The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 115

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 115: The Fated Adversary

In the White Demon Realm, an unspoken rule existed between the Kingdom of the Four and the Empire: no all-out war.

Never did these powers engage in large-scale warfare against each other.

Both were in positions where they had to pour all their efforts into maintaining their borders, so neither had the capacity nor reason to start a full-blown war in this area.

However, this didn’t mean there were no conflicts between the two hegemonic forces.

They constantly attempted espionage to erode each other’s power and create struggles.

Direct attacks on each other’s garrisons were avoided, but on the borders north of the demarcation line, frequent assaults led to the annihilation of troops.

And when the Empire aimed to attack the Kingdom, they utilized special forces, including those of the Ordas bloodline.

“This is one of the reasons for the Shadow Wolf Unit’s existence,” Kael explained during their march with Yurik’s forces.

“Bernas bloodline isn’t suitable for the special forces, right?”

Bernas’s bloodline, specializing in stealth and infiltration, wasn’t suited for the usual approach of the special forces.

“Yet, we still need a special operations unit capable of functioning effectively, even those with extraordinary abilities…”

And so, they gathered the most iconic werewolves, those of the Likansrop clan, and formed such a unit.

“It’s been a successful endeavor, maintaining its lineage to this day.”

For this reason, the Shadow Wolf Unit had more experience fighting against Ordas.

Even the veteran, Kael, had clashed with Ordas on more than one or two occasions.

As they talked, Mord’s troops and Yurik’s forces reached their destination.

The speed of Bernas warriors’ long-distance travel was well-known; they arrived swiftly, having rushed over.

However, since it had taken them over six hours to receive and follow the command from headquarters, there was no way to know if they had arrived too late.

“Heugh, heugh…”

Phaion gasped for breath.

Not just him, but even the intermediate warriors were in a similar state.

Their stamina was heavily taxed by the non-stop, forced march with only brief rests along the way.

“You followed well,” Yurik said, patting Phaion’s shoulder, encouraging him.

Phaion was the only freshman in Yurik’s squad, not even a year into his time as a warrior; the rest were all at least intermediate-level warriors.

Regardless of being of Bernas lineage, Phaion had done an admirable job keeping up with the grueling pace.

But Phaion was in no mood to smile at the praise.

‘What the hell is that guy really?’

It was because Mord’s breathing hadn’t been disturbed at all.

Moreover, all five members of Mord’s unit seemed unaffected.

“Everyone, catch your breath. We can’t show weakness to those Bernas guys.”

Yurik ordered a final rest before reaching the destination, not wanting to appear weak before the troops of Bert Kingdom.

It was a matter of pride for Bernas and a way to earn trust, given they had been summoned for support.

‘Mord is really more suited to be a commander than me,’ he honestly admitted, lacking such finesse.

After a brief rest, the two squads soon arrived at the camp of the Bert Kingdom army.

* * *

“We’ve come at your request for support. I am Yurik, a superior warrior.”

“Welcome, you’ve arrived quicker than expected.”

The commanding officer of the Bert Kingdom was delighted.

The situation was urgent, so he didn’t bother with formalities.

He quickly explained the situation, pointing to the military map on the table.

“Our offensive unit was ambushed during a stage 3 dungeon corruption assault.”

The Kingdom of the Four had its own forces dedicated to thwarting dungeon corruption.

Bert Kingdom referred to these forces as ‘offensive units’.

However, units including those with bloodline abilities capable of dealing with stage 2 corruption were rare.

In the White Demon Realm, the situation was different from the outside world. As the territory north of the buffer zone wasn’t part of the kingdom’s mainlands, even reaching stage 3 corruption didn’t pose a major problem.

So, they had sent the offensive unit to a stage 3 corrupted dungeon when they were ambushed by the Empire’s special forces.

“They annihilated our reinforcement unit and entered the corrupted dungeon.”

It was a typical pattern.

However, before the reinforcement unit was entirely wiped out, they managed to send a distress signal.

This success was thanks to the newly adopted emergency report system in the Bert Kingdom.

Unaware of this, the Empire’s special forces had entered the dungeon…

“We’ve set up a blockade and sent additional troops into the dungeon in pursuit, but a dungeon break is approaching fast.”

After stage 3 corruption comes the dungeon break.

“Catch them before that happens.”

The corrupted dungeon under assault was located deep within a mountain range, more than ten kilometers north of the buffer zone.

Although they had hurriedly established the blockade, they hadn’t been able to deploy many troops.

If the dungeon break happened in such a state?

The waves of demons and monsters pouring out of the dungeon would overwhelm them, and the blockade would fail.

And the Empire’s special forces would merely slip away during the chaos.

Predicting the outcome wasn’t hard, as such events were far from uncommon.

“Understood. We’ll depart immediately.”

“We’ll send a guide spirit to lead the way.”

The commander didn’t offer an escort, knowing how swiftly Bernas’s independent operation units could move.

A mage sent out a guide spirit, slowing it down to match their speed, and Mord’s and Yurik’s units began to follow the shining silhouette flying at a low altitude.

* * *

The Imperial special forces commander, Dikal Ordas, chewed on his jerky in a secluded corner of the dungeon.

The young man, just over 160 cm tall with pale blonde hair, muttered in annoyance.

“Darn, seems like things have gotten complicated, hasn’t it?”

“It’s obvious we missed something when we took care of the reinforcement unit outside,” replied the muscled woman, Mil Ordas, nodding affirmatively.

This special forces unit included three of the Ordas bloodline.

In contrast to the rare offspring of Bernas, the Ordas had many descendants.

They didn’t need to indulge every bastard child to maintain their force sizes.

“It’s certain we didn’t send any guide spirits.”

“Then they must’ve used another method. If we escape and report, the intel folks will figure it out, so let’s not worry about that.”

Dikal sighed.

Around them were strewn countless bodies.

Most were monsters, but there were humans among them as well.

However, by then, Dikal’s forces had already ambushed and wiped out Bert Kingdom’s offensive unit.

They had meddled from afar, leading the offensive forces into complete annihilation amidst a battle against a horde of monsters.

It was frustrating they hadn’t been able to finish them off—monsters had overwhelmed them during the skirmish.

“Darn, this job wasn’t even supposed to be hard; how did it get to this?”

It was Dikal’s first mission since being appointed as the special forces commander, and it had gone awry from the start.

“Don’t whine. The dungeon break isn’t far off, so let’s find a place to rest until then,” suggested Mil, patting Dikal’s shoulder.

That’s when they sensed it.

“They’re coming,” the tall, lean man from the Ordas family, Tefar Ordas, alerted with a glint in his eyes.

Due to his exceptional sensing abilities, the others tensed.

“What’s coming?”

“Bernas is coming.”


Dikal was shocked, prompting Mil to chide him.

“It’s to be expected. Once our Ordas special unit’s been revealed, they would respond by deploying Bernas or the Shadow Wolves.”

“Right, that makes sense.”

Dikal quickly regained his composure.

Though new to commanding, he had plenty of experience carrying out special forces tasks and had notably thrived in conflicts at the border with the Kingdom.

“This could be our chance to capture a Bernas.”

Dikal’s unit was composed of elites.

Dikal himself was regarded highly among the younger generation for his combat abilities, and both Mil and Tefar were formidable fighters as well.

Capturing a member of the Bernas line would be a significant feat, a worthy accomplishment that could elevate their status within their clan.

“But chief, don’t be so careless.”

Tefar, who had detected Bernas’s approach, was sweating.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not just Bernas; it’s four of them.”


“Four Bernas bloodlines are heading this way.”

Dikal’s face hardened.

Bernas bloodline members were perfectly adapted to combat.

While the Ordas had a greater number of descendants and a broader range of abilities, the average combat prowess of Bernas was undeniably superior—a fact even the Ordas family acknowledged.

Of course, not all Ordas were inferior to Bernas.

Among the Ordas, there were individuals with exceptional combat skills, proud to be considered superior to Bernas.

Dikal was one of those confident individuals.

“Facing four of them will be quite the ordeal.”

But even Dikal could not help but sweat at the thought of a hostile unit that included not just one but four Bernas bloodlines.

Mil asked, “What will we do?”

“It’s too risky. Let’s avoid them.”

Dikal, swallowing his pride as a commander, made a prudent decision.

The dungeon was large. The swirling distortion was over 200 meters in diameter, suggesting at least an upper-level demon at its core.

If they could run and hide behind the monsters, they could survive until the dungeon break.

A typical, independent combat group might not catch them, but it was another story if the group included several of the Bernas bloodline.

It was a very rational forecast backed by their confidence as special forces.

But the problem was, things didn’t always go as rationally as one might expect.

* * *



Suddenly, a tremor shook the dungeon.

Crack, crumble…

And the landscape, which looked sturdy, began to crack and crumble.

“Dungeon clear?”

Dikal was aghast.

That meant someone had breached the deepest part of the dungeon, defeating the core demon, and cleared the dungeon.

“In such a short time? How is that possible?”

The Bert Kingdom’s offensive unit hadn’t even reached the midst of their dungeon assault. They had been surprised by Dikal’s forces and overwhelmed.

Yet a new unit, including four with Bernas bloodline, cleared the rest in less than 30 minutes?


Before Dikal’s forces could regain their composure, the cleared dungeon disintegrated.

And everyone inside was ejected back to the point of their initial entrance.

The implication was straightforward.

“Darn it.”

Dikal’s forces’ escape plan was in ruins.

They were surrounded by the Bert Kingdom army, and in the midst of it all, a small unit with four muscular giants, unmistakably from Bernas, was eyeing Dikal’s forces.

“Ordas, it’s time for you to face the consequences for your actions.”

Yurik glared coldly at them as he spoke.

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