had to start all over again as an ordinary warrior.

Yet, this was not a demotion.

Officially, his identity was set as ‘the bastard of Bernas named Lion who came to join the Gatekeeper Corps.’

It was far too shallow to be considered a disguise.

It was incredibly insincere to use the same name and call it a disguised identity, even if the name ‘Lion’ wasn’t particularly rare.

But this was not really for the purpose of deceiving anyone about Lion’s identity; it had a different, stronger motive.

‘Lion has no intention of re-entering the succession struggle. He didn’t join the Gatekeeper Corps with that in mind.’

It was meant to clearly show that intention.

Mord let out a wry smile.

“At least they are not asking you to retake the warrior exam.”

“You’re still an intermediate warrior! Plus, you’re comfortable with your rank as a unit leader!”

“Ah, shut up!”

Kael snapped irritably at Lion’s grumbling.

“Lion, you’re the one who threw away your military life and crawled back. You should be grateful they took you back even as an ordinary warrior.”

“What did you say? Hey, Kael, you are… um…”

Lion tried to say something to Kael but stopped, unable to find the right words.

It couldn’t be helped.

Even Kael was wearing the insignia of an ordinary warrior!


Kael looked up at the gloomy sky and sighed.

He felt like he could cry.

Elden kept his promise to Mord.

He had called Kael and ordered him to follow Mord from now on instead of him.

It wasn’t exactly an order but more of a heartfelt request.

Before dawn today, Kael, who had quietly gone to see Mord, sighed and told him about the conversation with Elden.

* * *

“Mord, did Lord Elden ask you for me?”


“He said that I should follow you from now on, even if it means opposing him. He said it would be truly for his best.”


Instead of replying, Mord responded with a bitter smile to Kael’s accusatory gaze.

Kael said, “Promise me one thing.”

“What promise do you want?”

“The promise to fulfill Lord Elden’s lifelong wish. If you promise me that, I’m willing to lay down my life for you.”

Kael’s eyes were burning as he glared at Mord.

Mord nodded, seeing the intense emotions contained in those eyes.

“I promise. I will definitely fulfill Sir Elden’s lifelong wish.”

“Good. That’s all I need. You’re a man of your word.”

Kael sighed and left.

But he didn’t know.

The unimaginable catastrophe that would befall him after daybreak.

* * *

Kael was discharged from the Shadow Wolf Corps.

Or more precisely, he was discharged by Elden.

And then he was re-enlisted under a new identity!

Since the personal details of Shadow Wolf Corps members were classified, there were hardly any who knew of Kael’s past.

Having a new, publicly revealed identity was not a problem.

In fact, this was the method Shadow Wolf Corps members used to create disguised identities or to launder their identity for living aboveboard after retirement.

‘I feel a bit sorry.’

Mord couldn’t help but feel sorry about this.

It was like demoting someone to the rank of second lieutenant after they had spent 10 years or more in the 21st century Korean military, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel or colonel.

Perhaps it was the worst disaster in Kael’s life?

Mord couldn’t even guess what Kael must be feeling right now.

‘I should take good care of him from now on.’

Mord resolved to take care of Kael even more than before.

Another person approached Mord.

“Is there another member in our unit, aside from us?”

It was Farwell, a handsome boy with black hair and blue eyes.

Ultimately, Farwell had decided to follow Mord.

His heart was completely swayed when Mord found and had Emit, one of the candidates for the god of Plexaras, killed.

“No, it’s just us for now.”

Farwell, still covering his left eye with a patch, was wearing the military uniform of the Gatekeeper Corps instead of the robe he’d worn before.

Gray with silver threads, Bernas Grand Duchy’s emblem of a crossed fist and sword was embroidered on it, with a black beret on his head.

‘He looks like a clueless new recruit.’

Farwell had received a roughly-sized uniform, making him look like a new recruit who had just been assigned to a unit, just as Um Taesung had seen during his military days.

Of course, among the new recruits Um Taesung had seen, there were no fifteen-year-old soldiers or anyone wearing a patch over one eye like Farwell.

“Farwell, now that we’re in the same boat, can you tell us about your bloodline and unique abilities?”

“Of course.”

Farwell readily nodded and revealed his identity.

“I bear the bloodline of Brediast, one of the five closest stars to the moon.”

As on Earth, celestial bodies and mythology were closely related in this world.

The stars were traces of mythology, with each one often symbolizing a surviving deity.

Unlike Earth, this world didn’t have constellations but stars that symbolized gods.

The five stars closest to the moon were as famous as the Big Dipper constellation on Earth.

Among these, Brediast was a guardian deity of scholars, with a high fame.

“My unique power is advantageous when I pursue scholarly studies. It increases concentration and learning capacity, so it’s not very helpful in battle.”

However, considering that magic is a scholarly art, it was an extremely useful unique power for a mage.

“However, when I unlock my bloodline powers, I can see with my left eye.”

“Your left eye can see? You haven’t lost it?”

Lion asked in surprise.

During their travels together, Farwell had removed his eyepatch a few times, and the eye beneath had been closed due to severe scarring.

“It is lost. But when my bloodline power is unleashed, it returns. It seems like a divine eye manifests in place of a human eye, but I haven’t fully analyzed it yet.”

Farwell said, pointing to the eyepatch.

“However, when I open my left eye, I can control the superfluous mana within sight.”

“Superfluous mana?”

“Generally, mana is produced through resonance between our mind and the ether. However, we don’t use all of the mana we generate. Most of the produced mana escapes our control as superfluous mana and disperses, and after some time, it returns to ether.”

Farwell could control this superfluous mana during his bloodline activation.

“I can use it, or provide it to my allies to restore or amplify their mana.”

“That’s a significantly useful ability.”

Mana was the most important combat resource for both mystic warriors and mages. The ability to supply mana externally was a tremendous tactical advantage.

“We can figure out how effective it is during training…”

Mord said.

“Elden Sir asked for some time to train, but I’m not sure how long he will allow. I don’t plan to supplement our unit with members from within the Gatekeeper Corps. We will become an extreme case of a small but elite group.”

When Elden asked Mord what support he needed, Mord had no hesitation in asking for ‘time.’

Not just Mord, but Kael, Lion, and Farwell too needed time to explore and assimilate their gains from the journey.

They needed time away from the fear of attack to focus solely on training, which was the most vital thing for them.

“However, Elden Sir mentioned that we might need to prove our worth since others may not look kindly upon us.”

Elden was a ruler akin to a king there, so if he decides, that was that.

Still, Elden had hinted that Mord must prove his value, and Mord had coolly accepted.

“And the personnel that the headquarters might assign to us wouldn’t be helpful anyway. Putting aside whether we could trust them as allies.”

The current combat abilities of the group were exceedingly high.

Farwell, a fifth-circle advanced mage with a powerful bloodline, was enough to substantially lower the average of the group.

What use would ordinary warriors have in a unit with such members?

‘Honestly, even the warriors of Kesner’s unit would need to be that skilled to meet the bare minimum standard.’

The Kesner’s unit was an elite group comprising only of top soldiers even within the Bernas Grand Duchy.

When Kesner took Mord into their unit, aside from Mord, all of the other members had been advanced warriors.

Even the forces of Erna and Byden, who were officially participating in the succession competition, fell far short compared to Kesner’s unit.

Lion asked, “Proof… In what way?”

“Wait and an opportunity will come. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of need for people to fight.”


Kael grinned.

“This is such a place. That’s why skill takes precedence over everything else.”

But Lion spoke gravely as if a more important issue existed.

“But before that, shouldn’t we raise our ranks? If someone looks down on us as mere ordinary warriors, I don’t think I can put up with it…”


Struck by the poignant remark, Kael also fell silent.

* * *

The environment of the White Demonic Frontier was unforgiving.

The constant cold where snow never melted was a struggle, and when coupled with the frequent battles that erupted, it was even more daunting.

The occurrence of demonic corruption was an everyday event in the White Demonic Frontier, and hunting down monsters that emerged from dungeon breaks to settle in this reality was also part of the daily routine.

Surviving in such a harsh environment, the Gatekeeper Corps was composed of strong soldiers. It was inevitable.

Those incapable of being strong soldiers perished.

That’s why the prevailing atmosphere in the Gatekeeper Corps was of a meritocracy.

Even those of the official Bernas bloodline would not receive proper treatment unless they demonstrated exceptional abilities.

Many who came from good families or who hoped to make a name for themselves through their skill at social climbing often didn’t last long in this place.

“Those from the newly formed Mord’s unit, they are still just four raw recruits, right?”

The recent topic of discussion among the Gatekeeper Corps was the newly established Mord’s unit.

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