The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 51

The Extra Is Too Strong, Episode 51


As Sedeia took a step forward, a heavy sound echoed throughout the area.

[Ah, truly, I have traversed through a lengthy hell.]

Sedeia, speaking thus, appeared vastly different from what Keyl had imagined.

For starters, she was immense.

She stood well over three meters tall, far surpassing the already considerable height of the over 196 centimeters tall Mord.

Moreover, her beauty differed from the way humans judge one another.

Her long hair rippled in a deep sunset red, and her pupils shone with the blinding light of the midday sun, making it difficult to gaze directly at her.

A gentle red glow radiated from her skin, while a fiery red energy pulsed around her, and beneath the knees her texture writhed like molten lava stone.

‘Was she of the giant race?’

Indeed, mythology was replete with giant kin of remarkable abilities.

Giant races were incredibly diverse, some being huge but human-like, such as the descendants of Bernas, while others, like Sedeia, were immense and bore many non-human characteristics.

‘No, well, she is certainly beautiful… she is, but…’

Sedeia was, without doubt, a being of beauty.

Yet, it was a different kind of beauty than what Keyl had expected.

[Oh, benefactor with the blood of an unnamed god, could I have the honor of knowing your name?]

“I am Mord, inheritor of the divine Bernas lineage.”

[Divine Bernas… I’ve not heard of this deity. But seeing you, you must surely be the bearer of a dazzling divinity.]

“Bernas attained divinity likely after you fell under a curse. It makes sense that you do not know of him. It’s of no concern.”

Bernas became a god towards the end of mythology.

The 500-year history of the Bernas Ducal family correlated with the time right after the mythology era ended and when the age of mortals began.

[Lord Mord, I truly thank you. Thanks to you, I escaped the curse of an evil deity. My memories are hazy, but when I heard your voice and gradually regained consciousness, those memories became vivid. If you had wished to slay me, the battle would have been much simpler, yet you chose a more difficult path.]

“Knowing you were a victim of a detestable god’s tyranny, I couldn’t bring myself to kill you just for my convenience.”


Sedeia, lost in thought by Mord’s matter-of-fact words, gazed at him.

She sighed, filled with indescribable emotions, and then spoke.

[I do not know how to repay this debt. Is there anything you desire from me?]

“There is. But before that, there’s something I must attend to.”

Mord directed his gaze behind Sedeia.

There lay the remnants of her cursed form, the monster she once was.


As Mord approached, fragments of a luminous light started to emerge from the remains.

They were fragments of a world.

[What… what is that?]

“Parts of a great power originally granted to the gods.”

World fragments originated from the ancient tools of creation, ‘The Perfect World,’ which the most illustrious deities used to form this existence.

They scattered across the world towards the end of the mythological era.

Maintaining powerful remnants of mythology to this day hinted at the likelihood that a world fragment was involved.

As Mord absorbed the world fragment, his consciousness delved into the realm of deep contemplation.


He smiled subtly.

The fifth world fragment he had obtained contained vistas identical to those of the swamp where Sedeia had resided, with mist coursing through the murky landscape.

It fused effortlessly with the world fragments that Mord already possessed.

A beautiful full moon sprinkled pale light into the night sky, mountain peaks erupted through the clouds, and a murky forest lay beneath the cloud cover, now blending with the image of a swamp shrouded in dense mist.

Now, Mord held three merged world fragments, along with two separate pieces.

After observing changes in his inner world, Mord brought his consciousness back to reality.

He then spoke to Sedeia.

“I want to take the sword you guarded.”

[That weapon is a cursed demon sword.]

“I know. I would like your help with it.”

[Help in what way…?]

“The sword is dangerous because it houses the soul of a mighty demon. An autonomous weapon that seduces its wielder with power, driving them into madness, and eventually leading to destruction, is it not?”

In Sedokma, a fellow warrior of Aidan becomes the master of this sword.

It was a typical demon sword.

Giving its user immense strength yet ultimately seizing their mind in madness, the user’s spirit eventually gets devoured.

But the sword was also an incredible weapon.

Being forged from a god, its very existence was a relic of mythology. Furthermore, a sealed demon within aided the user with magic.

[It was sealed upon its creation and has never been swung by anyone, but yes, it is such a weapon.]

Sedeia nodded in surprise, understanding Mord’s knowledge of the cursed demon sword.

She was a witch from the Ilderba clan, rooted in the spirit of the sun.

Bearing the strongest of the sun spirit’s traits among her kinsfolk, she possessed an immense wealth of knowledge and magical power unthinkable for her youthful age.

“I wish to infiltrate my consciousness into this sword to eradicate the demon’s soul. Can you help?”

[Eradicate the demon’s soul? Is that even possible?]

Sedeia was astounded by the unprecedented idea.

Of course, this wasn’t Mord’s original idea.

In Sedokma, when Aidan’s fellow warrior fell under the influence of the demon sword, Aidan infiltrated the sword’s realm with his consciousness alone and extinguished the demon soul.

“It would have been impossible during your cursing. However, given the lengthy time the demon’s soul has been trapped, it should now be feasible.”

Even the soul of a mighty being would erode after being sealed for centuries.

Moreover, there was a reason Meirus had chosen a seal rather than destruction back then.

Because at that time, destroying the demon’s soul was not possible.

Even if it were extinguished, it would merely be banished from this world and awaken afresh in the demon realm’s flesh.

‘But now, that body no longer exists.’

At the close of the mythology era, not just this world but also the demonic realms were engulfed in profound chaos.

What would have become of the powerful demon’s bodily shell, left spiritless and empty as though a mere vessel, over the course of centuries?

In Sedokma, Aidan speculated that it might have been devoured by other demons to increase their power.

‘If the spirit perishes on Earth, that’s the end. And now, it’s not as if it regained any strength like when Aidan fought.’

In Sedokma, Aidan’s warrior-comrade was gradually regaining power as the sword consumed him.

As with many demon swords, this one too strengthened itself by feasting on enemy blood.

But the demon soul now was weakened, having been confined for centuries.

“Now that I have harnessed the power of divine blood, were I to infiltrate the sword with my consciousness, I could likely eradicate it.”

[That makes sense.]

Sedeia found Mord’s words intriguing.

[Moreover, this demon sword is also a source of my suffering. Your wish is quite appealing, benefactor.]

“Is it possible?”

[I believe so. Could you grant me some time? I find myself aberrant at this moment. To grasp my own state and to fulfill what the benefactor desires, I need a moment.]

“Take your time. When you’re ready, let me know.”

Mord stepped aside to allow Sedeia her space.

* * *

The ancient curse laid by the god Meirus was broken.

Witch Sedeia recovered her true form, and the strange mist enveloping the swamp likewise vanished.

Sunlight shone down, not because the curse had lifted, but because…

“No storm would have done this.”

Keyl murmured to himself.

Magic bombardment during Sedeia’s conflict with Mord had decimated the surroundings.

With the dense trees gone and the mist cleared, sunlight now penetrated more easily.

Yet, it was not the warm sunlight one might expect. Nestled between several mountain ranges, this swamp didn’t receive much sunlight to begin with.

“Really formidable. Was she stronger than the Acrich?”

“Not to that extent. Though if we’re talking sheer firepower, she seemed that way…”

Mord shook his head.

As the cursed monster, Sedeia wielded archmage-level magical power.

But her use of magic was rudimentary at best.

The high archmage Acrich used magic in a far more polished and varied way.

Mord had defeated Acrich by exploiting his complacency and thrusting an anti-magic dagger – had that not been the case, Acrich would have been formidably challenging.

“But that’s how things stand now.”

With the curse lifted, Sedeia, now with her intellect and wisdom restored, seemed to have become an even more potent force.

‘And she feels like she might vanish somewhere anytime soon.’

It wasn’t that Sedeia seemed like someone who would forget gratitude and flee.

To Mord’s eyes, her very existence seemed unstable, as though it could dissipate from the present world any moment.

‘Even though the curse is lifted, it’s as if her life in this reality is not yet sanctioned.’

Possibly, as a bearer of divine blood, Mord could sense such nuances.

“But what you said earlier…”

Keyl suddenly asked.

“Is it really possible to enter that mythological demon sword… to kill the sword’s soul?”

“If it weren’t possible, I wouldn’t have said I’d do it. A mage’s assistance is essential to make it possible.”

“Wow, sounds unbelievable… But if you say so, I can’t argue further.”

Has Mord often done the impossible in Keyl’s presence?


Soon, Sedeia emerged from her meditation and approached Mord.

[It seems that I can do as you wish. But may I know how the world has changed since I was cursed, and how much time has passed?]

“I’m not sure how long it’s been either. But it’s been at least over 500 years, that’s certain.”

Mord provided the reasoning behind his claim.

The age of mortals had unfolded 500 years after mythology ended, signaling no governance by gods – a revelation that stunned Sedeia.

Yet, she soon nodded, seemingly understanding.

[Indeed. That explains…]

She felt something Mord was unaware of.

Just as Mord was about to inquire further:

“Someone’s coming.”

Mord’s gaze extended beyond the horizon.

A formidable presence was swiftly approaching.

Conducting a broad magical sweep, Sedeia announced,

[There are twenty-five. Among them…]

However, before she could elaborate, one of the entities Mord had sensed reached the desolated swamp.


A bright flash descended, shaking the surroundings, and from the cloud of dust, a middle-aged man appeared.

The brown-haired man with the flapping tails of his black coat, and unshaven for several days, tilted his head as he murmured, noticing Sedeia,

“Target found… What’s this now?”

Mord addressed the middle-aged man who was eyeing Sedeia.

“And you are?”

“Bernas Ducal Family’s bastard, Mord.”

The man smirked at Mord, an insincere grin upon his face.

“I’ve come to take you in.”

“Bearer of the silver blood?”

Surprised by Mord’s question, the man’s eyes widened.

“How do you know that? Aren’t we strangers?”

“Is it not obvious to tell another with divine blood?”

Mord’s sarcasm elicited a chuckle from the man.

“Knowing that I bear divine blood and guessing my affiliation seems strange…”

“Why not capture and then inquire?”

Interjecting was a woman who followed behind the man, flying over. With one eye covered by a thick eyepatch and a sharp demeanor, the golden-haired woman – clad in a brown robe and wielding a long staff – appeared to be a mage.

‘This woman, too, bears divine blood.’

Mord’s expression tensed.

“Right. Let’s unravel the mystery slowly.”

Joining them with remarkable agility, leaping through the trees, was a red-haired young man.

Almost as tall as Mord, he was not as broad but possessed a muscular physique.

‘He too is of divine blood.’

Three bearers of divine blood now stood in opposition to Mord.

But that wasn’t all. With slight delay, twenty-two individuals, each with substantial magical power, followed suit.

Brandishing an ominous sword with a blue sheen, the red-haired warrior declared,

“Young fool, you’ve been too brash without understanding the stakes. Though we may spare your life, you’re still set to see hell.”

Once more, tremendous power rocked the swamp.

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