The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 88

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 88: The Extra Is Too Strong

The boy began speaking with a sigh-laden voice.

“Nice to meet you for the first time, Mr. Mord. You’re quite a difficult person to meet.”

“Who are you?”

“Using informal language even though we’ve just met? I’m in a position to help you, at least show some basic manners…”

“Talk informally to me, too.”


“And don’t you find it funny lecturing about manners while wearing a mask?”

Mord’s use of informal speech wasn’t because the boy was young, but because he didn’t like his attitude of hiding his identity behind a mask.

“That’s true. I was strictly told not to remove my mask until I met you, so I forgot.”

Still speaking formally, the boy took off the black mask that had been covering his face.

Seeing the boy’s face revealed, Mord’s eyebrows slightly rose.

The boy, looking to be about sixteen years old, covered his left eye with a black eye patch.

“My name is Parwel Nayer. Elden-nim sent me, suggesting that helping you might enable me to take my revenge.”


That name surprised Mord.

‘Parwel, why is this guy here?’

* * *

Parwel Nayer was one of the significant characters in ‘The Magician Who Solely Consumes the World’.

He taught the pain of losing a friend to Aidan, who had already lost his family and master.

He first appeared around the midway point of the story, during Aidan’s struggles against the secret organization known as the ‘Sages of Darkness’, when Aidan found himself in a dire situation.

It was Parwel who rescued him at that time.

The boy wizard with an eye patch over his left eye.

Parwel was a genius magician with talent comparable to Aidan’s own.

He also had a surprisingly similar life to Aidan, fraught with struggles and loss.

Parwel was of divine blood.

And because of his divine lineage, his family fell victim to the evil secret organization ‘Prexaras’, burning him with a desire for vengeance.

Upon learning each other’s circumstances, Parwel and Aidan quickly grew close.

They would join forces to enact their revenge, dealing significant blows to the Sages of Darkness and Prexaras.

Still, Parwel would not live to see the end of his revenge.

During an assault on one of Prexaras’ critical strongholds, executioners dispatched from the ‘Silver Blood’, who had a clash of interests with Prexaras, attacked them.

Meeting a high-ranking officer from the Silver Blood, Aidan rushed into battle with fury and ended up critically wounded, teetering at death’s door.

And Parwel… sacrificed his life trying to save the unconscious Aidan, helping him escape…

* * *

Mord let the surprise sink in as he looked at Parwel.

‘There’s no mention in Sedokma of any connection between this guy and Elden.’

Yet, it wasn’t strange.

Parwel’s death occurred around three years after the start of Sedokma.

And the episode concerning the Bernas Ducal House began just over six years into the timeline, spanning nearly a year before its conclusion.

Even if Elden had connections with Parwel, by the point Elden appeared in Sedokma, it would have been irrelevant.

“I’m Mord.”

“You’re going to keep speaking informally, I see.”

“Didn’t I tell you to do the same?”

“It doesn’t suit my personality… Forget it, do as you like.”

Mord asked with a sigh still lingering in his response.

“What do you mean you can take revenge by helping me?”

“Have you ever heard of the name ‘Prexaras’?”

“I do.”

“Excuse me?”

Parwel was taken aback, his eyes widening.

He had been prepared to explain, thinking Mord would surely not know of them.

Pretending ignorance, Mord continued,

“They’re the zealots who follow artifacts left by ancient gods, all desiring to become ‘current gods’, right? What about them?”


Parwel stiffened at the words.

“Why so quiet?”

“Is that… what kind of organization they are?”


Now it was Mord’s turn to be speechless.

Did Parwel not know anything about his sworn enemy, Prexaras?

‘But thinking about it, it’s not strange at all.’

In Sedokma, Parwel meets Aidan approximately two years from now. Even then, he hadn’t fully grasped the structure of Prexaras.

Given the timeline, it wouldn’t be odd for him to be essentially clueless.

‘Prexaras is too small an organization to easily gather information about.’

Secret organizations, busy hiding their existence, were difficult to learn of without a direct confrontation. With their small scale, it only became harder to catch a glimpse of them.

“So that’s the kind of organization it is. But why?”

“I have an unquenchable grudge against them. All I knew was that they hunted divine blood that hadn’t awakened… I didn’t expect their true nature to be like that.”

Parwel, still shaken, asked.

“Are you certain what you’re saying is the truth?”

“At least I seem to know a lot more about Prexaras than you do, don’t I?”

“That’s true…”

“So what do you want from me?”

“I will assist you. In return, please help me get my revenge. Elden-nim said it’s highly likely that finding and eradicating Prexaras is ‘something you can do’.”


Mord glanced at Keel, sensing that Elden’s assessment must have come from Keel’s report.

“What if I can’t?”

“Then I’ve made a futile trip. I’ll just have to find another way and leave. Elden-nim said there’s a chance of that, which is why he asked me to meet you on his behalf.”

Despite saying so, Parwel’s eyes blazed with a clear desire to persuade Mord, who seemed to know about the otherwise inscrutable Prexaras.

Mord had no desire to play games with someone revealing such earnest feelings.

“If I can help you with your revenge, what can you offer in return?”

“I’m an advanced magician who can perform 5th Circle magic. It seems you’re lacking a magician among your companions. I will dedicate my abilities to you if it means I can achieve my revenge.”

Indeed, Mord needed a magician who could fight without hindering his powerful company and could match their level and combat skills.

A skilled magician was a valuable asset. As magicians advanced, they tended to become more scholarly, making combative magicians even more precious.

‘Truly, Parwel… If I take him in, it would solve that issue.’

Mord did have another way to bolster his magical firepower, but that option was not immediately viable and had significant constraints in utilization.

Elden most likely wasn’t aware of these nuances but judged that Mord needed a magician and thus sent Parwel.

‘It might be a test, after all.’

To glimpse Mord’s secret that even ongoing reports from Keel couldn’t reveal.

And to determine whether Mord could indeed be a deserving shelter for Parwel.

‘Be it a test or whatever, it’s a welcome development for me. Parwel’s talent displayed before his death in Sedokma was on par with Aidan’s. At this point, he’s even a more potent magician.’

It wasn’t until losing his family that Aidan had begun earnestly learning magic.

Meanwhile, Parwel had studied magic under a mentor summoned by his family several years ahead of Aidan.

Hence why his magical abilities surpassed Aidan’s when he first appeared, as well as his proficiency in using the power of divine blood.

At that point, though, Aidan had already commenced gathering world fragments and was practically on par in terms of combat ability.

‘I can indeed take care of Prexaras.’

They were just another secret organization in a world teeming with them.

The artifact-powered leaders were formidable, but the organization’s collective power paled compared to the Reincarnation Lords or the Sages of Darkness.

They were a group of individuals each pursuing godhood, lacking interest in organizational expansion or influence.

With limited organizational prowess, it was destined Prexaras would ultimately seal its demise by aggravating the Silver Blood.

Both Prexaras and the Silver Blood shared a common trait: tracking down and hunting ‘the unawakened divine bloodlines’, like those of Aidan and Parwel’s families.

Prexaras for sacrifices, Silver Blood for mysterious needed materials.

Thus, it was inevitable they would collide.

Had Prexaras been aware and wary of the Silver Blood, things might have been different, but it was their limited organizational and informational reach that led them blindly into conflict and ultimately to their downfall.

‘In truth, even if left to it, they’d disappear… but ending them sooner would diminish any havoc they might wreak.’

And if that secured Parwel as an ally, it would be a profitable venture.

‘Profitable is an understatement – it would be a jackpot.’

Parwel was powerful now and possessed tremendous potential for growth.

Gaining Parwel as an ally meant eliminating yet another possible future loss Aidan would have suffered.

Wouldn’t a future with neither teacher nor friend lost be a little brighter for Aidan?

‘I don’t even know how he’s living right now.’

Mord hoped that Aidan, hopefully alive and well, was dedicated to studying magic and enjoying peaceful times with Levant, whom he’d saved.

‘I’ll take Parwel with me.’

Mord decided after ending his contemplation.

“Agreed. I accept the deal. However, Parwel Nayer, do you know what situation I’m currently in?”

“I heard you’re being chased by a secret organization known as the Silver Blood. They said that despite being merely a combat unit, they’re an incredibly powerful secret organization… I wondered how that was even possible…”

Parwel furrowed his eyebrows.

“We indeed face complications with the Silver Blood, and I have no leisure to undertake other matters presently. For now, I must head north and work under the border guard unit. Your revenge may be years away – are you alright with that?”


The issue weighed on Parwel.

Despite all his travels and experiences, he had not yet uncovered the reality of Prexaras.

“In the meantime, show me your capability to fulfill your revenge. There will be opportunities even as we travel north. How about you accompany me until we meet General Elden and then make a decision?”


It was a proposal with no downside from Parwel’s perspective.

Thus, he readily accepted Mord’s offer, and their journey towards the white demonic border of the north began.

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