The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 116

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 116: The Extra Is Too Strong

Pyon doubted if what he had experienced was a dream or not. Upon entering the demon-affected dungeon, they immediately began to search for the troops of the Kingdom of Bert. The objective was to meet the additional forces sent to capture the Imperial Special Operations Forces and to evaluate the situation. However, those forces had already encountered the Imperial operatives and suffered significant losses. While fighting off the numerous monsters that had swarmed them, barely less than ten of their number had survived. Considering their diminished state, Yurik fell into deep contemplation after receiving their report, uncertain whether they could track and capture their quarry before the impending dungeon break.

But it was at this moment that Mord made a surprising proposal. “They are experts in stealth and escape. It’s unlikely we’ll find their location at this juncture. If we start tracking them now, we might end up wasting time until the dungeon break happens.”

“Do you have a better idea?” inquired Yurik.

“Let’s clear the dungeon.”

“Excuse me?”

“Let’s clear the dungeon before the dungeon break occurs.”

Yurik was taken aback, staring at Mord in astonishment. The information they had just received indicated that this dungeon was less than halfway conquered. Moreover, the dungeon break was predicted to occur within as little as two hours.

“Do you truly believe it’s possible?”

“Don’t think about wiping them all out. If we focus on a single point breakthrough, it’s entirely plausible.”

Mord’s voice was filled with confidence. After a moment’s contemplation, Yurik replied, “All right. Sir Mord, I will invest ten minutes in your proposal. Convince me.”

The task would have been impossible for Yurik’s squad alone. He was essentially challenging Mord to demonstrate the capability of his unit.

“It won’t be difficult.”

And then, in the demon-affected dungeon, a human-shaped tempest began to rage. Leading the charge, Mord’s squad initiated a single point breakthrough to the dungeon’s core, and nothing could stop them. Monsters were obliterated before them as they advanced; not only were the forces unable to halt their progress, but they couldn’t even slow them down.


Following in Mord’s wake, Yurik’s squad was not merely there as spectators. Monsters attacked from all directions, and they had to engage those targeting them. Yet their battle was surprisingly comfortable.

Puff-puff-puff-boom! The moment monsters appeared, Parwell’s spells would strike them from a distance, drastically reducing their numbers.

-Shatter the Mirage!

Then, with ranged attacks from Mord and Lione, the surviving monsters were further decimated, leaving few to approach them.


Any monsters that desperately tried to close in were systematically crushed by Eriu, who swung his club, shattering one foe after another.

“[Argh! You lot! You think you can pass through so easily… Cough?]”

Even lower demons were cleaved in two by Kael’s Aura Blade, disappearing as soon as they appeared.

And the dungeon core, guarded by a superior demon, faced a similar fate.

‘Even for a genius, this is too much!’

Pyon was left in awe. Not just him, but all members of Yurik’s squad couldn’t help but express their astonishment. The combat capability of Mord’s squad was extraordinarily beyond reason.

“The rumors were an understatement rather than an exaggeration…”

Uttering in disbelief, even Yurik had to acknowledge that Mord’s squad was on another level entirely. ‘Could they be on par, or even surpass a squad led by the highest-ranking warrior?’ he wondered. It became painfully clear why General Idlen had granted Mord’s squad the special permission to operate in a five-member unit.

So effortlessly was the demon-affected dungeon cleared, and the Imperial Special Operations Forces found themselves unexpectedly cornered.


“There’s no other choice.”

The expression on Dekal’s face turned grim.

“Prepare for combat. We’ll smash those muscle-headed fools and break through their encirclement.”

The Imperial Special Operations Forces consisted only of those who had passed rigorous mental conditioning due to the nature of their missions. All 17 members of Dekal’s squad were qualified special operatives, ready to ignite their fighting spirit with a determination to succeed.

Yurik responded, “Kingdom of Bert troops, just maintain a tight encirclement. Leave the rest to us.”

“Understood!” The troops from the Kingdom of Bert complied without resistance, well aware that engaging an Ordaas’ special unit on their own was folly, especially after suffering their own losses.

“You all seem pretty confident,” scoffed a surly brown-haired woman, Mill Ordaas, brandishing her sword and shield.

And she had reason to. Mord’s team numbered five and Yurik’s team nine – fourteen in total – fewer than the seventeen members of Dekal’s squad. Overlooking them as if they were mere catches made her blood boil.

“Let’s make a break for it.”

The pale golden-haired youth, Dekal, emitted a sharp murderous intent. Yurik pointed him out, saying, “That one appears to be their leader. I’ll handle him.”

It was a given that taking down the enemy’s leader would be a significant accomplishment. But Mord did not oppose; he simply nodded in agreement.

“Then I’ll take this fellow.”

Lione indicated a tall and slim man, Tepa Ordaas. Kael teased him, “Afraid to fight a woman? Choosing a man straight away.”

“It’s not like that! He just looks stronger!”

Lione’s defensive reaction was all too telling. Trained from childhood by the Bernas doctrine, Lione did not discriminate by gender when facing an enemy. However, given the choice, he would more comfortably engage a male opponent.

“Hahaha. These guys. Do they see us as trophies?”

Mill Ordaas laughed in disdain and pointed her sword at Lione, “You’re up, buddy. Let’s dance.”

“No, I…”

“You’re mine to kill.”

Lione looked like he had just swallowed a bug. As Kael playfully nudged his shoulder, Lione sent him a resentful glance. Kael stuck out her tongue in jest while Lione, facing an enemy, had to muster his endurance to prevent an altercation with his allies.


Mord glanced disdainfully at the pair before saying, “My opponent will be you.”

Tepa Ordaas and Mord locked eyes. Dekal then turned to Yurik, stating, “Dekal Ordaas.”

“Yurik Bernas.” Yurik reciprocated, revealing his name.

“Mill Ordaas here. And this guy?”

“…Lione Bernas.”

Mill grinned, revealing her teeth, at which Lione grimaced. The tall man, whom Lione wanted to face, Tepa, turned his attention to Mord, “Tepa Ordaas.”

Mord, momentarily perplexed by the sudden disclosure of their names – typically, the identities of those in the Imperial Special Operations Forces remained secret – hesitated.

‘Ah, right.’ But soon, Mord realized there was a custom for Bernas and Ordaas to declare their names before clashing in battle, a practice that dated back to Setoma. Given the longstanding rivalry, it was customary to announce their names before fighting, with the victor remembering the vanquished’s name.

“…Mord Bernas.”

“Pyon Bernas!” Pyon blurted his name hastily, not wanting to be forgotten.

‘Cough.’ He stuttered due to excitement and tension, his face flushing with embarrassment. Suddenly, all eyes were on Pyon. Though it was just for a moment, he wished he could vanish into a mousehole.

“Mill, Tepa.”

Dekal eyed Yurik and spoke, “Don’t make me any stronger than necessary.” His peculiar statement was followed by the activation of his blood vessels.

Whoosh! Mill and Tepa, along with Dekal, all opened their blood vessels, their hair turning silvery as their Ordaas bloodline manifested.

“Apart from one, are there only three capable of opening their blood vessels?”

Yurik clicked his tongue and also opened his vessels. Mord and Lione followed suit, and all but one’s hair turned silver, their blood vessels awash with energy like a silver tempest.


Pyon, the sole member unable to open his blood vessels, watched in stunned disbelief, his expression soured.

And so, Bernas and Ordaas, two formidable forces of the Continental Armed Groups and ancient adversaries, clashed once again.


According to legend, Bernas and Ordaas were at odds. Throughout mythology, they have often clashed.

Aritar, the Sky God’s son and Berserker Bernas. Ratass, the Sun God’s son and the God of Punishment Ordaas. Ordaas rarely made direct appearances. Born a demigod, living as a man, Berserker Bernas earned his title by smashing everything blocking his path with bare fists. Ordaas, on the other hand, was born a god.

Numerous individuals within the mythology were born divine and hence named gods. However, they are known as the godly race and not gods in this era because they failed to secure an independent divine status that would be remembered in this world. Only those who complete their mythology and acquire an independent divine presence are revered as gods.

Ordaas played a crucial role in Ratass’ ascension to the throne of the Sun God. Collecting the world’s various extraordinary abilities, he forged them into weapons bestowed upon the Apostles of Judgment, thus creating the ‘Army of Punishment.’ They punished those who defied the gods and those coveting the throne, clearing the way for Ratass to become the Sun God. His path was soaked in blood.

Numerous imitators of the Sun God fell to Ordaas and his Apostles, forgotten as lesser deities. And those who followed these forgotten gods were ‘punished’ by Ordaas’ Apostles. Through battles drenched in blood from countless ‘punishments,’ the path to the throne was forged. And the architect of that path was none other than the God of Punishment, Ordaas.

On this path, Bernas obstructed Ordaas numerous times. More than a dozen times, he thwarted Ordaas’ forces, who sought complete eradication of tribes worshipping forgotten gods. Even Ordaas himself, incarnated in an Apostle’s body, was defeated multiple times by Bernas.

However, Bernas did not solely emerge victorious against Ordaas; he faced defeat and death several times. But he always rose to challenge Ordaas, persistently blocking his path.

Their bitter feud from the myths continued over 500 years into the present.


It is not unusual for members of a Bloodline to have more than one innate gift. Take the Bernas lineage, for example, which not only has a fundamental innate gift but also bestows additional learned abilities upon descendants in the form of ‘blessings’. However, no other Bloodline takes the diversity of its abilities for granted as much as Ordaas.

Crackling with energy, lightning bolts sparked from Dekal’s hands, striking Yurik with whip-like ferocity. His use of this ability was instantaneous and required no incantations or magical configurations.

“Ha! Relentlessly mediocre! Trying to gauge me?” Yurik crossed his arms, countering the attacks easily. Despite the disruptive force tearing through space, Yurik remained untouched.

“Stop playing petty tricks with extraordinary abilities and show me your true strength, Ordaas!”

The power wielded by Dekal was not an innate gift but an extraordinary ability. Even with comparable destructive power, there’s a decisive qualitative difference between an innate gift and an extraordinary ability. A descendant of Ordaas who has reached the threshold of opening their blood vessels can wield at least three different extraordinary abilities, but only one will be at the level of an innate gift.

“This is wearing thin. Unleash it then.”

Dekal’s response was an expansive radiance that swept across the area, catapulting Yurik nearly 20 meters away.


“Tediously recurring patterns. Unchanging simpletons. Did you truly think you’d be fit to lead Special Forces if someone like you could challenge me?”

With a sneer, Dekal resumed his deadly dance, controlling his abilities in weaponized forms – a defining characteristic of the Ordaas lineage, born from the prolific legacy of weaponizing the myriad abilities collected by Ordaas.

Where others might freely harness lightning without being bound to any formation, Dekal could only manipulate it in a whip-like form. Such limitations meant ease of use; a natural affinity for immediate, forceful attacks from the very first command of power, bolstered by notable potency.

“I never expected it to be easy.”

Yurik’s spirit remained undaunted as he once again braved the tempest to close in on Dekal.

Suddenly, a cry echoed across the battlefield, “Dekal―!” More a scream of despair than a call, it resonated peculiarly, infused with the characteristic vibrations of an activated blood vessel.


The cry had scarcely subsisted for three minutes into the fray when the outcome of the battle between blood vessels was declared.


Recognizing the caller, Dekal’s expression froze.

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