The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 75

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 75: The Extra Is Too Strong

The Erna Squad promptly decided to enter the demon-infested dungeon.

However, the purpose of this entry was not to conquer the dungeon.

“Don’t forget. Our operational objective is to rescue the survivors and retreat.”

Even this task was deemed too difficult for Erna’s squad alone.

They planned to start the dungeon conquest immediately after the arrival of another squad, which was due in two days.

But the situation changed with the arrival of Mord’s party.

Although the dungeon takeover proved challenging, it was concluded that a rescue attempt for the survivors was worth a try.

“We’re going in.”

A total of fifteen members from Erna’s squad were led by her.

With three people from Mord’s party joining, eighteen in total entered the dungeon.

‘Three with the blood of the gods. This should make maintaining the battlefield easier.’

There were two from the Bernas bloodline in Erna’s squad, including Erna herself.

With the addition of Mord and Leon, it would be correct to say there were four… However,

‘Will it be possible to hide his identity until the end?’

Leon refused to reveal his identity to anyone other than Erna.

Therefore, he was clad in thick armor covering his face and wielding a two-handed sword.

Still, Mord didn’t criticize Leon’s choice, as he was nonetheless a significant asset, even in that state.

‘If it comes to a crunch, he won’t be so stubborn.’

From what he had observed, Leon’s obsession with swordsmanship seemed foolish. Mord didn’t worry much, considering Leon’s beliefs werer not worth upholding when life was at stake.

“The situation is no joke from the start.”

Kael muttered as they entered the demon-infested dungeon.

Beneath a sky of chaos, intermingling red and purple, mists of darkness rose from the rugged wasteland around them.

And from within emerged numerous monsters that began to approach.

“Half-awakening of divine blood.”

As soon as Erna gave the order, Mord immediately entered the state of half-awakening his divine blood.

The power deployed by the three from the Bernas bloodline intertwined to form a domed barrier with a diameter of 30 meters.

Then the battle commenced.

Clang, clang, clang!

The vanguard was the Hellhound Brigade.

A horde of monstrous creatures, larger than bulls, covered in black fur, spewing flames instead of breath, was charging in a fan formation. There were more than 500 of them.

“The forward unit should have swept through during their breakthrough, yet there are so many right from the entrance…”

Erna frowned at the sight.

She understood too well what this meant.

‘The noble demon functioning as the core for this dungeon… Even for a dungeon of this size, he must have a vast number of troops at his command.’

The advance unit likely suffered, and in turn, the demon world dispatched reinforcements to replenish their numbers.

‘Is Baiden really alive?’

The dungeon’s magnitude was as vast as the maelstrom of distortion.

It’s unlikely that the enemy had full control over every corner of this dungeon.

But how many from Baiden’s unit could have survived?

“Wizards, conserve your energy. Only provide light support.”

The difference between Erna’s and Kesner’s units was that among her troops, there were two magic users.

One was a 6-circle high-level magician, and the other had achieved the 7th circle and was a high-ranking magician, making their magical forces extraordinarily formidable.

They cast their spells first, attacking the Hellhound Brigade.

‘That’s a lot of them.’

Explosions erupted here and there, tearing through the hellhounds.

But with over 500 of the beasts, it seemed almost insignificant.

Of course, it wasn’t truly meaningless. They had to be dealt with regardless.

Kaboom, Kaboom, Kaboom!

As the distance closed as expected, the melee began.

And within the throngs of monsters, a tempest of flashes whipped up.

Pop, pop, pop, boom!

Mord, positioned on the right flank, punched toward the rushing hellhounds.

The result was horrifying.

With each punch, a hellhound was certainly killed.

Not only that.

-Impulse Wave!

When a hellhound hit by Mord’s fist collided with its brethren, the impulse exploded, taking several more down along for the ride.


It didn’t take long for Mord to assert his overwhelming presence amidst his comrades.

While others were busy with the relentless hellhounds, the space on the right flank, where Mord was, continually cleared, offering a respite.

Each time Mord attacked, the hellhounds, which once densely packed the space, were swept away, leaving a vacancy.

‘Good heavens.’

Erna’s squad members watched Mord fight and couldn’t hide their astonishment.

‘Is he really an illegitimate child, only fifteen years old?’

‘It’s unbelievable. He could stir up an imperial stronghold.’

Mord’s combat effectiveness was of a shockingly impressive level.

But Erna was not outdone.

Leading the front, she was effortlessly smashing the oncoming hellhounds.

‘Certainly worthy of contending for the title of the next Grand Duke despite her young age.’

The position of Grand Duke in the Bernas family cannot be attained by bloodline alone.

Only those who by achievements prove themselves worthy to claim the legacy of the Warrior God gain support.

But the competition was far from fair.

The older and earlier-starting bloodlines had an advantage, as they had ample time to prove themselves. For example, when Erna got on the starting line, the Grand Duke’s son, Allen, had been proving himself for 15 years already.

Yet, Erna was competing for the successor position against them.

Of course, not everyone who supported her believed Erna could be the Grand Duke.

Many supported with hopes that she would build a high position for herself by the time the next Grand Duke was decided.

But Erna herself was after the position of the next Grand Duke earnestly.

‘That’s most important.’

If her will wasn’t firm, the support meant nothing. What Mord wanted was not someone who fumbles for power but one who truly aspires to be the next Grand Duke.

While Mord observed Erna, the hellhounds were annihilated.

But the calamity that appeared to be the 500-strong hellhound brigade was just a warm-up encountered at the dungeon’s entrance.

This skirmish likely allowed the dungeon’s core demon noble to roughly gauge their strength.

And just as suspected, the second wave soon began to rush in.

“Hmph. Is this all they’ve got?”

Erna’s fighting spirit intensified.

A 200-strong orc brigade led by five ogres disintegrated in a flash.

A 30-strong ogre brigade led by a 10-meter-tall one-eyed giant also met the same fate.

Then, a more formal assault commenced.

“We’re proceeding too fast. They keep sending such forces at the entrance; one would think the commander is quite an impatient fellow.”

Erna clicked her tongue.

The turmoil of the wasteland parted as beings of a different caliber, boasting formidable magical energies compared to the previous monsters, appeared.

They were demons.

The deeper into the dungeon, the higher the levels of corruption, so from the demons’ perspective, if the intruders are strong, it’s profitable to lure them deeper before deploying full force.

But, peculiarly, the dungeon master seemed anxious to block Erna’s squad from the very entrance.

Reading the atmosphere, Erna smiled.

“It seems he’s still inside, isn’t it?”

“It appears so.”

Mord agreed.

If Baiden were still surviving inside, this situation would make sense.

They dislike the idea of the party joining up with Baiden.

Erna frowned.

“It seems we are still quite deep, given I don’t feel anything yet…”

“I have a rough idea of the direction.”


Erna, surprised by Mord’s assertion, nodded in response.

Mord’s senses had long surpassed Erna’s, especially when detecting divine blood.

“…I’ll trust you.”

Erna, known as a genius, had never encountered someone of her generation with a keener perception than her own.

Yet, she decided to believe in the younger Mord.

To the squad members, it seemed like a daring choice.

Yet, no one voiced disagreement with Erna’s decision. It was a glimpse into the level of trust the squad members held for her.

“Let’s break through in one go. All divine blood users, open your divine blood!”

The three divine blood, excluding Leon, simultaneously opened their divine blood, and silvery tempests began to swirl through the battlefield.

* * *

Baiden Bernas, the sixth candidate for the Bernas family’s succession, pondered how he ended up in this mess.

“Damn it.”

He sat, leaning against the wall, with a deep wound in his abdomen.

‘Yes, I must admit. I was too hasty. It’s all my fault…’

The competition for the next Grand Duke was becoming more intense.

Currently, Grand Duke Allen was the closest to the position.

He was the eldest son of the current Grand Duke and Baiden’s older brother.

Third in line, Dren, and fourth, Huron, were clearly behind Grand Duke Allen.

However, they were ahead of Baiden.

Being respectively seven and five years older, they had an advantage as they had entered the battlefield earlier and accumulated achievements.

It wasn’t easy for Baiden, who entered the competition late, to close the gap.

Unlike those who couldn’t withstand the intense competition and fell behind, they were the strong. They were not lacking in talent or the backing of powerful maternal families, and at the current time, as warriors, they were superior to Baiden.

Baiden initially accepted this and planned to catch up gradually, as Grand Duke Bernas was still strong and there was time before the successor competition concluded.

However, Erna’s existence took away that margin for error from Baiden.

Two years younger, Erna was lauded as a genius from a young age, and despite the age difference, was quickly catching up, pressuring to overtake him.

That pressure took away Baiden’s margin for error.

He began to volunteer for missions that, even if perilous, promised significant achievement.

Initially, the strategy worked.

His successes widened the gap between him and Erna.

But earlier this year, Baiden met with a significant failure.

He was obstructed by the rival Ordas family’s schemes while on a mission in the Northern White Demon Border, resulting in substantial damage.

This incident greatly diminished Baiden’s standing.

Failing the mission was one thing, but he became the subject of ridicule for falling to the Ordas family’s trap.

Becoming even more anxious, Baiden made a grave mistake.

He entered a demon-infested dungeon that was supposed to be conquered in tandem with another squad, all by his unit.

‘I should have waited. Even if it was with Erna leading a joint operation…’

Ironically, the commander for the joint operation was Erna this time, which clouded Baiden’s judgment.

‘I cannot lag behind Erna. Let’s forge ahead after cleaning the entrance. Just avoid overdoing it!’

With this illogical reasoning, Baiden rationalized his actions, resulting in catastrophe.

Playing it as safe as possible, they fell prey to the dungeon-controlling noble demon’s schemes. The dungeon appeared to have few monsters at first, luring Baiden’s unit deeper before a surprise attack from behind.

When commanders of the noble demon’s rank took part, Baiden’s unit quickly reached its limit, and the formation crumbled.

A few members’ heroism and sacrifice averted total annihilation, but the situation remained desperate.

They had rushed heedlessly deep into the dungeon while evading pursuit, making it easy for the enemy to track and chase them.

The relentless attacks wore them down, with friends dying one by one.

Only three now survived, Baiden’s injuries were severe, and they had run out of healing potions.

“Damn, already?”

A subordinate, who was beside him, stood up.

They had been hiding in a crevice of a rock.

Suddenly, the sounds of barking grew closer – the enemy’s hellhounds have picked up their scent.

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