The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 77

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 77: The Extra is Too Strong

“Right. Now that I think about it, I’ve overlooked the fact that we are half-brothers. Although our faces don’t resemble each other at all.”


Byden was rendered speechless at the nonchalant attitude in which such a trivial matter was discussed.

In reality, it was the truth.

Both Byden and Mord, being the children of the Grand Duke.

However, it was strange for a bastard child to speak of such matters. Strangely enough.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes. I’m not asking to be brothers. Even if you wanted to, I’d decline. Give this to Ulse instead. You guys have some too.”

Mord took out three bottles of healing potion from his spatial backpack and threw them to Byden.

As Byden caught them, he asked,

“How did you even get here?”

“Let’s hold off on the explanation until everyone is together.”


“While I was coming to rescue you, Erna’s troops served as bait, drawing the enemy’s attention.”


“Don’t worry. There weren’t as many enemies as you’d fret over. How about recovering enough to stand up straight and talk before Erna arrives?”

“…That seems wise.”

In order to maintain a shred of pride in front of Erna, Byden needed to do as Mord suggested.

Byden drank the healing potion and began to quickly assimilate its effects by channeling his mana.

* * *

It was less than ten minutes before Erna’s troops arrived.

“It seems like they deliberately cleared a path to lure us in.”

Erna brushed her platinum blonde hair aside as she spoke.

Their journey here had been surprisingly smooth.

So smooth, in fact, that it was suspicious.

From the entrance, a massive horde of monsters attacked, but at a certain point, the enemy’s offensive gradually weakened.

Bernas’s bloodline would be a tempting feast even for a Marquis of the Demon World.

It appeared as if they had deliberately cleared the way inwardly to draw us deeper.

The deeper into the core where erosion levels were higher, the stronger the demons became, and the Marquis acting as the dungeon core could easily project its power.

“Byden, I was wondering if you were already dead…”

Initially, there was a reluctance to reunite with Byden, but suddenly the enemy changed their tactics and started luring the team in, raising the possibility.

“That’s why I consider the option to retreat. But then Mord insisted that you were definitely still alive.”

Mord was certain of Byden’s presence and surmised that the enemy’s change in response was simply due to the Marquis’s fickleness.

Erna hesitated for a moment but eventually accepted Mord’s judgment.

“Make sure to thank Mord.”

“Thank you. Thanks to you, at least two lives were saved.”


Byden spoke with a sigh-laden voice, causing Erna to flinch.

She hadn’t expected such a strong and prideful rival to express his gratitude so readily.

“I will definitely repay this debt someday.”

The usual Byden would have reacted angrily as Erna had anticipated.

However, the current Byden was too exhausted and wounded to do so.

The realization that he had lost his loyal followers, who had trusted and followed him blindly into his desires, weighed heavily on his heart.

“I will make it up to you as well, Mord.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Byden smiled wryly at Mord’s unrefusing response and looked at one person.

His expression turned curious.

“But… Why are you in such a state after such a long absence, Leon?”


Leon flinched.

Erna had recognized him at a glance, and now so had Byden.


“Lord Leon?”

Everyone present was taken aback as they looked at Leon.

Except for Libea, no one else knew his identity; they only recognized him as a mercenary with burn scars on his face.

“What? Did none of you know?”

Byden was puzzled. Like Erna before him, he was truly curious as he looked at Leon.

It wasn’t a mere hunch; there was certainty.

Eventually, Leon swore under his breath and removed his helmet.

“Damn it. Why is it that everyone I see can recognize me? It’s not like they recognize me by the shape of my muscles, right?”

“Did you try to hide your identity?”

Byden opened his eyes wide, not having imagined such a thing.

His genuinely dumbfounded expression only frustrated Leon further.

“Yes, I did. Why? How on earth did you recognize me?”

“Because you’re wearing that bracelet. I thought it was a joke in such a situation, but it seems that it’s not.”


Leon looked surprised as he stared at his left wrist.

There, he wore a bracelet that he had received from his mother after coming of age and had always been wearing.

A simple design with a blessing inscribed…

“…You remembered something like that?”

“Since you always wore the same one, it’s unavoidable to remember.”

Erna averted her gaze slightly at those words. Despite having been much closer to Leon than Byden, she had not recognized the bracelet.

Mord caught Erna’s expression.

‘Seems she’s not the sensitive type.’

While Mord was thinking this, Byden asked,

“Don’t tell me you came back to support Erna, Leon?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

Leon sighed.

This was why he hadn’t wanted to reveal his identity.

Once it was known, he was bound to be mixed up in the successor competition and become the topic of conjecture.

“I’ve been accompanying Mord here.”

“Mord and?”

Byden couldn’t understand.

And Mord wasn’t in the mood to explain in detail.

“It’d be best to save this conversation for later. It seems like we can move now, so we’d better get out of here first.”

“That would be best.”

However, that’s when it happened.

[Leaving? I cannot allow that. To sully my home without even apologizing to the host and now attempting to escape, such rude guests.]

A seductive female voice rang out from the chaotic sky.

* * *

At that instant, the four bloodlines of Bernas present felt a chill and prepared for battle.

As four sources of power were unleashed, creating a whirlwind, a massive presence began to approach.


A blue pillar of fire shot up from the east.


A blue pillar of fire shot up from the west.


A blue pillar of fire shot up from the south.


Lastly, from the north, a blue pillar of fire shot up.

The pillars of fire began to spout flames in two directions, reaching toward each other.

“Was it a trap?”

Erna groaned.

In an instant, a barrier shaped like a square, with a 500-meter diameter, had formed and enclosed them.

The walls of blue flame, towering 50 meters high, seemed impervious.

“It wasn’t just about drawing us deeper by clearing a path.”


And then the chaotic sky started to change.

[That’s right. Heirs of Bernas. I could not simply let such esteemed guests visit my dungeon without proper hospitality now, could I? I sped up my preparations to allow you all to encounter each other.]

The reason why the Marquis’s tactics had changed mid-way was simple.

The trap intended to ensnare the enemy was completed earlier than expected.

The owner of the laughing voice introduced themselves.

[I am the Marquis of the Demon World, Lotais. Remember my name, for I shall feast upon your precious flesh and blood.]

Chapter 25: The Marquis of the Demon World

The core of the demonic dungeon being the Marquis was already anticipated.

So, no one was surprised by that fact.

“The core that can’t even move from the deepest part has a lot to say.”

Leon retorted, eliciting a laugh from Lotais.

[Such ignorance is cute.]


“Here they come.”

Before the conversation could continue, Mord interjected.

Enemies began to pour through the blue walls of fire that blocked east, west, south, and north.

“Even if the core can’t move, it’s troops are still able to launch a full-scale assault.”

Erna muttered soberly – a fair reaction.

From the four directions, the sheer number of approaching enemies was extraordinary.

Not only was there a multitude of monsters, but there were also dozens of demonic presences.

“What’s this? How many are noble-class demons?”

Leon sweated, overwhelmed by the scale. Although he had undertaken many missions to stop the spread of the Demon World before leaving the family, he had never encountered such dimensions.

The total number of the enemy rushing in from the four directions exceeded two thousand.

Additionally, weren’t there several lord-class demons among them?

Erna, who had extended her senses further, grimaced.

“Each to the east, west, and south has a baron. Plus, there’s an additional high-ranked demon of unknown rank to each cardinal point… And Mord, doesn’t that one standing by outside feel peculiarly strong?”

“It does seem to be baron-class. I’m not sure why it’s waiting, but it must have a role to play.”

Everyone became alarmed upon hearing the conversation between the two.

It was strikingly obvious why Erna, the commander, was asking Mord instead of her deputy, Libea, for his opinion.

Only the two of them shared sensory abilities incomparable to others.

‘Erna I get, but what exactly is the deal with this Mord…?’

Byden too was shivering with the recognition.

Although deemed talented and capable, he had no idea what the other two were sensing.

“What will we do? We should move before they close in.”

As the commander was Erna, Mord awaited her orders.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Erna sought Mord’s opinion.

“Mord, where do you think we should break through?”

“If it were up to me, I’d want to break through there.”

Mord pointed to the spot that seemed to host the strongest enemies among the east, west, south, and north.

The Marquis-commanded demon, among the four, was emanating the most powerful mana, flanked by a presumed vice-baron-class demon.

Among the four directions, this one looked the most formidable, yet Mord had deliberately chosen it.

“My thoughts exactly. Isn’t it plain as day that they’re tempting us to attack the weak?”

Among the four, the east appeared the strongest, and quite the opposite, the west was noticeably the weakest.

Remarkably, unlike the rest with vice-barons, only a baron was placed in the west.

Such a formation was a blatant enticement to attack the west, making it suspiciously uninviting.


Erna smiled broadly.

“Let’s break through the south.”

“That’s a good decision.”


Mord nodded in agreement, but Leon was confused.

“Why the south all of a sudden?”

“Because the north would lead us deeper in. Going the opposite way seems better.”

“That’s not what I mean…”

“With one side blatantly enticing us and the other completely the opposite, seems like both sides have some hidden agenda.”

Erna spoke and then headed south.

“Let’s go. Byden, you stay towards the back for now.”

“I can fight, too.”

“I want to preserve as much strength as possible. Drink one more healing potion, and try to recover as much as you can, even if it’s just for another second.”

Erna rearranged the formation to protect the injured Byden and his group at the center and then began advancing southward.

[Hmm, chosen that direction have you?]

Rotais’ voice echoed through the sky with interest.

As Erna’s troops began their advance, the southern troop accelerated their movement.

The demonic forces, which advanced at an outpaced speed from other directions, rapidly converged on Erna’s troops.

[How pitiful! Do you truly presume that with your meager numbers you can break through my military might?]

A Marquis flying in the sky with wings wide unfolded laughed.

A demon, nearly 4 meters tall, sporting ashen muscular physique and bearing a solitary robust horn atop its bald head.

The demon Marquis flapped its mantle, holding a book made of unidentified leather in one hand and a peculiar magic staff tipped with an axe blade in the other.

– Dance of the Flame Spirits!

Dozens of flames erupted, writhing like tentacles as they enveloped the party.

Puff puff puff puff puff bang!

However, two of Erna’s mages combined their powers and blocked the attack with ease.

And then a horde of nearly 500 monsters surged toward them.

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