The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Extra is Too Strong

Ilden spoke, “The first choice is to select one of the successor candidates and serve under them.”

It was the most sensible option.

Unless you’re a mediocre warrior, but right now, Mord is the center of attention, receiving the intense gaze of all the successor candidates.

Whichever candidate he chose, he would be treated preciously.

However, this choice is a gamble, betting one’s future as a chip.

“The second is to not choose anyone and become a member of the regular army.”

This choice involves taking a risk.

If Mord were just an average warrior, there wouldn’t be any issue. Most warriors do not take sides in a successor conflict, mainly because they never get the chance.

However, Mord’s situation was entirely different.

He was an entity that the competition didn’t just want; they didn’t want to hand him over to a rival competitor.

Without a doubt, there would be attempts to destroy Mord before he could join a rival and become a threat.

“And lastly, is my proposal. Accept it and join the Gatekeeper Corps. Then, I will offer you my protection. The influence of the successors can’t reach the northern white demonic boundary. You will have the time that your talent needs to flourish.”

The white demonic boundary and the great demonic boundary have traditionally been free from the internal power struggles of the Dukes’ houses.

As they have typically operated with a certain degree of independent authority, these places offer freedom from the successors’ reach.

Of course, it would mean facing the harsh threats of the white demonic boundary.

‘But anyway, it’s land I need to visit eventually.’

For Mord, the white demonic boundary was a place he would have to go eventually.

There were things there that he needed to obtain, and not insignificantly so.

‘And maybe… I could even gain what Aiden had failed to obtain.’

When weighing the options, Mord found no reason to refuse.

The prospect of getting involved in the successor conflict and dealing with the hassle and danger was annoying, given his current lack of strength.

“There are two conditions,” said Mord.

However, Ilden didn’t know Mord’s circumstances.

It seemed worth trying to strike a deal using the expectations Ilden had of him.

“Conditions…? All right, let’s hear them.”

Rather than getting angry at the presumptuous request, Ilden showed interest.

‘Sure enough, this old man is soft on those he has high hopes for.’

Ilden is exceptionally generous with talents he has expectations for.

So generous that he would give everything he has.

‘Even to the extent of sacrificing himself.’

Ilden’s obsession to overthrow the Grand Duke and create a Bernas bloodline that could replace him was nothing short of madness.

“One is… become my sparring partner for as long as possible starting from today.”

“What?” Ilden expressed his surprise. It was something he had not expected.

“A sparring partner… Do you want to be taught?” Ilden asked.

“No. I mean to ask you to literally be my sparring partner. How valuable it would be to have a bout without worrying about losing my life against someone like Sir Ilden?”

During his time with Kesner, Mord had learned much.

In ten days of training and a month and a half of mission execution, he was absorbing what he learned and growing by the day.

Ilden felt an emotion he had long forgotten under Mord’s direct gaze, which remained firm even in the dark.

‘This fellow is truly unpredictable.’

It was a feeling of surprise.


He felt a refreshing sense of novelty, different from what he had seen in other promising individuals before.

There were those who had refused his hand when he extended it.

However, this was the first time someone had directly stated their demands.

“Do you have such confidence that you can become stronger by just sparring with me, without receiving my teachings?”


“I am skeptical. Will you prove it? Then, I will gladly devote my time here in the Grand Duke’s castle to you.”

“That won’t be difficult.”

Mord once again opened his spirit veins.

* * *

That evening, Kesner visited Ilden with a sigh-laden voice to vent his complaints.

“I did not expect this.”

“I had no such intentions either. But this is how things turned out,” Ilden laughed helplessly.

Eventually, Mord accepted to join the Gatekeeper Corps.

The process, however, was quite different from what Ilden had initially planned.

“I was going to leave him under your command until your next operation before heading north together…”

Ilden had thought it best for Mord to gain more experience under Kesner’s command.

But Mord had rejected that plan.

“The kid wanted it. He asked me to invest all the time possible before I leave for the north.”

Instead, Mord asked Ilden to invest the remaining 20 days before he left for the north in him.

“And he proved to me that it would be meaningful.”

Just one more spar with Ilden was enough for Mord to prove his point.

“There have been many showing potential before. But…”

Suddenly, Ilden realized that his hands were shaking slightly.

His heart was pounding with an excitement he hadn’t felt for a long time.

“But I’ve never seen someone like this before.”

Ilden himself was once called a genius.

Among his peers, none could compare to him, except for the current Grand Duke.

But even he was astounded by the talent displayed by Mord, a mere glimpse of which was enough to amaze him.

‘I would never have expected him to discern and reproduce all of my movements and techniques after just one encounter.’

Ilden was caught by surprise by an unexpected method and nearly got hit properly, thrilling at the fact that he had to open his spirit veins twice to deal with the situation.

‘Haruden wasn’t like this at this age.’

Haruden was the name of Bernas Grand Duke.

A monster who grew rapidly after awakening his spirit veins, threatening Ilden who was twelve years older, and eventually surpassing him.

It was a name that Ilden had resented and feared for decades.

‘It’s not legitimate lineage, so he can’t become a Grand Duke. But perhaps that’s for the best. There have been shadowy bastards who took on the role on behalf of the Grand Duke before anyway.’

Ilden was pleased that Mord was an illegitimate child who couldn’t become Grand Duke.

What he wanted was not an individual who would be a great king.

He desired someone who could overthrow the Grand Duke and take on the role only they could handle.

‘Mord, I hope you do not betray my expectations. That you can be my hope…’

Ilden stood up his once deflated expectations and smiled faintly.

* * *

The news that Mord had left Kesner’s command spread like wildfire.

Those who had been after him rejoiced but were soon shocked by the following news.

Count Trasen, Ilden, had recruited Mord into the Gatekeeper Corps.

‘The die has been cast… It’s quite the situation.’

Mord, who had stirred the Grand Duke’s house once again, was immersed in meditation in his room.

Neither Eom Tae-sung nor the original Mord had static hobbies like meditation.

But for the current Mord, it had significant meaning.

Lost in meditation, he found himself atop a peak surrounded by sea clouds, breathing in the chilly air.

An odd landscape, as if a part of a recorded video had been erased.

The sea clouds did not stretch too far and were painted over by white emptiness halfway, and so was the sky.

It was a world fragment that had taken root in his inner world.

Though it’s called an inner world, when his consciousness is projected there, it’s no different from a real world.

Because world fragments are a part of the ‘complete world’, the foundation of this universe.

In fact, the real world is barely the shadow of that world.

The world where only his consciousness is projected through meditation is virtually a private space for Mord.


Therefore, it’s not merely about enjoying the landscape, but also about physical training.

The amazing part is that the results of physical training here directly reflect on the body.

While it may seem to others that he is merely indulging in image training during meditation, Mord can genuinely train his body there.

‘That alone is remarkable.’

After all, he can freely do things here that would be impossible due to spatial restrictions in reality.


For example, training destructive magic techniques with loud noises across a wide range is possible.

“Good. If it goes well, maybe I can give him a good hit tomorrow.”

Mord smiled contentedly after a period of training in his inner world.

Ilden had accepted the two conditions Mord required.

By demonstrating his talent, Mord convinced Ilden to invest his time at the Grand Duke’s castle in him.

‘Twenty days is quite enough. And considering his attitude today, he’ll be eager to teach me even without me asking.’

Mord didn’t know the specifics of Ilden’s story.

But he knew his character and objectives.

The ‘alternative to the Grand Duke’ Ilden sought was not about governing a duchy.

It was a secret duty that only those who inherited the Bloodline of the Fighting God and stood at the pinnacle had to bear.

A duty passed down from the Fighting God 500 years ago when he left the earth to his descendants.

It was to guard the seal of the Demon King, whom not even the Fighting God could kill and had to seal using the powers of other gods.

Once a year, the Grand Duke must fight the incarnation of the Demon King one-on-one to maintain this seal.

If the Grand Duke wins, the power of the seal is strengthened, but if he loses, it weakens.

The fight doesn’t happen in reality, so the Grand Duke does not die even if he loses.

However, he loses the right to battle the incarnation of the Demon King if he is defeated.

‘Historically, there have been a few instances where illegitimate children loyal to the Grand Duke played this shadow’, so I could be a candidate worth betting on.’

Just overthrowing the Grand Duke isn’t enough.

What’s needed is an exceptional individual who can maintain the Demon King’s seal in his place.

And that role is only possible for someone absolute in strength.

‘I am sufficiently capable of that. It’s been proven in the War of Poisons.’

In the War of Poisons, Mord was the Grand Duke’s secret weapon.

The Grand Duke hadn’t chosen Mord to be his successor but selected him to guard the seal of the Demon King.

‘But this is a story for the future…’

The second thing Mord required from Ilden was, under the pretense of a secret mission for the Gatekeeper corps, almost vacation-like free time to move around.

That period was eight months.

Originally, Mord asked for a year, but Ilden insisted that half a year was the most he could give, and they finally settled on eight months after negotiations.

‘Considering that I requested a long vacation before even enlisting, getting eight months is a miracle.’

Mord snickered.

Even he thought his demands were somewhat shameless.

But it was time he desperately needed.

There were things he wanted to take care of before heading north.

‘I didn’t expect to leave so soon, but it’s actually better. I’ll be able to twist Aiden’s plans properly.’

At this point, Aiden wouldn’t have started moving actively yet.

He would be cautiously building his strength while following the enemy’s trail.

Mord planned to secure the world fragments that would have fallen into Aiden’s hands in the original timeline of the War of Poisons before Aiden became aware of their existence and began his pursuit.

‘But first, there’s a hurdle to overcome. If the Grand Duke learns that I’ve left the castle, he will certainly…’

Knock knock.

A knock on the door interrupted Mord’s thoughts.

Sensing the sound from the real world, Mord’s consciousness left the inner world and surfaced back to reality.

“Master, a guest has arrived.”

The voice of the servant reported an unexpected visitor.

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