The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Extra is Too Strong

The Archlich is a high-ranking existence among liches. It is a transcendent magician who has reached the 9th circle that most magicians aspire to and has transformed themselves into a lich.

And when “Lord” is added to that title, it refers to a being with the authority to command an undead legion.

“The great sorcerer who caused the war seeking to become the god of death. The current leader of the Revenant Lords has shared contracts and transformed into an Archlich through that legacy.”

They were a secret organization that couldn’t compare to the Blood of Silver, but they were still rather formidable.

In Sedokma, they would crumble every time they clashed with the protagonist, Aidan, but they managed to resurrect the Archlich Lord, causing a disaster that killed thousands.

‘In the end, he too died at Aidan’s hands.’

The Archlich Lord’s resurrection happened in the middle of Sedokma.

By that time, Aidan was already a great sorcerer and had powerful allies with him.

Kael asked, “How do you know all this so well?”

“Because I have good sources.”

“You won’t tell me who the source is?”

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.”

Mord scoffed and looked at the blonde man.

He was frozen in horror.

It seemed he was struggling to hold back his urge to immediately ask how Mord knew, especially after having been hit for speaking out of turn minutes earlier.

It wasn’t for lack of courage.

‘He’s not someone you can communicate with.’

That was the impression he had gotten just from a short observation of Mord.

Mord cocked his head.

“But I still don’t know who this guy is. Is he a minion from another secret organization fighting over relics with the Revenant Lords? There are too many of these insignificant groups thinking they’re something special, playing at being a secret organization…”

“…Our organization is not insignificant, nor are we as evil as the Revenant Lords.”

The blonde man blurted out defensively, pride for his organization apparent.

Mord asked, “Then what is your organization?”


“Last warning. If you don’t answer, I’ll just kill you. I’m not really interested in what trivial group you belong to, and the Revenant Lords are going to be crushed by me eventually anyway.”

The blonde man began sweating.

Mord’s casual demeanor as he talked about killing the man was terrifying.

There was no bluffing, just the real inconvenience of dealing with him.

It seemed frustrating to even waste energy to extract worthless information from the blonde man.

Without giving him a moment to think, Mord pressed on, “What does your organization do?”

The blonde man tried to keep silent but…

“It’s Gramolder!”

Fearing the punch about to come his way, he quickly answered.


Mord’s fist stopped just before the man’s face.

With a burst of air, his hair was blown back, and his face contorted.

With that, the man realized Mord had been serious the whole time.

‘This guy is… truly insane.’

Looking pale, the blonde man was questioned once more by Mord.

“What does Gramolder do?”

“We exist to prevent three prophecies of destruction that exist in this world. One of which involves the Revenant Lords.”

“Prophecies of destruction? No, more importantly…”

Mord tilted his head.

“So the Revenant Lords are a threat of destruction?”

“Yes. The Archlich Lord they’re trying to resurrect was a being close to the god of death. Even now, if their higher ranks were to reveal their power, they could turn this country upside down. If they resurrect the legendary Archlich Lord and lead the prophesied army of death, it would be a truly mythical threat of the end.”


“Why do you look like that?”

The impassioned blonde man was puzzled by Mord’s expression, as Mord looked at him with pitiful eyes.

Instead of answering, Mord asked, “What about the other two prophecies? Are there secret organizations trying to fulfill them as well?”

“No, it’s not that.”

The blonde man was flustered by Mord’s attitude and answered, “There are those scheming the resurrection of the being once called the Dark Sage. And according to prophecy, an entity descended from demons, known as the Black Spirit Master, will one day be unleashed from their seal…”


Unable to hold back any longer, Mord let out a sigh.

Then he frowned and asked, “Let’s skip the talk about your organization. Why were you being chased in the first place?”

“That’s because…”

As the blonde man hesitated, Mord glared at him.

“Because of that lunatic, dozens of innocent people were killed. If you don’t answer properly, I will hold you… no, your organization responsible.”

The dangerous aura emanating from Mord made it clear his threat was no exaggeration or bluster.

Swallowing hard, the blonde man said, “That’s because we stole something important from them.”


Kael interrupted, holding a sparkling golden key in his hand.

The blonde man bit his lip.

“Yes, that’s it. It’s the key that opens the gate to the Archlich Lord’s ruins under this city.”


Mord received the key from Kael and examined it.

‘So there was this.’

Gramolder hadn’t appeared in Sedokma before.

Nor had the existence of this key.

When Aidan arrived in this city in Sedokma, it was later, and the Revenant Lords were on the verge of possessing the Archlich Lord’s ruins.

‘I guess those Gramolder people first got their hands on the key in an attempt to stop the Revenant Lords, but ended up defeated. The Revenant Lords must be using the key to assail the ruins now.’

The Archlich Lord’s ruins weren’t just a storeroom.

It was a dungeon created by the Archlich Lord using demon power.

‘So at this point, no one has attempted to conquer it… what to do?’

In Sedokma, Aidan entered the dungeon after the Revenant Lords had almost fully conquered it, ambushing them and only clearing the remaining parts to extract the core rewards.

But now, it seems Mord himself must conquer everything from the start.

Mord fell into thought.

“What will you do?”

After Kael watched Mord for a moment, Mord quickly made up his mind.

‘Well. They are to be smashed anyway, and the dungeon must be conquered anyway, so there’s no need to hesitate. Just go ahead and do it.’

Making his decision, Mord waved his hand dismissively.

“Take the key with you. Then off you go.”

“What, really?”

“Go on. I’ve heard enough, so go. I’ll trust that your organization, Gramolder, isn’t acting with evil intentions.”

Mord said this and gestured to Kael.

“Let’s go. Before it becomes a hassle, let’s finish our business and leave this city.”

“Eh? Are you really releasing him? What organization does he belong to?”

“I don’t know.”


“It doesn’t matter. We know what we have to do.”

“What’s that?”

“To smash the Revenant Lords lurking in this city!”

With a clear conclusion, Mord moved out.

* * *

Kael was confused.

He thought that Mord releasing the blonde man was some kind of trap.

Wasn’t the standard procedure to feign releasing him and then secretly follow to uncover the organization’s true nature?

Especially since Kael, an expert in such matters, was right by Mord’s side.

But Mord truly let the blonde man go and showed no further concern.

He had confirmed his indifference about who the blonde man was or what the organization Gramolder did.

“Is this really okay?”

Kael, feeling uneasy, was met with Mord’s indifferent reply.

“As the man himself said, seeing as the organization Gramolder considers the Revenant Lords a threat of destruction, it doesn’t seem necessary to worry too much.”

Mord shook his head and started walking, with a puzzled Kael following him.

“Revenant Lords, Archlich Lord? Isn’t that a really terrifying guy?”

“Terrifying, yes. But who do you think is scarier, him or a lord from the demon realm?”

“A demon realm lord, of course.”

A demon realm lord stands at the peak among demonic nobles, a being with enough power to be called a walking disaster.

Undoubtedly, the Archlich Lord would be a terrifying monster. But in Kael’s view, it couldn’t compare to a demon realm lord in its full glory.

“Then between someone who can beat a demon realm lord in a one-on-one fight and the Archlich Lord, who’s scarier?”


Kael grasped Mord’s point.

The demon realm dungeons had appeared several times in the White Demon Territory, with demon realm lords emerging.

And more than once, Eiden, the man, took down a demon realm lord single-handedly.

‘The Archlich Lord could be taken down just by the Bernast Grand Ducal family mobilizing their most elite task force.’

In this world, there are more than enough one-man armies, let alone heroes capable of turning the tide; an Archlich Lord ‘of sorts’ couldn’t discuss the end of the world.

It wouldn’t even qualify as a national threat, at most a regional disaster.

And the Dark Sage and the Black Spirit Master were the same.

No, those two were even less dangerous than the Revenant Lords.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean we can ignore him. The plan is to prevent the Archlich Lord from resurrecting. But we don’t need to investigate or ally with those Gramolder guys to do that.”

Mord didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of seeking cooperation from a group that seemed unlikely to be helpful; he planned to deal with everything himself.

Kael asked, “So are we headed there right now?”

“No, we’re stopping by the black market first.”

“The black market? Why?”

Kael tilted his head, confused by Mord’s priorities.

Now, Mord had interfered with both the Revenant Lords and Gramolder, two secret organizations.

Shouldn’t they move quickly before these groups block their way to the destination?

“There’s something I need to do at the black market. And after we’ve dealt with the Revenant Lords, it might be difficult to stay in this city.”

But Mord was determined.

* * *

The black market.

It’s an establishment that only exists in cities of a certain size, operated by the underworld.

It’s a place where all kinds of illegal transactions take place, where one can find items not easily found in the light of day.

‘Easy’ Mord thought to himself.

‘Good thing I didn’t get rid of him.’

Kael was competent.

In fact, Mord didn’t know how to access the black market; Sedokma had never explicitly explained how.

His plan was to start a conflict with someone from the underworld and then force his way in.

But as soon as Kael heard Mord intended to visit the black market, he promptly found a way to get them in.

He easily identified a tavern operated by an underworld organization among the countless taverns, smoothly traded with the bartender, and secured an entrance ticket to the black market.

Thanks to Kael, Mord could enter the black market without any violent confrontations.

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