The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 52

Chapter 17: Silver Blood

Bernas Grand Duke, Harden Bernas was in a secret space deep beneath the grand duchy’s castle.

The dark tree created with the blood of an evil ancient god.

This tree grew not by sunlight, but by darkness, and now only a single fruit remained on it.


The Grand Duke picked and consumed the last fruit.

As he did so, his divine blood awakened, dyeing his hairs silver.

At the same time, life returned to his skin, making him youthful as if turning back time.

“What do you think?” he said, looking at the now empty dark tree.

“Do you think Mord, that guy, will be the next to be buried here?”

The dark tree spent more time without fruits than with them.

Because it only bore fruit when fed with a significant amount of nourishment alongside the bloodline of Bernas.

Even for a Grand Duke, securing a descendant of the Bernas bloodline, preferably one of his own children, without anyone noticing was no easy task.

That’s why he created numerous illegitimate children outside.

He had people watch each one, checking to see if they survived their divine blood awakening at fifteen.

To date, five bastards had been fed to the dark tree as nourishment.

Excluding the two that came to the Grand Ducal castle before Mord, the other three bastards were disposed of before they could even arrive.

“With the Silver Blood moving earnestly, it seems likely, doesn’t it?”

A knight close to the Grand Duke offered his opinion.

The Silver Blood had sent a message.

‘We will capture the Grand Duke’s bastard, Mord.’

They were determined to make up for their failure.

The Grand Duke laughed, as if to say let them try.

“I wonder how much force they’ll commit to capturing Mord this time.”

Last time, they failed despite having Berrin, a master-class martial artist and the highest-ranking warrior.

Therefore, the force Silver Blood would deploy this time would undoubtedly exceed what Berrin and his like brought before.

“Is it really enough though?” the Grand Duke mused.

His doubt stemmed from a misunderstanding.

He assumed that Illden would provide strong escorts to guard Mord.

This assumption was somewhat true, given the presence of Kael.

But the Grand Duke expected that Illden had assigned a group of elite Shadow Wolf squad members to Mord, not imagining Mord could defeat the top-class warrior Berrin one-to-one.

“I’m curious if their preparation can surpass Illden’s.”

* * *

The secret society ‘Silver Blood’ only allowed those with divine blood to become high-ranking officials.

But not all divine blood carriers were high-ranking officials.

There were plenty of mid-level officials and lower who possessed divine blood.

‘These two, I’m unsure about… but that one-eyed woman, I’ve seen her before.’

The red-haired young warrior and the middle-aged man seemed new, as they didn’t appear in Sedokma.

But the one-eyed woman was definitely familiar.

Details about Sedokma vividly flashed through his mind.

‘A mid-level official. A high-ranking 7th circle magician with an abnormally excellent ability to track. However, when divine blood opens, her mana rises to the level of supermage.’

A formidable enemy.

One-on-one combat wasn’t worrisome, but a magician’s true terror revealed when they could unreservedly cast spells from behind a sturdy vanguard.

At the moment, there was a solid-looking warrior and a middle-aged man of indeterminate role.

‘The rest are also going to be a hassle.’

The 22 fighters brought by the three officers were also not to be underestimated.

They seemed to be either dark magic warriors or a special combat unit unique to Silver Blood.


Mord spoke.

“Evacuate Sedeia. Then come back and join up.”

“Huh? Wait. These guys look tough, even for you, handling them alone—”

“If you’re worried, hurry and evacuate him and then return.”

Mord cut off Kael’s words and stepped forward.

“We both know we have divine blood, so let’s skip the underwhelming acts and stop fooling around.”

Seeing this, the middle-aged man laughed.

“Both of you open your divine blood. Let’s go full strength from the get-go.”

“Hm? Do we need to? Let’s have some fun.”

The young red-haired warrior protested, but the middle-aged man was firm.

“Didn’t you already forget the warning not to underestimate him? There could be a surprise aside from that one and that brat.”

“Tch. It’s like I’m so glum, I need to earn some laurels quickly and become a high-ranking official.”

The red-haired young warrior grumbled but followed the middle-aged man’s command.

‘The red hair is probably a mid-level official… then the middle-aged man must be at least a high-ranking official or higher.’

An opponent certainly not to be taken lightly.


The young warrior’s appearance transformed.

His red hair turned into shiny silver as if melted silver was extracted from it, and his eyes began to emit a golden glow.

He had transformed into his divine blood open state.

The transformation to silver hair wasn’t exclusive to the Bernas bloodline.

Silver was a symbol of all divine blood.

Therefore, during divine blood opening, other changes varied by inherited bloodline, but turning hair into silver was universal.

“Let’s finish this quickly.”

The one-eyed woman also opened her divine blood. Her drab golden hair transformed into beautiful silver, and her eye emitted a turquoise brilliance.

“We won’t kill you. We’ve promised to bring you back alive.”

The slyly smiling middle-aged man also opened his divine blood.

His transformation differed greatly from the others.

As his body increased dramatically in size, transforming into a hulking 2.5-meter-tall muscle-bound form, his head simultaneously lost its human shape, taking on the appearance of a monstrous hound.

His snout elongated, his fur was all silver, and it hung long over his head like human hair.

Observing the silver-colored canine human, Mord muttered to himself.

“The lineage of the beast god, I presume. It’s my first encounter, but certainly… an unfit presence for a zoo.”

“A zoo?”

“There’s such a thing,” Mord replied indifferently to the puzzled canine human.

“To think there are three of us with divine blood that can open…”

Kael muttered in awe.

The three officers unleashed an overwhelming mana force.

As an upper-class Bernas warrior well-acquainted with divine blood opening, Kael had seen it plenty of times. But facing such beings as enemies – thrice combined – he began to sweat.

‘Not even Orudas’ folks made me feel like this… The level is absurd.’

Kael felt the not-to-be-underestimated mana from the Silver Blood fighters encircling them. Even the lowest-ranked soldiers seemed too strong.


Mord whispered.

“Go now.”

And Mord too opened his divine blood, transforming.


The officers were shocked as they saw the explosive spread of Mord’s mana.

“Hold on. This doesn’t seem right…”

“Wasn’t he supposed to be fifteen?” murmured the one-eyed woman in astonishment.

Mord’s mana, post-divine blood opening, clearly surpassed theirs.

“Impressive, huh? Now I see why you said not to underestimate him.”

Even the transformed canine human looked surprised. Unlike the two’s shock, however, he seemed more relaxed.

Then came a turn.

The one-eyed woman glanced away.

“Trying to flee?”

As she pointed, a flash of light struck down that spot.


Kael, who had been quietly retreating while Mord distracted everyone, ducked with shock to avoid the attack.

“Stealth is your forte, it seems, but it’s no use in front of my eyes.”

Kael bit his lip at the cold laughter of the one-eyed woman.

“Looks like I have no choice but to fight desperately, huh?”

“I’ll create an opening, just do what you can. I can’t involve Sedeia in our problems.”

“Our problems… yeah, damn it.”

Kael muttered.

Despite the looming presence of death, he only grumbled and did not think to flee.

‘He’s a decent guy, not counting the cute act.’

Mord allowed himself a faint smile at the presence he sensed behind him.

And then, the young warrior coolly approached.


Blue sparks coiled around his sword.

It wasn’t just sparking; the sparks condensed, densely wrapping around the blade.

A weapon of violently writhing light.

It was Impulse Edge, a higher technique of Impulse, on par with an Impulse Gauntlet.

Confident in his terrifying mana from his divine blood opening, the young warrior wielding Impulse Edge sneered.

“Ready to see hell?”

From the young warrior emanated an arrogant confidence.

He believed not only that his side had an absolute advantage but also that he was stronger than Mord, beyond a doubt.


Mord strode into the distance within the young warrior’s reach.

In a flash, the young warrior lunged. His lightning-fast sword strike aimed for Mord – thunderous roar erupted!



The young warrior groaned, pushed back.

It was the result of Mord’s fist clashing with his sword.

“You’re not worthy of such talk.”

Mord looked down on him contemptuously.

Enraged, the young warrior’s mana surged once more. At first, he was complacent, but now he was truly exerting full power.

The Impulse Edge became denser and larger, making his sword seem two meters long.

The young warrior charged again, faster and sharper than before.

As Mord moved to counter… a simultaneous boom echoed.


All watching the clash were aghast.

“…He’s dead?” the one-eyed woman mumbled incredulously.

The young warrior, decapitated by Mord’s fist, crumpled to the ground.

* * *

Kael was astounded.

‘Wow, perfectly exploited the lack of intel on him.’

Mord sometimes showed an astonishingly clever side, despite his brutish appearance.

Especially in combat, that seemed true. While his general intelligence was a question, his combat wit was impressively high.

‘Is it because he’s a descendant of the divine fighter?’

Most of the Bernas lineage shared some of that trait.

Even so, Mord’s tactical acumen was astounding.

He had maneuvered perfectly against Arklich, and now, he had dealt a fatal blow to the enemy with flawless planning.

‘He really knows how to show exactly what he wants to show.’

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