The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 95

The Extra is too strong

Episode 95: The Extra Is Too Strong

“This taste is intriguing.”

The snack resembled a solidified candy of blue and white hues, but the flavor and texture were unexpectedly different from what one might anticipate based on its appearance.

First and foremost, it was cold like ice cream, but without any stickiness, presenting a crispy texture that perfectly harmonized with its sour-sweet taste.

‘It feels too cold to eat in a place like this, though.’

Wouldn’t the inhabitants of this frozen land, where bone-chilling cold reigned, find it difficult to consume?

“This is a local specialty, cookies made from ice apples.”

“Cookies? You mean to say these were baked over fire?”

“Yes. Intriguing, isn’t it?”

The texture was undoubtedly that of a cookie. Yet, a baked snack with such properties?

‘It makes me realize all over again that this is indeed a fantasy world.’

As Mord admired, Illde served him a cup of tea.

“This is ice apple tea.”

“Don’t people usually prefer something warm in a place like this?”

Mord asked, though he took a sip of the tea nonetheless.

The tangy scent of apple accompanied by a refreshingly sweet and cool flavor stimulated his palate.

Discounting the oddity of drinking a cold beverage in a chilly region, it was quite an appealing experience.

“It’s rare in other regions. It needs to be kept cold. There are those who employ mages, bringing it in as a luxury.”

Given the level of civilization in this world, it seemed inevitable.

“Farwell seems to have taken a liking to following you. Having a mage on the team must be reassuring.”

“It was Lord Illde who brought him to us.”

“Yes, it was serendipity. They used the power of a deity, which linked us.”

Illde’s senses, particularly his seventh sense, had reached into extraordinary dimensions. This became even more evident after he lost his sight, making him particularly sensitive to divine powers.

At that time, Illde was more than ten kilometers away from where Farwell was located. Yet, he detected the presence of a divine power clash between a Fraxarous’s god-candidate exercising authority and Farwell drawing upon the power of divine lineage, rushing to that spot. Had both parties not been users of divine power, Farwell might have died in a place unknown to Illde.

“I wanted to foster his strength gradually under my wing, but his thirst for vengeance was too deep. Still, he’s not ungrateful. I’ve been supporting him in the hope that he might assist us when needed.”

“So you sent him to me?”


So Farwell truly was a gift prepared by Illde.

It was more of a preparation for the day when a beacon of hope would emerge to fulfill his own deep-seated desire, rather than solely for Mord’s sake.

“I was surprised you decided to include Leon as a companion.”

“It was by chance. I have something to request regarding that matter.”

Mord shared his thoughts about Leon.

Hearing the story, Illde stroked his beard and willingly agreed.

“Yes, that would be better. They may turn a blind eye, but that’s still better than doing nothing. At least, it’d be clear he is not here to rejoin the competition for heir… Ah.”

Illde seemed to have a sudden realization.

“It would be best to handle Kael in the same way.”

“Kael as well?”

“The Shadow Wolf Battalion’s identities are confidential. If he is to act as a warrior here, we must treat his past with the Shadow Wolves as nonexistent.”

“I see.”

A flicker of pity crossed Mord’s accepting face.

Out of the blue, Illde asked,

“How much do you know?”

A question out of nowhere.

Yet, Mord understood exactly what he was asking.

“I know that the Grand Duke is a vile monster who preserves his youth by devouring his own children.”

“Yes… And you’ve told Erna the truth as well, persuaded her?”


“Do you think she has the makings of a future Grand Duke?”

“She does.”

“Indeed, she is talented. But do you believe she could surpass the Grand Duke?”

“That’s not particularly important. I will be the one to take down the Grand Duke.”


Illde was left speechless by the firm answer.

Before he could say anything, Mord continued,

“I know the Grand Duke became such a monster because his body started to decay rapidly at one point. The blood of silver approached him then, bestowing upon the Bernas lineage, particularly the art of consuming his offspring to retain youth.”

“…You know everything.”

“Not quite.”

Surprised, Illde saw Mord shake his head.

“I am aware that you long for someone who can overthrow the Grand Duke and assume the duty… the duty to fight the incarnation of the Demon King once a year, maintaining the seal. That’s why you have expectations of me and extend your aid.”

“How do you come to know that?”

Illde asked incredulously as he stood up sharply.

Even the trusted associates like Kael and Rowen did not know the full truth.

They believed Illde’s personal quest was to defeat the Grand Duke, unaware of the true reason behind it.

“It’s a secret permitted only to those closest to the throne!”

The fact that Bernas’ Grand Duke was the guardian of the Demon King’s seal was a heavily guarded secret.

The Demon King mentioned in legends, whom even a titan couldn’t kill – and was ultimately sealed with the combined power of several deities. Revealed, his existence would undoubtedly attract those who covet its power, leading to a catastrophic disaster if the seal was ever broken.

Therefore, only the two heirs closest to achieving the Grand Duke’s throne had the privilege to be privy to this secret.

Upon learning it, they would swear never to disclose it, a vow taken in the sanctuary of the titan, where breaching it would mean instant divine retribution.

The reason why even the most trusted could not be told this secret, and there stood Mord, an illegitimate child, privy to it, was shocking!

Stunned, Illde listened as Mord relayed an answer beyond his wildest imaginations,

“The god within me told me.”


“The god within me revealed it, I said.”


“Hard to believe, I understand. But tell me, of everything Kael and Rowen reported, what has been easy to believe?”

Indeed, that was true. Each of Mord’s actions unraveled ancient secrets that no one else in the world could fathom.

If someone else knew these secrets, they wouldn’t have remained intact for Mord to discover.

“…I can’t fathom just who you might be.”

“You’re simply struggling to accept an easy answer because you’re trapped in conventional wisdom. If Kael’s report was thorough, it should have detailed information about Sedea as well, wouldn’t it?”


It did.

Kael had meticulously recorded the conversation he had with Mord and Sedea.

The reason Mord knew secrets that should have been impossible for him to learn was because the trace of a god within him had shown him a great prophecy that recorded the fate of the world.

And Sedea, a mythical existence, had confirmed this.

“There was none among the Bernas lineage with such power.”

“That may have been true in the past. But now, things are different. I am here, after all.”

Mord’s demeanor was assertive.

His attitude suggested: ‘Whether you believe it or not is of no concern to me. It’s the truth.’

He knew very well that he wasn’t adept at convincing others through eloquence.

Explaining his actions to someone with ‘rational and conventional reasons’?

That was an impossibility.

In that case, he could only act within bounds that ‘rational and conventional reasons’ could justify.

‘Otherwise, I would have been dead already.’

The world wasn’t so forgiving. Mord had survived thus far by fully leveraging both his talent and the knowledge of the venomous serpent.


Illde remained silent for a long while.

How much time had elapsed in that heavy silence with even the sound of breathing feeling loud?

Finally, Illde spoke.

“…Mord, from the start, you didn’t hide anything from Kael.”

Despite knowing Kael reported every detail to Illde, Mord never concealed anything.

“It seems you knew that was the most appropriate way to convince me.”

And it was true.

Initially, Kael had thought Mord was mocking him with nonsensical talk to hide the truth.

But as Kael followed Mord’s journey, he began to accept those outrageous comments as the truth.

Because otherwise, the events he’d experienced were inexplicable.

“At first, I suspected you might be a product of some secret organization. There are many such groups in the world, some holding mystical secrets.”

Not all secret organizations were evil.

Certainly, there were those who maintained their lineage for noble and just causes.

“But no matter how much I investigated, there was no trace of such a presence in your past. And even if there was an organization capable of erasing their tracks perfectly… it would have been impossible for them to create someone like you.”

With each report from Kael, Illde felt a similar disbelief as he did.

Disregarding Mord’s own outlandish statements, there was no other explanation for his actions.

But no matter how trustworthy a detailed report may be, it’s just a collection of words.

Illde wanted to verify for himself what Mord had achieved on this journey…

“A thousand words exchanged verbally often fall short of a truth discovered in a single exchange of fists. While one might lie with words, fists don’t lie. Having verified the truth through your fists, I have no choice but to accept your words as the truth.”

A titan’s descendant through and through, Illde’s hesitation was swayed not by Mord’s words, but his fists.

With a chuckle that seemed cathartic, Illde sat down again and asked,

“Mord, you already know my quest and why I aid you. Yet, it seems there’s more you wish to ask of me.”

“I’m curious about the real reason you want to take down the Grand Duke.”

“Haruden robbed me of both my eyes and the throne I devoted my life to. Isn’t that reason enough for he has tainted it further with the blood of silver?”



Illde was taken aback by Mord’s resolute response.

As Illde remained silent, Mord said,

“I am the one you expect to fulfill your quest. As someone who must risk life in combat against the Grand Duke for this purpose, I at least want to understand your true intentions.”

“I see…”

Looking into the void, as though seeing something despite his blindness, Illde mused aloud,

“Certainly, you are worthy, Mord.”

Taking a deep breath, Illde began to share a truth he had never told anyone before.

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