The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 70

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 23: The Extreme Dichotomy of Choice

“It’s astounding.”

The opulent office, filled with luxury in every corner, belonged to a high-ranking individual.

Seated with his legs crossed in that office was the owner, the Fifth Prince of the Ruthban Kingdom, Seylon.

“Sigh, the fact that you’re so incompetent, Rus, why did I not realize this sooner?”

“Wow, each word of yours stabs into the heart like a dagger.”

A man leaned against the office’s bookshelf, unbothered by the need to display the customary respect one might have in front of a royal such as Seylon. His demeanor was utterly relaxed.

“Never expected things to go this awry. That Morud guy, one would wonder if he’s been blessed by the god of fortune himself.”

The man called Rus had eyes that nearly disappeared into thin lines when he smiled.

The displayed status of these two men was as different as heaven and earth.

Seylon was a prince of one of the kingdoms that held the western part of the continent in its grasp, whereas Rus was merely a successor to a somewhat renowned commercial firm within the lower nobility.

However, the actual ranks of the two men were equivalent.

Both were high-ranking officials within the secret society, ‘Silver Blood’.

The governing body of the Silver Blood was divided into four levels.

The first level held the highest position, and the fourth, the lowest.

Both men occupied a position in the ‘Twenty-Four Hours of White Silver’, the fourth level.

They were meeting face to face due to an emerging issue within the organization – the problem of capturing Morud, the bastard of the Grand Duke Bernas.

Seylon watched Rus with dissatisfaction for a moment before sighing.

“So, what’s the cause?”

“General Ilden has intervened.”

“The blind monster?”

Seylon’s expression hardened.

Ilden Bernas.

He was a being so fearsome that even high-ranking officials of the Silver Blood referred to him as a monster.

“We only speculated about the second plot, but the entire investigative team was confirmed to have been annihilated.”

The Shadow Wolf Troop’s existence – the ones who wiped out the investigative team.

Back then, the Shadow Wolf Troop prevented the mid-ranking officials who were leading the investigation party from releasing information spirits.

But Rus’s meticulous preparation exceeded their expectations.

He had dispatched someone who, hidden from the investigative team, monitored the situation from a distance and could report back.

“It’s fortunate I made such a precaution.”

“The Shadow Wolf Troop…”

“We don’t have much information. Those kinds always kept themselves hidden. We can’t know how many of them were involved.”

“Why’s that?”

Seylon frowned.

“Why would that blind monster go so far for a mere illegitimate son of a Grand Duke…”

“I’m not sure. What’s clear is that Morud is quite an important existence to that blind monster.”

“Ha, what an annoying situation.”

Seylon ruffled his hair vigorously.

“It seems like a losing deal no matter how you look at it.”

Rus commented.

To capture a mere bastard of Bernas and offer him to the Grand Duke Bernas, fighting against Ilden seemed a more significant loss than gain.

If profit and loss were considered, it would be wiser to withdraw now.

“That’s a statement fit for a merchant.”

Yet, Seylon’s eyes blazed with unchecked fury despite his disheveled hair.

“The pride of noble blood isn’t an item to be bought or sold. Not being able to apprehend a fifteen-year-old brat from the Bernas family means we’d lose face before the other officials.”

“Even though that brat is under the protection of the blind monster?”

“It’s not like the blind monster himself has shown up!”


An armrest shattered under the grip of an infuriated Seylon.

“Support my subordinates. Find him and ensure you deal with him this time, along with the blind monster’s dogs from the north!”

“An enticing offer.”

Rus smiled, a cold, serpentine grin.

“Understood. I’ll take care of that lucky brat before he’s taken under the old monster’s wing.”

In an unchanged delusion, Silver Blood began to move more actively.

* * *

After saving Revan, Morud’s party left Palos the next day.

Retracing their steps back along a slightly different route from the one to Palos, they stopped at one place and engaged in a fierce battle.

“It feels odd to ask this after everything is done, but…”

After their victory in that battle, Leon asked with a sour expression.

“These guys said they were Rebirth Lords, right? Why are we fighting them instead of the Sage of Darkness?”

Scattered around him were the dismembered bodies of black mages and warriors, along with destroyed undead remnants.

Morud’s group had demolished one of the Rebirth Lords’ hideouts.

Leon found this course of action incomprehensible.

In Palos, they had rescued Revan, a victim of the Sage of Darkness, and even obtained materials to put an end to the Sage. Wouldn’t it naturally follow that a battle with the Sage of Darkness for survival should occur next?

Yet, Morud suddenly routed a Rebirth Lord hideout in the ruins of an abandoned castle. Why?

To Leon’s question, Morud offered a simple answer.

“Because they were nearby. They had to be destroyed sooner or later, so there’s no sense in delaying.”

Leon felt a tinge of pity for the crushed members of the Rebirth Lords.

Despite their grand ambitions, to be annihilated for such a trivial reason…

“And we have other important business here. Since we’re close, I figured we’d deal with them and that matter in one go.”

As Leon was about to inquire about this other matter, Cael interjected.

“But Leon, how long do you intend to stick with the sword? You should use your fists that you’re actually good with.”

“Ugh. Stop nagging me. The sword didn’t get in the way this time, did it?”

Leon grumbled as if truly annoyed.

He was still using a two-handed sword in actual combat.

His stubbornness in using the sword, despite not needing to hide his identity, meant he was fixated on it.

Morud watched quietly as Leon clung to his needless obsession.

‘A pointless infatuation, really.’

Leon was like this even in Sedocma.

Five years from now – ten years since leaving his family – he would still be functioning as a swordsman. Despite that, Leon was far stronger when he fought bare-handed.

Leon ultimately curses himself in Sedocma for neglecting his hand-to-hand combat skills, despite his vigorous efforts to make up for the years wasted through the special support he receives from Aidan, including world fragments.

Although there were legitimate reasons for Leon’s insistence on using the sword – it represented a break from his past and his decision to live freely – those reasons might seem foolish to others.

‘He does have cause for his stubbornness, however silly it may seem to others.’

Morud didn’t want to belittle what was significantly crucial to Leon.

‘Regrettably, I’m not adept at persuading others with words.’

Morud lacked the eloquence to convince Leon. Even in his past life as Eum Tae-seong, this trait remained unchanged.

Thus, the only thing he could do was to lead by example and wait for Leon to realize and change on his own.

“That’s it.”

Morud looked around and made his way to a particular corner, where he struck the ground with his fist.


The impact sent Morud flying back, and a large hole appeared in the floor.

Cael lost her words.

It appeared that the floor was about five meters thick, a structure unsuggestive of another level below.

“Morud, you really like breaking floors to find things, huh?”

“It’s just that there are too many people in this world who enjoy hiding things under floors that seem empty.”

Indeed, Sedocma was full of such hidden structures, from ancient ruins to the secret bases of organizations.

Jumping down, Morud found a very short, almost embarrassing passage leading to a heavy iron door locked with a magical seal.


However, such an obstacle was meaningless before Morud.

He twisted the door open with the power of his aura.

“Wow, this looks valuable.”

Cael’s eyes sparkled as she followed Morud inside.

It was a small storage room but clearly held valuables amassed by the Rebirth Lords.

“There’s a bunch of stuff here that will sell for a pretty penny to mages.”

From processed catalysts used for spell incantations to high-end potions crafted through alchemy, the room was stocked with expensive consumables.

Not to mention it also contained magical items.

While none were incredibly precious, they were all highly valuable goods available on the market.

Among those items, Morud found what he had been looking for.

A well-polished crystal encapsulating a flickering blue flame.

“What’s that?”

Cael asked as Morud gazed at the object.

Leon’s reaction was different because he recognized what it was.

“Is that… the Tears of a Martial God?”

Horror filled his voice.

The Tears of a Martial God.

A once-in-a-lifetime, deadly trial for martial artists, and an opportunity for growth – a potion made according to methods from the distant East.


In Sedocma, as the conflict with the Rebirth Lords gradually escalated, Aidan would attack this stronghold and obtain the Tears of a Martial God. He would store it away, considering it a trinket he didn’t need at the moment but might use someday.

‘And he gave it to Leon.’

The full support Aidan offered Leon included these Tears of a Martial God.

“Tears of a Martial God? That thing?”

Cael was flabbergasted.

Among martial artists, the Tears of a Martial God were nearly mythical.

Given its effects, it was only natural.

She had heard of it but never envisioned she’d actually see it herself.

“Wait, but why would a dark mage organization have something like that?”

“It’s unlikely they acquired it through a legitimate purchase. Probably taken as spoils in the process of plundering someone’s wealth.”

The exact circumstances under which the Rebirth Lords acquired that item weren’t detailed in Sedocma. The only significant fact was that Aidan had seized it after crushing the Lords and later used it to empower his companion.

“But Morud, are you planning to drink that?”

Cael’s expression was filled with uneasiness.

To consume the Tears of a Martial God meant to take on a deadly challenge.

To become stronger – or die.

It was a dichotomy that made the treasure necessary unease-worthy.

“I won’t be drinking it.”

“I thought as much. It doesn’t seem necessary for you. No need to take the risk…”

“I already drank it. Drinking it a second time by the same person has no effect.”

Cael was left wordlessly gaping.

“You’ve already consumed the Tears of a Martial God? How did you manage to get such a treasure? Wait, that means… have you obtained your aura because of it at only fifteen…?”

Leon rambled in his astonishment.

Morud, observing both confused individuals, extended the Tears of a Martial God towards one person.


It was Cael.

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“Cael, would you drink it?”


“If you are determined… then take it.”

Morud’s offer whispered to Cael’s heart as if the devil himself were tempting her.

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