The Extra Is too Strong Chapter 6

The Extra is too strong

The Extra Is Too Strong Chapter 6: The Extra is Too Strong

Having breezed through the elementary division in less than 10 minutes yesterday, Mord today set his sights on the middle division. Like before, he performed a show of force against those who approached him aiming to assert their hierarchy, causing the ground to tremble as if struck by an earthquake with a single stomp and generating a thunderous boom with a punch. The middle division kids, who carried themselves with swagger, quickly cast their eyes downward and turned away as though they had had different plans all along.

Among them were many who had mastered physical enhancement, the next step beyond sensory enhancement. However, witnessing Mord’s demonstration, they realized that no matter how much they strengthened themselves, challenging him would be as futile as throwing eggs against a rock.

“It still took me about 30 minutes though,” Mord thought, feeling slightly challenged for the first time.

Mord, after learning the theory of physical enhancement from an instructor, took a mere 7 minutes to embody the technique. Naturally, everyone was shocked. Wasn’t this progress nonsensical? But the real surprise came next.

Physical enhancement was divided into two stages. The first stage, which Mord had mastered in just 7 minutes, was a technique to harden one’s body – making it possible to withstand beatings with sticks painlessly and not breaking bones even if hit by a carriage. It also inadvertently made the person’s strength increase, though this was just a secondary effect.

The second stage was the enhancement of physical abilities themselves. It allowed one to exert monstrous strength that far surpassed the limits of normal muscle training. Mastering this realm was a condition for being promoted to the senior division, and…

“This seems easy too,” Mord declared as he flawlessly satisfied the requirements for the second stage in under 20 minutes.

“This can’t be. How is this possible?” the trainees murmured among themselves in a mix of astonishment and disbelief.

“Even if he is of Bernas bloodline, still…”

“Could it be he has just been pretending to be unable to do it all along, to mock us by entering here?”

The trainees whispered in shock, and the instructor eyed Mord suspiciously.

“Thank you. Shall I move on to the senior division tomorrow, or…” Mord didn’t wait for a response nor did he explain himself to anyone. With an air of nonchalance, he surveyed the trainees and simply asked the instructor what was necessary.

“Should I take the sequential sparring test you mentioned?”

For each division – elementary, middle, and senior – one had to pass a promotion test to advance. Mord should have taken such a test even in the elementary division, but the instructor, exercising his discretion, had allowed him to advance without it, deeming the test unnecessary given the circumstances.

“…No, there’s no need for that. By my authority, I grant you promotion. From tomorrow, you may join the senior division.”

The middle division instructor made the same decision. The middle division promotion test involved sparring and defeating 10 trainees selected by the instructor. But after mastering the second stage of physical enhancement, the movements demonstrated by Mord made such a test pointless. Whether it was sparring with 10 trainees sequentially or all at once, he could likely knock them all down in an instant!

Still, the instructor couldn’t resist making a remark.

“You might have made it this far easily because of the bloodline you inherited, but the senior division won’t be so simple. There, you’ll find others with the same bloodline as yours, and more importantly, you will need to master what you should have learned by now but haven’t.”

“What might that be? What have I not learned?”

“So much. Let’s start with combat skills.”

Mord fell silent.

Upon reflection, he realized he hadn’t learned a single combat skill during his time in the elementary or middle divisions.

“Plus, there are skills like swordsmanship, spearmanship, equestrianism, joint tactics, and combat theory…”


“In the senior division, you no longer ascend just by brute force. Earning the title of a warrior isn’t easy. Work hard.”

Mord had no words in response to the instructor, who patted him on the shoulder with a grunt.


Thus, Mord made Bernas history by ascending to the senior division in record time. However, the real challenges lay ahead. If one were to compare it to Earth’s education system, it was like skipping the lessons of language and math in elementary school and proceeding straight to high school. A daunting time was about to begin!

‘…But is it really?’ Mord wondered, questioning whether the senior division could truly pose a challenge to him.


Naturally, the senior division had the fewest students in the Bernas warrior training curriculum, thinned out by the funneling process through the elementary and middle divisions. From over a thousand trainees in the elementary division to less than half that number in the middle division, and then less than one-third of that, around 150 trainees, in the senior division. Only the trainees who had fared well in the grueling training from a young age ascended to the senior division. Unsurprisingly, they had strong pride.

Into this senior division stepped a new trainee, Mord, who was closer to a giant than a boy, towering over 190 centimeters in height and muscular-built.

‘This is somewhat better.’

Mord noted the focused looks of the senior trainees. While the elementary division was full of young greenhorns, and the middle division trainees weren’t much older, the average age in the senior division was higher. There were even young adults over twenty, which was somewhat reassuring.


The senior division was divided into three classes, and Mord had been placed in the second class. Upon arrival, there were two individuals who immediately caught his attention. Both were much larger than the other trainees.

‘Which one is it?’

According to the servant who had shown him here, two individuals of Bernas bloodline were in the senior division, with one in the second class. Judging from their size, one of them would surely be of the Bernas lineage, known for their giant-like statures.

“You?” asked the larger one bluntly, coming up to Mord. He was shorter than Mord but still surpassed 180 centimeters in height and was substantially built. His face was older than Mord’s and bore a fierce expression.

“And who might you be?”

Instead of answering, Mord counter-questioned.

The big man laughed as if shocked by the boldness.

“I’m Paeon, the leader of this class. Like you, a descendent of Bernas.”

“So it is. I’m Mord. I’m told I’m part of this second class from today onwards. How long I will stay, I’m not sure.”

“Rumors have it, you’ve passed through the elementary and middle divisions in just two days to get here?”

“Not at all.”


Paeon looked perplexed as Mord set the record straight.

“It took 10 minutes for the elementary division and 30 minutes for the middle division. I never took two whole days.”


Paeon blinked in disbelief and let out a hollow laugh.

“Ha! Quite the funny one we have here.”

“That’s not meant to be funny. Just thought you should know the facts.”

“Oh, one thing is for sure then.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re underestimating this place.”

Paeon grinned, baring his teeth as an overwhelming sense of pressure emanated from him. It was the sort of intimidation that would suffocate an ordinary person, akin to a starved predator eyeing its prey and filling the entire view with its presence. However, Mord didn’t even flinch.

“You’ve got the wrong end of the stick.”

“What did you say?”

“I don’t underestimate this place at all. If I did, I wouldn’t bother showing up. But…”

Mord cracked his neck, making an audible snap, and continued.

“You look quite ridiculous. Did you think your clumsy attempt at intimidation would make me tremble with fear?”

Mord had identified that Paeon was using a type of martial spirit technique, something commonly seen in the mystical world of Sedokmar.

“Clumsy intimidation?”

Paeon’s brow twitched, clearly provoked.

“Yes, clumsy. Why does every division act the same? Whenever a new person joins, some idiot thinks he’s tough and tries to establish a pecking order or impose discipline… Do you die if you don’t do that?”

“You’re pushing your luck too far.”

Paeon stormed towards Mord, the oppressiveness intensifying with each step he took.

“You think you’ve seen the light after your awakening, but you’re not the only one of Bernas descent here.”

“I’d have to be an idiot not to know that. Enough of your yapping. If you’re going to attack, just do it, or get lost.”

Mord taunted, and Paeon’s mouth twisted into a smirk.


Suddenly, a massive collision sound echoed as if boulders were smashing against each other. Paeon charged aggressively, throwing a punch at Mord…



Spectators gasped in shock as Paeon, who had initiated the attack, was countered by Mord and collapsed to the ground.

‘What just happened?’

Paeon didn’t understand what had transpired. Moments ago, he had lunged at Mord, his senses and physical abilities enhanced, aiming a punch at Mord’s face. Mord, appearing as an amateur who hadn’t learned any fighting techniques, hadn’t moved to dodge or block and simply faced the incoming fist.

But why was Paeon now propped on his hands, face down on the ground?

Drip, drip…

To add to his confusion, a stream of red trickled down from his nose, staining the ground below.


As Paeon flared up with rage and started to stand up…


Mord’s lower kick hit Paeon squarely in the chest, sending him flying.

Bouncing like a ball, Paeon slammed into the ground and rolled over several times.

Silence descended.


With just two exchanges the outcome was decided. But Mord himself was slightly nonplussed.

‘That was too weak, wasn’t it? Even for a Bernas bloodline member in the senior division, I’d thought he would put up more of a fight.’

Mord knew he was strong, especially after overpowering Vins, a formal warrior during their test. Had he wanted to, killing Vins would have been no challenge either. Mord believed the same would have applied even if Vins had been armed with a sword as a warrior.

Now, two days later, having internalized the elemental martial spirit techniques demanded by the elementary and middle divisions, Mord definitely felt stronger.

‘It’s an insane pace, by any measure. Could it be that Mord always had the innate ability to do this?’

Considering the original Mord’s actions after awakening, testing his power, this question surfaced. The strike that had overturned a river more than 20 meters wide wasn’t just a result of physical prowess or raw magic power. It required the control of magic power as in martial spirit techniques.

Perhaps, then, the true Mord naturally embodied the essence of martial spirit techniques through his instinctive control of magic power.

If this theory held true, it meant that the reincarnated Mord – Sung Tae as he was now – was weaker than his original form.

‘It all seems absurd, but Sedokmar is a realm full of outrageous ‘Mary Sue’ settings anyway.’

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