The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 82

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 82: The Extra Is Too Strong

The Dark Sage had twelve Black Disciples.

Among them, the ones called high-ranking were three.

The first in the hierarchy was the Sage’s Mouth.

The second was the Sage’s Left Hand.

The third was the Sage’s Right Hand.

At this point, these three had received far greater power from the sealed Dark Sage Elrickson than the other nine Black Disciples.

And there was one thing that set them apart…

‘I never expected the battle for the fragments of the world to start like this.’

They possessed the fragments of the world as a means to awaken Elrickson from his seal.

The Dark Sage estimated that if they gathered more than five fragments, the seal on Elrickson could be shattered.

‘Elrickson’s own existence maintaining device is at the same time the power source of the seal.’

Among the three high-ranking Black Disciples, there were a total of four world fragments with the Dark Sage.

‘But I’m not sure if that’s still the case at this point.’

Morrd’s knowledge was of a future date.

The revelation of this fact in Sedokmar would not occur until about two years from now, after Aidan had fought numerous battles with the Dark Sage.

Naturally, in Sedokmar, the Dark Sage eventually gathers five world fragments and revives Elrickson.

This leads to colossal damage, and ultimately, the fragments are taken by Aidan after his death…

‘I must find and eliminate them quickly.’

Morrd had no intention of leaving the situation to unfold as such.

Those destined to become a disaster in the future must be eliminated swiftly, and while at it, securing the world fragments as well.

There were two reasons Morrd recognized the golden-haired Black Disciple as the Sage’s Left Hand.

Holding ten world fragments, he could easily see through an opponent who possessed only one.

Moreover, the Sage’s Left Hand was not only distinguished by his entirely black eyes, devoid of any white, but also by the pitch-black magical runes that covered his entire left hand.

‘It’s a kind of symbolism, but… looks like he’s desperate to advertise who he is.’

Morrd chuckled and then said, “Leon.”

The man who attacked the Dark Sage with Morrd was the muscular giant with sandy brown hair and blue eyes, measuring at two meters and twenty-five centimeters, Leon.

“I’ll take on that blond. You’ll handle the rest, right?”

“I guess I can test the fruits of my journey to hell.”

Leon grinned and stepped forward.

He had just experienced a hellish night.

The hellish teaching received from the Echoes of the War God!

The total number of battles was 189.

There was a reason why his number was less than Morrd’s.

Unlike the War God’s Grave, which was an excellent locus for the War God’s power to manifest, Leon did not have world fragments like Morrd, hence his shorter session.

Yet, it was a sufficiently long time for Leon.

By the time he first received teachings from the Echoes of the War God, he had already surpassed Morrd’s initial level.

He triumphed over the ten-year-old War God in just 70 tries, earning the War God’s Body’s blessing with that victory.

But the fifteen-year-old War God he faced next was truly an impregnable fortress.

Without grasping the aura, Leon was no match for him.

After falling in defeat 119 times, he finally awoke.

Even though his skills improved over time, the memory that most vividly remained with Leon was being beaten over and over by the snarky, pompous fifteen-year-old War God.

“You’ll at least provide some satisfaction to my fists.”

At Leon’s words, the golden-haired man with the sword, the Sage’s Left Hand, sighed incredulously.

“Lineage of Bernas… The blood of gods is indeed terrifying. I acknowledge its fearsomeness, but…”

The magical power of the golden-haired man began to surge explosively.

“Young fool, you don’t grasp the situation. You talk big even knowing who I am?”

The sword wielded by the golden-haired man emitted a sinister energy. A blood-red aura enveloped the blade, enveloping and eroding the surroundings while the man’s magic power rose another notch.

As Morrd confronted him, Leon began to approach another Black Disciple.


Suddenly, Morrd smiled thinly.

“The Dark Sage, less impressive than the Lord of Resurrection.”


The blonde man’s eyebrows shot up.

The Dark Sage was well aware of the existence of the Lord of Resurrection.

They had collided several times as the territory of the Lord of Resurrection expanded, and they both recognized each other as formidable foes, implicitly avoiding direct conflict.

And their competitive spirit towards each other was intense. To hear such a remark from Morrd sparked his anger.

“Think before you speak, Bernas brat. Thoughtless words will only make your death more painful!”

Enraged, the blonde man cast a spell.

-Frost Snake!

A 5th circle spell activated instantly. The snake, composed of pure white frost, struck Morrd faster than an arrow.


The frost exploded, and the area turned white with ice.

The golden-haired man continued to unleash a barrage of spells as if the first was merely a feint.

-Execution Light!

A 4th circle spell activated, a high-lethality ray of light engulfed Morrd.

-Lightning Sprite Dance!

Then a 5th circle spell activated, and six streaks of lightning tore through space in chaotic trajectories.

Crack! Boom!

Flashes of light and shockwaves swept away everything in their path.

“Young god-blood, kneel before the grandeur of magic!”

The golden-haired man unleashed devastating firepower all in one go, but he was not confident of victory.

From the beginning, he had cast fast-acting spells, while preparing for a more powerful one.

-Festival of the Six Beasts!

The moment the 8th circle spell activated, which concentrated six types of assaults in one explosive point…


The spectacular six explosions that should have happened did not.


“Master, was, it… me?”

Morrd’s penetrative strike had impaled the body of the golden-haired man.

“What’s the point in realizing that now? Guardian of the world fragment.”

The decisive moment came in an instant.

Just as the golden-haired man unleashed his deadly blow, Morrd burst forward like lightning, striking with an accelerated aura.

The golden-haired man was a high wizard who had mastered the 8th circle.

Rare in both the light and the dark, he was a formidable warrior capable of confidently battling a powerful fighter in close combat.

That was his fatal error.

If he had kept Morrd’s movements at bay with the initial barrage of spells and fought from a distance, the battle would have gone differently.

Morrd too would have faced a troublesome fight.

‘Arrogant opponents are easy to handle. Not realizing his capacity, the wizard foolishly entered a disadvantageous fight and gifted me the victory.’

Morrd, versed in Sedokmar, vaguely understood why.

The Dark Sage’s Black Disciples, particularly, were steeped in a sense of chosen superiority from being selected by the special and exalted being Elrickson.

Given the high wizard status of the Sage’s Left Hand, coupled with a powerful magical item crafted by the legendary grand wizard Elrickson, his arrogance reached the skies if not normal.

Yet regardless of the reason, the fact remained that an opponent weaker than Morrd was complacent in his arrogance, handing Morrd an effortless victory.

* * *


After defeating the Sage’s Left Hand, the radiant world fragment emerged from his body and was absorbed by Morrd.

‘That makes eleven.’

To unexpectedly encounter the Sage’s Left Hand and snatch away a world fragment was an incredible stroke of luck.

But the good fortune didn’t stop there.

The newly acquired world fragment fused with the pre-existing cluster of four!

Now, Morrd’s world fragments were in the configuration of 5-3-1-1-1.

‘An unexpected windfall in my plans.’

Morrd smiled contentedly, focusing aura on his hand.


Using the aura accelerator, he shattered the powerful magical sword made by the legendary grand wizard Elrickson.

It was a fine magical weapon, but as a product of dark magic, Morrd swiftly discarded it.

“You… You destroyed a relic of Master Elrickson!”

The chief Derin was aghast at what he witnessed.

He was the only one who recognized and was horrified by Morrd’s actions.

“What? Morrd, it’s over already?”

All the others had been dealt with by Leon.

Though one of the Black Disciples was still hanging on, he was worn ragged after being hit by Leon multiple times.

“I better finish this quickly too!”

Eventually, Leon unlocked his divine blood and began to drive the Black Disciple into a corner.

‘The trip to the Echoes of the War God was worthwhile.’

In just one day, Leon had become markedly stronger.

He experienced an increase in magic power and mastered more martial arts techniques, and above all, he obtained the War God’s Body.

‘Only doubling is a bit disappointing… but it’s still a useful level.’

Right after acquiring the War God’s Body, Morrd could increase his weight by more than three times, and with some training, it soon rose to more than five times.

Now, he could increase it tenfold, and with the Godly Frenzy state, even thirtyfold or more.

Compared to that, Leon’s War God’s Body was minor, just barely surpassing double with a struggle.

Of course, as he had only newly acquired it, training could likely enhance its effects in the future.

‘The difference between us… comes down to talent, right?’

It was an annoying conclusion, even to himself. Regardless, it was likely the truth.


Indeed, Leon’s talent was nothing spectacular.

Especially compared to the current candidates vying for the position of the next Grand Duke.

Even within Sedokmar, leon’s lack of talent is a recurring point.

Leon managed to survive to the final round, surpassing Grand Duke candidates Allen and Huron, solely due to Aidan’s support.

Without dozens of world fragments, Nectar, Tears of the War God… and more granted by Aidan, Leon could never have become the Grand Duke Bernas.

Compared to Leon, Morrd’s talent was almost unbelievable.

As much as he had Sedokmar, a record bearing the world’s fate and secrets from an omniscient viewpoint, he never imagined he’d grow strong so swiftly.

‘With time, I’ll grow even stronger. Some problems can only be solved by time, regardless of how extraordinary this body’s talent may be…’

How much power can be drawn from world fragments depends on how large a cluster is at one’s disposal.

But world fragments strengthen existence merely by possessing them, and this transformation requires time.

No matter how quickly Morrd grew stronger, certain issues inevitably required time.

The time it took for his still-growing body to fully grow, the time to absorb the world fragment’s power and fortify his being—those challenges.

‘How about Aidan?’

Suddenly, Morrd thought of Aidan.

Magic-wise, Aidan possessed truly genius-level talent.

Numerous prodigies cropped up in Sedokmar, but none surpassed Aidan in understanding and mastering magic.

Indeed, how would Aidan grow without losing his master?

‘Soon enough, I’ll know whether my actions completely changed Aidan’s fate or merely altered its course.’

Morrd’s reflections were interrupted by the death throes of the Black Disciple.

Leon, who had ended the fight, dissolved his transformation and grumbled, “The road ahead is long, damn it.”

He was well aware of the large gap between himself and Morrd.

But after being taught by the Echoes of the War God and feeling his skills improve, that gap seemed ever more pronounced and distinct.

“No… It can’t be…”

Chief Derin could hardly believe what he saw.

Two Black Disciples took their stand here to protect this outpost, one being the 2nd ranked ‘Sage’s Left Hand,’ and yet, they fell so easily?

But soon a threatening aura crept onto his face.

“Kill them. But no matter what you came here for, you’ll never get what you want!”

“We already have.”


“You don’t seem to understand what the death of the Sage’s Left Hand means. And…”

Morrd looked past Chief Derin.

Behind him, amidst a disorganized pile of boxes, a path wide enough for one person hinted at a hidden escape route thoughtfully prepared.

A figure emerged from there.

“Morrd, is everything handled?”

A brightly smiling half-elf boy, Kei, appeared.

Chief Derin was horrified at the sight.

“How… how did you get there…?”

“Obviously, if you were in danger, you’d sneak out important stuff through the backdoor. It’s all taken care of.”

“That’s impossible! It can’t be!”

Despair took hold of the chief at the unbelievable reality.

The involvement of two Black Disciples was due to the sheer importance of this outpost’s research facility and secret vault.

With significant damage inflicted by Morrd and Leon, they began to smuggle out key personnel and resources.

Even if Morrd and Leon were repelled, a secret facility whose information had leaked was worthless.

Yet, they couldn’t fathom losing the Black Disciples and the elite forces brought along, much less having everything smuggled away snatched up!

“It’s a fact. Unfortunately for you.”

Identifying the enemy’s valued assets and escape routes, then silently infiltrating to deal with them was Kei’s specialty.

The Dark Sage, from start to finish, had fallen to Morrd and his companions without a single anticipation.

“Well then, goodbye.”

Kei’s smile lingered as his sword completed its deadly arc, cutting off Chief Derin’s breath.

Thus the Dark Sage suffered an unexpected and fatal blow.

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