The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 38

The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 38: The Extra Is Too Powerful

Startled, Kyel looked around and widened his eyes when he noticed a significant change in the surroundings.

“No, that is…”

The sharp rock, gleaming white under the moonlight, that Mord and Kyel had been searching for—it now had a massive ‘rift’ above it.

“A dungeon?”

In this world, dungeons are basically a phenomenon of otherworldly incursion.

An abnormal occurrence where this world and another overlap.

Hence, it’s not unusual for the entrances to dungeons to take on peculiar forms.

There could be instances of passing between two pillars and suddenly finding oneself inside a dungeon, or, surprisingly, a small and old abandoned house’s window serving as an entrance.

A sudden rift of light appearing in midair or a giant black hole piercing the void to serve as the dungeon’s mouth were all possible scenarios.

“Yes. It is a dungeon.”

Mord smirked.

This was one of the secretive dungeons mentioned in Sedokma.

In terms of content, it wasn’t a major dungeon.

Nearing the midpoint of the entire volume of Sedokma, it was an episode that Aidan passed through, tracing the remains of a god who was defeated in the mythic wars, whose name was erased as their faith no longer persisted.

While narratively insignificant, the loot obtained from clearing this dungeon held great importance.

It was none other than a shard of the world!

For Mord, he absolutely had to find and clear this dungeon.

With his mouth agape staring at the entrance of the dungeon, Kyel came to his senses and asked,

“Is this what you were looking for?”

“Correct. We are about to enter. You will keep watch outside.”

“Alright. Fine. I’ll keep watch—wait a second!”

Kyel, who had been nodding along naturally, jolted in shock.

“Just like that, you’re going to enter alone without even knowing what dungeon it is?”

“I know.”


“I know what dungeon it is.”

If one didn’t know what dungeon it was, it would be impossible to find.

Even if one stumbled into this vicinity by chance, the likelihood of discovering it was exceedingly slim.

It only opened when the moon was sufficiently full, on a clear night where moonlight could touch the earth unimpeded, and within 5 meters of an old, weathered gravestone that could be considered a mark of the dungeon, if someone with divine bloodline was present.

Meeting all these conditions was truly a difficult feat.

‘Of course, I easily found it because I knew the answer from the start.’

Reading the novel about this world from an omniscient perspective that’s what it meant.

Having the solutions that many have struggled to piece together from the very beginning.

‘But, indeed… Even with such knowledge, acquiring the power to act on it is challenging.’

Mord did not feel the bounties given to him were in any way sufficient.

He had to save the world from a fate of destruction.

When thinking about such a grave mission, what he had was far from enough—it was merely the bare minimum.

“I can handle it alone, as I initially intended. So, you stay outside, on the lookout for anyone approaching, and if anyone does, prevent them from entering the dungeon.”

“But, wait…”

“If you follow me in, this partnership is over. Don’t think you won’t be caught just because you sneak in after me.”

Mord cut in decisively and flung himself into the dungeon’s entrance.

Kyel, who had been blankly staring at the entrance, suddenly vented his frustration.

“You jerk. Not even explaining, flaunting some interesting dungeon like this and not letting me join you? As though I’m not just a big lug, with brains the size of beans! I wanted to enter a secret, mysterious dungeon like this, not always those usual demon-infested ones!”

Left behind, Kyel had no choice but to stomp his feet in frustration.

* * *

When Mord opened his eyes, having grown accustomed to the strange feeling of entering dungeons, he found himself amidst the night’s ruins.

Ruins of what must have once been pristine and beautiful temples.

They weren’t grand temples; they lacked the size.

‘It was an ancient temple.’

In ancient times, there were many gods.

Despite different regions and cultures, many similar gods were worshipped.

Gods of the earth, wind, sky, sun…

‘And the moon.’

Beings that naturally became objects of worship everywhere.

In antiquity, such beings were abundant.

There could be dozens, if not hundreds, of sun and moon gods.

But among these gods, few remained to this era.

If even a small trace existed, it was safe to assume the god had significant influence back then.

This moon temple too must have been a site venerating many lunar deities in the past.

Now, its name and existence were mere echoes, long forgotten.

“This place is… the holy ground of _____! It is not a place for outsiders to intrude, so be gone!”

A figure in white armor blocked the path ahead.

It appeared more like a mass of energy molded into human form than a physical being.

‘He cannot speak its name.’

The warrior seemed natural in speech, but crucially, he could not utter the name of the god he served.

In the mythical era, the defeated god was absorbed by another deity, likely rendering his name unspoken.

“If you will not heed my warning…”

The warrior became distorted as he spoke.

“If not, if not, if no, no, if…!”

His face, shaped like a human’s, morphed into a skull, and as his body contorted, a shrill scream erupted.


Engulfed in madness, the phantom warrior charged fiercely.


And with a single punch, Mord shattered the apparition to pieces.


Frowning, Mord observed the situation.


“Intruder, intrude, er…”

“Blasphemous one!”

More white-armored phantoms started to rise from the ruins.

Mord eyed them at a glance, counting at least fifty, but…

“I need to finish this quickly.”

He loosened his neck with one motion and charged into them, pulverizing one after another with each strike.


Phantoms are fearsome beings by nature.

Unable to be blocked or harmed by conventional means, a common person encountering one would be defeated without a chance to strike back.

But in this world, the power known as ‘magic’ exists.

“I’ve held the opinion that they weren’t all that impressive…”

With magic, one could interact with and even strike a phantom.

To a Mage Warrior, a phantom was simply an adversary that could be beaten.

It was still, of course, not to say phantoms were easy foes. Especially these dungeon phantoms, that once were warriors, were powerful.

“Is this the end of it? Then, I shall deal with the guardian below.”

The issue was that these beings, blessed by the goddess, were resistant to magic.

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