The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 93

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 93: The Truth

There are numerous demonic lands (魔境) on the continent.

However, when people generally hear the word “demonic land,” only two places come to mind.

The land humanity had lost, the Great Demonic Land in the southern part of the continent.

And the gray area between humanity and the demon race, whose future is as uncertain as the Great Demonic Land—the White Demonic Land in the northern part of the continent.

The northern continent, where the White Demonic Land was situated, was a frozen tundra where snow did not melt all year round.

Even at its warmest, you could see breath freezing in the air, and in the cold, you would learn what extreme cold truly meant.

Mord arrived in this land sometime from early to mid-October.

* * *

‘At least all the urgent matters have been dealt with.’

The journey north had been a forced march.

Mord kept moving without rest and fought countless battles.

Each of these battles was fierce, and by the time they arrived in the north, everyone’s pace had slowed noticeably due to cumulative fatigue.

But the results were worth the hardships.

‘As for the Rebirth Overlord… I know his base, so I can deal with him later by storming in.’

Through his Seductress Demon, Mord knew the location of three soul shards belonging to the Arclight Overlord Krex.

He had managed to destroy all three.

The Rebirth Overlord may gather the remaining four and revive Arclight Overlord Krex, but he wouldn’t be able to show as formidable a presence as he did from Seductress Demon.

‘Leaving the Dark Sage behind is a bit worrying, but there’s nothing I can do about it.’

If there had been more time, Mord could have completely eliminated the Dark Sage.

Had he combined the information obtained from Seductress Demon with the materials provided by Revan, it would have been possible.

But now, the unpredictable strength of the next pursuit sent by the Silver Blood made it impossible to delay further.

In any case, a lot had been gained on the way here.

Mord now possessed a total of 13 world fragments, organized as 5-3-3-1-1.

‘I wonder when these will fuse into one.’

Even in their fragmented state, if Mord could acquire a world fragment that could act as a connector, they could fuse into a larger mass at any time.

The question was when he could acquire such a world fragment.

The frustrating part was that simply having many fragments didn’t linearly increase his power, as world fragments bore some similarity to puzzle pieces.

Of course, this was an extremely luxurious concern to have.

With the number of world fragments increasing, Mord’s existence continued to be strengthened.

The monstrous pace of Mord’s growth was not solely due to his exceptional talent.

It was possible due to the enhancement of his being by the world fragments.

‘As for the Dark Sage… having dealt them such a blow, all I can do now is hope that Revan can continue to avoid them with Aidan.’

For now, there was nothing more Mord could do for them, so he set aside his worries.

* * *

The ‘Gatekeeper’ forces of House Bernas were stationed in the western part of the white snowfields.

The Gatekeeper forces of the White Demonic Land and the army of the Kingdom of Thorns were essentially a coalition.

The command structure operated independently for both armies, with occasional prideful disputes, but they worked together seamlessly when necessary.

They had to cooperate to survive in such a land.

The headquarters of the military, including the Gatekeeper forces from five nations, actively communicated and coordinated operations and shared battle statuses.

“It’s definitely a unique atmosphere.”

Mord muttered to himself as he entered Antok Castle, the home base of the Gatekeeper forces.

The scale of the base was expansive, which was understandable considering the Gatekeeper forces alone numbered 5,000 soldiers.

The atmosphere of the outpost was unique.

It wasn’t just the people of the Gatekeeper forces; a fair number of soldiers from the Kingdom of Thorns were also present.

They all seemed familiar with the Gatekeeper base, as there was no visible tension, and they conversed without hesitation.

To the unacquainted, it might have been mistaken for the base of a multinational coalition.

‘And it’s definitely cold.’

The uniforms worn by the soldiers were all thick.

The warriors also had insulation stuffed between their armor, making them all look slightly cumbersome.

In their midst, Mord stood out conspicuously; his clothes were of a different seasonal style.

Because of his high resistance to cold, he wasn’t much troubled by the weather that frosted breath, thus his lighter attire drew sideway glances as he passed by.

That was when Mord was exploring the base.


Kayle returned after a brief absence to report.

“The General is waiting for you.”

“Let’s go.”

It was time to meet Ilden.

* * *

Mord left the Grand Duchy by the end of June.

Now it was early October.

It had been only three months, but Ilden appeared little changed from Mord’s memory.

However, his attire was unfamiliar.

He was dressed in silver armor and draped in a red cape.

A modern soldier might have worn a uniform and a cap bearing a rank insignia, but the expected attire for a general stationed at an outpost of this era looked like this.

Clad in full armor, Ilden’s towering height of 2 meters and 40 centimeters exuded an otherworldly aura.

“You came back sooner than promised.”

Ilden grinned with invisible eyes closed.

“Thank you for sending the reinforcements.”

Mord responded not with a jest but with gratitude.

The joining of Rowen’s group had undoubtedly been helpful. Without them, Mord could still have defeated the pursuit team from the Silver Blood, but he couldn’t guarantee the safety of Kayle and Leon.

“It’s hard to believe it has only been three months since we last saw each other.”

Ilden’s senses other than sight had been exceptionally honed.

As soon as he faced Mord, Ilden couldn’t but doubt whether he was the same person he knew.

Reports from Kayle had kept him aware that Mord’s growth rate was outrageous, but facing him in person surpassed what he had imagined.


Ilden stood up.

As he rhythmically tapped on the shoulder plates of his armor with his fingers, a fascinating phenomenon occurred.

The armor separated into parts and fell away neatly as if it was enchanted—it was indeed a practical feature, for armor is usually cumbersome to put on and take off.

Once Ilden removed his armor, he revealed garments far too light for such a cold climate, looking more like a muscle-sculpted statue from a myth than a real human.

“I want to see what you’ve accomplished.”

Instead of conversing, Ilden wanted to use his fists to evaluate Mord’s growth firsthand.

Mord smirked in response.

“You speak to my liking.”

He, too, wanted to see how he measured against Ilden.

* * *

As the supreme commander of the Gatekeeper forces, Ilden was as good as a king in this area.

The Gatekeeper forces, sent here under an agreement between the Duchy of Bernas and the Kingdom of Thorns, had independent operational command apart from the other forces of the Duchy of Bernas.

Such an arrangement was necessary to cope with the many dangers and variables within the White Demonic Land.

However, it wasn’t just the system that afforded Ilden kingly power.

It was the achievements he had made during his tenure that earned him everyone’s recognition and respect.

“This time it’s not underground.”

Ilden took Mord to one of the training arenas within the outpost.

Having cleared the area of others, Ilden faced Mord in the center of the arena, which was over 100 meters in diameter.

“Here, unlike the Grand Castle, we don’t need to worry about prying eyes. Shall we begin?”


Before leaving the Grand Castle, Mord sparred with Ilden numerous times over 20 days.

Yet, even so, Mord felt he knew nothing of Ilden’s true abilities.

Ilden had focused on playing the role of a training opponent to foster growth.

The gap between them was too great, and it couldn’t have been helped.

‘I’ve definitely become stronger.’

The time between leaving the Grand Castle and arriving here hadn’t been very long.

Yet, many things had happened, and Mord had grown significantly.

Just how much of Ilden’s ability could the current Mord draw out?

“Here I come. Be careful.”

Mord decided to go all out from the beginning.

– Second stage of Divine Blood activation!

He transformed into a second form wrapped in silver lightning in an instant.

Ilden laughed.

“You’ve truly reached that realm!”

Kayle’s reports had been filled with unbelievable content.

Not only were Mord’s accomplishments incredible, but Ilden couldn’t explain his rate of growth with any of his knowledge.


Ilden was captivated by the sight of Mord, understanding what true talent was.

He had lived in the shadow of Haruden Bernas, a monster in his own right.

There are many who are called geniuses in the world, and Ilden was one of them.

However, Ilden believed that only Haruden deserved to be called a genius.

No one else’s talent could compare to that of Haruden, who had beaten and eventually defeated Ilden.

Ilden’s inner fears and simultaneous adoration had semi-deified Haruden’s gifts.

Ilden’s quest for someone who could overthrow Haruden was an expression of his despair.

He longed for such an existence, yet at the same time believed it was impossible.

‘And yet, there was one.’

But there was.

‘This… this one might defeat Haruden!’

An existence that transcended even Ilden’s futile expectations and delusions!

Ecstatic, Ilden collided with Mord.

Mord charged in with a punch in an instant.

But in that instant, Ilden had already completed his second transformation. While Mord’s transformation speed was fast, Ilden’s was even faster.

Boom! Thunderous roars resounded as shockwaves thrashed the arena.

And their divine blood clashed, creating countless trajectories of light.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Space screamed with each collision.

‘As expected.’

Mord’s expression hardened.

He was giving his all, even utilizing the acceleration of his aura, yet Ilden’s composure wasn’t shaken.

‘Just as I thought. The gap is too wide.’

Ilden had the upper hand in every aspect of combat ability that a warrior could be measured by over Mord.

Physical abilities.

Magical power.


Even the realm of a martial arts mage.

His only weakness was being blind, but Ilden had long overcome that.

If they were closer in level, Mord might find an opening, but at his current state, it was hopeless.

‘Second stage of Divine Blood, second stage of aura, and yet it’s only this much. Let’s see what else I can do.’

In that moment, Mord resolved to hold nothing back against Ilden.

‘The Divine Body is meaningless.’

The Divine Body was meant for combating large monsters. Against a super strong human-sized opponent, it was inefficient.

– Activation of the Warrior Body!

However, the Warrior Body was different.

Mord’s weight increased more than tenfold, and his body strengthened accordingly.

– Activation of world fragment!

Tapping into the biggest cluster among his 13 world fragments, which encompassed 5 fused together, his magic grew stronger.


Ilden let out a sound of admiration.

However, he only noticed the increase in magic power, not Mord’s other preparations, as Mord had deliberately leaped into the air to hide any signs.

With Mord suspended in the sky, and Ilden grounded below, their gazes clashed.

“Give it your all. Otherwise, you might die.”

At Mord’s warning, Ilden felt a chill.

Just moments ago, he was in awe of the development of a young protege, but now his instincts screamed danger.

– Sky Walking!

Another secret of martial arts acquired from a 23-year-old youth.

As Mord kicked through the air as though it were solid ground, a circle of light spread from the reaction.

And Mord, turned into a bolt of lightning, descended upon Ilden on the ground.


A flash exploded.

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