The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 81

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 81: The Extra is Too Strong

It seemed that Vyden hadn’t realized until now. Of course, it made sense since you haven’t been a part of the family for long, have you? What we have here is the essence of divine blood, created by true bloodlines who extract their own blood and receive blessings in the temple…”

Vyden explained what the Divine Bloodstone was.

Only those with true bloodlines could create it.

One had to produce it while receiving blessings at the Bernas Duchy’s temple, a privilege exclusive to those of legitimate lineage.

“Usually, several are made to be given to one’s own children. I, too, had been creating a few for when I would someday give them to my children, but…”

Vyden smirked with a hint of laughter.

“I couldn’t think of anything else suitable as an immediate token of gratitude for the one who saved my life. I didn’t have anything valuable on me during the mission, and to go back to the family to show my appreciation… Mord, you’re planning on leaving soon, right?”


“I thought you might, since you’re on a secret mission.”

“What does this Divine Bloodstone mean?”

“When you have time, try resonating it with the power of your divine blood. It’s a catalyst that can be used only once in your lifetime to elevate the power of your divine blood even higher.”

This was another benefit received by those of true lineage.

They could refine the power of their divine blood more easily using the Divine Bloodstone, a gift prepared and given by their parents.

For those not entitled to the benefits of the Divine Bloodstone, such as illegitimate children, reaching the realm of divine blood awakening was much more challenging.

‘From beginning to end, it’s all discrimination and damn folly,’ Mord sneered after listening to the explanation.

It was understandable why the bastards who had been part of the Grand Duke’s family for a long time would be desperate to enjoy even one of the privileges reserved for legitimate members.

‘Well, is this also one of the know-hows that allowed the Bernas Grand Duchy to inherit and manage the bloodline of Tushin?’

There had been many descendants of Tushin who left the Grand Duchy throughout history.

It was common for Tushin’s descendants to marry outside, bringing in new blood, or for them to venture out from home.

For example, there are still many descendants of Tushin in the kingdom of Sahwang.

However, the Bernas Grand Duchy was the only one that had successfully maintained the bloodline of Tushin over generations. Perhaps the Divine Bloodstone was one of the reasons they could.

“Make good use of it.”

If it was something that could only be used once in a lifetime, it would certainly hold significance for Mord.

“I have many questions, but it seems you want to keep a lot secret… so I won’t ask further. But there’s one thing I’d like to know.”

“What is it?”

“Do you plan to support Erna in the future?”


Mord openly shared his decision without hesitation.

Vyden grimaced with a bitter smile.

“As expected. If you support her… Erna will become an even tougher opponent than she has been.”

“But you won’t give up, will you?”

“Of course not.”

Vyden painfully realized during this affair that innate talent was something in which he and Erna were worlds apart.

Erna became a master-level Aura Martial Artist before even turning twenty, while Vyden, now twenty-two, still had not managed to master Aura.

This was perfectly normal.

In the world of Aura Martial Artists, it was said that even those who practiced from an early age rarely grasp Aura before they reach twenty-five—unless they are geniuses.

Yet Vyden had no thoughts of giving up.

“Seeing you, Mord, makes me that much less willing to give up.”


“Having seen that the runner above is no match for the flier above, I know that no matter how talented Erna may be, she is not the best in the world. That makes her worth challenging.”


Could this be called a positive mindset?

Mord chuckled as Vyden spoke.

“Just wait and see. I’ll surprise you to the point of astonishment when you return to the family from the north.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

After Mord left, Vyden, left alone, stared at the entrance of the barracks, deep in thought.

‘Even though we’re half-brothers, it doesn’t feel one bit like he’s my blood kin.’

Ever since Mord brought up such a discussion after saving him in the dungeon, Vyden had tried to find some commonality in him as a relative.

But the more he tried, the more he felt alienated.

‘Brother Dren failed to recognize Mord’s true worth. Brother Allen, I wonder what you would say if you saw that guy?’

Suddenly, Vyden became curious about how Grand Duke Allen would react to meeting Mord.

* * *

Mord’s group took a day of rest at Bernas’ military camp.

Erna had replenished the treatment potions and combat consumables they had used in the dungeon from military supplies, and Mord was generously given the provisions he requested.

They also had a magical item appraised by a mage following Erna.

It was a magic silver bracelet acquired after dispelling the second soul fragment of the Lich Lord in the dungeon.

The appraisal revealed that the bracelet had the effect of increasing thought speed and agility for a certain duration when activated.

Mord gave the bracelet to Cael.

Pleased with the new magic item, Cael attended the festival-like atmosphere, running errands, while Leon shared a meal with Erna and caught up on the latest events before returning.

Except for the individuals who had entered the dungeon with him, Leon’s identity remained a secret, preventing any commotion.

That night, Leon sought out Mord.

“Mord, I have a request.”

“What’s the request?”

“Would you train me properly from now on?”

“Haven’t I been doing that all this time?”

Mord and Leon had trained intermittently throughout their journey.

Of course, the more intense training involving full efforts and research took place in the world of dreams.

However, since Bernas’ training methods were more efficient with a partner, Mord had been training with Leon.

“It’s not that… I was hoping you could teach me. As a martial artist of Bernas.”


Mord looked at Leon silently for a moment before speaking.

“Leon, you know I am ten years younger than you.”

“But you’re much stronger than me.”

“And even as a martial artist of Bernas, I have much less experience than you. You’ve learned and know more.”

Mord had indeed only learned Bernas’ martial arts for a relatively short period.

Most of his training was with the Kesner Squad, garnering experience alongside them.

The fact that he has learned so much new during this journey since departing with Cael or training with Leon is enough proof.

In truth, the highest priority in Mord’s martial skills came from the teachings he received from the Tushin’s specter.

However, those teachings should be seen as separate from Bernas’ martial arts.

Bernas’ martial arts have been passed down and developed over 500 years, not only for the descendants of Tushin but also for ordinary humans.

“What good is knowledge if you can’t beat even one like me, despite having ten times the number?” Leon was resolute.

Mord asked, “So does that mean… you’ll give up the sword?”

“Yes. I should’ve dropped all useless attachment the moment I decided to follow you.”

Leon’s bitter smile hinted at his realization during their last dungeon experience—how out of touch with reality he had been.

When he decided to follow Mord, he realized that the world he had seen as a member of the family and the world outside could connect at any time; that death was always near and it was simply his fortune to have lived without that knowledge.

But despite saying so, Leon had not truly understood it.

He now acutely understood how naive his resolve had been based on this experience.

No matter how hard he tried, the swordsmanship he’d perfected over five years to disguise himself was utterly meaningless in a situation where life could not be guaranteed.

Not that Leon held any strong beliefs regarding swordsmanship that he would insist on even in death.

Therefore, Leon’s continued fixation on swordsmanship after meeting Mord was merely an unnecessary attachment.

“Mord, you saved me. I want to be helpful to you. Following you, I’ve seen it—your path is worth following, even if it means risking my life.”

After he started tagging along with Mord, Leon saw a whole new world.

He saw the parts of the myth and legend buried in history, and he felt that they might even determine the fate of the world.

In that case, the battles awaiting Mord’s future must indeed be worthy of a warrior’s life.

“I may not be a genius like you, but I’m of Bernas’ bloodline. I believe I have the potential to contribute to your fight.”

Leon’s eyes glowed with fierce determination as he clenched his fist.

Sensing his sincerity, Mord nodded.


He welcomed Leon’s resolve, as he had been waiting for Leon to come to this realization on his own.

“If you’ve made up your mind… then we should start with this.”

Mord immediately took out a plate of Tushin from the spatial backpack.

It was the same opportunity that Leon had received for the first time in Sedokma.

“What’s this?”

“You’ll find out soon.”

Mord smiled.

It was time for Tushin’s specter to welcome another descendant besides Mord.

* * *

The secret organization ‘The Sages of the Shadows’ had deep roots in the dark underbelly of Derin, the territory of the viscount.

Unlike the undead-centric Rebirth Lords, these were led by humans, making their operations smoother.

Spread out through the dark underbellies across the continent, they managed various organizations and businesses to fund their endeavors, recruit personnel, and occasionally secure human subjects for research and experiments.

Derin was a particularly important area for the Sages of the Shadows.

The importance of a branch to the Sages of the Shadows didn’t depend on how developed an area was or how populous it was; it was about how convenient it was for them to operate.

Derin was under their powerful influence.

Their control over the region’s largest underground organizations and significant business ventures was all due to the competence of the Derin branch head.

By utilizing that power without revealing the organization’s true nature and dominating the local underworld, they also managed to bribe those in the light of power, securing stability for their activities.

Thus, the head of the Sages of the Shadows in Derin simply couldn’t believe what happened that day.

“What is this…?”

Derin was swept up in a festive mood.

Well, to be precise, a festival had been ordered by Viscount Derin.

The people of Derin, who had escaped a calamity, were joyously celebrating.

It was the kind of atmosphere where anything could go unnoticed.

“What are you all even doing!”

Ordinarily, it’s criminals with lots of things to hide that take advantage of such moments to act.

For example, individuals like the Sages of the Shadows.

But what was happening now in the dark underbelly of Derin was a bit different.

The organizations under the control of the Sages of the Shadows, the rulers of Derin’s dark underbelly, were being decimated.

“Answer me!”

The head of the Derin branch screamed, his veins bulging with anger.

However, the two assailants, who were comparatively few in number, ignored him completely.

The organization’s members had all been knocked out.

Remarkably, the assailants targeted only members with traces of black magic, killing them while leaving others unharmed.

Dozens of members had attacked, yet they had all been felled by the attackers in less than five minutes.

“It must be those Bernas bastards.”

It wasn’t the unknown assailants who answered the Derin branch head’s questions—it was his allies, who had stepped in to protect him.

Two figures stood tsking, one a blond man wielding a sword, the other a brown-haired man with a staff. They had one striking thing in common: their eyes were entirely black, void of any white.

Two high-ranking members of the Sages of the Shadows, Black Disciples, had appeared.

In the last ten days, the Sages of the Shadows had been scrambling.

Half of the Viscount Derin’s territory had been swept up in demonic transformation.

And unfortunately, the range of this transformation included the research facilities and secret warehouses of the Derin branch.

Faced with this unexpected crisis, the Sages of the Shadows dispatched an emergency response team to the branch.

Their facilities and warehouses were saturated with black magic—an essence of demonic nature. A low rate of demonic corruption still meant they could be swept up in it due to the nature of black magic.

The appearance of two Black Disciples, especially one of higher rank, evidenced how seriously they viewed the situation.

“Why the hell are Bernas’s bloodthirsty brats attacking us in Rutvan Kingdom’s territory?”

The blond man, a high-ranking Black Disciple, questioned.

One of the two large assailants stepped forward.

A man with deep brown hair and emerald green eyes, towering at 196 cm with the physique of a muscular tower.

It was Mord.

“This is an unexpected harvest.”

The words spoken by Mord were not in response to the high-ranking Black Disciple’s earlier question.

“To think I’d encounter the Sage’s Left Hand here.”

“…How do you know about me?”

The blond Black Disciple’s guard was fully raised.

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