The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Grand Duke’s Bastard

Chapter 12: The Grand Duke’s Bastard

The tale of ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’ begins with Aidan’s story of vengeance.

Born into the affluent household of Routban Kingdom, Aidan was a boy who lived a life devoid of hardship.

However, one fateful day, his family is massacred by ‘The Order of Silver Blood’, a secret society coveting his lineage’s power.

After surviving thanks to his sister’s sacrifice, Aidan dreams of revenge.

But he lacked the power to avenge them.

Or rather, he didn’t even know the true identities of his enemies.

Thus, the early parts of ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’ involve Aidan cautiously building his power in secrecy while searching for a lead to exact his vengeance.

The process isn’t extensively long in the narrative…

‘Though they skip through periods of time saying a certain amount has passed, it was quite a lengthy period in reality.’

By this time, Aidan must have encountered a wizard mentor during his mercenary life and started receiving training.

Aidan had always shown potential as a mage since his youth, but he never studied seriously, only dabbling superficially in magic.

Lacking the means to grow as a mage, and yearning for knowledge, a wizard who owed him a life debt became his mentor.

‘It took Aidan about a year to leave his first teacher.’

Mentoring Aidan, a genius in wizardry, wasn’t an easy task.

However, this mentor, a man with a troubled past, required about a year before Aidan could leave his care.

That was more than enough time for Mordred to intervene in the world fragments Aidan was meant to encounter.

Mordred’s plan was not only to preempt the benefits Aidan was to receive but also sever the clues that would lead him to the world fragments.

This would significantly alter Aidan’s path.

‘Killing him would be the simplest solution, but I can’t go that far yet since he hasn’t done anything.’

To Mordred, the actions Aidan takes in ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’ remain only possibilities of what might happen in the future.

Could Mordred really kill someone based on the justification ‘This is what you’ll become in the future’?

Such thoughts weighed on Mordred as he continued along the mountain path.


Suddenly, Mordred leaped to the side, changing his course.


A moment later, an arrow struck the spot where he had been and exploded.

An exploding arrow might seem odd, but Mordred wasn’t surprised.

In this world, it was possible with both martial arts and magic.

“Good instincts…”

A voice echoed, but Mordred didn’t wait to hear it out.

-Impulse Ball!

He launched a sphere of light in the direction of the arrow, which upon impact, exploded with greater speed than when first mastered.


The sniper who was loading a second arrow instantly perished.

Mordred didn’t stop there.

He charged at another cloaked figure grabbing for the atmosphere and threw a punch.


The assailant, caught off guard attempting a sneak attack, dodged Mordred’s fist by a hair.


The tree his punch landed on shattered and flew apart, and Mordred propelled himself after his enemy.

“You bastard! Do you know who we..!”

His foe couldn’t finish his sentence—Mordred’s punch obliterated his head.

“No need to listen.”

Dispassionately, Mordred surveyed his surroundings.

“Killing me outright, of all things.”

Mordred commented while raising both hands.

-Impulse Ball!

From each hand, two Impulse Balls, four in total, were consecutively fired.

Boom Boom Boom!

And the archers previously surrounding Mordred couldn’t react in time and were swept away.

Mordred’s Impulse Balls were small and less visible during the day, and their velocity was thrice the speed of a straight-shot arrow—it was inevitable the archers couldn’t react in time.

“This crazy son of a…”

The voice of another enemy emerged, quivering in fear. But Mordred didn’t wait.

His mana surged as he sprinted forward.

“Impudent fool!”

A warrior of modest stature but well-built chased after Mordred, pulling out a sword.

-Impulse Ball!

To him, Mordred sent forth another light sphere.

“Ha! You think this will work on me?”

The warrior swung his sword, splitting the light sphere in two.


Yet behind it, another discreet Impulse Ball exploded.

It was a technique Mordred mastered while training with Ilden, the ‘Shadow Impulse Ball.’


The horrified warrior’s voice was swallowed by the blast.

Mordred sent one more Impulse Ball into the explosion’s epicenter and closed in.


A figure in black clothing emerged from behind a tree, only to be sent flying by Mordred’s punch.

Boom! Bang! Bang Bang!

As if teleporting, Mordred moved at terrifying speeds, throwing punch after punch with fatal force.

His enemies couldn’t withstand a single blow and were swiftly defeated.

However, not all of them were so easily dispatched.


A blue wave spread out, blocking Mordred’s punch.

“Fearsome brute! Just as they said, a reckless youngster unaware of the world’s fear—yet you’re no ordinary foe!”

A man clad in black garments and a dark mask ground his teeth in anger.

Mordred attacked again, but the masked man conjured a blue shield, parrying the assault.

It felt like striking a solid barrier.

‘Then I just need to hit harder.’

A simple thought as Mordred drew in strength. He was about to strike when he had to dodge to the side swiftly.


A sharp ray of light tore through where he stood just a moment before.

“This thundering buffoon! I tried to capture you intact, but you’ve chosen this agony!”

The warrior whom Mordred’s Shadow Impulse Ball had hit was now visible. His handsome and calm demeanor had turned into a vengeful wraith.

“Top-class warrior Berin.”

With a single mention by Mordred, Berin flinched.

“…Did you know me?”

“I’ve seen you once at the Grand Duke’s training ground and once at a banquet.”

They’d never actually conversed.

But Mordred remembered him well.

Introduced in ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’ as one of the Grand Duke’s trusted hounds, he died by the hand of Leon Bernas and was distinct in appearance.

‘More a scholar than a warrior in looks, and among the Grand Duke’s top-class warriors, he’s the only one under 180 cm—quite easy to recognize.’

The average height in this world isn’t exceptionally tall.

It’s just that Bernas’ warriors were abnormally taller and more robust than the rest.

Especially among those the Grand Duke trusted, only Berin was under 180 cm, which made him very recognizable.

“That little guy alone, who is he? I asked and was told it’s Berin. They said despite his looks, he’s sly and has a nasty temper, so I should steer clear.”

“…Who said that?”

“Who knows?”

Mordred smirked as four closed in to surround him while five stepped back.

‘Of those retreating, four are nobodies. But one is on par with those approaching.’

Mordred analyzed the situation in an instant.

One retreating figure must be preparing for when he breaks through the encirclement to escape.

‘Top-class warrior Berin. A master class powerhouse.’

Not every top-class warrior is a master class martial artist. Even among the Grand Duke’s ten esteemed warriors, only five are master class, making it a rare feat.

‘Although in terms of combat abilities, they’re all akin to monsters of that level.’

But Berin is undoubtedly a master class martial artist.

‘I didn’t expect him to be a master class at this point already. But then again, it’s no wonder he’s so envious of Sir Kesner.’

It’s something Kesner had mentioned.

Despised yet highly skilled, that’s him.

“Why did a top-class warrior like you ambush me with these unknown thugs?”

Mordred asked, already knowing the answer.

Berin looked incredulous.

“You attacked and killed without even knowing why?”

“When someone tries to shoot you with a bow, they’ve admitted to an irreconcilable grudge at that moment. They’re begging to be killed, and obliging them is only natural, right?”

Berin fell silent at Mordred’s nonchalant response.

Throughout his time as one of Bernas’ warriors, he’d seen his share of brash and hot-headed men, but Mordred was a first of his kind.

“So, is your reason for ambushing me too secretive to share?”

“Ha! Fine. Since you’re being led to the slaughter anyway, I might as well tell you.”

The reason, as Berin revealed it, was exactly what Mordred knew it to be.

* * *

In ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’, the Grand Duke Bernas emerges as a formidable yet unforgivable villain for a simple reason:

The Grand Duke has committed the atrocious sin of cannibalizing his own offspring.

From his youth, as someone of divine lineage, he displayed invincible talent, but as he aged, he felt his body declining.

While all must inevitably face aging, the Grand Duke’s decline came abruptly.

It was almost as though it was a backlash for the monstrous talents he had flaunted, his body deteriorating much faster than others.

Desperate, the Grand Duke was approached by the secret society ‘The Order of Silver Blood’.

Offering to halt his aging in exchange for cooperation, they provided a way to regain youth.

It involved consuming individuals of Bernas’ bloodline, particularly those who had awakened their lineage.

‘The term “eating” is quite accurate.’

Utilizing the blood of an evil ancient deity, they fed the kin of Bernas who had had a lineage awakening, along with humans, to a dark tree. Consuming the resulting fruit rejuvenated one’s body.

‘And since his own offspring proved to be even more effective, the Grand Duke resorted to consuming his bastards.’

According to ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’, the Grand Duke had many illegitimate children—over thirty.

All of Aidan’s half-siblings, nine in total, who survived their lineage awakening past the age of fifteen, were sacrificed to restore the Grand Duke’s youth.

Aidan wasn’t consumed because ‘The Order of Silver Blood’ recognized his potential and, instead of offering him as fodder, informed the Grand Duke of how to enslave and control him as a weapon.

The Grand Duke, wishing for a successor capable of confronting the archdemon’s incarnate, decided against cannibalism. Instead, he opted to turn Aidan into a brainwashed human weapon.

‘No precise timeline for when the Grand Duke allied with ‘The Order of Silver Blood’ is given in ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’… So it appears it began long before the start of the story.’

Mordred was able to face the ambush without hesitation because he had anticipated such events before leaving the Grand Duke’s castle.

During his operations under Kesner, Mordred learned much.

Seen by others as an ignorant fifteen-year-old, many shared stories of the Grand Duke, enlightening Mordred on matters of the world and the Grand Duke’s bastard progeny.

Aidan wasn’t the first bastard to enter the Grand Duke’s domain.

Years before, two of his half-brothers had entered, with one even becoming a formal warrior.

One died during an operation, and the other, while on leave as a trainee, mysteriously vanished.

‘Not just one, both gone. Far too coincidental, isn’t it?’

Had Mordred not read ‘The Mage Who Devours Worlds’, he might have considered it a tragic coincidence.

But knowing the Grand Duke’s heinous actions in partnership with ‘The Order of Silver Blood’, Mordred was certain that both bastards’ fates were orchestrated by the Grand Duke.

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