The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 112

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 36: Reunion

The highest echelon of the Silver Blood congregated in one place.

The first tier of high-ranking officials, known as the Trinity of the Gods, often met. Since they did not have any official identities revealed to the outside, they mostly stayed where one could say the heart of the Silver Blood was located, attending to their duties.

While they had appropriate false identities prepared for emergency situations, they were not particularly significant because their appearances were too conspicuous.

Surrounding the round table, the hair of the three individuals shone like molten silver, clearly indicating their noble origin.

The evidence that they had truly become beings greater than even the descendants of the gods by completely assimilating the divine blood flowing within them was unmistakable.

“Did the negotiations go well?”

The one who asked was a woman called Eneca, one of the Trinity.

With her bobbed hair, golden eyes, and skin as pale as snow, she emanated a beauty so otherworldly that it felt almost nonhuman.

“Fairly well. Exchanged what needed to be given and received, and we agreed not to cross the seas for the next three years.”

The man with short silver hair and sharp, keen-trimmed beard, with crimson eyes, shrugged his shoulders. He was Eltein, another member of the Trinity.

“Surely they’ll send one or two under the radar, but for the time being, we’ve delayed their large-scale advance. It would have been a headache if they pushed forth in full force.”

The one who sighed softly was a young man who tied back his long silver hair, whose striking white features enhanced his delicate and handsome appearance. With crystal-clear blue eyes like the sky on a clear day, he was Karnec, one of the Trinity.

“The Golden Bough lot is already a headache as it is.”

Eltein shrugged again.

This world was vast.

Venturing eastward across the sea would lead one to encounter a colossal storm that rages all year round.

Created by a curse from the defeated gods of the Mythical War, this storm stood as a barrier between the Eastern and Western Continents.

Yet, a year ago, the Silver Blood detected a ship from the Eastern Continent that had managed to breach the storm and arrive in the Western lands.

When they confronted those aboard, it turned out they were scouts sent by the great secret organization of the Eastern Continent known as ‘The Rebellious Dragon Army’.

Descendants of the true dragons who vied for supremacy with the gods in legend!

When the Silver Blood engaged in battle to suppress the scouts, they realized they were no trivial enemy.

Therefore, suspending the attack, the leadership decided to negotiate, resulting in a nonaggression pact for the coming three years.

Naturally, while major invasions were stalled, both sides would still send few vanguards to scout each other’s territories.

However, upon meeting, both the leadership of the Silver Blood and the Rebellious Dragon Army deemed it highly likely that fighting over each other’s domains would end in mutual destruction, allowing them to come to an agreement relatively smoothly.

“So it is. Three years. Things will start getting busy from here.”

“The Rebellious Dragon Army’s intentions for coming here are obvious. All part of the predetermined chaos.”


Eneca suddenly showed a hint of hesitation.

When Eltein and Karnec looked at her questioningly, she furrowed her brow and continued.

“I had a strange dream.”

Such words coming from Eneca were unsettling.

Endowed with exceptional powers of foresight and insight, Eneca sometimes knew things she hadn’t learned or received warnings about the future as if divinations granted by the celestial gods.

Hearing her mention ‘a strange dream’ definitely carried an ominous significance.

“What dream was it?”

Pressed by Karnec’s question, Eneca hesitated before she began.

“It was a blurry dream… like seeing something happen from afar…”

What Eneca saw was their own selves.

“But there was one more amongst us.”

“Four people?”

“Yes. That one was trying to do something, and the three of us tried to stop him… The feeling was that it was a matter of grave importance.”


“That’s all there was.”


Eltein and Karnec frowned.

What could such a dream devoid of clear meaning imply?

“That’s why I said it was a strange dream. I don’t understand its significance.”

Eneca sighed.

“There’s no telling what it means at the present. Should you dream such again or if other reasons bring clarity, please inform us.”

“I will.”

“Then the next agenda is… the issue of Bernas’s bastard, Mord?”

“The bastard of Bernas has reached our concern?”

Karnec inquired, perplexed.

The Bernas Duchy was not to be taken lightly. The Silver Blood’s relationship with the Bernas Duchy was of strategic importance.

However, for an agenda concerning a bastard without legitimate lineage, who was not a notable person like Kesner Winsol, to reach the highest leadership was unusual.

“Ah, I see.”

Karnec’s expression shifted to intrigue as he read the report.

“The vacancy in the 24 Hours of the Pale had been created by this boy.”

During the negotiations with the Rebellious Dragon Army, Karnec had sensed that one of the higher officials, one of the 24 Hours of the Pale, had been murdered.

Who would have committed such an act? That it was Bernas’s bastard was beyond imagination.

“Thrice failed, with one of the 24 Hours leading the operation now dead, and to Bernas Duchy he offers nectar as a sign of his sorry state… ha, so such an event has taken place?”

Eltein laughed as if in disbelief.

It was not that the Silver Blood succeeded in all endeavors. It was not unusual for high-ranking officials to perish.

But for a high-ranking officer to personally intervene and end up dead at the hands of a mere fifteen-year-old Bernas bastard?

“That blind monster Elden… he must have been quite fond of that boy.”

Having read the report, Karnec laughed coldly.

Eltein rested his chin on his hand and mused.

“Perhaps others were involved. There’s no shortage of those who despise us.”

“It’s possible. Now, I’m unsure if we should just leave the matter as it is.”

“Of course we proceed. We can’t just stand idly by after such humiliation, can we?”

Eltein sneered.

As the two men engaged in dialogue, Eneca, who had been silent throughout, stared intently at the report and murmured to herself.


That name was being engraved in her mind with an unusual intensity.

* * *

After initiating independent operation activities, Mord’s unit began to move actively.

Achieving remarkable success in monster tracking and subjugation, Mord’s unit went on to complete three Demonic Domain Prevention missions.

One of them involved subduing a demonic baron and gathering a tremendous amount of spoils, astounding everyone.

Just five members were able to conquer a demonic domain dungeon led by a demonic baron, an event hard not to be astonished by.

And on another occasion, they were dispatched upon an emergency call and scored significant success before the eyes of many.

As time passed and March arrived, Mord reflected.

‘It has been a year already.’

Watching his breath mist the chilly morning air, Mord contemplated this milestone.

It had been a year since Eom Tae-seong reincarnated as Mord.

Since Mord’s birthday was in early February, he was now sixteen years old.

‘So far… I believe I’ve done well.’

Looking back at the past year, he felt satisfied with his achievements.

The journey had been fiercely competitive, and he had made significant changes.

‘Once I collect one more… the first phase will be complete.’

The Mord unit searched for ancient ruins and dungeons throughout White Mana Territory whenever they embarked on a mission.

As a result, Mord’s total shards of the world fragment had increased to 24, with an inventory of 21-2-1.

Mord had set his initial goal to forge a mass composed of 24 unified pieces because Aiden in Seodokma had achieved a significant leap upon accomplishing that very thing.

‘That’s where the real beginning is.’

After reaching this goal, he planned to distribute any new world fragments to Keal and Leon as well.

Surely the 24 pieces of world fragments he had obtained so far must have caused a shift in the future.

‘I’ll have to perform even better from now on.’

But everything he had done so far was merely a prelude.

The world fragments would emerge one by one, those possessing them would seek other pieces, and the world’s fate would slide into the abyss of doom.

‘It won’t take too long before the real struggle for domination begins.’

Even after wracking his brain, the number of world fragments Mord knew how to obtain before others were only about 60 or 70.

Someone somewhere unknown to Mord would acquire world fragments, and he would have to engage in conflicts with those craving more.

“Hey, Sir Mord!”

At the dining hall, the senior warrior Herto waved and approached.

He was not alone.

‘Bernas’s military. Who could that be?’

Following Herto was a muscular young giant, evidently someone from Bernas’s line.

“Long time no see!”

“Indeed. It has been a while.”

They seemed to have barely seen each other in nearly a month due to conflicting operational schedules.

“Let me introduce you. This is Sir Ulrick, a senior warrior. He was just promoted to leading an independent operation unit.”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Ulrick, and I’ve heard a lot about you.”

The young man with chestnut hair, tan skin, and blue eyes extended his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Mord, mid-level warrior.”

Shaking hands with Ulrick, Mord sensed something odd. Ulrick was staring at him as if trying to see through him.

“What is it?”

“Oh, forgive me. The rumors were quite extraordinary, so seeing you in person has me a bit excited.”

With an embarrassed smile, Ulrick apologized.

After a brief exchange of greetings, the three of them, including Herto, sat down to eat together.

“It’s been about three years since Ulrick came here. Upon his promotion to senior warrior, he took charge of an independent operation unit.”

Herto shared details about Ulrick.

“Did you hear about Sir Delkin’s death? His unit was left in disarray after the incident.”

Sir Delkin of the Bernas lineage had been leading an independent operation unit, but tragically, he fell in the line of duty while on a Demonic Domain Prevention mission.

It wasn’t entirely unexpected; although Delkin was a strong and seasoned warrior, he was not immortal.

However, Delkin’s unit didn’t face annihilation.

Five survivors remained.

One chose retirement, but four were still committed.

The Command had given them a period of rest while searching for a talented candidate to lead the new unit formed, including them.

“You were also considered for the position. But the general has given a special order to maintain your unit’s current formation, so others were vetted, and thus the position was given to Ulrick.”

Technically, Ulrick didn’t have enough military merit yet to be promoted to senior warrior.

But he was specially accelerated to fill Delkin’s vacancy.

Most of the new unit members were veterans, so unlike Mord, they couldn’t be placed under the command of a mid-level warrior.

“I see.”

As Mord listened curiously to Herto and Ulrick’s conversation, a shout interrupted them.

“Captain Ulrick!”

Someone entered the dining hall, calling out to Ulrick. Judging by the address, it seemed to be one of Ulrick’s men.


However, the voice and the feeling it gave off were oddly familiar.

Puzzled, Mord looked up to see who it was, and he was taken aback.

The other party was equally surprised.

“…Is that Mord?”


The owner of the voice was none other than Payne.

He was the youth who, during Mord’s trainee days in the high division, had given him a thrashing that resulted in a prolonged stay in the medical ward— the very one who had now appeared as a member of the Gatekeeper Unit.

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