The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Extra Is Too Strong

The reasons Mordred immediately agreed to Ilden’s request to show his skills were twofold. First, Kestner had given him a hint. And the second reason was…

‘This man seeks someone capable of bringing down the archduke… or more precisely, someone to replace the duties of the archduke.’

The exact motive behind this was not elaborated in detail in the Chronicle of the Serpent Demon. It suggested that it wasn’t merely out of vengeance for having lost everything to the current archduke.

In the Chronicle, Leon, with Aidan’s support, gained far greater potential than his inherent talents, and Ilden became entranced by that potential, leading to his eventual sacrifice.

‘But there’s no rule that says I can’t benefit from that sacrifice.’

Mordred had no intention of letting Leon Bernas become the next archduke. Even before Aidan could interfere with the Bernas Archducal succession issues, he intended to ensure his chosen successor ascended to the archducal throne.

“Then release your Divine Blood and come at me with all you’ve got.”

It was a statement of utmost arrogance. Despite being aged, his body weakened, and having lost both eyes, he was still brimming with confidence.

But Mordred didn’t take that arrogance as mere provocation. He simply entered a state of Divine Blood activation as if he had been waiting for it because…

‘A combatant capable of overpowering the archduke in one-on-one combat, given a short duration.’

Ilden was known to be one of the strongest fighters in the Bernas domain.

“Then, as you wish!”


A tempest swirled around, and Mordred’s appearance began to change drastically. His green eyes shimmered into a unique, reflective silver-grey, and his dark brown hair turned bright as molten silver.

Above him, Mordred, now wrapped in a translucent silvery aura, declared,

“Here I come.”

No sooner had the warning ended than Mordred charged at him.


A thunderous explosion shook the area as Ilden countered Mordred’s punch.

‘Indeed, he is powerful!’

To Mordred’s amazement, Ilden managed to offset his punch with his left fist and took only a single step back.

But this wasn’t because Ilden’s body was stronger than Mordred’s when in Divine Blood activation—it was because Ilden was a master fighter, among the strongest.

However, it was only the first punch where they clashed might against might. Mordred’s relentless attacks were all halted mid-air.

Countless spheres of light orbiting Ilden collided with Mordred’s strikes.

Pop pop pop!

With each punch, a light sphere blocked it and detonated.


Mordred grunted.

Each light sphere was a special Impulse Ball, but they were oddly shaped, not spherical but like convex lenses.

This unique Impulse Ball exploded upon colliding with Mordred’s attacks, directing all the explosive force towards Mordred, deflecting the strikes.

‘Aura and impulse mixed together.’

Mordred quickly understood their true nature.

These were not mere Impulse Balls. They were cores of aura coated in a layer of impulse.

Such a feat, even for a master martial artist, was virtually impossible to replicate on such a scale—let alone deflecting Mordred’s successive strikes.

It was an almost miraculous display of magical control.

‘Aura is not easy to handle.’

Aura was a higher dimension of power—in a realm even beyond mere impulse. It represented a leap in magical sense, a higher tier of strength that could only be harnessed by transcending basic magical control.

No matter Mordred’s monstrous talent, he could not attain aura in merely two months.

‘But that doesn’t mean it can’t be pierced!’

Defiance surged in Mordred.

He acknowledged the vast gap in their martial arts skills.

But to not even pierce through after such explosive growth over two months would be an insult to his pride.

Pop pop pop!

Mordred unleashed a flurry of attacks, shattering Ilden’s Impulse Balls and releasing his own impulses explosively.


Intertwining impulses created a confined zone where careless movement was impossible.

In an unexpected turn, Ilden flinched at the attack, and in that moment, Mordred smoothly entered that confined space.

-Thorny Forest Keeper!

Winding impulses together to restrict movement, allowing himself to move freely within—it was a technique passed down from the Ghost of the Martial God.

‘Take this!’

Mordred, having caught Ilden off guard, delivered a punch with all his might.


However, before the punch could reach, a strong repulsion force deflected it.

‘Damn! Is it an automatically activating aura armor?’

An anticipatory defense technique that enveloped the body like armor, reacting automatically when an enemy’s attack breached a certain area.

‘If so, I’ll just have to break through with sheer force!’

Fueled by obstinacy, Mordred played his trump card.

-Divine Body!

The first time he used the Divine Body, it took time to activate, but not anymore.

After testing it out in real combat situations and intensive training, he had mastered it to the point where it could be triggered precisely when needed, conserving its duration for crucial moments.

Mordred’s fist connected with Ilden’s chest just as Ilden was turning around.


A thunderous roar echoed as Ilden was hurled backward.

‘I’ve broken through!’

A wave of elation surged through Mordred’s mind.

The amplified strength of the Divine Body combined with his powerful punch had penetrated Ilden’s aura armor. The tangible sensation of impact was unmistakable.


But Mordred’s smile quickly faded.

“Well done!”

Beyond the dispersing brilliance came Ilden’s exhilarated praise.

‘That instant switch to Divine Blood activation…’

A chilling sensation washed over him.

The sight of Ilden had transformed.

Not only had his hair turned silver, but a silvery lightning now enveloped his body, distinct from the silvery aura surrounding Mordred.

‘He’s entered the second stage of Divine Blood activation. Can it really accelerate this fast?’

The Bernas lineage harbored a higher realm to extract the power of Divine Blood.

Just as the werewolf Ulfs underwent a secondary transformation, so too did the Divine Blood activation have a second stage.

And what Ilden was displaying now, wrapped in silver lightning, was precisely that.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Ilden laughed maniacally in his transformed state.


Mordred groaned.

Merely the sound of Ilden’s uninhibited laughter seemed to carry destructive force, enveloping the surroundings.

The combat dome, fortified with powerful magic during its construction, quaked, and weapons mounted on its walls flew off as if caught in a typhoon.

Had an ordinary person been present, the sheer force would have ruptured eardrums, at the very least.

‘It’s no wonder he’s a monster! To wield such power without even going all out!’

Ilden’s strength was sufficient to thrust Aidan and his party into peril.

“I’ve finally found it! At last!”

Post laughter, Ilden approached with swift strides, the silver lightning still clinging to him. His excited face, lacking eyes, was flush with exhilaration.

“Could this also be some divine guidance? Is the Martial God watching over us?”

Murmuring incomprehensibly while revealing his joy, Ilden cast an ambiguous shadow.

And in the next instant, he appeared before Mordred.


Mordred was sent flying.

No sooner had Ilden appeared in front with fists raised than he vanished, reappearing behind and striking Mordred in quick succession.


But Mordred reacted even to this attack.

More accurately, he counterattacked.

“Remarkable! Truly… it’s moving!”

In that split-second, Mordred struck back at Ilden with a blow.


Mordred spat out blood-laced spit.

The technique Ilden used to get behind Mordred was the same Shadow Catch that instructor Daisley had employed.

The moment Ilden’s presence stimulated him, Mordred, as if foretelling the future, immediately grasped the technique and made a swift judgment.

‘I can defend against it.’

It might be unavoidable, but it’s not undefendable.

‘But I won’t defend!’

Somehow, a stubborn will to land a blow had emerged.

Hence, he chose to forsake defense and strike back as well.

If he had merely ignored defense and gone on the offensive, it’s unlikely he could have landed a blow on Ilden.

So, he feigned defense and mixed it in, managing to land a successful hit on Ilden.

“Enough with the test. Any more and I’m not sure what I might do.”

Having released his transformation, Ilden stopped, prompting Mordred to wipe the blood from his face and revert back as well.


Immediately after, Ilden and Mordred flew in opposite directions.

Ilden had attempted a surprise attack, suspecting no resistance, but Mordred had expected it and countered.

“…May I say just one thing?”

Mordred asked, looking skeptically at him.

“Go ahead.”

“You, Sir Ilden… are quite the cunning old man.”


Ilden laughed heartily.

The final surprise attack was another test to see the quality of a warrior.

‘If I hadn’t read the Chronicle of the Serpent Demon, I might have ended up beaten black and blue.’

In the Chronicle, Ilden had done the exact same thing to Leon Bernas.

Leon Bernas took a hit from Ilden’s surprise attack and consequently had points deducted.

“I wasn’t like this in my youth, but after what happened, I did start to resort to cunning. It’s since I’m blind that I’ve become better at scheming.”

Ilden gestured to where his eyes once were and gave a sly smile.

It was quite the chilling sight, had it not been obscured by darkness.

“Now that we’ve finished assessing, it’s time to make a proposal. Are you familiar with ‘the Gatekeeper’?”

* * *

In the Bernas Duchy, there was a unit known as ‘the Gatekeepers’.

Alongside ‘the Watchers,’ they were considered the duchy’s most elite forces.

The defining trait of this unit was that its members were all trained to the extreme in personal combat, boasting more experience in personal confrontations than anyone else.

“There’s the Great Demon Border in the south, and the White Demon Border in the north.”

The Great Demon Border in the southern continent was humanity’s lost land.

It had become practically a forward base for demons as the process of demonization advanced.

The existence of the Great Demon Border was one reason all nations of the continent held the Bernas and Ordas great families in high esteem, for their potential to resolve the demonization early on.

“The Gatekeeper unit is charged with the White Demon Border. They truly are the most elite, fighting on the very front lines.”

The struggle for dominion over the continent was between the western ruler, the Sahak Kingdom, and the eastern ruler, the United Empire.

The White Demon Border represented a gray area, contested by neither.

Not completely demonized like the Great Demon Border, it was still plagued by incessant demonization and a constant stream of monsters pouring forth.

Furthermore, confrontations were common between the forces of the Sahak Kingdom deployed in this region and those of the Empire.

“And we often clash with the Ordas lot.”

The Bernas Archducal family, alongside the Ordas family line, inherited the Divine Blood and stood as a great power in the continent.

The Ordas, who received special treatment from the Empire, were also very active in the White Demon Border.

It was inevitable for the Bernas Gatekeeper unit to encounter them.

That’s why the unit needed to excel in personal combat.

“Sir Mordred, would you consider joining the Gatekeeper unit?”

Ilden was the general commanding the Gatekeepers.

Even with such an important position, he rarely showed himself in public forums.

But it did not mean he failed to perform his duties as a general.

He spent most of the year in the White Demon Border, returning occasionally to the Archducal palace to meet and conduct official business with a few, including the archduke, and then stayed almost sealed away in his residence.

Mordred tilted his head slightly.

“Is there a need for me in the Gatekeeper unit?”

“Of course. It’s always better to have one more strong warrior.”

“I see. But I’m merely a greenhorn to the Archducal family; I have just arrived. And now you suggest I head to that harsh northern front? Do you think I would accept such a proposal so readily?”

“There are three paths available to you now.”

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