The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 78

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 78: The Extra is Too Strong

“It’s a bit troublesome that the baron is a mage type,” Erna grumbled.

The young baron, who had charged in with the monsters, was of the warrior type.

To the demon race, whether one was a warrior or a mage type simply indicated which abilities were favored. After all, demons possessed both excellent magical aptitude and formidable physical strength.

With a surging blast, the young baron’s sword, enveloped in magical flames, was intercepted by Erna’s arm.


The young baron was a muscular giant, standing a massive 3.5 meters tall!

It was at this moment that he tried to crush Erna with his brute force.

-“Gap of the Wind”!

Erna, maintaining her stance, released her aura.


The young baron staggered.

Without changing her position, the energy transferred along the contact point shook his very core.


As he lost his balance, Erna’s kick sent the young baron’s jaw flying.

Crash, Boom, Bang!

A flurry of blows shattered his chestplate, and Erna, leaping up, slammed her kick down like a lightning bolt.

-“Thunder Strike”!

With Erna’s kick piercing the young baron’s head, a thunderous blast echoed.

“His head’s pretty sturdy, huh?”

But even after taking that blow, the young baron withstood it.

Although his helmet was partially smashed and his skin was torn, his skull remained neither cracked nor caved in.

-“Raging Crimson Blaze”!

The young baron conjured an explosion of magical flames.

Intense flames burst forth around him as he tried to push Erna back and swing his sword.

But at that moment, Erna lunged through the exploding flames.


Instead of retreating or defending against the sudden blaze, Erna chose to break through it.

Crash, Boom, Bang!

A series of rapid punches pummeled the young baron’s head, knocking his senses out.

-“Mountain Crushing Kick”!

Then, concentrating her aura in her leg, Erna delivered a powerful strike to the young baron’s neck.


The vicious sidekick hit its mark, and the young baron’s strong physique couldn’t withstand it.

His thick neck burst open, and he fell to the ground.

‘So powerful!’

Leon, weaving through the monsters alongside Kael, marveled at Erna’s combat abilities.

When Leon left his family five years ago, Erna was already nearly his match.

And now, after five more years, she had become so strong that Leon himself was no comparison.

‘But why?’

Leon felt a peculiar sensation upon witnessing Erna’s prowess.

Erna was undeniably a genius.

At twenty, she was already a master-level aura martial artist, skilled at manipulating aura.

Her natural magical power was proclaimed to be the strongest of her generation, and her bloodline power was adeptly wielded.

‘Still, I don’t feel the same sense of facing an unnatural monster like before.’

Probably because Leon had encountered a being outside of normal standards.


A fearsome roar from the sky resonated, and the shockwave hit the ground.

Instinctively, everyone looked up and was horrified.

[It’s impossible…!]

Mord’s fist had smashed the heart of the demon baron.

“As expected, the baron is tough.”

Having shattered the demon baron’s chest with his left fist, Mord struck with his right fist before the baron could regain his stance.

His right fist, drawing a bold semicircle, plummeted toward the demon baron’s head.

-“Thunder Strike”!

As the aura that flowed like water suddenly accelerated, the destination of the descending strike exploded.


Another shockwave resonated all the way to the ground, and the headless corpse of the demon baron fell from the sky.

Speechless, everyone stopped in their tracks.

“At this rate, even without reaching the second stage of bloodline awakening, he’s this strong… The more I see, the more monstrous he seems,” Kael clicked his tongue.

He had faced numerous fierce battles in the white demonic realms.

He had seen not only Elden fight but also the other Bernas bloodlines in combat.

Yet, none of them displayed the overwhelming might that Mord did before reaching the second stage of bloodline awakening.

‘It’s terrifying that he hasn’t even used his full power yet.’

Even Kael did not know the full extent of Mord’s power.

However, having observed and analyzed from the side, he likely knew more about Mord than anyone else.

In Kael’s view, Mord still had plenty of energy in reserve.

[Oh dear.]

A note of surprise was evident in the count’s voice.

It seemed he hadn’t anticipated the baron being defeated so easily.

[Looks like they were more delicious than I thought.]

The group marched on, disregarding whatever the demon count said, breaking through the demon ranks with terrifying momentum.

No matter how many demons blocked their path, it was futile.


A high-ranking demon shattered under Mord’s barrage of strikes.


A mid-ranking demon’s head exploded from Erna’s kick.

Their pace was so fast that the remaining forces on the other three sides couldn’t catch up.

But the demons had a way to solve that problem.

-“Flames of Gluttony”!

A 6th-circle spell was activated, and a colossal vortex of fire descended from the sky.


Before the enveloping flames, even the party had to stop.

Taking advantage of that moment, the enemy closed in.

[To break through so quickly…]

[They’re surely young Bernas… but unbelievably strong.]

Three demon barons detached their subordinates and flew in.

Two were of the warrior type, one of the mage type.

But that wasn’t all.

[I think we should finish this now.]

The chaos-riven skies split, and a dark beam descended.

“What’s that?”

Erna was taken aback.

The darkness struck outside the eastern barrier, where a demon viscount lay in wait…

“This can’t be… Is this even possible?”

The demon viscount’s magic surged.

It was a common occurrence in demonic dungeons for a core demon to remotely supply power to subordinates.

But elevating the viscount’s power to rival a count’s level was unimaginable.

[Of course, it’s possible. It’s not just you who are evolving.]

That voice was heard from two places.

One above the sky, and one from the swiftly approaching demon viscount beyond the eastern part of the barrier.

Mord frowned.

“Is someone controlling that thing? Or rather, is consciousness and power infused into that body?”

[You’re quite perceptive.]

The swiftly arriving demon viscount laughed.

Her towering, 6-meter-tall muscular body was without wings. A demon countess with deep blue hair and seductive blue eyes, wearing heavy armor and wielding a large sword in each hand, revealed herself as the mastermind.

[Now, surrender quietly for a painless death. The choice is yours.]


Leon groaned under the weight of the intense magical power exuded by Rotais.

Even if not as potent as Rotais’ true self, the power was overwhelmingly greater than an ordinary viscount’s.

“We’re doomed.”

Erna bit her lip.

She had never imagined facing the demon countess in such a manner, a fresh tactic unseen even in numerous demon invasions.

‘As unexpected events often transpired…’

There were plenty of instances where the sudden turn of events led to catastrophes in Sedokma.

This would be one of those cases.

‘Such a damn world.’

With a wry smile, Mord clenched his fist.



“Let’s take down the countess together. It’s the only way.”

“The other foes?”

“We have to trust our allies.”

“I guess we have no choice… Byden.”


“As I confront Mord and the demon countess, you’re in command.”


Byden was taken aback.

The audacity to fight the countess alone was one thing, but entrusting him with command was another—a choice he would never have made.

Thus, without realizing, Byden asked a rather silly question.

“You sure about that?”

“If we’re not, we all die.”


“Do well.”

Erna drank the healing potion, began to regenerate her immobile right arm with the power of her bloodline, and spread her magical power to its utmost limit.


Her hair, now silver, whipped wildly, and space itself trembled around her.

‘Impressive indeed.’

Mord was struck with admiration.

He knew Erna’s magical power was branded the strongest of her generation, but watching her full display of force was something else.

‘My own magic power, compared to hers, she surpasses me by nearly 50 percent.’

Considering her five extra years of life and elite education from a young age, the extent of her talent was truly beyond measure.

‘With such talent, a little help from me is all she would need to bridge the gap of years.’

At that moment, Mord made his decision.

Should they survive today’s battle, he would support Erna to claim the title of Grand Duke.

“I’m going in first!”

As Erna bolted, she became a streak of light, charging at the demon countess Rotais.


Her kick, wrapped in aura, met the countess’s left sword.


Yet, at the moment of impact, Erna’s foot moved mysteriously.

-“Gap of the Wind”!

With that contact, a shock ran through Rotais’s body.

[You’ve got some interesting little tricks!]

Unlike the young baron, Rotais withstood it with ease.

“Oh, do I?”

Erna had anticipated this as well.


During Rotais’s defense, Mord’s punch, slipping in a split second later, punctured the countess’s side.


Rotais’s thoughts came to a halt.

The strike that perfectly targeted her weakness had delivered a solid hit.

‘As expected.’

Erna’s eyes gleamed at the sight.

‘Harnessing aura’s acceleration… Such a monster. How did he reach that realm?’

Erna, a master-level aura martial artist before even turning twenty, still hadn’t grasped Mord’s attained level.

‘But that alone doesn’t explain the sheer power, does it?’

In terms of magic power, Erna definitely led Mord. So could mere aura acceleration account for that difference?

The secret lay in Mord’s God’s Body.

With the increased mass from God’s Body, Mord held a staggering advantage in brawls.


While mulling this over, Erna unleashed a series of rapid assaults.

She drove a kick into the exposed thigh of Rotais, then, using the momentum, launched into a flurry of punches.

-“Mountain Crushing Kick”!

Almost simultaneously, both Mord and Erna struck the same spot.


A silver explosion occurred, and Rotais went flying back into a rocky hill.

As Mord and Erna chased after her, a new threat emerged.

-“Annihilation Flash”!

Bursting through the crumbled stones, thick beams of light soared.

An 8th-circle destruction spell.


Erna swiftly dodged to the side.

The might of the spell, a product of Rotais’s formidable magic, defied reason.

A mere graze caused a chain explosion following its path, plunging her to the ground.


Gritting her teeth from the pain, Erna’s right arm smoked, nearly obliterated.

“Take this.”

Mord tossed her a healing potion from his spatial bag and shielded her.

“Mord, alone, it’ll be tough.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll use my ultimate technique.”

“Okay. Just hold out for 30 seconds.”

As she drank the potion, Erna activated her bloodline power to restore her inactive right arm.

“30 seconds? No need for concern.”

Mord smiled.

“I’ve got a grasp on that bastard’s strength. I’ll end this with my own hands.”

[End of Chapter 78]

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