The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 76

The Extra is too strong

**Episode 76: The Extra Is Too Strong**

“Using Hellhounds as hunting dogs… Damn those Black Orcs.”

Black Orcs are rare in the present world.

Their skin is darker, their eyes are red, and their bodies are significantly larger compared to normal Orcs. More importantly, they are incomparably stronger than regular ones.

“They’re treating us like prey.”

Viden gritted his teeth.

Soon, an army of Black Orcs began to approach the path where they were.

But that wasn’t all.

– Execution Light!

A flash of light struck down upon them.


A warrior subordinate to Viden stepped forward and blocked it.

“We’re surrounded.”

Viden’s expression hardened.

Black Orc sorcerers and warriors were revealing themselves from all around the rocky mountains that encircled them.

Above, an even more threatening presence descended from the sky.

It was a high-ranking demon with a muscular body over three meters tall and wings similar to a bat’s membranous ones spread wide.

This high-ranking demon was in command of a hundred-strong Black Orc army.

[Lucky day. Now I can taste how delicious the blood of Bernas is, no?]

The high-ranking demon laughed.

For demons, the flesh and blood of humans with special bloodlines are considered a gourmet treat.

It isn’t just tasty; it provides a chance to increase one’s power.

Among them, divine blood is the supreme delicacy.

Viden’s dead body would be presented to the dungeon’s ruler, the Count of the Demon World, but before that, why not get a taste?

Damages from “the unavoidable turmoil of battle” create just the right opportunity.

“You lowly thing, doesn’t know its place,” Viden sneered.

In peak condition, Viden could have handled a high-ranking demon.

But now, exhausted and injured, he felt the footsteps of death drawing near.

[Heheh. Even your arrogance seems endearing now. Struggle to the very end!]

The high-ranking demon began to cast a spell as the Black Orcs initiated their attack.

Spells from the Black Orc mages and arrows from the Black Orc archers pelted Viden’s party.


Ordinarily, this would’ve been nothing for them to handle and counterattack. But Viden, seriously injured, was fighting by a miracle already, and his two subordinates had no strength left either.

“I’m sorry.”

Viden apologized with a twisted face.

“It’s because I’m inadequate that you’re dying with me.”

“Please, no more tasteless jokes. It’s hard to focus.”

A subordinate chuckled in response.

“Sir Botton, please look after Lord Viden. I’ll carve a path.”

“Ulss? Wait. What are you doing?”

“Don’t you ever give up, promise me that?”

A brawny blond man over 190 centimeters tall moved forward, his name was Ulss.

“Ugly brutes, let’s see who is the eater and who is the prey.”

He had been saved by Viden as a child and vowed loyalty as Lykansrof.

* * *


It was a cursed name.

Like a plague that does not discriminate between good and evil, so was the curse of the full moon.

One doesn’t become the cursed – chosen by the fickle insanity of the moon – overnight.

Those captured by this curse transform uncontrollably into a beast upon the full moon, attacking any human on sight in their madness.

But a rare few overcome this curse and can use this power at will.

Ulss was such a case, though not initially.

One day, he was suddenly cursed.

His village learned of his curse as it happened.

Captured before harming anyone, the villagers decided after discussion to nip the danger in the bud and sentenced the not quite ten-year-old Ulss to death.

Had it not been for a miracle that day, Ulss would have been long dead.

Tied to a stake in the village’s center and nearly burned at the stake during a ‘purification ritual’, Ulss caught the attention of Viden, who was discreetly passing by.

Understanding the backstory, Viden persuaded those who accompanied him to rescue Ulss.

Not only that, but he was taken to sorcerers to suppress the curse and given a chance to be trained as a member of Bernas.

‘I’ll return to you the life I then received!’

Exhausted from repeated battles, Ulss was still unharmed thanks to the regenerative powers of the Lykansrof. But he had been ravaged and regenerated so often that his magic and strength were depleted.

Ulss summoned all his remaining strength to transform into a werewolf with grey fur.

[A Lykansrof? Lucky me. Such a one I can certainly devour!]

The high-ranking demon rejoiced at the sight of transformed Ulss.

A Lykansrof who has overcome their curse is also a fine delicacy for demons.

“Who’s the prey now?”

However, Ulss’s figure began to transform once more.

His towering stature grew from 220 centimeters to 240, and his wolf’s yellow eyes began to shine.

“I’ll show you!”

Ulss howled after undergoing a second transformation.


However, Ulss was still unable to control his second transformation. Even in optimal conditions, maintaining sanity was difficult; exhaustion made it impossible. It left only madness and ferocity.


A Black Orc warrior near him was seized by Ulss’s grasp.

In that instant, an intense impulse from his grip shattered the orc’s skull.

Crack! Chuck! Chuck!

And Ulss tore apart the neck of the Black Orc with his wolf teeth, not to consume but in a frenzy.

[What’s this?]

Even the demon was shocked by this behavior, killing and then consuming immediately.

But soon, he realized the significance of Ulss’s actions.

[A special ability! By devouring the enemy, he recovers!]

Though it doesn’t compare to the unique powers of divine blood, it’s a fearsome ability.

Growl! Snarl!

Ulss began to slaughter the Black Orcs and Hellhounds.

-Dark Shackles!

A Black Orc mage tried to bind him with cursed magic, but it was futile.

With a single swipe of Ulss’s hand, five sharp claws sliced through the air.


And the Black Orc mage 30 meters away was cut open, spilling blood as he fell.

Ulss rampaged.


The high-ranking demon was surprised.

Ulss, in his second transformation, leaped into the Black Orc ranks, wreaking havoc.

Nearly a dozen Black Orcs perished, and Ulss, chewing their flesh, felt his magic surge.

But the demon merely chuckled at the spectacle.

[You’ve had your frenzy, no regrets now?]

He cast out his magic.

– Execution Light!

A beam struck Ulss, who stood his ground and glared at the demon.

However, this demon didn’t prefer magic from afar; he dove down, launching a spear attack.


Ulss’s arm was blown off as he intercepted the cursed spear.


Despite his mangled arm, Ulss immediately retaliated, slashing at the demon.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The demon withstood the attack with bulky armor, pressing forward, piercing Ulss again and again until he was bloody.

“Ulss! Damn, Sir Botton, let go! If I’m to die anyway, I’ll die fighting!”

As Viden spoke, an elderly warrior by his side nodded.

If Ulss had opened a path, perhaps, but now they were doomed to fall to the high-ranking demon. Better to burn their lives together in battle – that was the warrior’s pride!


At that moment, the demon, who had bloodied Ulss in an instant, looked in another direction.

Someone wrapped in a silver flash ran along the rocky mountain.

[Another Bernas here?]

Unleashing his divine blood and swirling silver hair, a muscular giant of 196 centimeters.

-Mirage Breaker!

It was Mord.


Mord’s attack swept through the air, sweeping the Black Orcs away.

* * *

Viden was shocked.

‘Who is this?’

He did not recognize Mord.

Viden had seen Mord’s face only once, and never with divine blood unsealed, so it was natural not to recognize him.

But one thing was clear.

‘He’s strong!’

With just four ranged attacks while rushing towards them, Mord had collapsed the Black Orc formation.

Then, countless orbs of light fell.

-Impulse Ball Rain!

Dozens of Impulse Balls rapidly descended, exploding on impact.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…!

The terrifying firepower swallowed the Black Orcs and Hellhounds.


Enraged at the quick loss of his troops, the high-ranking demon surged forward.

However, his rage was meaningless.

-Mirage Breaker!

Before the high-ranking mage could complete one spell, Mord’s attack blasted the demon away.


As the demon cried out and flew, Mord pursued with explosive speed.


A hit.


And another.


Then another!

With each blow, the demon, spewing blood, was hurled into the rocky mountain like a cannonball.


Part of the mountain crumbled under the impact, burying the demon.

But Mord didn’t stop; he simply leaped, crushing him again.

-Earth Breaker!

Mord’s feet came crashing down on the debris that had pinned the demon.


The shockwave spread in a ring, piercing the spot.

[Ahh, agh…!]

The match was settled in a blink.

From the moment the high-ranking demon was struck by Mord’s first blow without properly gauging Mord’s strength, the demon was fated to die helplessly.

Mord reached out.

Crack, crack…!

Invisible telekinetic force seized the demon, lifting it.

After attaining aura, Mord was learning master-level martial art techniques day by day; this was one of them.


Thus lifted, the demon’s head met Mord’s fist and burst.

Mord walked steadily toward Viden as the headless demon’s body fell.

“Thank you for the assist—”

As Viden started to thank him with a tense face, a ferocious shadow pounced on Mord.

It was the blood-covered Ulss, who had fallen in the melee.

Having lost his sanity from the second transformation and caught in the blast Mord created, he had landed in a corner, waking up only to attack.


Viden exclaimed in shock.

Deep in a second transformation, Ulss could no longer differentiate between friends and foes.

The only recognition he had was for allies he had imprinted in his consciousness before transforming, as those he should not attack.


However, Mord wasn’t shaken at all by Ulss’s ambush. He easily dodged the first attack and even caught the second.

“Wait, hold on! I’m not sure who you are, but that guy’s an ally. He didn’t mean to attack you!”

“I know. It’s not the first time we’ve met.”


“I must say, you’re quite the impressive warrior, Sir Ulss.”

Mord said and flung Ulss away before landing a light punch.


The impact coursed through Ulss, unable to withstand the blow; he lost consciousness.

Collapsing from the depletion of his strength, Ulss’s form gradually reverted to human.

Mord resumed his original appearance and looked at Viden.

Recognizing Mord, with his rich brown hair and deep green eyes, Viden gasped in astonishment.

“You’re… surely you aren’t Mord?”

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