The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 37

The Gatekeeper Division, responsible for the Northern White Demon Boundary, consists of a total of 5,000 troops.

Their primary objective is to counter the Demonification, so a massive force has been deployed to support them, centered around the divine bloodlines of Bernas.

The ‘Shadow Wolf’ unit is a special operations force directly under Ilden’s command, with their main duties being escort and assassination.

They escort allies and assassinate enemy figures.

Therefore, the members of the Shadow Wolf troop possess abilities that are different from the average Bernas warrior.

Stealth is an essential skill for them, and Kael boasts the highest level of stealth among the Shadow Wolves.

“How did you see through my stealth, really?”

That’s why Kael was bewildered by the current situation.

If he had unintentionally emitted bloodlust, it would be understandable.

An exceptional warrior is sensitive to bloodlust, and this goes without saying for those of Ilden’s bloodline.

However, Kael had never once let out bloodlust while trailing Mord.

Not only that, but right up until the moment he was attacked by Mord, he hadn’t made a noise, so how had he been detected?

But now was not the time to be resolving his questions.

He was in a position where he had to thoroughly answer the other party’s questions.

“General Ilden sent me to keep an eye on you and to guard you.”


Mord looked at the half-elf boy, Kael, with a skeptical eye.

Understanding what that look meant, Kael sighed.

“I was going to assist you if it seemed dangerous. It seemed better than fighting alongside you from the start. I was planning to aim for the enemy’s rear and create an escape route…”

But Mord’s power far exceeded Kael’s expectations.

Who would have thought that he would knock down the top-tier warrior Berin like handling a child and effortlessly annihilate a group of unknown enemies?

‘He’s more of a monster than General Ilden said!’

Despite his fragile appearance, Kael was an upper-level warrior of Bernas.

His prowess was why Ilden entrusted him with the task of monitoring and protecting Mord.

However, after seeing Mord smash the enemies, Kael didn’t dare confront him.

‘It feels like I should be the one receiving protection instead.’

Mord asked, “Can you prove what you’re saying is true?”

It was a reasonable question.

“Well, of course, I have it.”

Kael took something out of his pocket. At first, it seemed like he might draw out a badge of identity, but what he presented was far from Mord’s expectations.

It was a broken bracelet.

“General Ilden said if I got caught, showing this would serve as evidence.”

“I see. I’ll trust that Ilden sent you.”

Mord nodded readily, causing Kael to be taken aback.

“What is this?”

“This is the bracelet of Ilden that I broke.”


“Ever since it broke, he’s taken off his accessories when fighting.”

Mord chuckled and then suggested,

“Now you can go back.”

“What? Why?”

“Don’t you understand?”

Mord looked down at Kael with a cold expression.

“Why should I carry around someone who’s supposed to guard me but skulks around without revealing himself, and when it comes to a fight, only comes out to watch?”

“…But General Ilden ordered it.”

“I never received any order to bring you along. From the beginning, I was promised the freedom to act as I wished until I join the Gatekeeper Division.”

“But I was ordered to guard you…”

“You’ve already failed that mission. No, you’ve abandoned it, to be exact.”

“That’s not it, I was just watching for the right moment.”

“Anyone can think whatever they want inside their heads. But in reality, you’ve done nothing but spectate.”

Kael had a lot to say from his perspective.

But he also knew whatever he said here would only sound like a weak excuse.

‘No, I can’t go back like this!’

Ilden had trusted him with an important mission. He couldn’t return as a failure.

‘General Ilden will be disappointed. If he hears about this, he’ll look at me with utter contempt!’

For Kael, Ilden was a savior who had given him a new lease on life.

He absolutely did not want to let him down.

So, Kael racked his brain desperately.

He had to stay by Mord’s side at any cost.

“The conversation is over. Leave.”

“I’ll pay money!”


“I’ll finance our entire trip from now on! I’m wealthy!”


Mord was speechless with bewilderment for a long time.

“Not just that. If we camp out, I’ll take all the night watches. You can just sleep soundly on your journey. Plus, I can handle all the chores. Despite appearances, I’m actually quite good at cooking.”

Mord wondered what kind of person he’d run into.

‘Wait a minute. Kael…’

Suddenly, Mord felt that he’d heard that name before.

It wasn’t a name from Mord’s original memory.

Then had he heard it after being reincarnated as Mord?

‘No, that’s not it.’

Mord soon remembered where he’d heard the name Kael.

It was in the game, Sedokma.

In Sedokma, many extra characters had impressive settings but died inconsequentially.

Mord was among those cases.

These extra characters were often given a backstory, only to be swiftly killed off, and Kael was one of those cases.

A half-elf warrior who had threatened the allies with excellent stealth and spirit magic when Aiden’s party fought Ilden.

‘Abandoned by his parents, specifically his elf father, due to being a half-elf, and saved by Ilden at a moment of deathly peril, from then on he loyally served Ilden… Something like that was his setting.’

He didn’t remember the precise details of the story.

But what’s important is that Kael, for an extra, possessed exceptional abilities.

‘This might not be too bad.’

Considering that ‘Silver Blood’ would likely attack him in the future, it wouldn’t be bad to have a comrade with excellent combat skills by his side.

If that comrade’s role was to guard him, all the better.

‘Given how well he’s silently followed me so far, he won’t be a hindrance that slows me down.’

Mord looked Kael up and down once more and then said,



Kael’s eyes sparkled. To anyone else, he looked like a pure and adorable young boy.

‘But inside, he’s an assassin older than me.’

That made him even more desirable.

Without any hesitation, he could be used as a combatant.

“Keep your word. The travel expenses and all the chores during the journey are your responsibility.”

“Hahaha! Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure you just have a floral path ahead of you!”


Mord wanted to say something but refrained and instead gave Kael a new task.

“First, clean up here.”


“Deal with the corpses and erase the traces. Make it hard for anyone to follow.”


“That’s your area of expertise, isn’t it?”

“That… it is, but…”

Kael looked around.

It was a devastating scene of destruction.

Gruesome corpses were strewn about, and dozens of large trees lay snapped and shattered, as if a typhoon had passed through.

And he’s supposed to erase these traces?

“I trust and leave it to you. Show me your capabilities.”

Mord gave an encouraging thumbs-up to Kael, who was sweating buckets.

* * *

Bernas’ Grand Duke muttered to himself in his office,

“It appears Berin has met his downfall.”

Four days had passed since Mord had left the Grand Duke’s castle.

Berin, who had confidently set out to capture Mord, had lost all contact from that day on.

A day later, the Grand Duke sent out his subordinates to assess the situation.

The traces of battle discovered by his subordinates following Berin’s path were those of overwhelming power.

However, no bodies could be found at the scene.

Even with an expanded search, the result was the same.

“I underestimated Ilden. Even without his fangs, a tiger is still a tiger.”

The Grand Duke clicked his tongue.

He was mistaken in thinking that Berin’s failure was due to Ilden secretly taking measures to protect Mord.

While the Grand Duke acknowledged Mord’s exceptional talent, he could not imagine that Mord had already become strong enough to overpower Berin.

And that is an entirely normal judgment.

Mord’s growth was not just abnormal; it bordered on the unreal.

One would need the ability to see into the future to properly grasp his development without having watched him every single day, as Ilden had done.

“Our eyes were completely deceived. He has assembled quite the force… It seems the Shadow Wolf Unit has moved.”

The warrior who spoke was like Berin, serving as one of the Grand Duke’s hunting dogs.

“That’s likely the case.”

“Even with the Shadow Wolf Unit, it wouldn’t have happened with just one person… It seems they assigned quite a few to him. They must have waited outside the Grand Duke’s castle in advance to completely escape our notice.”


The Grand Duke clicked his tongue again.

It was an unwelcome loss of a valuable prey and loyal subordinate. An unexpected, significant failure.

“What shall we do with that fellow?”

“Leave him be for now. Just keep track of his location.”

“Is that okay? He must have realized why he’s being targeted.”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if he knows, he can’t do anything about it.”

The Grand Duke’s authority was absolute.

How many would listen to the ravings of an upstart who has been in the Grand Duke’s castle for less than four months about the Grand Duke’s sinister truths?

They would rather think of Mord as a madman than doubt the Grand Duke.

“The ‘Silver Blood’ guys will be determined to take care of it themselves anyway.”

“That’s true, they also suffered heavy losses this time. They won’t sit quietly.”

“That’s enough. Go ahead.”


After dismissing his subordinate and being left alone, the Grand Duke recalled the gaze Mord had given him.


The eyes that seemed to hold no expectations from him as his father.

The Grand Duke felt a resurgence of the disquiet he had felt from those eyes that lacked any of the yearning a bastard child should have.

“…It’s pointless.”

The Grand Duke let out his irritation at the fleeting emotion and stood up, wanting to crush something.

Anything to release the desire to destroy.

* * *

The campfire crackled.

Above the well-prepared ground for the night’s camp, Mord rested against a tree, covered by a blanket, dozing off.

Kael, who had volunteered for the night watch, thought to himself,

“Ah, how did I end up in this mess?”

When Mord had agreed to his accompanying him, it was a relief.

It meant he wouldn’t have to return as a failure and disappoint Ilden.

But as the fifth day of following Mord approached, waves of misery began to set in.

Indeed, there were reasons for that.

Kael was well-regarded within the Shadow Wolf unit.

He was a senior with over ten years of service and an upper-level warrior of Bernas.

In the North, and even within the Grand Duke’s castle, he was someone who received respectful treatment from others.

But here he was, clinging desperately to the hem of a young mid-tier warrior’s robe, performing menial tasks, engulfed by an indescribable sense of wretchedness.

“Damn it. No, no. This is a mission. For a mission, this bit of hardship is nothing!”

Kael reassured himself, then glared at Mord and grumbled,

“Why does he insist on making camp? Does he like it because he looks like a barbarian?”

They were only a short distance from a village, given their remarkable rate of travel.

“Who knows what he’s really thinking…”

But Mord had not stopped in any village for the past five days.

He seemed intent on camping out and searching for something in the mountains.

When Kael asked what it was, Mord only told him to look for a sharp rock gleaming white under the moonlight and said nothing more.

“Sigh, how did I get stuck with such a surly one…”



Kael almost jumped in surprise.

Mord had suddenly opened his eyes and called his name.

“Oh, uh, I wasn’t talking about you, I mean…”

In front of a rambling Kael, Mord threw aside his blanket and stood up.

But Mord showed no interest in what Kael had been muttering before he woke up.

“It begins.”

“Begins? What does?”

“It looks like we’re in the right place.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kael was asking in frustration when suddenly…


There was a sound of the air vibrating.

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