The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 87

The Extra is too strong

Translation of “The Extra Is Too Strong” Chapter 87

Chapter 29: The Unexpected Magician

The man was in the far eastern lands.

A giant and mystical mountain covered in sea of clouds.

As the man who was climbing up the mountain, known for being rarely visited by humans, suddenly lifted his gaze, he looked westward.


The man’s hair shimmered like silver that had been melted and drawn out, distinctively white as silver.

With his long silver hair tied back, a black hat on his head, and a black coat on his body, the man smiled amusingly with a delicate face that highlighted his pale skin.

“What’s the matter?”

Another man walking by his side asked.

Though his impression was completely different with his short hair and grown beard, this man also had striking silver hair, as if it too had been melted and drawn out.

“There’s an empty seat in the ’24 Hours of Baek-Eun.’ I don’t know who it was, but judging by the scream that passed through my mind, it seems they’ve been murdered.”

“If it’s from the fourth tier, that’s not particularly surprising, is it?”

The two people having this conversation were high-ranking officers of the secret organization ‘Blood of Silver.’

They were part of the top tier, called ‘Samshinjo (The Triple Deities),’ in the organization’s hierarchy divided into four tiers.

“True, but I can see a gigantic monster at the source of that scream.”

“A monster?”

“Something that could become a disaster for us has awakened… and it seems to have killed one of the ’24 Hours of Baek-Eun.’”

“That’s somewhat interesting. Is the culprit one of the ‘Divine Blood’?”


“We’ll have to look into it once we return. Though I’m not sure when this business here will end.”

As he shrugged his shoulders, that was the moment.


The sound of space vibrating came from afar, and as the clouds that covered the mountain split to either side, the shadow of a gigantic dragon raised its head to look at them.

“Welcome, Blood of Silver.”

And beneath them, a man with black hair with two black horns atop his head, and a gigantic dragonborn with the head of a blue dragon and the body of a human, were seen walking down towards them.

“Appreciate the welcome.”

The men with silver hair remained unflustered at the mythical scene before them, and opened their mouths.

“The Dragon Legion of the Rebellion.”

If Morde heard that name, he would surely be surprised.

Like ‘Blood of Silver,’ it was a name that played a significant role in the stories of Sedocma.

* * *

It didn’t take long for the pursuit team of the ‘Blood of Silver’ to be annihilated after Roos fell.

“That’s a monster.”

The leader, Rowen, who came leading the Shadow Wolves squad following Elden’s orders, couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of Morde.

During the journey here, he harbored some complaints about the mission.

No matter how much Elden believed in him, he was just a fifteen-year-old kid, a bastard who hadn’t received a warrior’s training until he joined the duke’s family half a year ago.

Now, he was here after a tiresome journey just for that kid’s sake, which was naturally irritating.

However, seeing Morde in person blew all of his complaints away.

“Where on earth did that guy come from?”

“I don’t know either.”

Kael shrugged his shoulders.

He had come to one realization while following Morde.

It was better to give up on trying to understand Morde through logical standards.

By any measure, Morde was a monster who transcended comprehension in every aspect.

“In any case, it’s clear he’s worth the expectations.”

“I acknowledge that, but….”

It was then that Rowen finally took off his mask.

The face hidden inside had noticeable small scars, belonging to a middle-aged red-haired man with a rough appearance.

“Kael, what have you been through all this time?”

The Kael that Rowen knew was a very capable soldier.

But in terms of combat ability, there were many who surpassed Kael. Including two members of the Shadow Wolves squad that accompanied Rowen.

At least, that’s how things were before Kael had left on Elden’s orders to go north.

“Following that guy around and feeding on this and that turned me into this.”

But Kael’s performance in this battle was astonishing.

It was unbelievable how Kael, already a complete warrior, had gotten so much stronger in such a short time.

‘It’s plausible that he became a master-level martial artist.’

Kael was already a martial artist that had reached a considerable level.

Considering that he had gone through such high-level battles with Morde, it was within a range of understanding that he had leaped to another dimension.

‘But where did the power of the ancient elves come from?’

As far as anyone knew, the power of the ancient elves was possessed only by the pure-blooded elves.

It made no sense for a half-elf, a hybrid between an elf and a human, to have such power.

Yet, unbelievably, here before Rowen’s eyes was a half-elf with the power of the ancient elves, an illogical existence.

“If the elves of the White Forest knew about you, they’d have a headache.”

“What do those big-eared trash have to say about it? What do I care?”

Kael’s eyes briefly flashed with hatred.

In the White Borderlands where the Gatekeeper Unit was stationed, in a corner of the White Forest, lived the elves.

And they were the ones who had denied Kael’s existence as a half-elf and had tried to kill him when he was a child.

Moreover, they had thrown away the young Kael, who couldn’t even fend for himself, leaving him to die in a place he will surely be killed, claiming they could not sully their hands with the filthy blood of a half-elf.

If Elden hadn’t rescued Kael, he surely would have died there.

“If they ever piss me off, I’ll just kill them, what’s the big deal.”

“Lord General might get headaches because of it.”

“Then after deserting the squad, I’ll go to those bastards and kill as many as I can until my strength fails me.”


Kael’s chilling words, laced with biting hatred, made it clear to Rowen that it was better to not further discuss this matter.

“…You seem to have gotten a bit more violent while I wasn’t looking.”

“It’s because I’ve been learning from the one I follow.”

With a smirk, Kael glanced towards Morde.

Morde was talking with Erna and Leon.

* * *

Erna asked.

“Is it really okay for me to take this?”

“I have other stuff too, so it’s fine.”

The pursuit team of the ‘Blood of Silver’ had quite a number of good magical items.

With an abundance of useful things among the spoils, both Kael and Leon couldn’t hide their smiles.

Morde chose a few from them and gave them to Erna and Rivea, and they were delighted.

“What are you planning to do from now on?”

“As it is, I’ll head north to the White Borderlands. For a while, I’ll be operating as a member of the Gatekeeper Unit.”

“I see. Take care. The White Borderlands isn’t an ordinary dangerous place.”

“Erna, you also be careful from now on.”


Erna smiled bitterly.

She had found out the true nature of the duke.

How the king they thought was a respectable warrior and hero, was nothing but vile trash.

Ignorance was bearable, but once you know, you have to walk on eggshells.

If the duke ever discovers that she knows the truth, he won’t leave her in peace.

“I don’t have personal interactions with the duke, so as long as I don’t get anxious and raise suspicion, it won’t be so hard to act normal in public.”

“I hope you don’t go about spreading the truth and trying to gather supporters… Not at this stage. The time isn’t right yet. It’s dangerous to do such things in the duke’s manor.”

“I get what you’re trying to say. Haha, Morde, you’re worried this big sister will risk danger out of a sense of justice?”


“…Sorry. It was my bad. So stop looking at me like that.”

Erna, who had teasingly joked with a playful smile, had no choice but to back down without gaining anything in return.

She asked.

“The top warrior Berin died by your hand, didn’t he? So who else should I be careful of now?”

“Well, there are ten… now nine people who the duke trusts. Except for Sir Kesner, I assume they’re all aware of the truth and still willing to be the duke’s pawns. There might be someone who isn’t, but I don’t know who that could be.”

“You’re not suspicious of Sir Kesner?”

“That man… I trust him.”

Kesner does not appear in Sedocma.

Thus, with information available to Morde alone, he could not be certain whether Kesner was one of the duke’s minions.

Based on Morde’s experiences, Kesner was truly a good person – as reliable as they come.

But is there anything harder to predict than the human heart?

It was inevitable for Morde to be suspicious, given that Kesner was one of the ten warriors the duke trusted.

“But I’ve also found a reliable reason to believe.”

Fortunately, Morde had obtained a reason to trust Kesner.

According to what he learned from Kael through Elden, Kesner did not know the duke’s true nature.

“Someone I know said… this person is not the kind to pretend not to know such truths in front of others. So I’m planning to tell him when the time comes.”

“That does sound like Sir Kesner.”

Erna also agreed with Morde’s words, forcing a bitter smile.

Morde continued.

“The duke’s son, Allen, is certainly following the duke while knowing all the truths.”


Erna looked off into the distance with a distant gaze.

Duke’s son Allen.

Currently the leader in the competition for the successor.

Allen was the eldest son of the duke, and also one of the most powerful warriors in active service in Bernas.

To Erna, Allen was not so familiar. Not only was there quite an age gap, but his personality wasn’t the type to be sweet to younger family members.

That didn’t mean they were fierce competitors either.

The two had a 15-year age gap.

So much so, that in terms of career as warriors, Erna still hadn’t reached a level where they could directly compete.

But from now on, things could change.

If Morde supported her, Erna felt confident she could grow to become a threat to Allen.

“As for the rest, I’m not so sure.”

At this point in the Sedocma episodes on Bernas’ duke family, the candidates for successor were narrowed down to just two.

Duke’s son Allen Bernas and the fourth, Huron Bernas.

The Huron of Sedocma differed quite a bit from the first impression Morde had at a banquet hall before leaving the duke’s family.

He seemed like a man who was hollow and decadent, one who had despaired of the truth.

But that was a story from six years later at this point. For now, Morde thought it was quite possible that Huron didn’t know the truth either.

“It’s a pity we both don’t have more time. I had something I would’ve liked to give you if only we had a day or two, but I guess that will have to wait for another opportunity.”

Erna had become a trustworthy ally, and he wanted her to learn from the Divine Echo through the Divine Tablet.

But both Morde and Erna were out of time.

Morde now had to flee north before the ‘Blood of Silver’ could come after him again, and Erna had to return before anyone at the duke’s manor noticed her disappearance.

Erna patted Morde on the shoulder, saying,

“Soon we’ll meet again. Let’s meet again in the north.”

“I look forward to it.”

Erna had always intended to head north to forestall the demonization process.

With Morde’s help, she hoped to achieve greater results, so it was worth a try.

“Do mind the demonization, but also be wary of the Orudas clan. If it wasn’t for them, Biden wouldn’t have been cornered this time either.”

“I’ll bear that in mind.”

The two fist-bumped and went their separate ways.

Watching Erna and Rivea move away, Morde was approached by someone.

It was a black-haired boy with a mask, the one who had been brought to meet Morde following Elden’s orders, from the elite Shadow Wolves squad.

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