The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 47

**Chapter 47: The Ring of Lightning**

“The Ring of Lightning.”

It was an item that could be charged with the user’s mana to cast magic from the lightning category.

With magic up to the 6th circle embedded within, its value was immense.

Furthermore, it provided a formidable defense against lightning attacks.


Kael couldn’t help but admire it.

Slipping the ring onto his finger and infusing it with mana, he felt a connection between himself and the ring.

Information about the magic powers contained within the ring started to flow into his mind.

“Are you satisfied with that?” asked Mord.

“Ah, well…”

Unable to take his eyes off the ring, Kael hesitated before replying,

“Th-thank you.”

With his face blushing and eyes briefly evading hers, he looked quite cute and adorable.

If only he weren’t an older man than Mord.

Frowning, Mord gathered the remaining two items.

“What are those?”

“The necklace resists unsolicited magical interference and detects hidden magic powers. And this golden key—as its appearance suggests—not only serves as a key but also acts as a map directing to its intended location.”

“A key and a map… Does it lead to another piece of an Archlich Lord?”

“That’s right.”

Mord draped the necklace around his own neck and stowed the golden key into an interdimensional backpack.

“Now, it’s time to wrap things up.”

“Wrap things up?”

Perplexed, Kael waited for an explanation, but Mord responded with action instead of words.


He started crushing a partially decayed skull embedded in the ground with sheer grip strength.

“Why are you doing that?”

“This is a piece of the Archlich Lord.”

“What? That is?”

“Yes. What we defeated in the dungeon was just a physical manifestation invoked by the consciousness within this skull. If we don’t destroy this actual piece, it’s as if we’ve accomplished nothing.”

Aidan’s party in Sedocma was not aware of this.

Having dismissed the skull as a mere decoration, they overlooked it.

After Aidan and his companions had left with their treasure, members of the Revenant Lords organization stealthily entered the room and secured the Archlich Lord’s piece.

Thus, Archlich Lord Krex, through the gradual collection of pieces, was on the verge of complete resurrection.

Flames burst forth!

After crushing the skull, Mord incinerated it with his aura, leaving not a single trace.

‘With this, a complete resurrection of that fiend is impossible.’

Mord had perfectly destroyed one of the Archlich Lord Krex’s fragments, ensuring that even if the Revenant Lords gathered all the remaining pieces, a full resurrection would be impossible.

‘But it’s only one of seven pieces; I must destroy as many as possible.’

The seven pieces represented seven fragments of the world, so Mord had every reason to find them all.

However, only three pieces had surfaced in Sedocma, and he needed to figure out how to find the rest.

‘Let that be a problem for later… At least we’ve gained a lot this time.’

Regrettably, the world fragment he acquired this time did not merge with the fragments he already possessed.

Yet, the mere increase in the number of fragments he held was significant enough.

“Let’s leave this city immediately.”

But outside awaited a situation that neither of them had anticipated.

* * *

Mord and Kael left the secret underground room and headed towards the passage leading up from the underground sewer system.

However, just as they opened the entrance…

“Watch out!”

Kael warned Mord and jumped to the side.


A flash of light surged down through the opened ceiling entrance.

The beam of light was a 4th circle spell commonly used for ambushes, known as ‘Executioner’s Light,’ renowned for its high lethality against individuals.


Someone who had jumped down through the entrance attacked Kael.

“Twin sword technique, huh?”

Kael was not the least bit flustered.

He may have looked young, but he was well-experienced in combat; he was familiar with twin sword techniques.

Fwip fwip fwip!

Kael’s sword, enveloped in Sword Impulses, effortlessly blocked the enemy’s twin swords.

The twin swordsman launched a versatile and relentless assault, but Kael evaded and countered with easy and fluid movements.

In a flash, Kael’s presence blurred, and he dashed in an unexpected direction, slashing through the attacker’s torso.


Even though he managed to deal with one, more enemies were continuously dropping down through the passageway.

Gathering around Mord and Kael, their numbers reached 36, all of them elite combatants with substantial magical power.

“I knew this would happen. If you show mercy, they never see it as kindness.”

Chiding under his breath, Kael gazed at one of the men in the group.

As the man wearing a black hood jolted, he revealed his face by removing the hood as if motivated by some thought.

“A Gramolder, was it?”

The blonde man, previously captured by Mord and Kael, had claimed to be a member of the secret organization called Gramolder.

“As you say, we are those tasked with stopping the three calamities of prophecy, the Gramolder.”

“Is that so.”

Mord nodded and raised his fist.

“What a shame then. In that case, you all must die.”


In an instant, Mord charged forward and threw his punch.


The Gramolder combatants up front raised their shields in defense.

However, the explosion shattered both the shield and their bodies.


The blonde man shouted out in panic, but Mord paid him no heed.

-Impulse Ball!

As if annoyed, Mord casually created and rolled an Impulse Ball into the midst of the enemies.

Boom! Bang!

Following a series of explosions, the enemies were swept away.

“Wait! I said let’s talk!” shouted the blonde man in desperation.

“Pfft, you do talk nonsense.”

Kael couldn’t help but laugh, causing the man to shiver with horror because Kael’s voice was coming from right behind him.

“You hid here planning to kill us, then immediately deployed close-quarters combatants after failing, and even sent in over 30 troops for a battle formation.”

Whispering ominously behind the blonde man with his blade pressed to the man’s neck, Kael continued,

“That, that’s because you were too strong, and we aimed to have a dialogue from a position of strength…”

“Maybe I might’ve been a bit sympathetic if you’d omitted the ambush. But I wouldn’t have followed your intentions anyway.”

Kael chuckled endearingly.


Without hesitation, he sliced through the man’s neck.


In the moment his severed head fell from his body, the blonde man had one final thought.

‘I shouldn’t have interfered…’

It was regret for not stopping his organization from antagonizing these two individuals.

“Who… who are you?”

It had been less than 30 seconds since Mord’s assault and Kael’s beheading of the blonde man, yet in that brief time, more than half of the Gramolder members had perished.

Kael, as though it were absurd, asked,

“You tried to kill us without even knowing who we are?”


The woman who appeared to be their leader trembled.

A blonde woman resembling the dead man, wearing magic armor, raged.

“How dare you ignorantly threaten the safety of the world! Thinking you know something! You’ve destroyed Gramolder’s noble lineage! How will you atone for this sin?”


Kael blinked and turned to Mord.

“Am I the strange one or is she crazy?”

“Do you really need to ask me to know the answer?”

“She’s just so confident it’s made me a bit confused.”

With a shrug, Kael left the blonde woman red-faced with fury.

Before she could let out her anger, Kael tilted his head inquiringly,

“So why did you try to kill us without hesitation?”

“Hand over the legacy of the Archlich Lord you acquired. It is an object that brings catastrophe. We, tasked with stopping such disasters, will handle it appropriately.”

The blonde woman spat out angrily.

Laughing at her audacious demand, Kael shook his head.

“Wow, your lot is truly something. Are you really admitting you intended to kill and plunder us?”

“No further words are needed. This is your last chance. Submit quietly…”

“That’s right. No need for so many words. I shouldn’t have listened.”

Kael sighed, shaking his head, as the blonde woman erupted in anger.

“Iniquitous beings that endanger the world! I shall make you realize your sins!”


The woman began to transform.

Gathering light above her head, her whole body shifted into a silhouette of light…

“There’s still a hidden ace, I see.”

Kael rushed towards her.

As the remaining Gramolder members tried to protect her,


“No, stop him! Just until the lady finishes transforming…!”

But they were no match for Kael. As he tore through them like a whirlwind, their numbers dwindled rapidly.

Yet they managed to buy enough time for the blonde woman to complete her transformation.


Kael, having sliced through his opponents like a tempest, was repelled back.


His expression changed.

The woman, whose hair had turned blue and eyes glowed brightly, unleashed a tremendous magical power.

[You lowly half-elf dare to harm the lineage of Gramolder, bearers of a grand mission! Die in agony and honor our noble bloodline as an offering!]

In a rage, she extended her hand, and blades of light materialized in the air, soaring towards Kael.

Fwip fwip fwip!

But Kael, nimbly adjusting his posture in midair, dodged and deflected each one.

-Mirage Slash!

He swung his sword in the air.


His Sword Impulse surged ten meters forward and sliced through the transformed blonde woman’s torso.

She was taken aback.

Although a powerful force around her blocked the attack, she was caught completely off guard.

[You dare play tricks on me!]

The enraged woman looked on as Kael laughed in front of her.

“It’s nothing special.”

“I told you.”

From the sidelines, Mord stepped forward.

“There’s no need to recognize their identity. They’re just fools playing at secret organization games, clueless of the vastness of the world, deluded into thinking they’re special.”

“Still, isn’t that woman kinda strong? Not scared?”

“Don’t be melodramatic.”

Mord snorted and strode towards the woman.

[You monster!]

She conjured a sword of light, throwing it at Mord alongside two beams of light that shot from her eyes.


The light erupted, sending shockwaves rippling through the space.


Beyond the scattering light, the woman staggered, disbelief across her face.

“See, I really hate it when people talk nonsense like you did.”

Appearing beside her, Kael smiled cutely.

[Impossible, this can’t be…]

As blue sparks flew from Kael’s sword, it cleaved deeply into the woman’s body, piercing through to her heart.

“So, off to the afterlife with you. I have no clue who you think you are.”

Kael delivered the final blow to the woman.

Thus ended the secret organization Gramolder, who believed themselves chosen and special.

* * *

In the darkness, someone tilted their head in confusion.


In a room void of light, a faint radiance emerged.

The glow was from the surface of one of several stone tablets decorating the room.

[The lineage of Gramolder has vanished?]

He murmured, seemingly astonished.

These tablets were magical artifacts created with ancient magic. They could determine if their enemies from the past, who passed on their abilities through bloodlines, still existed.

And now, one had served its purpose.

[Could they have clashed with the detachment sent to Lelaine and perished? But that seems too simple…]

When such things happened, one might furrow one’s brow.

However, the figure could not, as he was a skeletal undead with blue flames burning within his eye sockets instead of fleshy eyes.

Archlich Dairik.

He was the leader of the secret ‘Revenant Lords’ organization.

He had located a fragment of the legendary Archlich Lord Krex’s soul and, by forming a contract, had acquired the power of an Archlich.


Dairik considered contacting the team excavating the Archlich Lord’s ruins in Lelaine but then decided against it.

[Best to avoid attracting their attention.]

A report was due soon anyway, but there was a more pressing reason.

[The Blood of Silver, those arrogant beings, why are they moving this way?]

He became aware of the movement of ‘The Blood of Silver,’ a dreaded secret society, near Lelaine.

Sadly, as the Revenant Lords currently stood, they had to carefully avoid even the slightest friction with such a formidable adversary.

‘Just you wait. Once He revives, even they will kneel before us!’

If the legendary Archlich Lord Krex was fully resurrected, things would change drastically.

[Hope our business remains unaffected…]

Instead of clicking his tongue, Dairik clacked his teeth, unaware of the worst disaster unfolding in Lelaine until much later.

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