The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – The Extra Is Too Strong

Aura is certainly a more high-dimensional power than Impulse.

It is not simply a matter of condensing Impulse to a high density and stabilizing it to create Aura.

It is the result of changing the way magic interacts with the world to be more efficient and powerful.

To achieve this result, one must elevate their magical senses to a higher level.

Thus, acquiring Aura means not only possessing a weapon more powerful than Impulse, but also that the user becomes a more high-dimensional being, both physically and mentally.


An invisible force clashed in mid-air.

Berin’s hidden attack fired behind a visible assault was caught and countered by Mord as if it was expected.


And it didn’t just stop at countering.

“Double strike? The brute hides a delicate touch!” Berin thought as he smoothly flowed like water to deflect the counterattack.


But he couldn’t block the second hit that exploded after a time delay.

“Triple strike?!” Berin’s torso was penetrated by the shockwave.


Even in that moment, Berin didn’t make the mistake of standing still.

He immediately swung his aura blade in all directions to fend off Mord’s approach while retreating.


However, as he swung his sword wildly, an impulse ball flew into the trajectory of his blade and exploded.


As Berin flinched, five consecutive impulse balls flew towards him and detonated.


Berin could not even scream in the midst of the explosions and collapsed.

It wasn’t just the power of the impulse balls.

“It’s an aura-mixed impulse? How could he already be utilizing aura in such a way?”

Mord was using the technique that Ildeon had demonstrated during his test as his own.

The hybrid impulse ball, with Aura at its core surrounded by Impulse, exploded upon contact with Berin’s aura blade, focusing all the explosive force towards him.

Ildeon used dozens of these defensively, but Mord employed them in a significantly more offensive manner.


Berin clenched his teeth, forcing himself to rise. He had to throw himself with all his might to avoid danger.


Mord charged in with a fierce fist aimed where Berin had been standing.

And before Berin could regain his footing, Mord followed with another punch.


Berin’s skillful swordplay managed to block Mord’s assault.


However, despite blocking all attacks, Berin spat out blood.

Mord’s strikes were too fast and powerful; Berin couldn’t deflect all the shock.

‘The scary thing about blades is getting cut when touched.’

Berin suddenly remembered words he heard from a high lord.

‘What if you fight someone with a body too tough to cut? Wouldn’t a club be better than a sword then?’

It was a lowly notion, especially to mention to a swordsman who wielded an aura blade.

But for Berin, it was a reality he might have to face at any moment, because there were beings like the Bernas bloodline, who existed beyond common sense.

“You insolent pup!”

Berin switched stances abruptly, swinging his sword.

His strike precisely aimed for a gap in Mord’s successive attacks.


But it was useless.

Mord had blocked the aura blade with his aura armor on his forehead, deflecting it effortlessly.

‘This is absurd!’

Unlike those bound by certain images, it was clear Mord had reached a level where he could freely control Aura’s shape.

This was not something achievable with talent alone.

‘Just make it, and it happens.’

The reason Mord could do it was ‘knowledge.’

Thanks to the information gained through Sedokmar, he knew what master-level Martial Technicians could achieve with Aura. Such familiarity allowed him to mimic them effortlessly.

Imitating what is already known is much easier than inventing something completely new in an unknown domain.

Naturally, it wasn’t something just anyone could do.

If it were that easy, why would so many students of great masters fail to acquire the techniques taught to them and face disappointment?

‘How can such a monster exist in this world…?’

It was just that Mord’s talent was unreasonably high.

Having personally experienced Mord’s capabilities, Berin was driven to despair.


And into such a despairing Berin, Mord’s punch landed.

The aura armor Berin hastily erected shattered, and blood-covered Berin flew into a cluster of trees.

“This swine!”

To finish off the fallen Berin, a combatant from “Silver Blood” blocked Mord’s path, deploying a defensive shield in the form of light ripples.

The same combatant who had previously intercepted Mord’s attack.


But the outcome differed from before.

Mord’s fist instantly shattered the shield and blew away the combatant’s head.

The sight enraged the other combatants as they charged in.


Yet, at that moment, a commanding shout halted them.

-Flames of Gluttony!

While Berin kept Mord occupied, a higher-up focused and unleashed gathered magical power.

A giant tornado of fire hurtled towards Mord.


It was a massive fire swirl, blocking any escape path.

‘A mage? No, that doesn’t seem right. He’s a Martial Technician, using body-imbued magic.’

Mord’s eyes, with his divine veins open, could see the flow of power within the higher-up’s body.

Even though a Martial Technician, they used the power of magic imprinted on their body by special means.

-Mirage Shatterer!

Rather than avoiding the enveloping flames, Mord launched a ranged attack by punching empty air.


Caught rigid from recently using a largescale ability, the defenseless higher-up took the attack head-on.

The distant strike, fueled by aura from Mord’s open divine veins, hit, causing the higher-up to spin through the air, vomiting blood.

‘Did he survive? Indeed, he’s tough.’

Mord was surprised that the higher-up didn’t collapse instantly, signifying that someone of the Silver Blood’s stature would indeed be strong.

Mord then released a powerful kick within the swirling fire.

-Waterfall Cutter!

The brilliance emitted from the kick rent the flame tornado asunder.

For a moment, an aura blade several times more powerful than any Berin conjured cut through.


Immediately after, Mord, wrapped in aura, broke through the exploding flames.

“This can’t be…”

The adversaries were astounded as they stared at the muscle-bound giant clothed in light, walking towards them.

Mord paid no attention to their reaction.


Like teleportation, his incredible speed allowed him to pounce, pulverizing another combatant.

Then he spun and delivered another punch.

-Mirage Shatterer!

The evolved strike, breaking through space, hit the higher-up who was just getting up.


Struggling to defend, the higher-up went down, unable to counter the blow.



Before he could gather his senses, more screams followed – sounds of death from those who faced Mord’s fist.


His mask crumbled from the impact.

“Ah, no, to fall to such a creature…”

The higher-up’s voice trembled, as if in fear of what was coming.

“There’s no need to be afraid.”

Above him, an indifferent voice replied.

Looking up in alarm, the higher-up saw Mord gazing down at him with an incredibly cold stare.

“I won’t let activate the divine vein that transforms you into a monster once cornered by death, regardless of your will.”

“What? How do you…!”

The higher-up couldn’t finish.

Mord’s aura-charged fist struck down, utterly pulverizing him.

“If you’ve prepared to transform as a final weapon, you should’ve made contingencies to prevent it from being stopped.”

Without reading Sedokmar, Mord might have watched obliviously as the higher-up, crazed with fear, screamed and morphed into a monstrous form.

But for Mord, who had read Sedokmar, it was a problem to be sealed before it could start.

“Now then…”

Mord scanned the surroundings.

No enemy remained; all had been annihilated in that brief encounter.

Mord strode across the scorched land, warmed by the flame tornado’s aftermath.

Before him, a bloody Berin staggered whilst trying to rise.

“What the hell are you?”

Mord kept walking, silent.

“From where did you emerge, you beast?”

Despite Berin’s agonized cries, Mord approached dispassionately until within striking range, stopping to suggest he make his move.

“Quite the long tongue you’ve got.”


“For a piece of trash that bolts towards murder without a grudge, what’s so grievous?”


“Berin, you die here. Let me tell you about the future you won’t live to see. Harden is going to die. Die a miserable death, and his name will be remembered as the shame of Bernas.”

“Don’t make me laugh!”

In a fit, Berin swung his sword.

This distance was his advantage; Mord wasn’t even in a defensive stance. His sword would connect before Mord could launch a punch!


But in the instant Berin swung, his vision blurred.

‘How could it be so fast…’

As Berin swung, Mord moved.

And before Berin could fully execute the stroke, Mord had plunged in and landed his punch.

‘Great Lord, Sire…!’

Impact exploded, flinging Berin’s body apart.

* * *


The afterwind of the whirlwind swept past, having utilized the power of Aura to prevent the flames from spreading further into a forest fire. Mord, reverting from his transformation back to his original form, reflected.

‘That was easier than I thought.’

Berin, a seasoned master-level Martial Technician, was expected to be somewhat threatening though Mord had only mastered Aura five days prior.

But the actual fight proved Mord much stronger than anticipated.

‘I must adjust my standards.’

It seemed his benchmark for master-level Martial Technicians might be skewed, given that the only masters he’d seen were exceptional warriors like Kesner and Ildeon.

In comparison, Berin was significantly weaker. At this point, he barely scratched the level of a master.


Mord muttered as he searched through the corpses of his enemies.

“There’s nothing here that could track me.”

There was no clue that could lead back to “Silver Blood.”

They recognized each other through magical marks imprinted on their bodies, so they didn’t bother with identification articles.

‘But I seem to have clashed with these guys sooner than expected. It would be a nuisance if they target me from now on.’

Mord clicked his tongue.

‘Silver Blood’ was one of the many secret societies appearing in Sedokmar, with considerable importance.

Its leader was Aiden’s final antagonist, the ultimate boss of Sedokmar.

Unsurprisingly, the organization held immense power, influencing many regions across the continent.

‘Well, I was bound to confront them eventually. Let’s not complicate things. I’ll make them regret fighting me, and that’ll be the end of it.’

With his thoughts organized, Mord began to walk in a particular direction and stopped abruptly at a point where there seemed to be nothing, opening his mouth to speak.

“Come out.”


As expected, no answer came.

However, Mord, with conviction, stared into a specific part of empty space and commanded, “This is your last chance. Come out.”


Silence persisted.

Mord took a firm step forward and threw a punch at the air.


Suddenly, a cry echoed as if from the void, and a small dust cloud billowed upwards from the spot where someone invisible had jumped in shock.

Instantly, Mord pinpointed the location of the concealed figure and leaped after it, punching again.


With a grand acoustics, his fist felt the raw sensation of hitting something.


A groan slipped from the hidden individual.

Mord, unfazed, strode over and delivered another punch.

“Wait! Just wait! I’ll show myself, just stop!”

The concealed figure dodged the punch and desperately cried out.

Mord, pondering for a moment, decided to see the face of the other before making any decisions.

Soon enough, a person emerged as if melting out of thin air.

He looked roughly sixteen years old—a handsome blond with fair skin and an androgynous beauty that could pass for a female if dressed as one, standing about 160 centimeters tall.

‘An elf? No, a half-elf.’

The boy’s ears were too pointed to be human but too short compared to a pure elf’s.

Elves are known for their long life spans, and half-elves, born from elves and humans, grow slower, age slower, and live longer than pure humans. This one likely older than their appearance suggested.

“Who are you?”

The half-elf boy found himself sputtering, “Ignorant brute. Without a thought or inquiry, you just…”

“I’ll ask just once more. Who are you?”

The half-elf stopped his grumbling when he realized Mord’s demeanor indicated an immediate threat of another attack—a dangerous one, indeed.

Sighing inwardly at the lack of dialogue, the half-elf gulped and replied swiftly, “I’m Kael, of the Guardian Squad. A member of General Ildeon’s direct Shadow Wolf Squad.”

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