The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 43

Episode 43: The Extra Is Too Strong

“Why did you come here?” Kayle asked.

The black market wasn’t very large. From Mord’s perspective, it was about the size of a flea market in a city park – something he was quite familiar with and often saw on Earth.

It made sense since it only catered to a limited clientele.

“There are two items I’m looking for.”

“What items?”

“One is an old book, and the other is an old, broken dagger.”

Mord detailed the appearance of the items he sought to Kayle as best he could. Thankfully, the items had distinct features, making them easier to describe.

“Why are you looking for them?”

“I’ll tell you if I find them. Just so you know, both items are being sold dirt cheap.”

“Got it.”

The two split up to scour the black market.

‘As expected.’

In less than ten minutes, they had accomplished their goal.

Mord found an old book with a torn black cover among a pile of books for sale. When he opened it, it seemed like nothing more than a book of someone’s doodles – it was a mystery why it was being sold in the black market.

At a vendor dealing in weapons and travel gear, Kayle found the old dagger. Its blade was so rusted that the edges were severely chipped, and it bore the engraving of a lion mauling what seemed to be a magician.

Both items were a steal.

“Is that all?”

“Let’s go.”

“What are these for?”

“I’ll explain as we go.”

Leaving the black market, Mord took paths through deserted alleys towards the west side of the city. He then lightly cut his palm with a finger from his opposite hand, drawing blood.

“What are you doing?”

Kayle was understandably startled. After all, Mord had suddenly self-injured.

Without explanation, Mord smeared the drawn blood on the blade of the rusted dagger.


The dagger began to emit light as it responded to the blood of a divine being, a relic from ancient times.

It transformed into a beautiful, shining weapon that seemed implausible given its prior condition.

“Its function is simple. It kills magic.”

When he infused it with magic power, the dagger glowed.

Mord threw it.


It sliced through the dirty alley wall like butter.


Murmuring a command, the dagger pulled itself free from the wall and flew back to him.

“The greatest use of this dagger is that it creates an anti-magic field. It’s an incredibly useful throwing weapon against magicians.”


Kayle’s eyes went wide. As a high-ranking warrior from Bernas, he had used many magical items in his time, and he could tell this was a remarkable piece.

“To think this was bought for the price of a drink… The seller would lose sleep over the deal if he knew.”

“The black market is always like that.”

It was quite a funny remark considering it was Mord’s first time at the black market, and he didn’t tell Kayle, but there was another secret to this dagger. It was a key to unlocking an ancient ruin found by Aiden in Sedokma, and after it fulfilled that role, its performance would further enhance.

‘The other two.’

He needed to gather the three keys to uncover the secret they held.

‘But even now, it’s an incredible item.’

For it was a relic of myth, one that could not be awakened without the blood of a divine being.

This was the legacy of a god who devoted everything to hatred.

Long ago, there had been a war among the gods.

A warrior god who lost everything to a godly kin using magic as a weapon had sacrificed his very existence to create a weapon that ‘kills magic.’

And this dagger was part of that creation.

“What about the book?” Kayle asked.

“It’s a magician.”

“Huh? A grimoire?”

“No, a magician.”

“…I have no idea what you’re talking about. Does it also reveal its true form if divine blood is spilled on it?”

“No. This item is useless as it is. It will take many steps to return to its true form. For now, I just needed to secure it.”

In Sedokma, Aiden had bought this book in the black market after feeling strangely drawn to it; he later tosses it aside after days of checking for secrets to no avail.

Later, when its secret is unraveled, its tremendous value is revealed.

‘But even knowing the answer, it’s a hassle to restore it to its full form.’

For Mord, it was crucial to get ahead and prevent the book from falling into Aiden’s hands.

In Sedokma, Aiden was meant to get entangled with various figures in the underworld and eventually reach the black market where another incident would unfold… But such a future would now be averted.


Upon reaching the entrance to the underground sewer in the west of the city, Mord spoke.

“Kayle, it’s time to fulfill your wish.”

“My wish?”

“After wiping out the Reincarnation Lords down here, you’ll find the secret dungeon you’ve been yearning to enter.”

Chapter 15: Legacy of the Archlich Lord

As one would expect, the underground sewer was pitch black and reeked.

“That’s why the Spirit of Wind is the best.”

Kayle boasted as he exuded confidence.

With the power of the wind spirit at work, Mord and Kayle didn’t suffer from the foul stench at all, enjoying the comfort as they navigated through.

“There should be a hidden passage in the floor,” Mord said.

“The floor? Oh, you mean…”

Kayle looked around and asked, “You don’t mean we have to go into that cesspool water?”



After a moment of silence, Kayle asked, “You’re not really planning to go in there, are you?”



“Do I look like an aquatic spirit mage to you?”

While grumbling, Kayle still used his wind spirit magic to rummage through the water beneath.

‘Well, if he’s told to do something, he just does it. Maybe because he’s a soldier?’

Mord thought it likely, as Kayle often gave off the vibe of someone who would obey orders, no matter how sleazy or dirty they were.

Luckily, the water wasn’t deep, so with the help of the wind spirit, they could push it aside, creating a space to meticulously search the floor.

“I’ve found it.”

About 30 minutes into their search, a visibly irritated Kayle brightened up.

“There it is!”

The wind spirit cleared the water, revealing a round door installed in the floor, big enough for a person to pass through easily.

“Can you open it?” Mord asked.

“It seems magically sealed. Do we use that key?”

“It’s unlikely.”

Mord pondered for a moment. Breaking through the floor to the passageway below was easy, but the sewer was part of the city’s infrastructure, which he didn’t want to damage if possible.

“It’s worth a try, though.”

Mord muttered as he took out the anti-magic dagger he had acquired in the black market.


Throwing the glowing dagger, it miraculously penetrated the steel door.


The dagger’s anti-magic field interacted with the magic seal on the door and started to dismantle it.

“It wasn’t a very complex spell, after all.”

If the magic sealing the door had been of a higher level, it wouldn’t have been this easy to break through.

After retrieving the anti-magic dagger, Mord opened the door and jumped below to find a very spacious passage that stretched more than eight meters high from floor to ceiling.

Shortly, they encountered a turn, and beyond the angular passage lay sheer darkness.

“Wow, how did they create such a large secret space underground?” Kayle marveled, following Mord into the hidden expanse below the city.

Though it was possible for a secret space to exist beneath the city, the existence of such a huge space, which would require significant construction, yet remained unknown was quite strange.

“If Archlich Lord himself intervened, then it’s quite feasible.”

Secret bases for high-level mages often existed in impossible environments, especially if a dark mage could command the undead as a labor force.

Thud thud thud…

Mord boldly walked toward the other end of the passage as Kayle questioned him.

“Is this where those Reincarnation Lords are? Shouldn’t we mount a surprise attack?”

“There’s no need.”

Disregarding Kayle’s suggestion, Mord advanced.


Then, a chilling sound began to echo from beyond the darkness.

It was not the sound of living beings moving but rather that of undead beings, roused by necromancy.

Skeletons stripped to the bone, zombies rotting away, and ghouls more ferocious and powerful than zombies, all detected the invaders and approached.

The shadowy veil of relentless darkness, filled with the cacophony of bone scraping against bone, brought forth twenty undead beings – a sight that to any ordinary person would signal absolute despair and terror.

That is, if an ordinary person encountered them.


With a mere punch from Mord, a ghoul burst apart.

Boom! Smash! Bang!

Then, the remainder fell just as easily.

Each time Mord thrust his fist or kicked, the undead literally disintegrated, scattering apart.


In less than five seconds, the entire unit of twenty undead had been obliterated.

“…It’s clear we didn’t need to carefully plan an ambush. That would have been more wasteful.”

Kayle shook his head in disbelief.

“Oh, no…”

And beyond the wiped-out undead force, a panicked human voice emanated.

“Who on earth are you? How did you get in here?”

It was the necromancer of the Reincarnation Lords in command of the undead.

Piercing the darkness, Mord smiled fiercely upon identifying the enemy’s presence.

* * *

The Reincarnation Lords were not an organization known for weakness. Centered around high-level necromancers, they were far from lacking in combat abilities.

The unit sent to discover the legacy of the Archlich Lord consisted of elite members of their organization.

Two advanced necromancers capable of controlling multiple undead and two high-level necrowarriors on par with them composed a formidable force.

With five additional necromancers and ten necrowarriors, this party alone could easily transform a small domain into a land of death.

However, strength is always relative.

– Waves of the North! Baptism of Nightmare! Bio-Corrosion!

One necromancer after another, shielded by their warriors, unleashed a string of curses.

Being underground restricted them from using spells with great impact or explosive force, hence the barrage of ice spells and curses filling the corridor.

Overwhelming firepower.

Empowered by two senior mages capable of casting 5th and 6th circle spells!

Boom boom boom boom!

But the muscular man with a body as solid as steel brushed through it all, clad in a radiance that shielded his entire being.


With a punch into the air, Mord sent a ripple of light that decapitated a necromancer from 15 meters away.

“It’s the Master!”

One of the higher-ranking necromancers groaned, recognizing the aura gauntlets on Mord’s hands.

“Block him at all costs! While we…”

The instant the leading high-level necromancer shouted.


Mord’s magic power exploded outward.

The sudden appearance of a Master-level martial artist was shocking enough, but as Mord’s hair turned silver, unleashing a wave of magic power that nearly numbed the senses, the true horror was revealed.

“Bernas’ divine blood…!”

Realizing Mord’s true identity, the high-level necromancer was struck by terror.

And Mord, sprinkling silver flashes around him, stormed through them like an unstoppable force.

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