The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 68

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 68: Twisted Destiny

Chapter 22


Raindrops fell from the gloomy sky, incessant in their downpour.

“It’s been raining for two days now.”

Leon muttered as he glanced out the window.

It had been two days since they dealt with the ancient dungeon located within the recesses of the Limos Mountains.

Since returning to Palos, Mord only left his lodgings for meals, preferring to spend his time quietly indoors, considering the Silver Blood Pursuers could arrive at any moment. There was no need to unnecessarily expose his whereabouts.

But contrary to appearances, Mord had not been simply idling away.

In the realm of the mind, he could train to his heart’s content, with significant real-world implications.

‘With four fragments fused, I can definitely feel a surge in power.’

Since departing the Ducal House, Mord had continued to grow at an unnatural rate over the past two months.

This growth included not just technical skills but also physical prowess and magical power.

Having absorbed numerous world fragments, received teachings from a deity, and having been blessed for toppling a fifteen-year-old deity, Mord’s inherent magical power had substantially increased.

Now, drawing power from the newly unified quadruple fragment, he felt a ten percent amplification of his magical reserves, even by his current standards.

‘Forty seconds a bit beyond, it seems.’

The duration for which he could harness this power had also increased.

‘It could be used not just for amplification but also for regeneration.’

In times of magical depletion, this could serve as a means for rapid recovery.

It was more than enough to function as a trump card.

‘And the Divinity Body…’

Like the first blessing, ‘Divinity Body’, which he had received from the deity, the second blessing, ‘Luminosity Body’, was not mentioned in the Sedocma.

‘Though the cost of using it is great… it will be remarkable if the right situation presents itself.’

Mord grew excited at the prospect of using Luminosity Body in actual combat.

As Mord trained within the realm of his mind, checking his conditions, someone called out to him.


Cael returned, drenched from his venture into the rain.

“I’ve found that guy Aidan.”

Cael had delivered the results of his request to the dark guilds for a ‘search person’ job.

“But… this guy, he left the city just yesterday?”

“What?” Mord’s eyebrows twitched at the unexpected news.

* * *

The information Cael had gathered was as follows:

Aidan had appeared in Palos about five months prior.

Since then, he had been a mercenary until he encountered a well-known mage within Palos’s dark alleys named Revan, becoming his apprentice.

From that moment on, Aidan had rapidly risen in the mercenary world.

During this ascent, a sudden incident occurred.

“Last night, a bloodstorm blew through the dark guild organization that mage Revan belonged to.”

Despite being a high-ranking Sixth Circle mage, Revan disliked publicity.

He belonged to a modestly sized organization that couldn’t be ignored by anyone in the dark alleys of Palos, largely because of his presence.

Yet, last night, out of nowhere, unidentifiable individuals attacked the organization’s businesses and strongholds, executing a massacre.

“The city guard is in an uproar.”

A citywide murder of dozens in a single night had sparked chaos.

Naturally, it led to a frenzy.

Under the orders of an infuriated Count Palos, the guards sought the mysterious murderers.

“Aidan left through the eastern city gate, claiming to run an errand for his teacher in another province. One of the information brokers I hired suggested that Revan might have foreseen this calamity and sent his apprentice somewhere safe… Mord?”

Cael glanced at Mord, noting his expression had grown frighteningly stern.

‘Something has twisted.’

The destiny recorded in the Sedocma had changed, and far more significantly than Mord had anticipated.

‘Why was Revan attacked at this juncture?’

Mord had a hunch about the identity of last night’s assailants.

‘The Dark Sages.’

One of countless secret organizations in this world.

Though not as prominent as the Reincarnation Lord, they still made a notable impression in the Sedocma.

Mord had previously heard of them in this world as well after his reincarnation due to his interactions with another secret organization, Grammold, who opposed the Reincarnation Lord.

‘Grammold… They considered not just the Reincarnation Lord but also the Dark Sages as enemies. Could it be that my eradication of Grammold has influenced things in this way?’

In the Sedocma, the Dark Sages were significant because Aidan’s master, Revan, was killed by them, which led Aidan to seek vengeance against this organization.

But in the Sedocma, this event was supposed to occur no sooner than half a year later.

Mord had never imagined that such an incident would happen at this point.

‘And the details are different, too.’

In the Sedocma, Revan didn’t anticipate the Dark Sages discovering him.

While being attacked, Revan sacrifices himself to save Aidan, who had been grievously injured fighting alongside him.

When Aidan woke the next day, he was tormented by survival guilt, having lost another beloved person…

‘An unknown future has already started without my knowledge.’

Mord was filled with complex emotions at this revelation.

Changing the future as recorded in the Sedocma was exactly what he desired.

Yet, the arrived future was an unpredictably chaotic one he couldn’t foresee.

‘The real game begins now.’

Clenching his fist, Mord asked,

“What happened to that mage, Revan?”

“Revan? I’ve heard the mage went missing after yesterday’s attack. No body found, but judging by how those mystery folks also vanished, I suspect… Revan might be dead too?”

“I see.”

Mord nodded, then stood up.

“Huh? You’re not thinking of… interfering, are you?”


“Revan’s pursuers might just be the same ones I’ll have to crush eventually.”


Cael thought to himself,

‘Why does a fifteen-year-old have so many enemies, most of whom belong to dangerous secret organizations?’

“Know where Revan might be?”

“I have a few hunches, but I’m not overly familiar with this city’s layout. Can we find him before the city guards do?”


Cael, regaining his composure, inquired,

“Where do you suspect?”

Revan had made several hidden spots around the city, some of which served as his personal laboratories or refuges if needed.

He had utilized some of these locations while teaching Aidan.

“But what if the mage is already dead?”

“Then it can’t be helped. Even if it ends up a fruitless endeavor, I won’t just walk away.”

With his eyes blinking in surprise, Leon interjected,

“It’s truly impossible to predict your moves, Mord.”

“Let’s go.”

Without further discussion, Mord took the lead and began to walk.

* * *

In the western district of Palos, there stood a tavern infamous for its lackluster business.

This tavern had two unique characteristics.

One was that the owner was a former mercenary.

The other was its status as a neutral zone for the underworld.

Members of influential district organizations frequented this tavern, and consequently, it developed an ambiance that tended to repel ordinary customers.

This was possible thanks to the tavern owner, a prominent figure in the underworld, with enough strength to incite a storm of blood if provoked.

“Damn it…”

But now, the tavern owner stood aghast.

His cherished establishment had turned into a sea of blood.

His once powerful patrons lay dead around the place, and the owner himself bore wounds all over his body, blood-soaked and grim.

“Why is a barkeep so formidable?”

The culprits who had created this disaster stood in disbelief.

Dressed in black, these members of the ancient sect ‘Dark Sages’ had efficiently routed a dark guild organization, evaded the city guard’s pursuit with ease, and operated within Palos freely. Yet, they had lost one and another severely wounded fighting against the barkeeper.


As they deliberated, the tavern’s entrance opened, revealing a man with unkempt blond hair and scruff staining his face with pallor. Preparing to cast a prepared spell, he spoke,

“Do not harm him and quietly retreat. Then I will follow without resistance.”

“Revan, enough with the foolish chat.”

The tavern owner gave a wry smile.

“Judging by their actions, they surely won’t spare me.”


Revan bit his lip.

The two men were friends, each having saved the other’s life on multiple occasions.

Because of their close bond, Revan had established emergency refuge in the tavern’s basement—a sanctuary for both men if needed.

Yet Revan’s dark past, a secret known only to a select few, had caught up to them.

The Dark Sages weren’t to be trifled with. Revan had spent years dodging their pursuit, their reach slowly but surely drawing closer until they had found him here, in Palos.

“Thanks to a friend like you, I might face death today.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Forget it, damn it.”

The Dark Sages’ members parted to either side as a new figure emerged through their midst.

Step… step…

Dressed head to toe in dark clothing, his mouth covered by a hood, the blond man approached.

“The Black Acolyte…”

Revan murmured as if in a groan.

The Black Acolyte.

A title for the high-ranking members of the secret organization, the Dark Sages.

Long ago, a wicked, legendary archmage known as Elykson earned infamy as a Dark Sage.

He was eventually ensnared by his adversaries’ trap and sealed away.

The individual who had communed with Elykson’s will and inherited his knowledge and power was the Black Acolyte himself.

One stark characteristic defined them:

Their eyes would turn pitch black, devoid of sclera, upon wielding that power.

“You’re quite evasive, Number 29. Eluding our sight for over a decade.”

The Black Acolyte rounded his inky eyes in amusement.

“…I am not Number 29.”

Revan clenched his teeth, glaring at the Black Acolyte.

“No, you are Number 29. Whatever name you’ve lived under, your essence remains unchanged. A test subject prepared as a vessel for him, nothing more.”

Revan’s past was a void to him; his childhood memories erased.

At some point, he found himself transformed into Number 29, a test subject for the Dark Sages.

Surviving torturous and agonizing biological experiments, he was designated to house the sinister consciousness of the dark archmage, Elykson.

However, the organization made a critical miscalculation.

They failed to erase Revan’s sense of self completely.

Retaining his ego while harboring Elykson’s mind, Revan managed to assimilate the archmage’s magical knowledge.

With this newfound power, he escaped the organization, evading them until settling in Palos as the mage known as Revan.

“You’re a precious specimen.”

The Dark Sages had long sacrificed countless humans in their experimental pursuits, yet results had been meager.

Apart from Revan, they had yet to create a vessel capable of sustaining Elykson’s mind over an extended period.

This explained their undying obsession with Revan, even after a decade.

“Come quietly, and we shall spare you any discomfort.”

“Just go lick the toes of that despicable Elykson.”


With a soft sigh, the Black Acolyte responded to Revan’s defiance.

“No helping it. If you so crave damnation, then so be it.”

Both men opened their eyes wide, casting their prepared spells in unison.

– Flame Spirit Dance!

– Jar of Sealing!

Revan, who unleashed torrents of fire, was taken aback when his opponent’s spell seemed to cage all that power, preventing it from releasing its full force.

“Such a predictable move.”

The Black Acolyte scoffed at Revan.

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