The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Extra is Too Strong

Both men were sons of the current Duke. The legitimate lineage of the Bernas Dukedom allowed for freedom in having either multiple spouses or a single one, so even though they were half-brothers by different mothers, they were still related by blood.

“It’s obvious what you’re going to say, brother. You have to consider the dignity of Sir Kesner.”

“I don’t know what delusions you have. I was only here to apologize to Sir Mord for the rudeness my subordinates committed.”


Dren sneered at the flustered Biden.

It was the same smile one might have imagined on the face of a crying child who was about to run away barefoot.

“I sent my subordinates to invite Sir Mord for a meal, but I heard they behaved quite rudely. I certainly told them to invite him politely. It seems they ignored my orders and acted arrogantly, claiming seniority over him.”


“Due to my poor management of my subordinates, this incident occurred, and I’m here to convey my apologies. And Sir Mord, I’ve heard about your astounding performance in the mission. It’s certainly a cause for celebration when a noble house reveals an outstanding talent.”

As Dren said this, he signaled to one of his subordinates with a glance.

Accordingly, a common warrior standing by delivered a box to Mord.

“I hope you’ll accept this as a token of my apology.”

“If that’s the case… I’ll gladly accept it.”

Mord’s impression of Dren was starting to shift.

‘A sly one, despite appearances.’

He had assumed the intermediate warriors who had been chased away by Uls that day would be proud and arrogant. But witnessing their actions, they seemed quite adept at politics.

‘Not exactly my type, but.’

However, with Dren making such an approach, there seemed to be no reason to refuse his apology.

“Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.”

Before Dren withdrew, he gave Biden a smile that was clearly a sneer.

As Biden flushed with anger and tried to keep his composure, it was then.

“Hehe, you were treated like a complete child, weren’t you?”

Interjecting with a sneer was the platinum-haired girl, Erna.

Biden whipped his head around to glare at her.

Yet, Erna simply snorted, ignoring him while greeting Mord.

“It’s been a while, Sir Mord.”

“That it has, Lady Erna.”

Mord greeted her impeccably without fault.

With many eyes on him in such a formal setting, it was necessary to treat Erna according to her noble status.

Erna’s eyes widened in surprise.

“This is strange.”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“It’s strange how formally you’re speaking, y’know.”


“Don’t look at me like that. I know it can’t be helped in these circumstances.”

Erna chuckled, and Biden glared at her.

“Erna, I was speaking first.”

“I haven’t noticed anyone else here except Dren that you’ve been speaking to. You haven’t even greeted Sir Mord yet, have you?”

“Moderation would be wise. There’s a limit to the leniency I can show, even to a sibling.”

“I always think this, but you’re all talk. You’re nothing but noise.”

“Then maybe this is a good moment to correct that misconception.”

It was just as Biden’s red-golden hair began to flutter.

“Hold on, enough of that. The Ducal Highness himself hasn’t arrived yet, what are you doing? In case anyone doubted you’re all just children.”

A man stepped between the two, as tall as Dren but with a different build. While Dren was robust, this man had a sleeker build, his face with gentle eyes giving off an amicable impression.

Spotting the man with curly silver-blue hair and deep green eyes, Erna showed a hesitant expression.

“Huron. Weren’t you in the midst of an operation?”

“I’ve been here less than thirty minutes. Left the group and ran here alone.”

Huron Bernas.

The fourth man recognized as a candidate for the Dukedom’s succession.

One of the five contenders vying for the position of the successor.

‘So this is Huron?’

It was Mord’s first time seeing Huron in person.

But he had known about Huron for a while.

The reason being that when Leon Bernas, who had received support from Aidan in Sedokma, re-entered the war for succession to become the Duke, Huron was one of the two remaining candidates at the time.

‘Aside from young Duke Allen, all four are here.’

At any rate, with Huron’s intervention, the tension between Erna and Biden was cut off and everyone sighed in relief.

While they were all warriors who enjoyed watching a fight, the enjoyment hinged on who was involved. It wasn’t pleasant to watch esteemed successors bicker and fight at an official event.

“Huron, I didn’t know you liked banquets that much.”

Biden asked sourly.

Unlike Dren, Huron was not the Duke’s child, so Biden did not treat him as a lord.

“It’s not for the banquet that I came…”

Grinning, Huron turned his gaze towards Mord.

“The guest of honor I’ve heard so much about. Glad to meet you, Sir Mord. I am Huron, an elite warrior. Just call me Sir Huron.”

“Pleased to meet you.”

Mord took Huron’s outstretched hand and shook it.

“Your grip is solid. I wouldn’t believe it to be the hand of a fifteen-year-old from outside.”

“I take that as a compliment.”

“Of course, it’s a compliment. What use is a warrior’s hand if it’s soft? You used this fist to knock out a Demon Baron, didn’t you?”

“That I did.”

“Impressive. Given Sir Kesner’s strict evaluations in his report, there’s no doubt about it. I’d like the chance to fight alongside you sometime.”

Huron looked at him with intense eyes.

Actually, it wasn’t just him displaying that fervor.

Erna and Biden were also showing their keen desire for Mord because he was a strong, unsworn ally still young and, despite his overwhelming talent, was a bastard who couldn’t become a rival in their competition.

‘I might have been enraged if I were the original Mord.’

He would have to swear allegiance to those weaker and inferior, just because he was a bastard.

But the current Mord wasn’t affected by such affairs.

The Bernas Dukedom was merely a stepping stone for him.

Considering his mission to save the world from doom, the Dukedom was but a small world.

“The Duke makes his entrance!”

At that moment, the main event of the banquet began.

The three individuals who had been looking at Mord with vested interest reluctantly exchanged brief words and withdrew.

As legitimate offspring, they had their respective places at the Duke’s side.

‘He’s arrived.’

Parting the crowd, the Duke, towering at two meters fifty, confidently made his presence known.

* * *

This banquet was to reward the warriors who had contributed valorously.

Naturally, the main event was the Duke personally conducting the award ceremony.

In essence, having one’s name called by the king himself and receiving an award was truly a momentous occasion.

However, for such an event, the proceedings were quite rudimentary.

Skipped all the lengthy processes, as the rank, affiliation, and name were called out, the Duke would say a few words and present the award.

The progression was swift.

Since not everyone attended the event for commendations, Mord did not have to wait long for his turn to come.

“Sir Kesner, you’ve done well again. After reviewing your report, it seems like what could have been an issue for others was no trouble at all in your hands.”

“Thanks to my exceptional subordinates. This time, in particular, we had an intriguing case.”

“I’ve heard about it. It really was quite interesting.”

The Duke chuckled and glanced at Mord, who was waiting for his turn, a sparkle of interest in his eyes.

Despite others being oblivious to it, he sensed something extraordinary.

“Common warrior Mord.”

After all members of the Kesner unit received their awards, it was finally Mord’s turn.

Mord knelt on one knee in front of the Duke, following the etiquette he’d learned for this day.

“Raise your head.”

At the Duke’s command, Mord looked up, and the Duke spoke.

“Stand up, let’s see you.”

It was an unusual request. But as it was the Duke’s bidding, Mord complied respectfully.

The Duke surveyed Mord from head to toe and murmured as if whispering.

“Indeed, you’ve grown since then.”

Two months had passed since that unofficial call from the Duke.

Mord had grown taller since that day.

He now stood at 194 centimeters with a larger build.

Considering Mord was still in his growing years and had eaten much better since entering the Dukedom, it was a natural change.

‘My body needs a lot to eat. Though judging by its performance, its fuel efficiency is rather good.’

Mord was a big eater, consuming at least five portions per meal.

Following operations or intense training, he would eat even more.

But the energy his body exerted suggested it was improper to complain about fuel efficiency. In fact, his body was extremely efficient, considering the tremendous power it could unleash with such food intake.

“It’s remarkable for a fifteen-year-old, without anyone’s help, to defeat a Demon Baron alone. I couldn’t do that at your age.”

The Duke’s praise made the crowd nod.

Mord’s talent seemed unparalleled.

It was hard to believe that at such a young age, without a formal education from childhood, he could exhibit such monstrous strength.

“The feat of defeating a Demon Baron on your own deserves commendation. From this moment on, Mord, you will be referred to as an intermediate warrior, and suitable rewards will follow for your valiant achievement.”

The crowd stirred at these words.

It was exceptional.

Promoted to intermediate warrior after only two missions as a common warrior? Truly extraordinary.

Yet no voices of dissent rose.

Considering Mord’s proven strength and his solo victory over the Demon Baron, he was indeed entitled to such recognition.

The Bernas Dukedom would not be stingy in rewarding the merits of a powerful warrior.

“Thank you.”

In the face of this exceptional scenario, Mord did not show excitement but accepted the award with composure, which left a lasting impression on everyone.

‘Intermediate warrior. It’s going to be a nuisance if they ask me to move.’

But Mord was actually dismissive.

He was cognizant that his skills surpassed even those of an advanced warrior and he wasn’t particularly anxious to succeed within the Bernas Dukedom. So why would he be moved by a promotion to intermediate warrior?

Just before Mord bowed out according to etiquette, the Duke whispered in his ear.

“I’d like to see more of your abilities sometime soon.”

Mord did not immediately respond to those words.

But soon he found the right reply.

“…It will be my pleasure to wait.”

Though inside he felt irked and annoyed.

Had he been the original Mord, he certainly wouldn’t act this way. At this moment, he appreciated the common sense he’d built up living as Eum Tae-sung—a sentiment highly valuable and worthy.

‘I do need to grow stronger and knock this guy out someday.’

Sadly, that was still an impossible task.

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