The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 86

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 86. The Extra is Too Strong

For a moment, the battlefield froze. Even in the midst of life-and-death combat, everyone turned to look. The overwhelming presence dominated their senses.

“This is impossible….”

Even Ernaja gasped in astonishment. It was unthinkable. No matter how monstrous his talent, this should have been impossible.

The official lineage of Bernas knew the conditions for reaching the second stage of Divine Blood Release. It was a realm that couldn’t be reached through talent or skill alone. Only significant battle experiences and great victories could allow the descendants of the War God to reach that stage.

Mord was only fifteen years old and had joined the Grand Duchy just half a year ago. How could he have met such harsh conditions and earned the War God’s recognition?

‘Is it because he defeated a demon count one-on-one?’

Indeed, it was an extraordinary battle, a legendary achievement. But could it alone be enough for the inexperienced Mord to reach the second stage of Divine Blood Release?

Ernaja thought it was insufficient.

‘What kind of battles did he experience that I don’t know about?’

If Ernaja knew everything Mord had been through, she would understand. Mord, when he was much more immature and weaker, had fought and defeated a demon baron alongside Kesner. He had defeated the Silver Blood group, including the top-tier warrior Berin, as soon as he left the Grand Ducal Castle. He had defeated fragments of the Archlich, two top-tier mages, a cursed witch, and released her. He had destroyed the legendary Demon King trapped in a divine sword, even in his weakened state. He had defeated a pursuit squad of the Silver Blood led by three Divine Blood Release second stage warriors. And just a few days ago, he defeated a demon count one-on-one, finally reaching the second stage of Divine Blood Release.

“No matter, it’s still the same second stage! He’s just reached it, and he has no artifact. Does he think he can handle me?”

Roos shouted angrily, swinging his chained sword. Slash!

But the chain sword, which should have drawn a brilliant arc, did not even complete its first swing as Roos intended. Mord had caught it with lightning speed.


The chain sword violently reacted to being held by someone other than its master.


But Mord, holding the chain sword with his left hand, accelerated his right fist imbued with aura and struck the blade. It was a ferocious attack aimed not at Roos but at the artifact.


Roos couldn’t withstand the shock transmitted through the sword handle and let go.

“They say the artifacts bestowed upon the Divine Blood are replicas, not the originals? I’m curious to see how durable they are.”

Mord said this and repeatedly struck the chain sword with accelerated aura punches.

Boom! Boom!

The chain sword trembled with each hit. Normally, hitting a sword blade would not inflict much damage, but Mord was a master-level martial artist, adept at the second stage of aura. Each time the blade’s counter-force activated, causing it to stiffen, Mord’s lightning-fast right fist struck again.


On the third strike, the chain sword started to crack. Seeing this, Roos regained his senses.

“You madman! How dare you damage a divine artifact! Aren’t you afraid of the gods’ curse?”

Roos’s reaction was delayed, his mind paralyzed by the absurdity of the situation. But Mord responded nonchalantly.

“If I were afraid of such things, I wouldn’t be fighting you, the Silver Blood.”


The fourth punch broke the chain sword in two. Mord tossed the broken pieces aside, and they scattered into glowing dust.

“This can’t be….”

Roos, frozen in shock, watched as Mord strode towards him. Roos, regaining some composure, tried to attack as the distance closed.

-Impulse Ball Barrage!

Countless impulse balls shot towards Mord. In that moment, Roos drew the sword at his waist, not an artifact, but….

“What… what is this?”

But he couldn’t believe what he saw. As Mord punched the incoming impulse balls, they vanished as if extinguished.

“Magic, divine blessings, artifacts… don’t you have anything else to show?”

The gap in martial prowess between Mord and Roos was immense. Without the second stage of Divine Blood Release and artifacts, Roos would have been dead the moment the fight began. This indicated that Roos’s strengths held tremendous value in combat, enough to ascend to the upper echelons of the Silver Blood.

However, Roos’s most significant strengths were ineffective against his current opponent. Even in their second-stage forms, Mord surpassed Roos in magical power, despite not having activated his War God physique.

“Uh, uh….”

Roos retreated in disbelief. How could this be happening? Since awakening his Divine Blood and being accepted into the Silver Blood, his life had been one of unending victory. The Silver Blood demanded many battles from him, but they were always predetermined victories, overwhelming his prey with sheer power.

Among his prey, some were strong, but none were a match for Roos and his subordinates. Therefore, Roos had lived a life of constant victory, never doubting that this would be the same.

“You’re a boring opponent.”

As Mord scoffed, a golden flash erupted from another part of the battlefield.

“What’s that? What now?”

Roos turned, startled, to the source of the light.

The golden flash came from Kael. Originally, Kael’s hair was curly blonde, but at this moment, it shone like molten gold, and his violet eyes turned golden.

“An ancient elf?”

Kael’s opponent, a warrior of the Divine Blood, was shocked.

Ancient elf. A term referring to the descendants of the Golden Tree who once contended with the gods in myth. The elves of the current era were merely diluted descendants of the ancient elves.

To possess the blood of an ancient elf meant being of elven nobility. But for a half-elf to wield the power of an ancient elf?

The nectar Kael had consumed traced the roots of the elf blood in his veins, awakening its power.

‘Yes, be amazed.’

Kael smirked.

‘I was surprised too.’

It hadn’t been long since he drank the nectar. When he felt the power of the ancient elf and achieved the first stage of Divine Blood Release the next day, even Kael had to question if it was a dream or reality.

Even the natural-born Bernas struggled to harness the power of the Divine Blood. Reaching Divine Blood Release was a symbolic milestone, one that took a long time to achieve.

‘Except for Mord. That guy’s a monster.’

Except for rare exceptions like Mord, it was the same for everyone else.

So for Kael to have gained the power of the ancient elf was beyond common sense.

However, Mord, though surprised, quickly pinpointed the reason.

‘Kael, it’s probably because your sequence is the opposite of ours, the Divine Blood.’

Something similar happened in the Se-Dok-Ma.

Aidan obtained the nectar five times, drinking it three times himself and giving it twice to his comrades. Once to Leon, and once to a master-level martial artist who wasn’t of the Divine Blood.

The latter reached the stage of Divine Blood Release in less than a month, for a good reason.

For those born with Divine Blood to reach the stage of Divine Blood Release, they must develop their physical potential and realize the sense of handling the higher-dimensional power within their blood.

But a master-level martial artist already handles such higher-dimensional power as aura, don’t they?

Reaching the stage of Divine Blood Release in a short time was only natural.

Activating the Bracelet of Speed!

In front of the astonished enemy, Kael used the magical item he received from Mord. His thought speed and agility were instantly amplified.

Activating the Ring of Thunder! Dance of the Thunder Spirit!

The magic ring on Kael’s left middle finger activated, sending dozens of lightning bolts toward the enemy.

Boom! Crackle…!

The Divine Blood warrior, caught off guard, was shocked.


But he was a master-level martial artist. Using the immense power from his Divine Blood Release state, he created an aura shield to block the lightning bolts.

That was exactly what Kael was aiming for.

Activating the Ring of Thunder! Hammer of the Thunder God!

The Ring of Thunder on Kael’s finger contained spells up to the 6th circle. As the Divine Blood warrior deployed his all-around aura shield to block the wide-area lightning, a concentrated lightning strike pierced through and hit him.


The Divine Blood warrior gritted his teeth.

The consecutive attacks succeeded in breaking through his shield and landing a hit.

But it wasn’t a fatal blow. Though extremely painful, it was something he could endure.


The problem was that Kael wasn’t a mage.

Kael’s aura blade, now significantly faster and stronger, pierced through his body.

“Damn… it…!”

“Phew. That was exhausting.”

Kael muttered with a tired expression.

If he hadn’t trained with Mord for the past few days to improve his proficiency with the ancient elf power and aura, he would have died in this fight.

‘To think I almost died shortly after drinking the Nectar and the Tears of the War God.’

Kael reaffirmed that accepting the Tears of the War God from Mord was the right choice.

Staying by Mord’s side meant he needed to gather as much power as he could, as he would never have enough lives.

“Be gone.”

Kael shook his head, swinging his sword.

A sharp golden arc traced through the air, severing the Divine Blood warrior’s life.

Roos watched in disbelief.

The one facing Kael was a senior officer.

Someone who could aim for a high-ranking position with a bit more merit, taken down by a mere half-elf?

Tap tap.

Someone tapped Roos’s shoulder.

He flinched and turned, finding Mord staring down at him.

Of course, Mord had not attacked the defenseless Roos to uphold any sense of honor. It was simply because an ambush would have been meaningless; he wanted Roos to see him.


A cannonball-like punch sent Roos flying.

In the opposite direction of the lake.


Mord, catching up with the airborne Roos with lightning speed, delivered another blow.

The impact sent Roos crashing into the canyon like a meteor.


The force of the impact began to collapse parts of the canyon.

Mord muttered as he watched the falling debris.

“Indeed, a god’s blessing.”

What he saw was peculiar.

Instead of crushing Roos, the debris was rolling away as if avoiding him.

It seemed that even the falling rocks were judged as attacks that Roos himself did not perceive.

“That’s fortunate for me.”

Had Roos been buried under the rocks, Mord would have had to dig him out again. This saved him the trouble.

Mord became a streak of silver lightning and struck Roos.


With a thunderous sound, Roos collided with the half-collapsed rock wall, bouncing off from the impact.


Mord’s rapid strikes hit Roos faster than he could bounce back, sending him crashing through more than ten large trees.


Bloodied, Roos stood up.

The fact that he could still stand proved how formidable he was.

But even that had its limits.

“The artifact is broken.”

Mord, clad in silver lightning, stood before him.

“And the divine power in your blood is exhausted.”

Roos reverted to his original form, unable to maintain his transformation.

He had exhausted all his power just to withstand Mord’s attacks.

“Huff, huff.”

Simultaneously, extreme pain engulfed Roos.

The injuries he hadn’t felt in his transformed state now ravaged his nervous system, causing him to kneel in agony.

A large shadow loomed over him.

“Can you still act haughty?”


Looking up at Mord, Roos’s teeth chattered.

He couldn’t control his body’s trembling from pain and fear.

“P-please, spare me.”

The words weren’t premeditated.

In his desperate situation, begging for his life came naturally.

“I’m a high-ranking officer of the Silver Blood. I know a lot of valuable information. If you spare me, I can provide you with useful information.”

“I don’t need it.”


Mord looked down at Roos’s pale face and spoke.

“For someone in the ‘24 Hours of White Silver,’ you probably don’t know anything significant. And any truly important information would be under a vow, making it impossible for you to speak.”

“Wait… wait a minute. I can be useful if you let me live….”

“You’re not.”

Mord didn’t listen to Roos any further.

His fist came down, and a vacancy appeared in the high-ranking officers of the Silver Blood’s ‘24 Hours of White Silver.’

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