The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 94

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 94: The Extra Is Too Strong

In an instant, everyone at the Antark Castle turned their gaze to the spectacle before them.

“Good heavens.”

From the moment Mord and Illden clashed, all eyes had been drawn to the scene.

Although accustomed to the loud noises emerging during training, the aftermath of the clash shaking the very foundations of the enormous training facility was something even they rarely experienced.

And the impact and noise that occurred just now were on a completely different level.

“What on earth has the general done?”

Something beyond their understanding had unfolded within that chaos.

Everyone sensed it intuitively.

* * *

Rumble rumble rumble…

As the booming sounds subsided, something began falling from the sky.

Crash crash crash…

It was the debris from the ground that had been thrown into the air, accompanied by the rise of dust clouds.

Amid the thick haze, two figures could be seen.


One of them, Illden, laughed in disbelief.

“Hahaha! This is unbelievable. Even though I’ve experienced it firsthand, I can’t accept this as reality.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

As if resonating with the euphoria he felt, a wild gust swept up, dispelling the encompassing dust.

The scene that revealed itself was astounding.

There was a massive trail of destruction over 50 meters long from where Mord had struck Illden. It marked the point where Illden had been forced back by Mord’s attack.

The shockwave had completely overturned the floor of the training grounds. Not even a typhoon could wreak such havoc.

Illden, who was laughing loudly amidst the carnage, looked different than he had before the clash.

With his hair turned silver and his eyes an ashen gray, his body enveloped in silvery light, this marked the first stage of Divine Blood Awakening.

The silvery light that had cloaked his body condensed into silvery lightning: the second stage of Divine Blood Awakening.

And now, Illden displayed what the next stage of transformation would entail.

‘Is this the third stage of the Divine Blood Awakening?’

Mord could not help but marvel at the divine grandeur he was witnessing for the first time.

When Illden underwent his third transformation, the writhing silver lightning vanished.

In its place was a thin sheen of silvery light that clung to his body like transparent clothing.

From the outside, it didn’t seem particularly imposing, but Mord, who had actually collided with it, knew its terror all too well.

The first and second transformations were merely outpourings of divine power contained in Bernas’s bloodline.

The second transformation allowed for a stronger and more precise control of that power, but fundamentally, nothing had changed.

However, the third transformation was different.

It enveloped the divine power within the body, transcending to a more elevated existence.

“Who would have thought you’d force me to transform like this. It’s absolutely mind-blowing.”

The objective gap in ability was still vast.

Yet, for a fleeting moment, Mord’s hidden power had made Illden think of death.

Despite having a high opinion of Mord, Illden was taken by surprise by a blow that far exceeded his perception.

Had he not transformed for the third time in response to his instinct’s warning, he could have unwittingly been sent to the underworld.

‘No, if this guy hadn’t warned me ahead of time, it could have been really dangerous.’

Mord had warned him before making his attack, precisely because this was a sparring match.

If it had been a real fight, would Illden have been able to face it fully?

“I don’t know what technique you used, but you increased your weight.”

Illden remarked as he dispelled his transformation, to which Mord replied.

“The same as you, I presume.”

Mord was genuinely surprised.

At this point in time, the only two known individuals in the world possessing the authority of a divine body were Mord himself and Leon.

Yet Illden, too, had demonstrated that power in his third transformation.

‘But to say it’s the authority of a divine body seems a bit peculiar.’

In the moment of the clash, the transformed Illden’s weight had more than doubled.

However, it didn’t seem to be a result of the divine body’s effect.

If someone of Illden’s caliber had obtained the divine body’s authority, surely the outcome wouldn’t have been so modest?

Illden kindly explained.

“When the Divine Blood Awakening reaches the third stage, you come to understand the power within Bernas’s blood more deeply. It’s a divine sensitivity, incomprehensible to human senses, allowing one to realize and harness the innate celestial authority within oneself. But it’s an incredibly challenging feat to achieve.”

Even Illden could only utilize that effect in his third transformation due to the sheer difficulty involved.

‘I see.’

Mord understood Illden’s explanation.

After receiving training from the specter of a divine warrior at the shrine and receiving the blessing of a divine body, Mord didn’t just learn new techniques; it was as if a dormant function in his body had awakened.

It was not about adding something new to oneself; it was about “realizing what one already possessed,” as the divine warrior had said.

‘But this is a much more complex and higher level thing than merely drawing out the power of divine blood, something possible only upon reaching the third stage of awakening.’

When Mord received the direct blessing from the divinity, he was essentially given a switch and a manual to awaken the latent functions within his divine blood.

In contrast, Illden had to utilize that power without any such assistance, making it difficult even with his exceptional talents and skill.

It was a privilege that transcended physical laws, a divine domain, not a human one.

“Yet compared to me, you seem to harness that power much more effortlessly, even tremendously so.”

It wasn’t something one could achieve simply by being highly talented.

“Perhaps the answer lies within your journey. It wouldn’t be surprising if you had some secret.”

“Do you covet it?” Mord asked.

Illden’s expression turned sheepish.

“You talk as if you could grant that power willingly to anyone.”

“I could.”


“But that doesn’t mean I can share secrets with just anyone.”

After a moment of contemplation, Illden asked.

“What it is that you seek?”

“Two things will suffice. One is sincerity.”


“Don’t beat around the bush. Let’s talk honestly about what’s on our minds.”

Mord wanted to know Illden’s true feelings that even the Sedokma hadn’t revealed.

“And the other?”

“Hand over Keir to me.”


Illden’s eyebrow rose in surprise; it was an unexpected request.

“Keir is someone who would gladly give his life if you ordered it, Sir Illden.”

Keir’s loyalty to Illden seemed like madness to Mord.

Throughout his journey from the grand duchy to this point, Keir had proven to be an excellent ally to Mord, but that was merely the result of faithfully executing Illden’s orders.

Mord wanted to change that relationship.

“I would appreciate it if Keir could side with me, even if it means defying your wishes, Sir Illden.”

“That’s a bold request. It’s almost as if…”

Illden started to say something but then chuckled as if finding it amusing.

“Like going to a father to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, isn’t it?”


“Do you not need Lohen?”

“I have no need for a cunning old man.”

Mord snorted at his own comment, eliciting laughter from Illden.

“Well, before I decide on your proposal, let me ask you something. You gave Keir the Tear of a Martial God and Nectar, granting him aura and the power of the ancient elves. If I were to refuse your offer, wouldn’t you regret that investment?”

“That would not trouble me.”

Mord responded indifferently to Illden’s testing tone.

“Keir has been of great assistance beyond that.”

“He’s just a soldier following orders.”

“What does it matter if someone’s orders are the reason? Does that diminish the value of risking one’s life to help?”

Blind as he was, Illden had an extraordinary ability to discern emotions conveyed in human speech. He realized Mord was speaking earnestly and looked surprised.

“…Perhaps you’re the one who values Keir more highly than anyone else in the world.”

“It’s unfortunate. Apart from pretending to be cute, he’s quite a good guy, but to be undervalued like that…”

Mord smirked, and Illden said,

“Fine. Keir will be yours.”

“I’ll accept him gratefully.”

Illden’s easy consent took Mord slightly by surprise.

‘It seems he really has the same disposition as the one I saw in Sedokma.’

In Sedokma, Illden was seen as someone akin to a generous tree, lavishing his soul and spirit on those he had hopes in.

Though Leon was the beneficiary of that generosity in Sedokma, now it was Mord’s turn.

And Mord likely offered Illden a much greater sense of expectation than Leon ever did.

“It would be best to discharge him from the Shadow Wolf Squad. You’ll need your team if you’re to operate here, so this works out well.”

Mord tilted his head at that comment, confused.

“My team, you say?”


“I’ve just arrived at the Gatekeeper Squad, and I’m merely an intermediate warrior.”

The organization of the Gatekeeper Squad was divided into relatively small units.

Like the Kesner Squad or Erna Squad that Mord had been part of, each squad operated as a fundamental group, coming together to form larger units as needed.

Among these, any team containing Bernas’s lineage, precisely the Divine Blood, acted independently.

This was the only way to respond to the countless demonic phenomena they encountered almost daily within the White Demon Border.

However, the leader of such a team typically had to be a high-level warrior or above.

“That one needs to be a high-level warrior is more a tradition of the squad than a formalized military law, so that’s fine. Moreover, even if it were written, there’s nothing that says I can’t make an exception.”


Indeed, Illden was the king of the Gatekeeper Squad in all but name.

“Furthermore, placing you in another squad while you’re not yet a high-level warrior would be an immense waste. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“That’s true.”

“You’re quite frank for a guy like that.”

Illden gave a wry smile and turned.

“Let’s take a walk. We can continue our conversation in a more secretive spot, perhaps while having some snacks.”

The two men departed from the ravaged training grounds to move to another location.

* * *

It had been 200 years since the Gatekeeper Squad had taken up residence within the White Demon Border.

Over all those years, their base had been expanded and fortified, eventually transforming into the city within the Antark Castle, situated within the frigid north.

The city, encircled by three walls, centered around the castle designed with a simplicity that almost bordered on ignorance, lacking any form of decoration.

The area within the second wall was purely military, while the last outer circle contained the city proper, inhabited by civilians, most of whom were families of Gatekeeper Squad members.

Illden led Mord to the innermost part of Antle Castle.

“This place seems a bit ominous for snacking.”

“Did you notice?”

The innermost part was heavily shielded with various magical defenses preventing any form of surveillance or eavesdropping.

By choosing this place for their conversation, Illden was showing a great deal of trust in Mord.

“Well, it might indeed bother those with sight.”


Being told this by a blind man left one at a loss for words.

On their way here, Illden had a servant fill a basket to the brim with snacks.

During the time Mord sparred with him in Bernas Grand Duchy, he had learned a surprising fact: Illden had a fondness for sweets and ate an incredible amount of candies and pastries.

On Earth, if an elderly man ate sweets like that, it would be cause for concern about his health.

‘How convenient, this Divine Blood.’

Yet, Illden’s mythic body, perfectly honed and infused with the power of Divine Blood, resisted the detrimental effects of sugar, allowing him to indulge without harm.

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