The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The Warrior’s Banquet

Erna Bernas was greatly unsettled.

It was because, when she returned from a refreshing bout of exercise in her private training ground, an unwelcome guest had taken a seat there.

“What brings you here without notice?”

“Does a brother need a reason to visit his sister?”

“Well, that would depend. A brother who says such things shouldn’t have a history of breaking his sister’s arm, should he?”

“That time you also shattered both my legs, so aren’t we even?”

The one who spoke with a brazen smile was a prince with red-gold hair and exquisite features accentuated by his blue eyes.

However, the term ‘prince’ could only suit his face.

His muscular body towered at 220 centimeters, making his figure seem quite distant from a delicate prince.

“Biden, what’s your business here? Please state it quickly and leave.”

Biden Bernas.

The sixth among the candidates for the successor of the Grand Duchy.

Erna and Biden were not siblings.

Different fathers and mothers.

They were only called the sixth and the seventh due to the common goal of vying for the successor to the Grand Duke.

Biden was the current Grand Duke’s son, whereas Erna was the daughter of the current Grand Duke’s sister, making them comparatively close by blood among the candidates.

However, ever since they inflicted serious injuries on each other during the Duke’s martial competition in their childhood, their relationship had been sour.

“Talking about Mord, that’s why…”

“If you want to thank me for calming down the berserk Ulss Knight, I’ll accept that.”

“Hahaha. You’re still so good at nonsense, Erna.”

“Huh? Are you still bitter about your recent mission failure? I can’t quite hear what you’re saying.”

Suddenly, Biden’s expression changed.

The playful smile vanished, replaced by a menacing aura so intense that servants at a distance nearly collapsed from its pressure.

“What do you think you’re doing in my house?”

But that too was brief.

As Erna spoke coldly, Biden’s threatening demeanor dissipated as if cut by a knife.


Instead, the air between the two, staring each other down, began to tremble.

It was a highly volatile situation.

The dangerous animosity hung in the air, seemingly ready to explode at any moment.

Biden was the first to back down.

“…Fine. I’ll let this go for now.”

“Oh my, you’re still the best at pretense. Anyone listening would think you’re sparing me?”

Although Erna chuckled mockingly, Biden simply grimaced and didn’t retort further.

He stood up briskly, passing by Erna as he stated his business.

“That boy named Mord, I’ll take him. You better give up on him sooner rather than later.”

“Dreaming big, huh? Well, everyone’s entitled to big dreams.”

At Erna’s sarcasm, Biden snorted and then walked away.

Erna let her servants, who had collapsed, take a break and asked her subordinate.

“What makes Biden so impatient?”

“It’s probably due to the news that arrived while you were training.”

A subordinate, who had been standing by, approached and handed a report to her.

Erna’s expression shifted moment by moment as she read the report.

The Kesner corps had reported, without concealing, Mord’s activities.

“Taken alone to the deepest part and defeated the Baron of the Demon World?”

Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. It was astounding.

This meant that Mord’s combat ability had already reached the level of a top-tier warrior!

“…It’s no wonder Biden is drooling over him.”

Biden was quite obsessed with recruiting young talents.

Being the sixth, he was quite behind in the competition for successor, but he was still burning with ambition to seize the position of the Grand Duke.

As a child of the current Grand Duke with a powerful mother’s lineage, he had already recruited many young talents and built up his forces.

In comparison, Erna’s forces were minor. She had a tendency to be meticulous in choosing whom to recruit.

However, each individual she did choose to recruit was exceptionally talented.

No doubt, Biden must have considered Erna the biggest obstacle in recruiting Mord.

“Hmm. Threats like that just make me want him more. Not that I ever planned to let him go… but this one, I might just have to go to some trouble to ensure I get him.”

Erna began to ponder ways to ensure Mord was in her grasp.

* * *

After Mord’s tumultuous first mission, the Kesner corps did not immediately return to the Dukedom.

They had been ordered to stop the demonification happening in the northern region of the Lutban kingdom.

It was common for the armies tasked with countering demonification to handle several cases in a row provided they hadn’t suffered casualties.

After some light training and rest, they proceeded to the north and easily cleared a demonified dungeon without incident.

Since no further orders came, they returned to the Dukedom.

It was the end of May, a month and a half after they had left for the mission.

“Today you can go home and rest. I’ve already submitted the report, so you’ll learn about the reward tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mord returned to his home after an absence of a month and a half.

“Welcome home, Master.”

Mord felt a strange emotion as he was greeted by his personal servants.

‘It feels like I’ve come home.’

He didn’t feel much of it.

After all, he had lived in this house for no more than ten days. It’s no wonder, isn’t it?

‘No, that’s not it…’

Mord realized he didn’t really think of this place as his ‘home.’

To him, this was a comfortable lodging taken care of by others rather than a home. Better than other places, but not the ‘home’ he would always return to.

‘That’s it.’

Mord realized that he still viewed himself as an outsider in this world.

This world could never become his hometown. Even if he had resolved to live as Mord, his spiritual home was still Earth.

‘Will I ever return?’

He suddenly pondered.

Truth be told, he liked who he had become now.

Considering that he came from a planet with advanced civilizations, this backward world was inconvenient. No smartphones, no internet, no TV, no air conditioning, not even a flush toilet.

Above all, isn’t this a barbaric world ruled by violence and bloodshed?

Yet, Mord liked living as himself in this place.

Thinking back on the time he was consumed by despair in a hospital bed, paralyzed, even the possibility of losing his life at any moment made him wish that this situation was not a dream.

‘I don’t know.’

So, Mord didn’t know what choice he would make in the distant future.

If he succeeds in saving this world, what wish would he make for himself?

It was a question with no answer for now.

* * *

Upon Kesner corps’ return, Mord once again became a hot issue at the Grand Ducal palace.

A lad who, in his first mission, single-handedly defeated a noble-class demon, a Baron of the Demon World!

Despite being called the scion of Bernas, considering he was a fifteen-year-old boy and had only been a warrior for two months, it was an unbelievable feat.

Everyone was watching what sort of actions this monstrous talent would take in the future.

Especially now, as the competition for the Grand Duke’s succession intensified.

Fortunately, at this point, the candidates for succession could not touch Mord.

Not just because his strength far exceeded expectations, but because Kesner, a high-ranking warrior who had the Grand Duke’s confidence, had taken him under his wing in his squad.

Unless one is ready to oppose Kesner, who maintains neutrality, Mord could not be touched.

This fact made those who wanted to have Mord under their thumb feel anxious.

* * *

Five days had passed since the return to the Ducal palace.

During this time, Mord did not train but thoroughly rested, feeling the necessity to recover from the intense missions.

But that ended today.

Tonight, there would be a banquet for the warriors who had carried out missions, which is held at regular intervals every two months.

A grand banquet for each individual mission by every squad was impossible, so this was a formal occasion to gather all mission participants and officially bestow rewards for a period.

‘Such things are truly a hassle.’

For the first time in a while, Mord felt the sensation of being civilized.

Instead of his usual comfortable, worn clothes, he had to dress up in more formal and uncomfortable attire.

Being a muscular giant himself, these clothes were awkward and uncomfortable in a way that was anything but ordinary.

“Mord! Over here!”

Upon reaching the entrance to the banquet hall, Erickson waved.

Approaching him, Mord asked, “Were you waiting for me?”

“You’d be alone without a companion anyway, right?”

“I suppose so.”

Erickson, as befitting his position as the de facto commander of the Kesner corps, took meticulous care of his soldiers.

Mord was grateful for the care he had received from Erickson.

“Since it’s your first time, let me help you out. You should find someone to come with next time.”

“Next time…”

“You’ll be attending frequently. It’s not a stiff affair like other banquets you might think of, with its ‘warriors only’ entry policy, you see?”

“The kind of condition where trouble seems inevitable.”

“Everyone’s spirited, so it’s quite common for things to turn to fisticuffs when they’re drunk.”

Laughing, Erickson entered the hall with Mord.

“Upper-Tier Warrior Erickson, Basic Warrior Mord Entry!”

As the doorman announced, the nearby atmosphere stirred, and all eyes turned toward them.

The hero of the most recent topic of excitement in the Grand Ducal house had arrived.

“Just don’t drink too much before His Majesty the Grand Duke comes to award the honors. It’s one thing, but creating a scene before the Grand Duke is something you can’t handle.”


“Not that you shouldn’t drink at all. It’s fine if you’re just smelling the alcohol. This is, after all, a warrior’s banquet…”

As Erickson was taking Mord around the hall, explaining various things, a deep voice approached them.

“Long time no see, Sir Erickson.”

A tall man, tall enough to look down on Mord, greeted Erickson.

The young man with platinum blonde hair, tied back, and dark blue eyes had a strong jaw and a fierce countenance.

Over 230 centimeters tall, his body was even more muscular than Mord’s, exuding a tremendous presence simply by being there.

Just by smiling, he seemed capable of scaring children, and before this man, Erickson bowed courteously.

“Nice to see you again, Lord Dren.”

The man second in line for the Grand Duke succession.

It was Dren Bernas.

Surrounded by other warriors, he spoke to Erickson.

“Could I ask you to step aside for a moment? I’d like to have a word with the gentleman accompanying you.”

Erickson’s expression turned uneasy at those words.

Dren, with such high status, had made a polite request, making it difficult to refuse. But what could Dren possibly want to discuss with Mord in this setting?

“That’s not very gentlemanlike, brother.”

A voice cut in between them.

It was a young man with striking red-gold hair and a handsome face.

But with a staglike, intimidating frame of 220 centimeters of pure muscle, he hardly fit the image of a noble prince. It was Biden Bernas.

“Biden, what do you mean by that?”

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