The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 89

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 89: On the Way North

Chapter 30: The Road to the North

The party of Mordt, including the four new members, now totaling seven, immediately began their journey. They needed to join the Keepers’ Regiment in the North before Silverblood could assess the situation and send an even stronger pursuit force.

The senior Shadow Wolf Squadron member, Rowen, naturally expected Mordt to follow his guidance and take the shortest route to the North. He intended to serve as the guide.


However, Mordt’s reaction was as if Rowen was talking nonsense.

Hearing Mordt’s plan, Rowen was flabbergasted.

“Head east at this point and cross the border? Why on earth?”

“Because that’s where we need to go.”

“Intermediate Warrior Mordt, do you even understand the situation you’re in?”

“I’m probably the one who understands it best in the world.”

Rowen was of middle age, so Mordt gave him the respect his seniority commanded.

“And you still choose the longer route?”

“It’s necessary. From now on, we’ll be continuously heading north anyway.”

“I disagree. The danger level is high enough already, taking on more risk is…”

“I understand.”

Mordt nodded readily, causing Rowen to look puzzled. If he was going to yield so easily, why did he make such an unreasonable suggestion in the first place?

But Rowen soon understood when he heard what Mordt said next.

“Then let’s part ways here. Thanks for the help on this mission. You should proceed northward using the fastest route. We’ll manage on our own.”


Mordt had never intended to consider Rowen’s opinion from the start.

Furthermore, Mordt’s attitude was not sarcastic, nor did he show any intention of fighting for leadership with Rowen.

He simply stated a fact that had already been decided.

“Mordt, you are a talent upon whom General Ilden has placed great expectations. And we have a duty to safely bring you to General Ilden.”

Mordt gave him a look as if to ask, so what?

“You are an intermediate member of the Keepers’ Regiment. Having joined us, shouldn’t you fall under my command?”

Rowen revealed his intent.

He was a senior Warrior of Bernas and the senior member of the Shadow Wolf Squadron.

Due to mission characteristics, all members of the Shadow Wolf Squadron hold at least a senior warrior rank. Becoming a supreme-grade warrior means obtaining a noble title and getting recognized by the Bernas Duchy. Anyone who gets exposed in such a manner can no longer operate within the Shadow Wolf Squadron.

That’s why Rowen, currently the senior active member of the Squadron, though of senior warrior rank, was in practice afforded more authority and treatment than usual.

It was akin to a higher-tier military commander claiming command over a unit previously led by a lower-tier officer.

“Sir Rowen, you are under a great misapprehension.”

But to Mordt, it was all futile talk.

“Let me explain a few things. First, until I complete the formalities at the White Demonic Path, I am not a member of the Keepers’ Regiment. Second, even if I were to become a member, I am not a Shadow Wolf Squadron member, so unless I receive a separate operational order from above, I’m not obliged to follow your commands. Third, General Ilden has promised me the right to act freely for eight months.”

Rowen had no basis to command Mordt.

“I don’t know exactly what your mission is, but don’t try to maneuver me around just to make things easier on yourself. There are two choices before you.”

As the mood became increasingly hostile, Mordt spoke while maintaining eye contact with Rowen.

“Either you follow the path I decide on and assist me, or you part ways with us now and return to the North.”


Their gazes locked in the air, creating a tense atmosphere.

Rowen asked.

“What would you do if I subdued you by force and dragged you along?”

“Do you think you can?”

For a moment, they glared at each other fiercely.

The atmosphere was so menacing that the surroundings began to stir.

Kael and Lion naturally sided with Mordt, while two members of the Shadow Wolf Squadron stood with Rowen. Parwel took a step back to watch the situation unfold.

Rowen then asked.

“Kael, why are you siding with them?”

“My orders from General Ilden are to observe and escort Mordt.”

“The ultimate goal is the same. We must safely bring him to the North.”

“We disagree on that point.”

Kael was unshakeable.

Rowen read unwavering determination in his eyes.

Kael was a veteran soldier with countless operations under his belt. He clearly knew what he had to do.

“…Very well.”

Rowen sighed and reined in his aggression.

“Using force is only meant to ensure the safety of those we escort… But, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to lead to ‘ensuring safety.’ Until we return to the Squadron, Mordt, I’ll abide by your decisions. The situation has overheated, so let’s cool our heads and scout the area for a while.”

As Rowen backed off, the members of the Shadow Wolf Squadron asked him.

“Is that alright?”

“Do you think we could’ve just subdued him and taken him with us?”


They fell silent.

The sheer strength Mordt demonstrated against the Silverblood pursuit team was daunting, even for them who had seen countless battles in the North.

“As for what Kael has reported so far, he’s an enigma. I’d like to observe what kind of man he is a little longer.”

* * *

Once the Shadow Wolf Squadron members had moved far enough away, Kael, relieved, let out a deep sigh.

“Whew, that was close.”

With the tension gone, Kael slumped down onto the ground.

Lion chuckled.

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

“You obviously don’t realize how dangerous the situation was just now…”

As Kael shook his head, Lion asked, puzzled.

“Well, Kael and I might have been a bit worn out, but it wasn’t a situation to be afraid of, right?”

Clearly, Kael and Lion were exhausted from a tense confrontation, and compared to Rowen and his group, they were much more fatigued from battle.

But even taking that into account, Lion didn’t feel disadvantaged.

“We have Mordt with us. That fellow Rowen might seem strong, but he’s no match for Mordt.”

“That’s not the case.”

Mordt, who had been quietly listening, joined in.

“That guy, after seeing me fight, still didn’t dismiss the option of subduing me by force. If he’s not a fool, that means he has that much confidence in his own strength.”

“It still seems like an overly confident assessment against you…”

Lion tilted his head. Mordt was now extraordinarily powerful.

As a magician, he had mastered the second phase of aura and as a descendant of Bernas, he had achieved the second phase of blood awakening.

Furthermore, he had received the blessing of a war god, granting him the powers of both divine body and berserker body enhancements.

Kael smirked.

“Senior Rowen is a legend in our ranks. He’s taken down quite a few from the Ordas who were at the second phase of blood awakening. If he went all out earlier, it would have been over quickly. We weren’t at a disadvantage, so he only fought just enough.”

“That strong?”

“I’ve been reporting regularly and in detail. General Ilden only sent those three because he judged they were enough to escort Mordt to the North.”

Rowen was one of Ilden’s trusted blades.

‘He hadn’t shown up during the Sedokma episode, so maybe he died before the Bernas Duchy episode, or maybe there was another reason…’

One thing was clear: Rowen was not to be underestimated.

‘The journey to the North is going to be interesting.’

Mordt decided to make good use of Rowen’s strength.

* * *

With the number of companions increased to seven, the pace of travel was significantly slower than when there were just three.

This was largely because Parwel, a magician, was with them.

Still, for a magician, Parwel moved quite quickly.

He was not running on foot, but rather, he was able to maintain a flying spell for a long time because of his large reserve of mana.

“Ah, you’re really overworking a mage here.”

Before sunset, while setting up camp, Parwel, who had reached his limit alone, grumbled.

No one asked him to help with setting up the camp.

Even though he slowed them down, the fact that he could keep up on his own was surprising, so they decided to exempt him from guard duty as well.

“That’s impressive. I didn’t expect you to keep up so well.”

Mordt openly admired his effort.

While receiving a water bottle from him, Parwel drank liberally and then spoke.

“Mordt, it’s because I’ve conditioned myself while coming to meet you. I managed to find the right technique.”

The process of joining Mordt with the three members of the Shadow Wolf Squadron was not a light march either.

Parwel was certain that if it had been any other mage, they would have been unable to keep up.

Originally, the flying spell was not developed to suit such a long-distance journey. Parwel had managed to find the right technique during forced marches, and he had also gradually modified the composition of the flying spell to better suit it.

“Take this.”

Suddenly, Mordt pulled out a long magic staff from his extradimensional backpack and handed it to Parwel.

Receiving it, Parwel asked.

“What’s this?”

“A fine magic staff.”

It was spoils of war from when Mordt had taken down a mid-ranking official of Silverblood.

‘Now that I think about it, that woman also wore an eyepatch.’

Giving spoils taken from a one-eyed mage to Parwel, who was also one-eyed, felt oddly fitting.


Parwel couldn’t help but admire the staff after inspecting it. The staff he was using was quite good, but this one was incomparably better.

“And use these too.”

Mordt then lent him two more magic items.

These were artifacts that Mordt had acquired from a raid on an ancient great mage’s relics, once wielded by a divine-powered mage.

The ‘Necklace of Spell Storing’ could store multiple spells for instant use when necessary.

And the ‘Earrings of Magical Control’ accelerated cognitive processing and enhanced mana control abilities.

“…Why on earth are you, a non-mage, in possession of such excellent items?”

“It just turned out that way.”

Parwel was astounded, almost bewildered.

The staff and the two magical items Mordt had given were truly valuable.

Just by equipping them, Parwel’s combat ability was significantly enhanced.

“And these might also help you. They’re not for borrowing, but for keeping.”

Mordt then tossed three books to Parwel.


After browsing through them, Parwel was dumbstruck.

“Where did you get these?”

Each book appeared to be a grimoire owned by a high-level mage, including records of spells and pages engraved with spells ready for easy use.

One of them surely seemed to belong to a high mage.

For Parwel, a 5th-circle high-level mage, it was as if he had suddenly come into an enormous treasure.

He had lost his family and mentor to the secret organization Frexaras, and since then, he had been teaching himself based on the records left by his teacher.

Magic is notoriously difficult to master through self-study. It’s a field of accumulated knowledge over lengthy periods.

It’s much easier to learn twice as much than to chart one’s new course. This was true even for a genius like Parwel.

For him, studying and interpreting a high-level mage’s grimoire would progress much faster than attempting to achieve breakthroughs through solitary research.

“I got them from dead guys.”


There were five mages included in the Silverblood pursuit team led by Louis, and one of them was a high mage of the bloodline.

These grimoires were spoils from those mages.

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