The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 46

Episode 46: The Extra is Too Strong

[Ah, the Bernas bloodline is truly annoying.]

Akritch ground his teeth in frustration.

Within the dispersing flashes of light and billowing smoke, Mord stood with his arms crossed in front of him.

He was only about 10 meters away, barely pushed back at all.

[But that’s enough.]

Before Mord could relax his stance, Akritch completed a spell he had been preparing from the start.

[Rise, my minions!]

It was a spell to summon high-level undead.


Shadows coalesced, forming two figures.

Even incomplete, their presence overwhelmed the surroundings.

But Mord did not wait for them to fully form.

-Impulse Ball!

He threw one Impulse Ball at each, then charged forward.

[You’re like a rampaging bull!]

Irritated, Akritch cast a protective spell.

Mord’s attack was so powerful that Akritch feared his summoned minions might be destroyed before they could fully manifest.

Boom Boom Boom Bang!

As fervently as Mord unleashed his attacks, Akritch continued to cast defensive spells.

The barrier would break, then be restored, a new barrier would form pushing Mord back, and sometimes he would use the power of curses to halt Mord’s movement before reconstructing the barrier.

Meanwhile, beyond it, the two high-level undead were nearing completion.

Then, unexpectedly, Mord made a strange move.

In between attacks, he threw a dagger at Akritch.

[Ha! You think you can distract me? A brute like you dares to play such tricks against a mage…!]

Wrapped in light, the dagger flew towards Akritch, who didn’t even bother to block it.

He believed that the defensive spells he cast on himself were sufficient to protect him, unless Mord attacked directly.

Ignoring it and pressing the attack on Mord was the best course of action.


That’s what he thought.


Until the light-encased dagger pierced through his defensive spell like paper and embedded itself into his body.

At the same time, Mord whispered with power infused in his voice.

“Kill the magic.”

In an instant, the anti-magic field enveloping the dagger’s blade explosively expanded.


Akritch screamed in agony.

As a being made entirely of black magic from head to toe, when the dagger enveloped in the anti-magic field plunged into his body and the field inside began to spread, he suffered tremendous damage.

[What is this… How can such a thing exist in the world…?!]

Even in his excruciating pain, Akritch couldn’t hide his shock.

The anti-magic dagger was not something his knowledge could fathom!

Of course, Mord didn’t bother to clear up his confusion.

“Complacency is a sin worthy of death.”

Mord didn’t care whether the high-level undead were complete; he sprang forward.

From the Bernas’s combat techniques, he unleashed the simplest yet most destructive punch!

-Mountain Breaker!

A silver glow wrapped his fist as it shot straight forward, piercing space.


A thunderous roar echoed.

[Agh, no…!]

And Akritch screamed as he crumbled to the ground.

[To be defeated by a mere scrap of Bernas…!]

Akritch’s torso was shattered.

Mord’s strike was powerful, but the true devastation came from the damage dealt by the anti-magic field.

The black magic that constituted the being known as Akritch came apart at the seams when hit with a fatal blow in its weakened state.

“You talk too much for someone who’s already defeated. Both your main body and this fragment are nothing but losers.”

Mord grasped Akritch’s head.

“Thanks for the gift.”

[What? What do you mean…?]

Akritch’s question was cut short.


Mord obliterated Akritch’s skull with the power of aura and incinerated every last bone fragment with immense energy.


Cael blinked in awe of the spectacle.

Mord spoke to him.

“Good job. Thanks to your help winning that one breath, the battle was slightly easier.”

“That’s a really annoying way to compliment someone, you know… can’t even complain because it’s true….”

Cael grumbled.

In the battle with Akritch, that was the extent of his contribution, and Cael knew it all too well.

“But that dagger was really something. It even pierced through the defenses of a High Mage…”

“Had he actively cast a defensive spell, it wouldn’t have broken through. But he relied solely on his constant protective spells, so it was easy to take him down.”

Aidan’s group had suffered much more in Sedokma.

At that time, Aidan had not yet unraveled the secret of the anti-magic dagger.

“But you would have won without it, right?”

At Cael’s grumbling question, Mord paused to think then replied.

“Perhaps. But it would have been much more difficult and troublesome.”

“Just difficult and troublesome?”

“If it had gone too far, I could’ve lost and died. After all, he was a High Mage, a black magician at that.”


“Anyway, that’s all the business we have in this dungeon. Let’s destroy the dungeon’s core, take what we can, and leave this city.”

“Yeah. It’s really annoying to be kicked out as soon as we arrive and have to camp outside… but given the circumstances, it’s the right thing to do.”

Cael sighed deeply.

From the very moment the Lord of Rebirth blew up their lodging, Mord had attracted too much attention. It was best to leave quietly before things got more troublesome.

“But where’s the core?”

“There are two cores in this dungeon.”

One is a fragment of Lord Akritch.

And the other…


Mord punched and shattered the golden throne to pieces.

From within, something arose, radiating a mesmerizing light.

“That makes four.”

It was a World Fragment.

* * *

After they destroyed the core, the dungeon collapsed.

The two were back in the space where the dungeon once stood, now untouched by the other world’s encroachment.


Cael looked around in confusion.

This place was definitely…

“Isn’t this where we entered the dungeon?”

It was precisely the point they had entered through the golden key.

As evidence, the corpses of the Lord of Rebirth’s operatives lay behind them, unmoved.

“When a dungeon collapses, it’s common to exit at the initial entry point. The dungeons I’ve entered before did the same.”

“Oh, I see. But when we entered the dungeon, it was a corridor… now it’s just a room?”

True to his words, inside the open door was a small room.

It was quite a gap from the dark, elongated passageway they remembered inside the dungeon.

Mord entered the room to look for the item he wanted.

The room wasn’t filled with many items.

A dusty note and notebook left unused on a desk, and a rusty pen scattered among them; a bookshelf on one side of the wall that appeared empty and lacked books.

“It’s not even a magic book.”

“All of this is a decoy. But the real room is somewhere else….”

Mord was saying this when…


Cael screamed.

Mord turned, wondering what had happened, to see Cael trembling as though he couldn’t believe his own realization.

“All my loot… It’s gone!”


All the loot they had amassed and packed into a cart while exploring the dungeon had completely disappeared.

More accurately, they couldn’t bring it back with them after the dungeon collapsed.

“It can’t be….”

Cael was distraught, collapsing on the spot with a look of utter defeat.

It was then that a sudden realization struck him, and he glared accusingly at Mord.

“You knew about this, didn’t you?”

“About what?”

“How casually you let me collect loot. Did you know from the start that we couldn’t bring it with us?”

Mord frowned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It was strange, no matter how I thought about it.”

Cael voiced his bitter speculation.

“A dungeon that had been sealed for 200 years was too well-preserved.”

There were too many intelligent undead.

Too many with the power of reasoning, not overwhelmed by madness.

“If all of this was an illusion due to encroachment, then it makes sense. As you said, the Archlich’s fragment, merely self-aware items normally, could manifest with a bodily form inside.”

“…The Dream of Chaos.”

At that, Mord finally understood what Cael was getting at.

The Dream of Chaos.

It’s somewhat akin to the boundary between reality and dreams.

A space made up only of potent magic-laden information, yet not truly existing in reality.

It’s almost like virtual reality.

However, if a real-life being were to be drawn into it, everything that happens within becomes reality.

Meaning, if you die inside, you die for real.

“Indeed… That theory could be correct.”

In Sedokma, Aidan’s group struck from behind just as the Lord of Rebirth almost completed the dungeon, then moved on to the lowest level to defeat Akritch.

This process was very quick, so they didn’t have time to feel this strangeness.

But thinking back on their experience while advancing through the dungeon from the first floor, Cael’s speculation seemed accurate.

‘With World Fragments being used as materials, it’s certainly possible that the dungeon was realized as the Dream of Chaos.’

Mord felt sorry for Cael.

Even so, seeing his expression as if he had lost a nation just moments ago, one couldn’t help but feel a prick of conscience.

“It can’t be helped.”

Mord sighed softly and then said.

“I’ll state this for the record… I had no idea about it. There was never any intention to deceive you.”

“Sure. You’re not that kind of guy.”

Cael looked as if he might burst into tears any moment.

It was more than mental collapse; he felt taken aback for amassing riches only to have them snatched away.

“But since you did contribute to the fight, I’ll give you compensation.”


“Just don’t quibble about the compensation.”

With that, Mord glanced at the floor.


And he slammed his fist into the ground, shattering it.

* * *

Under the seemingly ordinary room lay a hidden cellar.

Normally, one would have to solve various puzzles in the room and use clues acquired during the dungeon exploration to reach it.

But Mord, unceremoniously, smashed his way through with brute force.

Why waste time going roundabout when he already knew the answer?


The secret room beneath wasn’t so simple as just breaking through the floor—it was 5 meters thick and magically concealed by Archlich’s magic.

However, that was all pointless before Mord’s fist, which was certain of the secret room’s existence.

“Wow, this does give off a real treasure room vibe.”

Cael gawked at the secret room in amazement.

It was a real treasure storage, unlike the decoy room, not giving off the impression of someone having lived there.

In the center stood a decayed skeleton embedded in the floor, and on each of the four surrounding walls rested an item on a display stand.

Mord picked up a small leather backpack.

“This is a subspace backpack. It boasts about five times the capacity of this room.”

“What? Such an absurd item exists?”

Cael was shocked.

Subspace backpacks were still being made in this era.

A High Mage proficient in item crafting could create them.

However, due to its rarity, and especially not in such an absurdly large size, he had never heard or seen one.

‘It’ll become unnecessary once more World Fragments are gathered… but it’ll be useful for a while.

From the outside, it was unremarkable.

Just a small leather backpack, half the size of a typical one.

But its essence was truly an extraordinary treasure.

Besides its impressive capacity, it allowed the inscribed owner to search and find items placed inside.

Security features prevented others from handling or moving it unless designated by the owner, and if close enough, it could move telekinetically back to its owner’s hand.

Given the importance of minimizing luggage weight and volume during travels, it was incredibly valuable.

‘Inscription complete.’

Mord completed the owner inscription process immediately.

“And this… you can take this.”

Mord tossed a ring to Cael.

Holding the shimmering blue-scaled ring, Cael asked,

“What’s this?”

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