The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 79

The Extra is too strong

**Episode 79: The Extra is Too Strong**

Lys of the Burning Sword Brigade had risen to her feet.

Her dark blue hair fluttered as she displayed her rage.

[“It seems you possess quite a useful artifact or blessing. It’s been a while since I felt such pain.”]

Although she was smiling, the murderous intent she emitted was fierce enough to rend all around her.

[“Abandon the thought of dying without pain.”]

Lys’s eyes emitted a dangerous glow.

—Flame Sword Brigade’s Military Dance!

Suddenly, innumerable swords of fire were summoned from all directions, assailing Mord.

‘He’s using 7th circle spells like they’re nothing but tricks!’

Mord began to advance, shattering the incoming fiery swords in rapid succession.


The air in every direction was engulfed in hellish heat.

Amidst it, Mord took out his desperate card.

‘Here I go.’

The second god-slayer’s blessing he had earned, after defeating the fifteen-year-old deity!

—Activation of the Divine Body!

For the first time in hundreds of years, this power unseen on the surface of the earth was deployed in combat.

—Sword of Infernal Flames!

Lys chanted a 7th circle enchantment on her twin swords.

Then, the blades were engulfed in roaring blue flames, overpowering the Aura Blade of any master-class martial mage in an instant.


With one swing of her swords, Lys swept 20 meters of space with flames.

However, she did not stop with one strike, attacking Mord incessantly with her twin swords.


But at the fifth strike, something strange happened.


A giant hand of light emerged from within the exploding blue flames, catching Lys’s sword.

The hand seemed even larger than her own, which was over 6 meters in size.

Feeling the imminent threat, Lys thrust her other sword toward the owner of the hand.


A fist of light burst through, batting away the sword.

And then, a 7-meter giant constructed solely of shining silver light emerged from the flames.


Caught off-guard by this unforeseen circumstance, Lys was struck by the giant’s fist with a thunderous roar.

* * *

A clear distinction existed between the era before the mythic age ended and after.

Even setting aside whether the gods were present or not.

That difference was…

‘There were so many of them that were huge.’

The myths were filled with all sorts of giants.

And amongst them were even more massive monsters teeming about.

The god-slayer Vernas lived in such an era.

Among humans, he was a giant figure.

However, in front of the real giants and massive monsters, he was no different from any other human—a smaller being.

Yet, he became a myth, shattering everything that blocked his way.

Often feeling the overwhelming size difference with his enemies as a problem during battles, he devised a method.

One of those divine powers that came to be known as the Myth of the God-slayer.

The Divine Body formed from the very essence of divine blood—’The Light Giant.’


The 7-meter tall silver light giant pummeled the Demon Countess Lys, again and again.

The light giant, although made from light, had clear distinctions between light and dark, its form was concrete.

On closer inspection, one could tell it mirrored the shape of Mord himself.

‘This must be what it feels like to pilot a robot.’

Operating the Divine Body felt slightly different from moving his regular body.

Mord felt as if his consciousness had boarded the giant of light, like piloting it.

That meant the Divine Body required a sense of operation, an extra step when moving, unlike his real body.

[“How dare you use the power of Vernas, you pathetic creature!”]

The Demon Countess Lys was astounded.

Many demons, especially high-ranking lord-class demons, had lived for much longer than humans.

And Lys had been alive even before the end of the mythical age.

She knew, to some extent, the capabilities of Vernas, which had only been recorded in myth so far.

“But of course, I am the descendant of Vernas.”

Mord replied matter-of-factly as he continued his assault on Lys.


The advantage of the Divine Body was not just its increased size.

The effects of the God-slayer’s body were applied much more significantly.

Originally, when Mord activated the God-slayer’s body, his weight increased by about 10 times.

But in the form of the Light Giant, his weight easily exceeded 30 times the original.

‘The downside is a slower reaction speed and difficulty in using delicate techniques.’

Moving with the sense of operation instead of actual body movement, Mord found it hard to use the subtle techniques of a martial mage.

In the state of the Divine Body, Mord was still unable to use Aura Accelerators.

And it had another drawback—the tremendous consumption of magical power.

As Mord fought Lys in the form of the Divine Body, he could feel his magical power draining at an unmatched rate.

—Annihilation Flash!

Taking a step back, Lys fired an 8th circle destructive spell.

The Divine Body Mord hastily dodged, but due to the slow response, he couldn’t completely evade.


The diagonally soaring blast neatly severed the Divine Body Mord’s left arm.

[“I will kill you!”]

Lys lunged forward, swinging her sword.

—Mirage Breaker!

In that instant, the Divine Body Mord sent a light jab into thin air.

The harsh shockwave struck Lys, making her falter.

—Mountain Breaker!

Seizing the moment, the Divine Body Mord leapt forward and threw a punch.


Lys’s left shoulder burst open.


[“To think I would be forced to exchange blows with a mere human, how shameful!”]

Lys thrust her right sword into the Divine Body Mord’s throat.

It would have been a perfect victory.

That’s how it seemed.


The Divine Body Mord lifted a hand and broke Lys’s sword.


It was with the left hand that was supposed to be severed by Lys’s attack!


The Divine Body Mord’s fist struck Lys’s face as she gasped in shock.


Even as she staggered backward from the blow to her face, Lys couldn’t halt her confusion.

It was because Lys had completely misunderstood the Divine Body.

It wasn’t Mord’s actual body that had enlarged.

Mord’s body resided at the center of the Divine Body, within the abdomen, with the Divine Body materializing around it.

Moreover, Mord could change this position at will, and even if the Divine Body was damaged, only magical power was consumed, sparing Mord from injury.

Lost limbs or pierced wounds could be restored instantly if only magical power was spent.

It was like battling atop a giant robot created from divine power!

—Activation of the Bracelet of Magical Storage!

Mord’s drained magical power was rapidly replenished.

The result of the Bracelet of Magical Storage he’d obtained from a relic made by a god-slayer power mage while raiding with Kiel.


Not only that.

Drawing power from the World Fragment, the Divine Body grew to 8 meters and became even more formidable.

[“This is nonsense! How can this be…”]

“That reaction has become familiar to me.”

Mord scoffed at Lys’s astonishment.

And then…

“Let’s end it now.”

The conclusion did not require much time.

* * *

The moment Mord defeated Lys, the outcome was clear.

The party succeeded in defeating the remaining monster army, including the lord-class demon, without a single casualty.

Proceeding to the dungeon’s core, there awaited the true body of the Demon Countess Lys.

[“An unimaginable turn of events.”]

Lys chuckled in despair.

When she lost fighting with the body of the noble-class demon she had empowered with her consciousness and strength, her fate was sealed.

Her current state, drained of power, left her with no chance against Mord and his comrades.

[“Before I meet my end, one question. Heir of young Vernas, what exactly are you?”]

“Haven’t you already answered that yourself?”

Mord lifted his fist.

“I am Vernas’s heir. That’s all.”

[Ha…ha…ha. Truly absurd. I came fully prepared to harvest the divine blood, yet to be brought to ruin like this…]

Before Lys could finish her despondent words, Mord did not wait.

He charged and landed a punch.


[“Really now, you have no patience! Does the victor not afford even a shred of mercy to the vanquished?”]

Lys dodged in terror and lashed out, but Mord didn’t flinch.

“Feigning sorrow while plotting to strike from behind, did you think I’d just stand by?”


Lys’s expression changed.

Mord was right; she had been preparing for her final struggle.

[Wait! Just wait! Let’s make a deal! If you let me return to the demon world, I’ll give you a proper reward—Ack!]

Mord’s fist plunged into Lys’s abdomen as she spoke in desperation.

“You’re the type to make deals even with those who consider you food. I don’t share that hobby.”

Mord had never intended to indulge Lys’s words.

And neither had the rest of his party.

* * *

After dealing with Lys and revealing the dungeon core, Mord spoke.

“Congratulations, Erna. By saving Byden and capturing a Demon Countess, your reputation will soar.”

Erna, incredulous, asked.

“Doesn’t it seem more like you did everything?”

“That’s not entirely true. Although I did contribute significantly.”


“I would like the credit for this adventure to go solely to you. Just report that I helped appropriately.”

“You expect me to claim your credit? I can’t do that. Would you have me be a scoundrel?”

“If you feel any gratitude, I’d appreciate it if you would do so. Right now, I’d rather not draw too much attention from the higher-ups.”

Erna frowned.

She sensed that Mord had more reasons to pass the credit than simply repaying a debt.

“Will you tell me why later?”

“If no one’s listening.”

“Alright. I’ll make sure the squad keeps their mouths shut, but…”

Erna glanced at Byden.

Then Byden grunted.

“Erna, what do you take me for? I don’t repay kindness with enmity. I won’t say a word.”

Erna shrugged nonchalantly and made sure each squad member affirmed their silence.

“Is that enough?”

“Thank you.”

“It’s me who should thank you. Without you, we’d all be dead.”

Everyone nodded in agreement; without Mord, they would have perished in this dungeon.

“Well, I want to get out of this dreadful place but… leaving just like that doesn’t sit right, does it?”

Erna looked around at everyone with an expression of reluctance, and they all nodded.

“We can’t just complete this significant dungeon and leave.”

What remained was the final task of conquering a demonizing dungeon.

It was time to comb through the dungeon for any valuable loot.

Everyone wanted to clear out and leave, but they couldn’t just walk away.

This was also part of the mission to prevent demonization, and their gains here would impact their future standing as successors.

“Sigh. Searching through this vast place… When will we ever finish…”

Grumbling, they all started the last task of conquering the demonized dungeon.

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