The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Extra Is Too Strong

Instead of finishing off the guardian in pursuit, Mordred had waited for it to rise again.

It wasn’t that he was showing off his leeway.

‘Killing it would only revive it anyway with the transformation through the power of the Moon Goddess, so there’s no need to waste energy.’

In Sedokma, the guardian resurrected with each defeat at the hands of Aidan’s group, transforming further through the second and third stages thanks to the power of the Moon Goddess.

It made more sense to force it into its third transformation right from the start and then knock it down.

“Indeed… You’re someone who has the right to say such things!”

The guardian, staggering to its feet, began to grow even larger.


The space vibrated as the guardian’s height reached 2 meters and 50 centimeters, its eyes shining with a strange light.

This transformation was not something the guardian accomplished on its own.

Ten silver wolves that surrounded them dissolved into light and were absorbed by the guardian.

“Now, the real fight begins!”

Mordred, annoyed, looked at the advancing guardian.


Frustration and anger were evident in Mordred’s voice.

“Haven’t you figured out your place yet? I clearly told you to go through with your last transformation.”

At the same time, Mordred moved.


This time, the guardian responded quickly.

It blocked Mordred’s punch, which was wrapped in an aura gauntlet.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t through manipulating the aura that the guardian managed to do this.

A faint light, like moonlight, seemed to protect its body from the aura, a sign that the guardian was a holy warrior serving a deity, not just a martial artist.


However, Mordred didn’t panic when his attack was blocked.

He naturally unleashed a series of strikes, pushing the guardian back defense and all.

Bang! Bang! Kwaang!

Affected by the barrage, the guardian was helplessly pushed back.

“So strong!”

Mordred continued to throw punches, regardless of whether the guardian was blocking or not.

The guardian’s defenses began to shatter.


Finally, Mordred’s fist pierced the torso of the guardian whose arms had been flung away, and a magnificent uppercut sent the guardian spinning three times into the ground, just as before.

“Let’s not waste any more time.”


The rising guardian’s body began to be suffused with light.

Following the wolves, ten werewolves also dissolved into light and were absorbed into the guardian.

It was the third transformation.

Watching the guardian grow to 2 meters and 70 centimeters tall, Mordred thought, ‘This seems stronger than what appeared in Sedokma.’

Mordred seemed to know why.

In Sedokma, having fought with all the enemies in a melee, many werewolves and wolves had died before the guardian could transform.

But now, weren’t all the creatures intact and absorbed by the guardian before this point?

It wasn’t surprising that the guardian’s power in this battle had grown stronger than in Sedokma.

“Not that it matters much.”

At the same time, a silver flash enveloped his body.

His hair turned silver as if molten silver was drawn out, and his eyes changed to a clear silver-gray color.

After completing the third transformation, the shocked guardian wrapped in fierce blue light exclaimed,

“Of lineage divine!”

“Only just realized that?”

Mordred, exasperated, charged in.


Astonishingly, the guardian accelerated in an instant, dodging Mordred’s punch and counterattacking.


A giant fist wrapped in writhing blue light struck Mordred’s head, tilting it sharply.


But Mordred, seemingly about to fall, rooted himself with a strong step and recovered.

“Strong, huh?”

He smirked and swiftly threw his fist.


The guardian, who had just thrown a mighty punch, couldn’t dodge this one.

An explosion echoed as the guardian’s body was pushed back.

Mordred walked slowly forward, his muscles clearly tense, while the guardian, staring at him, bared his teeth.

“Truly strong!”

Despite the overwhelming difference in size between the 195-centimeter-tall Mordred and the 2 meter 70 centimeter tall guardian, a clash of strength was established.

The guardian looked like he was about to take a step forward when suddenly he accelerated like lightning and threw a punch at Mordred.


Before Mordred could even brace for defense, the punch landed.

The massive werewolf’s fist struck Mordred’s chest.


But it was the guardian who was shocked.

Mordred had braced his arms inward, tensing his chest muscles, which alone withstood the fist.

“A third transformation gives you some special ability, huh? Acceleration, is it? It was quite useful.”

Mordred grinned.

And with that, he was certain.

‘This is stronger than what was in Sedokma. Much stronger! Oddly, this seems like a losing battle for me…’

In Sedokma, the guardian did not use such an ability as acceleration.

‘It doesn’t matter. You can’t match me anyway.’

There was no need for Mordred to utilize the power of God-body or the World Fragment.

Even now, he had enough leeway to suppress the guardian.

Mordred grabbed the guardian’s wrist.


He slowly lifted the wrist, and as the guardian resisted, the earth trembled.

It wasn’t just a contest of strength; their magical power clashed.


Ultimately, Mordred successfully lofted the guardian’s wrist. A demonstration that his physical strength was superior.

Then Mordred grabbed the guardian’s arm, swung him around, and threw him toward the statue of the Wolf Goddess.


The guardian, having crashed into the statue, then rebounded, was struck by Mordred’s fist in the abdomen.


The guardian couldn’t even scream.

Mordred relentlessly delivered additional blows to the staggering guardian.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Previously, he had targeted the defenses, but this time each strike hit the body with deadly accuracy.

Each blow was too powerful. Even the sturdy body of the large guardian couldn’t withstand the destructive force of the relentless strikes.

-Thunder Strike!

The guardian, nearly brought to their knees, sustained a lightning-like strike to the head.


And that was the end.

The decapitated body of the great werewolf fell to the ground.


As the ground quaked, Mordred looked around.

“The core is this statue?”

Dungeons are cleared when their core is destroyed.

To Mordred, who had opened the blood of a god, it was clear that the statue of the Wolf Goddess acted as the core of the dungeon.

[Well done.]

Approaching the Wolf Goddess statue, a voice echoed in his head. It was low but feminine.

“What’s this?”

This was something that had not happened in Sedokma.

[Thank you for granting my grand warrior an honorable rest. His death was to be a pathetic one; taken by the enemy’s schemes and stabbed in the back. Not having died an honorable death as a warrior, his desire prevented him from resting. But you have given him a conclusion without regrets.]

Mordred roughly guessed what the Wolf Goddess meant.

He had experienced various creative works on Earth, so it wasn’t hard to fill in the gaps and understand.

‘A spirit of combat deepened into regrets for not having died truly fighting, thus becoming a dungeon wraith.’

And perhaps, the dream was to fight a great and undeniable warrior in a fair fight, to the death?

Fighting Mordred and falling in the battle had perfectly satisfied that desire.

‘In Sedokma, since Aidan is a wizard, he had to fight everyone indiscriminately until clearing the dungeon, right?’

Gods revealing themselves only to warriors who do not rely on magic seemed to reflect an ancient tribal belief.

[Let me show my gratitude. Unfortunately, I am but a remnant of a deity already perished, so I cannot bestow much, but let me give you a small gift.]


A crack formed on the Wolf Goddess statue as a dazzling light cascaded from within.


As everything was bathed in a blinding white glow, something took form.

It was a simple bracelet made of carved wood.

[If you fill that bracelet with moonlight, whenever you wish, the power of the moonlight will protect whoever you choose.]

With that, the presence of the Wolf Goddess disappeared.

‘Moonlight’s power, huh? Not bad at all. It’ll be helpful when I have to protect someone and fight.’

Above all, this was a reward that Aidan had not received in Sedokma.

Pleased, Mordred slipped the bracelet onto his left wrist.

Then he threw a punch at the statue of the Wolf Goddess.


The statue shattered into pieces, and the surroundings underwent a dramatic change.

Crack, crack…

The seemingly stable scenery began to collapse.

The process of the dungeon’s destruction was underway after being cleared.

And then…

“I’ve found it.”

In front of Mordred, a fragment composed of resplendent, multicolored light appeared.

It was a World Fragment.

* * *

World Fragments are scattered throughout various places.

Some are already in someone’s possession, while most are sealed away or hidden somewhere.

The story of Aidan, the protagonist of ‘The Wizard Who Dominates the World’, begins when the excavation and competition over World Fragments are in full swing.

And this dungeon was one where a World Fragment had been concealed.

It was well worth the days Mordred had spent searching the mountain.

‘That makes two.’

Mordred had secured his second World Fragment, which was destined to fall into Aidan’s hands in Sedokma.

The thought of having slightly altered the future again was gratifying.

‘But now…’

Mordred felt the second World Fragment integrate into his being, just like the first.

Like the first fragment, the second one took its place in the spiritual world.

However, the resultant change was different from Mordred’s expectations.

‘I never thought it would turn out this way.’

Each fragment varies in size and holds a different ‘complete world’ landscape.

One could contain a landscape of a mountain peak rising above a sea of clouds like the one Mordred secured from the Graveyard of Gods. Some hold a lava region where fire spirits dance, and others, a hot, barren desert.

As similar fragments are gathered, they form a larger, more powerful whole.

Those that don’t match remain separate and individual.

‘Surprising, indeed.’

Thus, Mordred found the current situation unexpected.

The World Fragment hidden in the dungeon contained a scene of a lush forest under a pale full moon.

It bore no resemblance to the landscape of the World Fragment he already possessed, and he thought it would remain fragmented, but…

‘Well, a peak soaring above the sea of clouds is still a mountain. There could be a night sky with the moon…’

The mountain peaks and the sea of clouds surrounding him transformed into the night sky rather than the day.

A beautiful full moon above cast its pale light.

Descending from the mountain peak into the sea of clouds below, Mordred saw a vast dark forest sprawling beneath him.

‘The space has expanded considerably too.’

The merger of the two fragments didn’t just double the space—it expanded it even more.

‘The power that can be drawn upon has also increased. There should be plenty to research for a while.’

The outcome was even better than Mordred had anticipated.

* * *


While exploring the transformed spiritual landscape, a real-world sensation awakened Mordred.

Opening his eyes, Mordred found himself back where he had been upon first entering the dungeon, with the scenery spread out before him.

“Is it cleared?”

Cayle, comfortably seated on a suitable rock, asked.


Hearing Mordred’s response, Cayle sighed and cast a spirit spell.

The presence of the wind spirits, Cayle’s specialty, began to fade from detection one by one.

Following Mordred’s instructions, Cayle had been diligently guarding against any potential intruders.

‘He’s really obedient.’

Mordred found himself increasingly liking Cayle.

The feeling was not mutual.

“So, are we done around here? Can we go back to the village and sleep?”

“Do you miss a bed that much?”

“Don’t tell me you prefer roughing it outdoors to a bed?”

“That’s not quite it.”

Mordred chuckled.

Having spent five days searching for this mysterious dungeon, he too longed for a proper resting place rather than another night in the wilderness.

“We have a long journey ahead, so let’s head to villages and cities along the way.”

“Long journey… where exactly are we going?”

“I can’t be specific since it’s not just one place. For now, we’ll be touring various locations throughout the kingdom of Lutheban.”

At that, Cayle felt an ominous premonition.

‘Surely it’s not endless suffering until we return north? No, that can’t be it!’

Cayle forced out such negative thoughts and settled his mind.

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