The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 44

Episode 44: The Extra Is Too Strong

“They are quite capable indeed,” Kayel murmured, flicking the blood off his sword. The battle had not taken even five minutes to conclude. Even if Mordred had fought alone, the result would have been the same. But with Kayel there as well, the outcome was inevitable.

If the battlefield had been somewhere else, the fight might have dragged on a bit longer. Even though the underground passage was spacious for its kind, it was still quite narrow compared to the surface, and there was no place to run or hide.

In such a place, the compatibility between Mordred, akin to an armored war chariot, and a high-ranking black mage with limited firepower, was the worst possible.

“Among the secret organizations, these guys are considered pretty good,” Mordred said, joining Kayel in searching the bodies of their enemies and destroying any dangerous-looking objects. Items related to black magic held great risks, so it was best to discard them before they could cause any trouble elsewhere.

‘All the troublesome ones have been dealt with. The variable now is whether that organization called Gramolder unnecessarily interferes or not.’

In Sedocma, the organization had almost completed their dungeon conquest when Aidan’s party entered and caught them by surprise from behind. However, the conclusion was unsatisfactory; the enemies that had survived and fled were, after Aidan’s party had finished their dungeon conquest, able to uncover the secrets hidden within and achieve their objectives. As a result, Aidan’s party inflicted significant damage on the Revenant Lord’s forces and acquired the treasures hidden in the dungeon. Yet, they could not prevent the actions leading to the resurrection of the Archlich Lord.

‘Such things must not happen again,’ Mordred thought, unwilling to witness the resurrection of the Archlich Lord.

“So, is it time for us to head into the dungeon now?” Kayel’s eyes sparkled with excitement. Mordred nodded and pulled out a golden key. There was a large iron door where the servants of the Revenant Lord had been.


Inserting the golden key into the lock and turning it, the door opened without much resistance.


The old, heavy iron door began to open on its own. Beyond it lay a dark underground passage, seemingly a continuation of the path they had already traversed.

‘As expected, the dungeon starts from here.’

The moment they entered through the door, they experienced the distinct feeling of entering a dungeon—an area that did not simply extend from a normal building but was its own separate space.

“This feels somewhat similar to a demonized dungeon, doesn’t it?” Kayel frowned, a veteran warrior who had mastered the conquest of demonized dungeons. Unlike Mordred, he was able to sense an aura similar to demonization within this dungeon.

“Since it’s a dungeon created with power borrowed from demon-kind by the Archlich Lord, yes. But even though it was created using demonic power, it’s not directly connected to the demon world.”

“Ah, that makes sense since we’re dealing with a high-ranking black mage.”

The roots of black magic lie in the demon world. It was only natural for a dungeon constructed by an Archlich—a high-ranking black mage—to emanate a feeling of the demon world.

“But could the contents also be similar to those of a demonized dungeon…?”

“It’s unlikely,” Mordred said, his eyes peering into the dark passage beyond.


Ominous sobbing sounds filled the air. They were made by countless beings shuffling through the passage, filling it to the brim. Some were translucent phantoms, others were zombies and ghouls with rotting flesh, and some were skeletons consisting only of white bones.

“We’ll break through in one go.”

“It’s different from a demonized dungeon, but still…” Kayel sighed, a hint of disappointment in his voice. But it was only momentary.

The two pressed forward like a storm through the dungeon, smashing the undead swarm.

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