The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 90

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 90: The Extra is Too Strong

“…I’ll gratefully accept your help. I am in your debt. Even if you do not assist me in my revenge, I vow to repay this debt.”

Parwell genuinely appreciated the assistance.

He was the same age as Mord, both were fifteen years old. Reaching the realm of a high-ranking mage by performing 5th circle magic at this age was a testament to his extraordinary talent.

However, Parwell was starting to feel a stagnation in his growth.

It was because the records of his mentor, which had acted as a guide, had exhausted their use.

He strove for progress by improving the spells he had already mastered and creating new ones based on existing spells that better suited him, but reaching a higher realm was not easy.

And then Mord suddenly gave him a means to leap forward by one or two stages – Parwell couldn’t help but be thankful.

‘Let’s see how quickly you can grow.’

It was enjoyable for Mord to use the knowledge of the Shadow Mage to foster the growth of his comrades.

Mord needed reliable companions; Parwell was one such individual worth supporting wholeheartedly to hasten his development.


Parwell tilted his head in confusion.

“Mord, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“Fifteen years old.”


Parwell was at a loss for words.

Mord was a muscular giant, standing at 196 centimeters, and he had shown a terrifying demeanor in battle.

His voice had long since deepened beyond puberty, and there was not a hint of youthfulness in his expressions or behavior.

It was naturally assumed that he was much older, but upon closer inspection, there was a surprising youthfulness to his face.

Parwell was stunned to find out that they were the same age.

“I had thought you seemed younger, but to be the same age…”

“Are we the same age?”


“I see.”


Parwell rubbed his face with a somewhat forlorn expression, then burst into laughter.

“Hahaha. The world really is vast. Lord Ilden insisted I meet you in person to verify for myself, but I never imagined someone of my age could be such a monster.”

“Are you calling me a monster to my face?”

“Apologies, but I can’t think of any other expression. I look forward to seeing what path you’ll carve out for yourself…”

“I won’t disappoint.”

Mord was confident about that one thing.

* * *

After leaving the Bernas Duchy, Mord’s actions involved wreaking havoc throughout the Rootvan Kingdom.

Additionally, he had completed the task of preventing demonization as a member of the Kesner squad within Rootvan.

Thus, it was Mord’s first time setting foot in the Bert Kingdom.

“Despite having seven people, crossing the border is quite easy.”

Parwell muttered.

Having traveled across the continent, he had crossed borders numerous times.

For a lone, advanced mage like himself, sneaking across borders was not a difficult task.

However, the border-crossing for a group of seven, all warriors except for Parwell, without encountering any issues, was astonishing.

“We’re experts at this kind of work.”

Kael smiled slyly.

The Shadow Wolf squad members were the best at stealth and infiltration.

With the four elite members of the unit gathered, crossing a simple border was no problem at all.

The Rootvan Kingdom was located at the western edge of the continent, bordering the small Bernas Duchy, and dominated the northwestern part.

The Bert Kingdom lay to the east, one of the two kingdoms that bordered the northeastern frontier of the powerful Urphin Empire.

“So, what do we plan to do in this country?”

Lowen asked, to which Mord faintly smiled.

“We’re going to wreck a few places.”

* * *

Lowen’s combat experience was truly extensive.

Confrontations, big and small, were a constant in the Northern White Demonic Frontier, and Lowen had spent over 20 years active in that domain.

He was well-acquainted with combat against humans, monsters, demonized dungeons, and even regular dungeons.

However, even he had seldom encountered a situation like this.

‘A relic appearing suddenly like this?’

Mord headed for a countryside village near the border.

He went straight to the village hall and descended into the basement, reciting an odd incantation.

Then a hidden passageway revealed itself where there was nothingness before.

It was clearly man-made, and various traps dotted the site, indicating it was undoubtedly a relic.

Mord’s party forcefully destroyed the traps as they progressed, making it seem as though they were merely strolling through plains. At the end of the passage was a cylindrical space with four doors other than the one they had entered.

Mord stood by the large pillar in the center and said,

“Attacks will come from those four doors soon, so please defend well.”


“And occasionally, circles of light will appear on the floor—one person must remain inside them at all times. Otherwise, defense will become even more troublesome, so don’t forget.”

As Lowen tilted his head at Mord’s warning, the space began to vibrate.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The path they had traversed closed, and the four sealed doors opened.

Monsters summoned from the demon realm and golems activated by magic started to pour out.

“Please take care of it.”

Mord entrusted his comrades with enduring an onslaught that seemed to have no end and placed his hands on the pillar, which began to emanate light.

* * *

Mord was not familiar with the geography of the Bert Kingdom.

However, he had already discussed a route with Kael and Leon that would take them to the Northern regions.

Although there was no time to waste scouring every corner of the continent, he couldn’t abandon everything and run straight north either.

He needed to acquire anything he could along the way.

Each variable Mord cleared, relying on the knowledge of the Shadow Mage, increased the likelihood of saving the world from destruction.

Therefore, Mord selected among the targets he aimed for based on the Shadow Mage’s knowledge the ones with clear locations, prioritizing those in the Bert Kingdom that could be dealt with swiftly on the way to the north.

The relic they just conquered was the first of these.

“It took less than two hours. We can proceed with today’s plan as intended.”

Their success was solidified 15 minutes after Mord had touched the pillar.

“…Is it over?”

As Mord muttered, the members of the Shadow Wolf squad looked drained.

It had only been 15 minutes, but to fend off an endless assault of enemies without any preparation was extraordinary.

In this short span, they had felled over 300 monsters, which spoke to the fierceness of the battle.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”


The Shadow Wolf squad members felt a surge of annoyance as they saw Mord’s small smile.

To them, this relic seemed something that could not have been conquered by Mord, Kael, and Leon alone.

While Mord clung to the pillar, the others had to withstand attacks from an endless and unknown number of enemies.

Moreover, they also had to ensure someone was inside the circles of light that appeared periodically.

‘We were used effectively. If it weren’t for Elder Ilden’s order, we wouldn’t have come here.’

Lowen came to this conclusion and clicked his tongue.

For some reason, he had a premonition that they’d be dragged along in similar situations on their way north.

‘We have no choice but to follow, knowing full well.’

Their mission from Elder Ilden was twofold: to bring Parwell and Mord together, and to escort Mord until he reaches the north.

In other words, even if they disapproved of Mord’s actions, they couldn’t refuse to assist him.

If such situations continued until Mord journeyed north, not helping would mean neglecting their escort duty.

‘If only it weren’t for Elder Ilden’s orders…’

Like Kael, both Lowen and the other two Shadow Wolf squad members were staunchly loyal and would gladly lay down their lives for Elder Ilden.

Elder Ilden had saved their lives, rescued them from despair, and given their lives meaning.

They all wished for Elder Ilden’s lifelong dreams to be realized, and had accepted that Mord could be a beacon of hope for Elder Ilden.

Hence, they resigned themselves to Mord’s manipulative intentions and followed along.

‘Alright, let’s see what you can do with us.’

Feeling Lowen’s sharp gaze, Mord allowed himself a small smile.

‘As expected, you don’t disappoint. Things will go smoothly.’

While his comrades defended against the assault from all sides, Mord resonated with the pillar and entered the deep imaginary world within.

There, the remnant echoes of the relic’s creator presented a final challenge.

Mord demolished this challenge with brute force and obtained another fragment of the world.

‘That makes twelve.’

The newly acquired world fragment fused with a single fragment he already held.

Mord’s current inventory of world fragments now stood at 5-3-2-1-1.


There was another reason why Mord had targeted this relic.

“This is your share. Drink.”

“Wow, is this for real?”

Leon excitedly accepted what Mord handed to him—a bottle entirely crafted with enchanted silver.

Lowen inquired,

“What is that?”

As he asked, Leon tore off the seal from the bottle’s cap and downed its content in one gulp.


“Huh? What did you say?”

“It’s nectar. And just so you know, it’s the very same nectar from the myths.”


Everyone except Kael gasped in astonishment.


Before them, Leon transformed into a state of divine blood awakening.

It was a transformation that happened involuntarily, without his will.

As a half-elf, Kael had to wait for the power of ancient elves to be awakened after accepting the nectar, but since Leon had divine blood, it reacted immediately.

“Nectar, you say? That?”

Parwell gaped in shock.

Lowen’s party was no different.

Mord added an explanation.

“Yes. Unlike those that are corruptly manufactured in modern times, this is an authentic one, created before the end of the mythical era and preserved until now.”

After the end of the myths, nectar was still produced in the present. It was the reason why the Silver Bloods had attacked Aiden’s family.

Silver Bloods hunted unawakened divine bloods, using them as ingredients to make nectar—a heinous act nearly equivalent to human sacrifice.

The nectar produced through such obscene acts was inferior compared to the ancient authentic one Leon had consumed.

Even so, because of its scarcity, the Silver Bloods diluted it with alchemical potions when rewarding their rankers for enhancements.

Parwell asked,

“Was the purpose of coming here to get that?”


“My goodness. Nectar is certainly worth the risk. There’s no telling when someone might excavate these relics…”

Parwell understood why Mord had chosen to take a detour to the Bert Kingdom instead of the shortest route north.

And the rest of Lowen’s party felt their irritation grow.

‘Damn it.’

Though they had endured together, unlike Leon, Mord’s comrade, they felt unfairly used as they were simply fulfilling a mission.

As they watched the windfall from their hard work be gulped down by Leon alone, it seemed immensely unfair.

Mord ignored their glances and focused on Leon’s condition.

‘This should solve some talent issues.’

Nectar could enhance the power of someone with divine blood, if taken.

The potential of Leon, whose divine heritage was considered ordinary by Bernas standards, would now significantly rise.

‘Two out of five used.’

Mord knew about five nectar specimens; two of which he had already secured and used.

‘How I’ll use the third one in the north will need some thinking.’

There was also one nectar specimen in the White Demonic Frontier they were now heading towards.

Mord had to consider whether to make Kael’s already awakened ancient elf power stronger or whether to give it to Parwell.

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