The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 114

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 114: The Extra Is Too Strong

“Why isn’t Mord frozen solid?”

Mord had taken the brunt of a wave of cold energy but hadn’t frozen.

“Because he resisted.”

“But he didn’t defend himself, did he?”

Mord had neither used an impulse nor aura to defend himself. And yet, he didn’t freeze.

“Using the inherent divine power within my blood, the constancy that does not yield to the changes of the world. If one can draw enough sanctity, then it’s possible.”


“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Mord, you use really difficult words.”

Eriu had not received proper education. It was no wonder she couldn’t understand the specialized terms that only magicians would use.

“Is that so. Let me explain it to you then, one by one. Lady Eriu, you…”



“Just call me Eriu. I call you Mord, after all.”

“…Alright. Eriu.”

Mord was taken aback.

Eriu had started to change since the day she handed over the world fragment to him.

The Eriu of the past was a person who shied away from facing others, exuding a bleak aura.

But now, that characteristic bleakness was no longer visible.

‘Was it also because of the curse?’

Perhaps the reason she was reluctant to face people was because every time she did, it reminded her of the half-dragons.

If she felt hatred and aversion every time she interacted with others, it would be difficult to maintain sanity.

‘Uncontrollable, the never-ending stress from having no way out…’

If that was the case, it made sense why Eriu lived alone in the midst of the white wilderness where no one could be found.

‘The cold and harsh weather must not have been too threatening.’

Rather, she might have felt a sense of stability in such an environment.

After all, Eriu was a descendant of the true dragons, and among them, one blessed with the power of ice and snow.

‘Truth be told though, her true nature has never been revealed until the end in Sedokma.’

Her exact nature wasn’t revealed in Sedokma either.

This was because she had died in a battle with Aidan’s party before the truth was unveiled.

But Mord had his suspicions.

‘A dragon who has forgotten what it is, or rather, was made to forget its identity.’

This is the remaining lineage of dragons in the world.

When creation began, there was the existence believed to have come from outside the world, the true dragons (眞龍).

And the dragons born in this world, descendants of the ancient true dragons.

Lastly, before the end of the myth, the dragonkind that originated from the lesser dragons and inherited their powers.

Officially, it is believed that not only the ancient true dragons but also the dragons had perished.

But as always, the truth was hidden.

Like Merus, the ancient witch Sedea’s nemesis who still exists in the present world, there were still dragons existing in this era.

‘She was found in the white wilderness with amnesia… well, there must be a mythological story behind it.’

Sealed, cursed to sleep, or turned into a monster…

Mythology is full of such individuals, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Eriu was one of them.

‘As for the Dragon Legion of Rebellion, dragons are in themselves noble beings; I don’t understand why they would choose to gradually return Eriu’s memories and use her instead of restoring them all at once…’

There were no clues in Sedokma that could lead to speculation about this matter.

It was an issue that could only be discovered by directly confronting Eriu, and the Dragon Legion of Rebellion.

Nonetheless, after explaining how he had resisted Eriu’s cold one by one, Mord added.

“Eriu, you’ve yet to fully harness your abilities.”


Eriu’s eyes widened in astonishment.

It was the first time she had ever heard such a statement.

To think that she could effortlessly emit a wave of cold energy on the level of a 7th circle spell and that, with a bit of focus to accumulate power, she could unleash even greater force.

And she could use that ability just by will and magic consumption, yet she was not harnessing her full potential?

“Until you got here, have you ever actually trained?”


Eriu shook her head from side to side.

From the moment her memory began, she was already powerful.

She possessed tremendous strength and could instantly freeze anything she wished.

It was just that from the beginning of her memory, she was already bound by chains that made her unable to oppose the half-dragons.

“You are just strong. Your very existence is strong.”

Eriu’s strength wasn’t the result of hard training or research.

She had never even learned combat skills, and even now, she fought without any finesse.

What she learned from training with Mord’s unit was not personal combat skills but how to breathe and operate as part of a group.

“There’s not much else to say. I don’t think it’s right to teach you techniques and correct your fighting style.”

Even now, Eriu fared well in combat. Despite her erratic fighting style relying on ridiculous physical abilities, she displayed incredible combat instincts.

It meant she possessed a combat sense as exceptional as the descendants of Tushin.

That talent was likely connected to her identity.

“However, when it comes to your ability to generate cold, it needs to be actively developed.”


“Because it’s an ability derived from your essence, and it is absurdly weak compared to your potential. Developing this ability will also be a way to discover what you are.”

Currently, the cold ability Eriu demonstrated was at a level of anomaly (異能).

That’s why Mord could easily resist it with just drawing upon the power in his blood.

However, it simply couldn’t be that the power of the true dragons, who once contested supremacy with the gods, would only be at such a standard.

Regardless of scale or power, the quality of the ability should be at the level of the unique divine power of blood.

Mord suspected that was due to the curse left by the half-dragons.

‘It was the same in Sedokma, they didn’t develop the ability but instead improved their combat strength by collecting more world fragments.’

Mord thought that was the reason why Eriu wasn’t able to rediscover her memory or even know her true identity.

It was akin to someone born with divine blood yet unable to awaken it. In such a case, one would have no idea what their identity or potential was.

‘In that regard, Bernas is really simple and straightforward.’

On her fifteenth birthday, Bernas was forced to awaken her divine blood, then learned what she was.

The problem was that she had to overcome the ordeal of death to do so.

‘Those who do not survive are not even worth testing as my offspring…’

By contrast, the official lineage prepared for divine blood awakening from birth with all sorts of privileges and prodigy education. Hence, deaths during divine blood awakening are almost non-existent in the official lineage.

Truly an infuriating discrimination.

‘Though the illegitimate child’s feelings are someone else’s affair… but after smacking the Grand Duke’s cheek, the household needs a good shake-up. It’s about time those aristocratic-minded fools taste revolution.’

Perhaps inspired by Pion’s frustration, areas that he hadn’t been concerned with before were starting to annoy him.

Mord made a decision about his future plans and looked at Eriu again.

“My essence…”

Eriu looked at Mord, curious about what he had said.

She had never heard such talk before.

Even when Illden enlisted a high-ranking magician to try to restore her memory, that magician never mentioned anything like this.

“Can this method really work?”

“Have you ever tried it before?”


“Then there’s nothing to lose by trying, right? If you weren’t trying that, it’s not like you’d have something else to do anyway.”


The logic was flawless.

Eriu nodded her head and started training to enhance her cold ability further, in accordance with Mord’s request.

* * *

Not only the Gatekeeper Corps was fighting to build a defense line in the white wilderness.

If solely considering the size of the forces, the Sorcerous Kingdom’s troops were significantly larger, and they had more defense lines to maintain.

However, there was never any contempt for the Gatekeeper Corps from the Sorcerous Kingdom’s forces.

That was because…

“A request for support has come from the Bert Kingdom’s assigned area.”

The relationship between Bernas Duchy and the Sorcerous Kingdom remained the same, even in the white wilderness.


When Mord was called to headquarters, he found himself meeting other unit leaders.

“This operation is a joint one. Lord Mord, you are to support the Yuirik Unit.”


Mord nodded readily.

In joint operations, command was usually given to individuals with either higher rank or more experience.

Since Yuirik had served longer in the Gatekeeper Corps and held the higher rank of senior warrior, it made sense for him to have command.

“This mission cannot afford to fail. Please hurry.”

The reason that the headquarters had combined the Yuirik Unit with the Mord Unit for this task was simple.

The situation was urgent, and they were the most suitable combination ready for immediate deployment.

The support request from the Bert Kingdom’s forces was not concerning a demonic dungeon conquest.

“We must catch the Ordas dogs before they escape!”

The bernas’ ancestral enemies, the large and notorious Ordas family, had appeared!

* * *

The white wilderness is a fierce battlefield.

And the enemies that the Gatekeeper Corps and the Sorcerous Kingdom’s forces must confront were not just demonic dungeons and monsters.

Humans were also their adversaries.

Holders of power in the eastern part of the continent, the Urphin Empire.

And the sharpest sword of the empire, heralded as such—the Ordas family.

If Bernas was in the west, Ordas was in the east.

The descendants of Ordas had long been an issue.

Because the empire’s special forces, including the descendants of Ordas, infiltrated and wreaked havoc within the Gatekeeper Corps and Sorcerous Kingdom’s army territories in the western part of the white wilderness.

Unlike the Bernas lineage, their abilities varied, and they had a broad aptitude for both warrior and magician roles, making them well-suited for special forces operations.

Among the Ordas descendants, there were many who specialized in stealth and infiltration.

The empire utilized these special forces, including Ordas’ offspring, to deal strikes to the defense lines in the western part of the white wilderness.

Of course, they never attacked enough to completely collapse the defense line or escalate to full-scale war.

Because the empire’s aim was to weaken—not annihilate—the Gatekeeper Corps and the Sorcerous Kingdom’s army. If the defense lines collapsed, it would be a considerable calamity.

While they didn’t want the defense lines to break, they wanted them weakened and stressed. And to exhaust the kingdom’s resources in efforts to maintain their weakened sections.

This was the strategic goal that guided the strikes between the kingdom and the empire in the white wilderness.

‘Biden too suffered from it.’

The failure that Biden Bernas experienced in the white wilderness was precisely because of the empire’s special forces.

When Biden’s unit entered a deep-lying demonic dungeon, the special forces besieged the support troops at the dungeon entrance and massacred them.

And then, they immediately entered the dungeon, following Biden’s unit and striking them from behind.

Biden’s unit was forced to retreat due to their interference, leading to a dungeon break.

Biden failed not only in his mission to halt the demonic spread but also in capturing the imperial special forces, marking a significant disgrace.

“That we would have the opportunity to witness their ability so soon… I did not foresee.”

As they left the command center, Yuirik spoke.

“Expect nothing less.”

Yuirik wore a warm smile. Despite his massive build similar to Mord’s, he had the demeanor of a kindly big brother who made friends easily when conversing with others.

Mord inquired.

“Have you fought against Ordas before?”

“Yes, though only once.”

Yuirik had only recently been entrusted with an independent operation unit, but he’d been with the Gatekeeper Corps for over three years; an encounter like that was certainly possible.

“I see. This is my first time. I appreciate your guidance.”

Mord replied briefly and turned away.


Yuirik watched Mord’s retreating figure for a moment before turning around.

“…He’s truly an enigma.”

Yuirik’s face, murmuring to himself, was now cold—as if his smile from moments ago had been a lie.

* * *

Pion was bewildered.

There were too many reasons for his distress.

He hadn’t yet been in the white wilderness for a full month.

The Yuirik Unit had undergone about ten days of unit training after its formation.

Recently, they had carried out their first mission—a mission to forestall the spread of demonic influence, which Pion had heard of only in stories.

It was a significant and anticipated event for Pion, who had always yearned to be part of it before becoming a warrior.

Having successfully completed their first mission, Pion gained confidence.

While still immature as a Bernas, he felt affirmed that he could fulfill his role as a warrior.

However, no matter how confident he was, having a second mission against Bernas’ archenemy, Ordas, was inconceivable.


While running with his fellow unit members, Pion glanced sideways.

The five-member-strong Mord Unit was matching their pacing.

Operation against Ordas, with Mord?

After returning to the unit that day of their reunion, Pion had been shocked to learn about Mord.

A mid-level warrior leading an independent operation unit.

Recognized by General Illden for his outstanding strength, he commanded a special independent unit operated by merely five members!

‘How could such a monster exist in this world?’

Pion knew Mord was a prodigy with unmatched talent—he knew it all too well after his humiliating defeat when he confronted him.

‘But this is too much, right? What on earth happened over the year?’

With eager anticipation and nervous anticipation making his heart pound, Pion clutched his chest.

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