The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 49

Episode 49: The Extra Is Too Strong

Despite the sun hanging high in the sky, the forest remained shrouded in darkness. The deeper I ventured into the thick woods, the more it felt like I was walking into a maze dominated by shadow.

“Sure is a scary place. You can feel the ominous ambiance right away.”

Kael spoke with a detached tone, his words conveying fear, but his face flushed with excitement and his eyes twinkling with thrill.

Liberate a witch cursed by a god hundreds of years ago and obtain the sword she has been guarding…

The premise alone seemed enough to stir the fantasies of adventure that Kael harbored.

‘I don’t understand how a guy as old as he is and with so much military service can still have such a personality.’

Mord looked at Kael with a sense of wonder.

Kael was certainly a peculiar fellow.

Despite his delicate boyish appearance, he exhibited the ruthless and thorough nature of a veteran warrior in battle.

Similarly, during his tasks—not just when camping out, but wherever he went—Kael’s competence, honed by his vast experiences, was palpable.

Yet, beyond his military duties, there was something naïvely pure about him.

‘It is amusing, to say the least.’

As we further penetrated the depths of the forest, the surroundings transformed ominously.

Despite it being the bright time of day, a thick fog rolled in, making it difficult to discern anything around us.

“Is this fog a work of magic?”

“More like the power of a god.”

We lived in a world where myths have not been forgotten for even a thousand years.

The remnants of gods lay scattered across the land.

Wasn’t Mord himself evidence enough, being an existence tied to the very traces of the divine?


Suddenly, Kael’s eyes widened as Mord’s figure disappeared into the mist.

“This fog… does it create illusions?”

“It’s likely to make us lose our way too. Lose focus and you’ll find yourself wandering in the fog, only to end up back where you started. It also stirs that along.”

Mord had started to feel an interfering force attempting to cloud his mind.

It seemed that Kael experienced the same.

“A spell influencing the mind, huh? Something like charm or that sort?”

“It’s the witch’s spell. It paralyzes cognitive abilities, seizing control over actions, manipulating them as desired.”

“What are you supposed to do… if it controls you as it wishes?”

Kael asked, swallowing hard. Rather than fear, there was a strange sense of anticipation, causing Mord to chuckle.

“It drives you out of the fog to safety.”


“It plants a deep compulsion never to enter the fog again.”

“What in the world…?”

Kael was dumbfounded.

Could it be that a witch cursed by a god manipulates people’s minds to such ends?

“What did you imagine? That’s what a witch does. Moreover, sometimes she even comes to the edge of the fog to aid those lost in the forest or in danger, gently guiding their minds so they can safely make their way out.”

“A cursed witch, huh?”


“Why does she seem so benign?”

In bewilderment, Kael’s question was met with Mord’s response.

“Being cursed doesn’t necessarily relate to evilness. Just look at a few myths; the gods can be quite theatrical.”

The gods within the myths, just like their Earthly counterparts, often acted in chaos and vanity.

It was all too easy to encounter stories of innocent victims who suffered at the hands of such divine whims.

‘The additional narrative was set… maybe it was designed so I’d have the choice on how to react.’

The reason for Aiden’s journey to this place was due to a series of clues gathered throughout his past endeavors.

A sword forged by a mighty god, guarded by a cursed witch, it was rumored to contain the soul of a demon who once shook the demon realm.

Feeling his growth slowing, Aiden sought out this new power and confronted the witch.

Yet, Aiden was ignorant of the witch’s truth.

He knew only of her transformation into a monstrous beast as a punishment by the gods.

The truth would come to light only once Aiden’s group defeated the witch and claimed the guarded sword.

But the extent of their realization was merely that the witch was not inherently evil; she was likely just a victim of divine tyranny. This left a bittersweet taste for Aiden, and nothing more.

The truth of what the witch truly was, what she had endured, was known only to the readers of Sedocma.

Sedocma presented the truths of mythology unknown to Aiden and his companions, even offering hints on how the curse could have been lifted if only they had known and taken the right actions beforehand.

As a reader, those parts felt like they just served to strengthen the bitter aftertaste.

But looking back now, it seems that this narrative was designed for Mord, who would face those very situations in this world.

“Ugh, this…”

Suddenly, Kael clutched his head as his vision blurred momentarily. The intruding force on his mind was growing stronger.

“How can it be so powerful…”

His grumbling voice melted into drowsiness.

Kael possessed exceptional resistance against mental intrusions. Standard mental interference spells were easily repelled, and even curses meticulously crafted by high wizards could be defended against with proper recognition.

But this was different; despite his awareness, it was tough to endure. His eyelids grew heavy, and his head began to nod.

“It’s natural considering it’s a spell cast by a mythic witch in her own lair, created from divine power.”

Mord said this as he pulled out a bracelet from his spatial bag and slipped it onto his wrist.

It was a simple, carved wooden bracelet acquired in the dungeon of the Wolf Goddess. Having gathered moonlight steadily, it was time to put it to use.

“Protect my comrade.”

The fog was so dense that Kael, mere feet away, couldn’t be seen.

Yet Mord easily located him, grasped his arm, and activated the power of the bracelet.

A humming vibration echoed as a soft light enveloped Kael.

“I can keep my eyes open now.”

Kael, struggling desperately against sleep, brightened up as the bracelet—a gift from the Wolf Goddess—repelled the witch’s enchantment.

“Mord, are you alright?”

“I am somewhat affected too. This power is stronger than I expected.”

Mord said so, flexing his muscles. His titan-like figure tensed, awakening the divine power that flowed within him.

With silvery hair and slate-gray eyes, Mord roared amidst whirlwinds of silver radiance.


His thunderous call reverberated through the fog.

“I’ve come to return your name!”

Then, the fog began to churn violently.

* * *

Fog drifts.

There’s nothing particularly special about it—fog naturally flows with the wind.

But what if that flow was more violent than a river pouring down a waterfall?

“What is this?”

Kael flailed about.

Torrents of fog were washing over them, so dense that it was hard to breathe.

With no hesitation, Kael attempted to summon a Wind Spirit to counter the onslaught…

“The spirit won’t come!”

The Wind Spirit failed to heed his call.

Or more precisely, the fog dispersed before gathering into a spirit’s form.

“Not just spirits, but any magic relying on external factors would be hard to actualize in here. We’re within a magical barrier as constructed by a magician.”

Mord with flurrying silver hair replied.


With a strike through the air, he released an impulse explosion.

The flow of the fog tore asunder, offering a brief glimpse beyond.


For a brief moment, Kael thought he had seen the witch within that scene.

Bam, bam, bam, bam!

Mord did not stop.

Lashing out with his fists, he ripped through the atmosphere, forging ahead.

‘The witch?’

Kael, sticking close behind, peered over to scan the front and his eyes widened in shock.


There stood a monster, twice the size of Mord, with a bulbous body and short limbs.

* * *

The witch could no longer remember when she was last threatened.

The fact that she could not even remember how she fought suggested it was a very ancient memory.

Her days were peaceful.

Though the fact that she knew neither who she was nor why she was performing such tasks in that place tormented her.

She could be joyfully bathing in the glare of the weak sunlight, but at other times the inexplicable situation felt suffocatingly agonizing.

Her days were peaceful.

When the anguish became unbearable, she would sleep—a long slumber that spanned seasons.

There were no threats. It had been a long time since anyone had crossed the mist to reach her.

For ages, her duty was not to fight a threat but to ensure the ignorant did not harm themselves.

Her days were peaceful.

Yet, a promise had to be kept.

She might have forgotten who she was, who the promise was with, or why it was made, but she had to uphold it.

Someday, someone would covet what she protected.

To prepare for that eventuality, she had to remain here.

It was her existence’s purpose, as whispered by the voice deep within her consciousness.

Her days were…

“Your promised protection never existed in the first place, witch.”

…no longer peaceful.

* * *

Mord barreled through the fog to arrive before the witch.

The marsh muck clung to his ankles as if to hold him back.

This was not an ordinary marsh, infused with the divine intent to detain intruders.

However, as Mord rolled his foot once, that power scattered to pieces.

Bursting through the exploding marsh, he approached the witch.

Originally, the witch was a being of beauty.

A belle in her tribe, attracting the fervent glances of many.

An appropriate characteristic for a character from myth.

Yet how did the current witch appear?

She was a colossus, thrice the size of Mord.

Her head and torso covered in grey fur interconnected in a rounded fashion without a distinct neck, and her small short limbs made it astonishing that she could stand on two feet.

Her gem-like eyes did not reveal emotion, and her large open mouth hung agape.

She looked like a cute monster puppet, almost deliberately designed.

[You will not depart…]

But that was only before she had shown hostility.

[An intruder, an enemy…!]

Her tiny hands and arms enlarged immensely – expanding larger than her own body – targeting Mord from both sides.

Boom! Boom!

Mord deftly defended against the incoming giant palms.

Then the witch opened her mouth, and out poured a flash of blinding light from her teeth-filled maw.


The land 30 meters in front of the witch was annihilated with a sweeping blast.

Mord leaped to dodge the attack, but the witch’s assault had only just begun.

Magical lights began to rise from everywhere.

Boom boom boom boom!

Countless spells rained down like hail upon the land.

Kael screamed as he frantically dodged the magical onslaught.

“Mord! What should we do? You have a plan, right?”

“Of course, I have.”

Mord replied confidently, lightening Kael’s expression.

But it immediately froze when Mord continued.

“We have to beat her up while calling out keywords to trigger her original self, so we can get her to a state where we can converse.”


“Survive with all your might.”

Wrapped in silvery lightning, Mord lunged at the witch.

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