The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 118

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 118: The Extra Is Too Strong

Decal bit his lip as he glared at Mord, who blocked his path.

Strength was overflowing from his entire body.

The power he held now was incomparable to his normal self!

With this power, he felt as though he could do anything.

‘Damn it!’

But Decal hadn’t forgotten.

This strength came at the price of the lives of his subordinates.

‘I will avenge my enemies.’

Not only Tephan—many of his unit had already fallen.

Each time one of them died, Decal was blessed once more.

‘I swear, I will kill these damned bastards!’

In front of the raging Decal, Mord spoke.

“Commander Yurik is still alive. Move outside the encirclement.”

At those words, one of Yurik’s mid-level warriors rushed over, lifted Yurik, and began to carry him out.

“Do you think you can just leave him?”

Enraged, Decal lashed out at Mord with a whip of lightning.

At the same time, a downpour of flaming arrows fell on Yurik and the mid-level warrior carrying him.

“I said, I’m your opponent now.”

But at that moment, Mord moved.

Countless small impulse balls appeared out of thin air, exploding upon contact with the flaming arrows.

Mord then repelled Decal’s whip of lightning with his arm and lunged at Decal with a punch.


Light exploded.

And with the sound, a shockwave spread out, sweeping the area.

“…A monster.”

The repelled Decal gritted his teeth.

He knew after just one clash that Tephan stood no chance against him. In fact, the same could be said for anyone in Decal’s unit.

Only Decal, who had activated the ‘Holy Avenger of Retribution’ through the sacrifice of his subordinates, could do it.

‘Monster, I’ll make you regret killing my men!’

As Decal was burning with determination, Parwell from Yurik’s unit who was supporting them spoke.

“Or rather, everyone except our commander. Don’t kill the enemies anymore. Especially you, Leon, try to capture them, not kill them.”

Her calm voice, through the power of magic, reached everyone.

Decal started.

A chill crawled over him, and his premonition soon proved accurate.

“The unique divine ability of this Decal Ordas strengthens him each time his allies die. Whether because of bloodline or divine essence, I’m not sure. But when divine essence dies, he becomes significantly stronger. Better to capture what’s left alive, though it may be difficult.”

“Got it.”

Mord looked at his allies.

Parwell’s analytical abilities were exceptional. Trusting the conclusion he had drawn while observing Decal’s transformation was warranted.

“Hmph! It’s too late. You’ll all die here!”

Decal quickly composed himself and attacked Mord.

His whip of lightning swept around, flying toward Mord.

Mord’s response was stunning.

“No way!”

It made sense that Decal was astonished.


Because Mord had caught the whip of lightning in his hand.

“It’s not merged with Impulse, then.”

The whip of lightning reacted violently in Mord’s grip.

Tremendous pressure erupted, but Mord didn’t release his hold.

If he had been wrapped in Impulse, even Mord wouldn’t have been able to hold on ceaselessly since Impulse would react violently with magic to garner great power.

But now, Mord was covered in Aura Gauntlets.

Highly stable and condensed with dense aura, the Aura Gauntlets perfectly captured and suppressed the whip of lightning.

“This guy!”

Decal didn’t make the mistake of wielding another whip of lightning at it.

He unleased the lightning and launched a downpour of flaming arrows instead.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Bang!

Mord easily broke through and approached Decal, who then fashioned a large hammer of light to sweep forward.

Empowered by his divine ability, which had dramatically increased magic power, the hammer of light covered nearly 15 meters and left no room to escape.


Mord raised his arms to block it.

He didn’t just stand there to block it; he threw himself forward, colliding shoulder and arm with the hammer of light, sending it flying.

“Damn it!”

Decal was shocked. How could such a thing be possible?


Mord surged forward, swinging his fist at Decal.

Decal’s shield attempted to block it, but after a single blow, it was shattered to bits.


At the moment of crisis, Decal used another ability that he had reserved.

His movements suddenly accelerated more than twofold, avoiding Mord’s attack.

‘An acceleration ability?’

Decal fell back and began to form countless flaming arrows.

But instead of unleashing a deluge, he gathered them into one spot.


Dozens of arrows merged into a thick stream of flame that engulfed Mord.

Mord tried to dodge to the side…


…but Decal swung his whip of lightning, blocking his escape.

‘Not bad!’

Mord did not hesitate.

He thrust his fist toward the oncoming stream of fire.

-Mountain Crushing!

A flash-wrapped fist collided with the stream of fire, causing it to lose cohesion and scattering into countless fragments of flame.


And with the counterforce, Decal staggered.

‘It can’t be. What kind of monster are you?’

This enhanced state was incomparable to his usual self. He felt confident he could challenge any of the Ordas bloodline who achieved the second stage of divine essence opening.

Yet he stood no chance against Mord.

Decal used every means at his disposal to continue his assault on Mord.

But it was futile.

Mord effortlessly broke through all his attempts, bringing him to the brink of injury and death.

Decal narrowly escaped death three times, but his limit was near. His body was bloody, and the shock that penetrated his bones slowed his reactions.

‘Oh, no. Is this the end?’

That’s when he heard it.


Mord heard Behr’s voice calling him.

He looked up at Behr and his eyes widened.

Behr was smiling through her bloodied state.

The fight was over. Leon had overwhelmed Behr.

It wouldn’t take long to subdue a living Behr.

But such an outcome was unacceptable to her.

“I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Wait. Behr, just wait…!”

Decal, anticipating what she was about to do, tried to stop her with a trembling voice. But Behr, with a sad smile, drew her sword.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more.”

“Behr, don’t do this. Just wait, I’ll figure something out…!”

“They are truly damned strong. Run away.”

Behr didn’t listen.

Her sword wrapped in blue sparks slashed not at the enemy but at herself.

It was seppuku, to prevent capture.


Decal cried out in anguish.

* * *

As Behr, who had committed seppuku, fell, scattering red blood, the sight was burned into Decal’s retinas to an unforgettable degree.

At the same time, Decal’s senses expanded.

His Seven Senses captured changes happening in a higher-dimensional realm beyond human perception.


He felt it.

Power was pouring down from the distant heavens!

It wasn’t just power flooding in.

To Decal, who bore the loss of two blood relatives on the battlefield, the great ancestor Ordas granted an even stronger blessing.

A blessing beyond the ‘Holy Avenger of Retribution,’ giving Decal unknown strength.

Knowledge he hadn’t learned sprang to mind.

He could do things that previously seemed impossible.

Decal began a drastic, unprecedented transformation.


A dazzling silver light obscured his figure, and a silver windstorm raged.

“Argh! I’m flying away!”

“What is this!?”

The soldiers of the Berd Kingdom panicked.

The gusts swirling around Decal were so strong, armored humans were cast into the air.

“This is a bad sign,” Leon muttered.

That didn’t mean that he had been idle. He had already attacked but to no avail.

“It’s the moment of awakening.”

Mord had known what was happening from the start and murmured.

There was no use attacking now.

“The second stage of Divine Essence Opening.”

Because it was the moment when a scion of the gods connected to their celestial source!

“Everyone, fall back.”

Mord told his companions.

The battle had virtually ended.

The remaining four special forces members survived cleanly subdued by Keil.

Now it was time to deal with the newly awakening Decal.

Keil asked, “Will you face him alone?”

“I’d like to at least do that much.”

The valor of Tepha and Behr had given Mord a thrill.

That’s why, at the very least, he wanted to pay respect to Decal, who had awakened through their sacrifice.


The gales subsided, and the central silver glow gradually faded.

The newly exposed Decal murmured, “I cannot forgive…”

A fierce rage boiled within him.

But it was not a rage directed at the enemy.

‘I am the worst garbage.’

It was a rage toward himself.

From the moment he joined the special forces, death was an accepted risk.

But expecting his own death and bearing the deaths of others was an entirely different matter.

Notably when he had lost everyone he was supposed to protect on his first mission as a commander.

He should have died instead of them, but they faced sacrifice to save him!

‘I’m sorry, everyone.’

Behr and Tepha were close blood relatives.

They had grown up together, forging a close bond, so they had eagerly joined his first mission as a commander.

But now both were dead.

It was his incompetence that led to their sacrifice.

‘I’m truly sorry.’

Decal prayed for the dead.

Not for their deaths,

‘I cannot let these people go.’

but for his foolishness in choosing to fight in anger rather than to flee.

‘Ordas is also longing to punish these miscreants.’

He apologized for being pleased that he had been given a reason to rationalize.


The power bestowed upon Decal was no coincidence.

It was not only because two of Ordas’s lineage had died and Decal had the unique authority ‘Holy Avenger of Retribution.’

It was because the enemy belonged to the Berd lineage.

No, specifically because it was Mord Berd.

‘He’s young. Truly young.’

Until now, Mord’s size was so large, and his presence so imposing that Decal hadn’t recognized him.

But now looking closer, Mord’s face still bore youthful features. If you focused only on his face, he wouldn’t be mistaken for a child.

His heightened Seven Senses whispered.

Decal’s guess was right.

Mord Berd was a monster beyond reason.

And that was why the god of retribution, Ordas, had granted Decal this power.

To assess the true value of Mord Berd.

If possible, to nip this threat in the bud, right here and now!

“You all will die, filthy Berds!”

The wailing Decal was different from before.

His silver hair, as if defying gravity, floated upwards, while the silver light that enveloped him crumbled into myriad silver fragments floating around.

And his body was now decked in an armor that shone entirely silver.

It was Mythical Armor, an Artifact allowed by Ordas himself upon reaching the second stage of Divine Essence Opening.

“You have received Ordas’s favor.”

Mord said as he approached Decal.


Decal, with a look to tear him apart, raised both hands.

Lightning sprang from his left, flame from his right.

And the powers of both were reaching the high domain of a unique divine ability.

Not only that.

Decal manifested not just the acceleration he already possessed but also enhanced physical strength.

By reaching the second stage of Divine Essence Opening, he gained new divine abilities combined with the Artifact’s effects.

His innate divine ability ‘Holy Avenger of Retribution’ was now enhanced.

It was not just about gaining more power when allies died, but temporarily using abilities they had.

Besides, the Artifact he wore elevated two of his usable skills to the domain of unique divine abilities!

“Are you Mord Berd?” Decal said.

“That’s right. Decal Ordas.”

“How old are you?”

“Is that important?”

“It is to me.”



Decal was at a loss for words at Mord’s response.

He had expected him to be young, but a sixteen-year-old boy?


He was incredulous.

It wasn’t a lie; his sharpened Seven Senses assured him.

It was chilling.

“I don’t know where you suddenly sprang from, but only you will die here today.”

Regardless of what happened, Decal was resolved to kill Mord here and now.

Mord looked at Decal before replying.

“That’s an impossible desire, scion of Ordas.”

Then the two scions of gods clashed.

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