The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 84

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 84: The Extra is Too Strong

“Hey, are those guys who claim to be members of a secret organization supposed to reveal their identities so openly?”

“It doesn’t matter since you’re going to die here anyway. Plus, we’re pretty famous ourselves, so it’s not strange if you recognize us after seeing our faces.”

“I don’t know about that. You guys know me, but I don’t know you, which presumably means I’m the more famous one.”

“Is that so? Die with the honor of being more famous than us!”

The assailant with the black tattoo charged angrily at him. He seemed to be quite a straightforward thug, not unlike a typical mercenary.


Once again, when the attacker collided with Leon, he was sent flying back with even greater force than the first encounter despite being prepared this time.

-Breaking Mirage!

A fluid long-range attack followed from Leon, landing another heavy blow and sending the enemy crashing to the ground.


The black-tattooed members were horrified.

Their captain was a mid-level officer of the Silver Blood, a faction that struck fear in the mercenary world. To see him overpowered so easily was unexpected.

‘The Divine Body is really the best.’

Leon grinned.

After days of dedicated training, he had managed to increase the effect of his Divine Body to more than three times his weight.

That effect was almost like cheating in a brawler’s contest, making you almost feel sorry for the black-tattooed pursuers who challenged him.

“Thanks for letting your guard down. I’ll ride this momentum and finish this once and for all!”

That was when it happened.


A shockwave blasted Leon away.


It was the mages, who had kept a distance and waited on standby behind the warriors, that intervened.

Among the five mages, there was one who was a high-ranking officer, and they were significantly powerful.

‘Damn it. This is getting bothersome.’

Leon regretted not dealing with these subordinates earlier to reduce their numbers.

As Leon clicked his tongue, the black-tattooed warriors engaged him again, and a fierce battle ensued.

* * *

While Leon began his assault, Kael had stealthily dashed towards the opposite side of the ground.

That’s when the magicians targeted him with spells, slowing down his movements just in time for the warrior force to approach him.

-Summon Spirit of Wind!

Kael quickly summoned numerous wind spirits to harry the magicians.

One of the strong points of spirit magic is that once summoned, the spirits would fight decently without much detailed control.

The first warrior who rushed towards Kael clashed with him, swords clashing.


The air split apart as Kael was sent reeling backward.

In contrast, the adversary stood firm at the point of collision, grinning slyly.

The man, wielding a sword and shield, was a hulking warrior over 180 centimeters tall and a powerhouse among the Silver Blood.

“Quite surprising.”

The muscular warrior with his power activated, revealing silver hair, couldn’t help but be surprised by Kael.

“A half-elf kid, you’re a master-level martial artist? That wasn’t in the information.”

The high-ranking officer himself was a master-level martial artist.

Discharging a powerful magical aura, he manifested an Aura Blade and delivered a blow, which, shockingly, Kael countered with his Aura Blade.

“It seems your intelligence isn’t quite up to standard. How about a complete overhaul? Oh well, if you still have the chance, that is.”

Coldly smiling at Kael’s mockery, the sword-and-shield warrior approached.

Unlike those facing off against Leon, the warrior’s seven subordinates did not attack Kael, only surrounding him to prevent his escape.

“Do you prefer a one-on-one fight?”

“When it’s time to enjoy, you must enjoy. Though you’re quite capable for a half-elf, I wonder how long you’ll last against the power of Silver Blood.”

When the skills of two martial artists are similar, physical prowess and magical power become the decisive factors.

And the sword-and-shield warrior, having released his Silver Blood, was overwhelmingly superior to Kael in both aspects.

“Struggle as hard as you can. It’s been a while since I killed a master.”

With glee, the sword-and-shield warrior charged at Kael.

As the two master-level martial artists collided, brilliant trails of light tore through the space around them.

* * *

Even after Leon and Kael had spread out and the battle commenced, Mord remained stationary, simply watching Lus.

“It doesn’t make sense no matter how I think about it.”

Lus tilted his head in confusion at Mord’s observation.

“Why is it just you guys?”

“What do you mean?”

“The blind monster surely provided you with an elite force to protect you, so why are only three of you here leaving the rest of the force behind?”


At that question, Mord realized a significant oversight within the Silver Blood.

“That’s how it is.”

Mord began to move with a slight smile.

“You really know nothing.”

As he slowly walked towards Lus amid the noise of battle, Mord commented,

“Are you taking me lightly? Or is it true that the organization isn’t fully utilizing its capabilities, and instead, only an extremely limited number of ‘The White Silver’s 24 Hours’ combined their power, including you?”

Mord’s keen insight dissected the situation.

The Silver Blood was a vast secret organization spread across the continent, unlike the Revenant Lords or the Dark Sages who were under a single powerful leader, which meant that the grand might of the organization was dispersed and separately invested in various incidents.

‘Now that I think about it, these guys from Sedokma didn’t unite their strength until they had to fend off Aiden and were torn apart everywhere.’

In Sedokma, such a union wouldn’t occur until three or four years later. At that time, the first-tier high-ranking officers consolidated the power of multiple world fragments, enabling the entire organization to wield overpowering might.

Meaning, at the current moment, the Silver Blood generally couldn’t concentrate their full strength on a singular matter unless it was a significantly big event.

To capture Mord and present him as a gift to Duke Bernas was considered a lower-priority task, which they believed could be handled by just the fourth-tier high-ranking officers.

‘But even so, this will probably be the last time…’

After defeating the Silver Blood thrice, with the last attack involving fourth-tier high-ranking officers, the Silver Blood would inevitably increase their valuation of Mord.

However, by then Mord would already be out of their reach, having vanished into the White Devil’s Sanctum.

“Well, for this time alone, your delusion might not be entirely wrong.”

“What are you talking about?”

Lus frowned at that moment.

Suddenly, at one corner of the battlefield, a bright flash exploded.


An attack launched from a distance of 50 meters over the ravine blasted one of the five magicians.

“What is that?”

As Lus turned his head in surprise, Mord launched an attack.


Mord’s fist hammered down on Lus’s head.

But in the next moment, Mord realized his fist was repelled by an unknown defense.

“You really like sneaking around, don’t you?”

With a cold look in his eyes, Lus gazed at Mord.


A gale arose, Lus’s hair turned silver, and his eyes changed to a silver-blue color.

That wasn’t all.


A powerful burst of energy repelled Mord.

‘A second-stage release of the Silver Blood!’

Lus was undergoing a secondary transformation, and his appearance was changing again.

However, this change was different from the henchman they had previously taken down.

Lus’s silver hair grew more than twice as long, his height of about 170 centimeters increased by around 10 centimeters, and his body slimmed down overall.

It was a change that seemed confusing whether it was an advantage or disadvantage in combat, but such changes brought on by the strength of Silver Blood do not adhere to such considerations.

‘Maybe he’s inherited some slender bastard’s blood.’

By nature, transformations tend to resemble the god at the root of their bloodline.

The lineage of Bernas typically did not undergo any major changes apart from the silver hair and silver-gray eyes, but depending on the Silver Blood, as one grows stronger, one can become identical in appearance to the god who serves as their root.

‘And an artifact to top it off.’

In Lus’s hand shone a dazzling sword; an artifact, an item of the gods, summoned for the exclusive use of Silver Blood bearers.

“Bernas’s jester, Mord.”

Holding the sword, Lus declared,

“I am Lus, blessed with the blood of Lake and Peace God Resheon. How fitting that we fight by the lakeside—where you’ll understand what it means.”

Assuredly speaking, Mord replied nonchalantly,

“Thank you for the gracious introduction. But aren’t you concerned about the current situation?”


As he spoke, a flash of light erupted beside Mord.

An attack aimed at Lus from a distance twisted off course, landing near Mord.

Seemingly unconcerned by such an attack, Lus chuckled.

“Setting up an ambush from afar, I see you are indeed trying to be tactically clever… We anticipated you would be with the elite guards sent by the blind monster and formed our pursuit accordingly. You will die here.”

Belonging to the bloodline of the god of lakes and peace, Lus’s power was maximized by the lakeside.

Merely being near the lake enhanced his powers, and he could even share his blessings with allies.

As soon as Lus activated the Silver Blood, the combat abilities of all Silver Blood members soared.



“Bernas! Bernas has come again!”

From the rear, screams from the Silver Blood pursuit rang out.

Lus flinched, turning to look back.

There, a muscular female figure with long silver hair obliterated a mage’s head with a bare punch.

Recognizing her, Lus was horrified.

“Erna Bernas?”

Erna, who was reported to have withdrawn from Delin that morning, had stormed into the fray.

And she was accompanied by one of her closest confidants, an elite Bernas warrior named Libea!

“Why is she here?”

The unexpected intrusion left Lus in utter dismay.

And just as he was distracted, Mord attacked.


A thunderous noise erupted.

Yet, despite taking a direct hit from Mord’s fist, Lus remained unscathed.

“Annoying innate ability. Even snipers and ambushes are completely negated. How convenient.”

Mord grumbled and then turned his attention to Erna.

The eyes of Erna, who had dispatched one of the five magicians, met with Mord.

[To be continued…]

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