The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – The Extra Is Too Strong

After the award ceremony ended, the Grand Duke left after telling everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. When a high-ranking person stays at such events, it becomes difficult for others to fully enjoy themselves. With the main formalities over and the Grand Duke no longer there to monitor, the warriors immediately started a wild drinking spree.

“Here, have a drink! This is the real stuff!” Ericson was no exception. In this world, the age of adulthood was set at fifteen. Everyone, without hesitation, offered drinks to Mord, who was just fifteen. ‘It seems like everywhere people who work with their bodies enjoy a good drink,’ Mord thought as he drained the cup Ericson had filled for him.

During his time living as Eum Tae-seong, he didn’t particularly enjoy alcohol. However, he heard rumors about his strong tolerance for it. Yet, when compared to Mord’s current tolerance, those days seemed like nothing. His body was that of a superhuman and could handle an absurd amount of alcohol without using his magic power for control. ‘I’m pouring liters down and still not getting drunk.’

Of course, that didn’t mean he was completely unaffected. If he drank recklessly, he would eventually feel intoxicated.

“Pathetic lot.”

As everyone was immersed in drinking, Kessner, who had been called away by the Grand Duke, returned. “You’re already in this state and I haven’t even arrived yet?” His comrades’ eyes were already hazy. Everyone was trying to outdrink Mord to knock him out, yet the regular drinkers in the battalion were the ones who ended up drunk, while Mord remained sober.

“Oh, Captain. You are late. This guy Mord can really hold his liquor.” Ericson slapped Mord’s back, with slightly slurred speech. Even though they had had their share of drink fests while on missions, he had never drunk to this extent.

Normally, there was a sense of restraint while the Grand Duke’s residence was out on a mission, even during rest times. But now, they could drink to their heart’s content, with plenty of liquor to last even the rowdiest parties.

“Adults are pathetic. Mord, take a drink.” Kessner laughed as he offered Mord another drink. As Mord obediently took it, Kessner asked him to pour another one and said, “Though it’s a bit late to say this, well done.”

“Thank you.”

The original Mord would not have understood what Kessner had done for him, the meaning behind it. A fifteen-year-old boy who had never learned and hardly ever interacted with a variety of people, living in a narrow world. But Mord now had the life experience of Eum Tae-seong. He knew that Kessner had shown him great consideration.

“You are quite… an old soul, aren’t you?” Even from just his expression, it was clear that Mord truly understood and was grateful. That gave Kessner a complicated feeling.

“Doesn’t look that old, does it?”

“Indeed. Who would think you’re just fifteen after seeing your build?” Instead of making a big deal about it, Mord lightly joked, and Kessner responded with a laugh.

After a while of drinking with his comrades, Kessner took Mord away to a quieter place, signaling that he had something to discuss. Mord understood and silently followed.


Just then, a cheer erupted from one corner of the banquet hall. “It’s finally started,” Kessner muttered with a grin.

Up until now, harmless activities like drinking contests and arm-wrestling had taken place, but finally a fistfight broke out. A warrior sent flying by a satisfying punch crashed into a nearby table, causing a clamor.

“You bastard, today will be the day you enter your grave!”

“Let’s see if you can!” The previously downed warrior jumped up and charged, starting a fierce brawl.

“Do things like this happen often?” Mord asked, watching the warriors exchanging blows.

“There are usually three or four scuffles. As long as they stick to the unspoken rules, no one really interferes.”

“Unspoken rules? What are they?”

“Don’t draw weapons. Don’t use magic techniques.”

“Ah, I see.” Mord nodded in understanding. Pure fistfights would cause less damage to the surroundings, or so one would think. But witnessing a warrior flying across the room and demolishing a table full of bottles made him reconsider.


As the triumphant warrior raised his arms, the onlookers cheered. Kessner, after confirming that the fallen warrior was being helped by his peers, moved on. Mord continued to follow.

“There is something I need to tell you,” Kessner spoke once they had reached the outskirts of the banquet hall and arrived in a deserted garden.

“Someone wants to see you.”

“Who might that be?” Mord reflected that there would be many who wished to see him at this point. But if Kessner was the one passing on the message, then there must be a significant reason behind it. Whether it was an obligation related to Kessner’s personal circumstances or a high-ranking person that Kessner couldn’t refuse, Mord couldn’t tell…

‘If Kessner asks, I can meet with anyone.’ Mord was indebted to Kessner and personally liked him very much, so he was willing to accommodate even a somewhat troublesome request.

“That person is…”The name Kessner reluctantly mentioned surprised Mord.

Chapter 11 – The Choice of the Blind

Currently, all the candidates for succession to the Grand Duke, barring Alen, who was on mission in the northern lands, had one thought. ‘We must have him.’ Mord must be recruited under their command. All shared this intention.

“If we can’t recruit him, then we must ensure that no one else can have him.” Dren Bernas narrowed his eyes as he read through the operation reports from Kessner’s battalion.

Mord was too attractive and at the same time too dangerous. His talents were monstrous, considering his age. The thought of his future growth was frightening. If that potential were on his side, it would be very reassuring, but if it were on the side of a rival…

“However, for as long as he is under Kessner’s protection, we cannot lay a hand on him.”

“That’s correct, but the next operation will be the last.”

Kessner’s excuse for keeping Mord close was to nurture the raw talent of the inexperienced Bernas heir. Mord had yet to decide his battalion affiliation since becoming a warrior. Kessner couldn’t keep him forever.

Various factions had started to pressure Kessner already. There was suspicion that Kessner, who maintained neutrality in the succession disputes, might be increasing his power to become the key in deciding the next Grand Duke.

If Mord had been just an exceptional talent, it might’ve been a different story, but now that his true monstrousness had been revealed, Kessner wouldn’t be able to shield him for long.

“Eventually, the kid will also have to make a choice. But somehow, I don’t think he’ll choose me.”

“We haven’t even started to earnestly pursue him yet. If you give us the chance…”

“It’s just a hunch. From the look he gives me, that’s what I think.”

This kid doesn’t really like me. And for some reason, I don’t like him much either.

“Though I may not know many things, I have a pretty good sense for identifying future enemies.”

Dren and Mord are half-brothers. Sharing the same father, the Grand Duke, may contribute to this feeling.

“We messed up from the outset. And he’s not the type to offer a second chance for such mistakes.”

Dren cracked a smile.

“So we’ll follow the original plan. Let’s give that spirited brat a taste of what happens when a youngster gets too cocky.”

Dren held power. It’s sufficient to send a mid-ranking warrior without backing to a mission that was as good as sending him to his death.

‘Mere danger won’t be enough for him. But he will learn there are dangers in this world beyond his imagination.’

Dren began to devise a plan to destroy Mord. However…

* * *

The House of Bernas had a significant presence in Sedocma, but as an adversary, not as an ally. Although they became dependable allies after Aiden’s comrade, Leon Bernas, ascended as the new Grand Duke, their importance was much lesser when they were antagonists.

During the time they fought against protagonist Aiden, apart from the Grand Duke, no other character was notable enough for the readers to remember. For instance, Kessner did not even have his name mentioned in the main narrative of Sedocma.

Step, step…

Alone in the long and silent corridor of the mansion, Mord’s footsteps echoed. Inside the west wing of the inner castle, he was headed to meet the person Kessner suggested he see. The person had wanted only Mord to come, without Kessner, so he arrived…

‘For such a large house, it’s strangely deserted…’ It seemed like tens of servants should have been managing this gigantic mansion. Yet, almost no one worked here, and due to the lack of proper care, the mansion had grown old and dirty. Only the areas where people lived were maintained enough to survive; otherwise, it could have been called a haunted house.

Moreover, the corridor Mord was walking through was in the basement, without any lighting, shrouded in darkness.

“You’ve arrived.”

A deep, coarse voice resounded in the darkness, not touched by sunlight. The moment he heard that voice, Mord thought it was extraordinarily similar to someone he knew.

‘The Grand Duke.’

The voice was remarkably like that of the Bernas Grand Duke. Creaking and groaning, the heavy door slowly opened. No one was there to open it; the massive door moved on its own, creating a chilling atmosphere.

Yet Mord wasn’t swayed.

‘An elegant use of skill.’ He knew a Master-level martial mage could exercise a kind of telekinesis. And beyond the door was not just another room but a vast underground training ground.

Inside a 50-meter diameter domed space stood one person alone in the darkness. Although it was dark, Mord’s eyes—or rather, all his senses—detected the location and form of the other person. Moreover, the blood inherited from Bernas alerted him to the presence in no uncertain terms.

“Welcome, Sir Mord.”

“Nice to meet you, Count Trasen. Or should I perhaps call you General?”

“No, just call me Elden. I don’t need to be addressed by the title given by others.”

His words claimed to be welcoming, but he didn’t bother to light the surroundings, as if he intended to remain in the dark. Living in this environment implied a rather somber individual. Indeed, the Grand Duke’s voice, so similar, carried a weary, dismal tone.

But Mord could ‘see’ just fine in the dark, gathering sensory data to form a picture much like visual perception.

In any case, the figure approaching him was that of a hulking, muscular old man. Standing at an impressive height of 2.4 meters with a solid muscular build, he would have appeared a little more athletic beside the Grand Duke, perhaps less thickset. Though imposing regardless, the sight of this old man advancing gave the illusion of a giant statue in motion.

Approaching with long white hair and beard, the elder observed Mord. Or ‘observed’ might be incorrect.

“May I touch your face?”

“It’s fine.”

The elder was blind, his eyes destroyed by something large and sharp that had left only hideous scars.

He touched Mord’s face and commented, “You don’t resemble your father much.”

“The Grand Duke said the same. I don’t remember, but I presumably take after my mother.”

“Indeed,” Elden faintly smiled, pleased by something. “Did you know why I asked you to come here today?”

“No. All I was told is that you wished to see me.”

“As expected of that man, Kessner,” Elden nodded and continued, “There are two reasons I wished to see you: to confirm something and to propose a matter to you. Did Kessner tell you about me?”

“Yes. I have been told that you are His Highness the Grand Duke’s brother.”

A general of the Bernas Duchy, also known as Count Trasen. The elder brother to the current Grand Duke, he was once a candidate for succession himself. After losing in a destined battle of fates to his younger half-brother and losing everything, Elden fell from grace.

Shunning the public eye after his descent from power, his once grand mansion had decayed into desolation and darkness. Holding important positions but rarely appearing at official ceremonies in the Grand Duke’s residence, Elden was a distinctly shadowy figure.

In Sedocma, Elden was neither a complete ally nor an enemy to the hero Aiden. Acting as a formidable foe second only to the Grand Duke, he also sacrificed himself—recognizing potential in Aiden’s comrade Leon, helping to overthrow the Grand Duke.

‘I didn’t expect this man to be Kessner’s teacher.’ A detail not mentioned in Sedocma.

Elden finally said, “The first thing I want to confirm is your skill. How about it? Will you let me check?”

Without hesitation, Mord raised his fist in agreement. “Of course.”

Elden’s amusement shone through his wide smile at Mord’s spirited response.

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