The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 111

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 111: The Extra Is Too Strong

In a city teeming with life, people thrived within the embrace of towering walls. The city, bustling with vitality and peace, was struck by calamity.

With a thunderous roar from the heavens, a massive entity descended upon them.


The entity, far larger than any structure within the city, was a gigantic life form—a dragon covered in red scales. Its mere crash claimed the lives of hundreds.

The dragon, having upturned the land with its fall, raised its head to seek out its foe.


The flames belched from the gaping maw of the red dragon engulfed the serene city in fire. What was peaceful moments before turned into a hellish inferno, where countless perished amid horrific screams.

Then, piercing through the flames emerged another dragon—this one clad in gleaming white scales. With a chilling breath, it quelled the inferno’s rampage.


The city, once transformed into a fiery hell, now became encased in ice. And this was merely the beginning.

As the dragons clashed with fire and ice, a city, entirely unrelated to their conflict, was obliterated…

“O foolish one.”

Mordred was watching the terrible scene when someone addressed him. Turning towards the voice, he saw an old man marked with hideous burn scars.

“Do you comprehend what you have done?”

Ignoring the words of the old man, Mordred surveyed his surroundings instead, prioritizing his understanding of the dire situation.

‘A fragment of a world?’

The moment Mordred absorbed the conglomerate of three world fragments passed on by Eriu, his consciousness was sucked into it.

He realized then that these world fragments differed from those he had obtained before.

‘The dead half-dragons held a deeper understanding of the world fragments.’

The world fragments Mordred had accumulated were pure, so to speak. Some had owners, it’s true, but those individuals merely focused on harnessing the fragments’ powers, not altering them with specific intent.

However, the half-dragons focused not on drawing out power, but on manipulating the fragments to fit their desired traits.

While this limits the amount of power that can be derived compared to a pure state, it also complicates integrating with other world fragments to expand one’s mental world.

There is an advantage, though. It can strengthen a particular superpower or, in the case of a magician, amplify the effects of certain spells…

‘If the wielder is unaware of the world fragments’ powers, instead of granting them power, it acts like a curse.’

Upon seeing the true nature of the world fragment where his consciousness had been drawn, Mordred understood what had transpired.

Thanks to his seven senses that had reached a higher dimension and the knowledge of Sedokma supporting his sensory understanding, he grasped the situation.

In their final moments, the half-dragons had passed on the world fragments to Eriu, cursing her.

“You opened the gates to destruction! Return what you’ve received to that vile seed now! Do not let that evil realize what it is! If the roots of that evil awaken, it will breed countless disasters!”

Mordred realized that the old man threatening him was one of the half-dragons Eriu had slain—or, more accurately, the lingering resentment imprinted on the world fragment with the essence of a dying half-dragon.

Mordred asked indifferently, “Are you drunk?”


“An unknown man starts ranting about something only he seems to know, acting all enraged. What do you think a listener would think of that?”

Mordred gazed at the half-dragon as one would look at a drunkard causing a scene in a stranger’s store.

Enraged by the overt contempt in his eyes, the half-dragon responded aggressively.

“Fool! Can’t you see? Even witnessing this catastrophe, you’re unaware of the grave act you’ve committed?”

The half-dragon heatedly pointed to the disaster unfolding as the two dragons fought.

The dragons didn’t just bring random disaster; they devoured the living to heal their wounds.

Mordred frowned at the sight, but not for the reasons the half-dragon assumed.

“I don’t know.”


“Whether this happened for real or if it’s just a delusion dreamt up in your dying moments.”

Everything Mordred was witnessing was an image stored within the world fragment by the half-dragons.

Whether it contained their remembered truths or was merely a figment of their imagination created to further their agenda was something he couldn’t discern.

Nor did Mordred care for the authenticity of what he saw. Why would he feel positively about something clearly intended to infect his mind and plant a profound aversion and hatred toward dragons in his subconscious?

“You dare! Do you know who I…”

“Who else would you be? The remnants of one already dead.”

Mordred had no patience for the half-dragon’s blustering.

Before the elder could speak again, Mordred’s fist found his face.


“This world fragment is mine now. What grounds does a dead man have to make noise?”

Had Mordred not been a holder of world fragments himself, he might’ve been influenced by the half-dragon’s machinations.

To possess a world fragment means to hold a mental world shaped by it.

An unknowing person, upon acquiring such a distinctively influenced world fragment, would have their mental world contaminated.

That had been Eriu’s situation.

Yet, Mordred was well aware of the nature of world fragments, unlike Eriu. He had sixteen of them; robust enough to resist whatever characteristics the conglomerate of three bore.

“I’ll admit, it was an effective ruse.”

Sedokma’s Eriu was a mad slaughterer swayed by insanity—her life, a tragedy.

With amnesia erasing her past, she didn’t even know who she was and, at the recovery of her memories, found herself tormented as a vile experiment.

Emerging from the torment and avenging her tormentors granted her merely freedom—the solace of desolation.

Ever since, void and ensuing madness consumed her.

The Rebellious Dragon Corps lured Eriu with promises of regained memories, and in return, she became a willing harbinger of death for them.

“But it doesn’t work on me.”

Mordred launched his relentless attack on the lingering half-dragon essence.

Annihilating it was a means to destroy the curse attempting to taint him.


With fractures in the space around him, the half-dragon’s vengeful essence stored within the world fragment began to shatter.

The half-dragon’s wraithlike essence screamed.

“No! This must not…!”

“Disappear, you spiteful ghost!”

Unleashing his innate power, Mordred’s punch obliterated the half-dragon’s spectral form, extinguishing the curse that afflicted the world fragment.

* * *

It was but a blink of an eye.

Yet it felt as if eons had passed.


Was it his transformation that Eriu sensed?

“…The world fragments you gave, I’ve fully received them,” Mordred acknowledged the change within himself.

The three world fragments he had dissolved and absorbed from the half-dragon’s curse now acted as a bridge, merging his existing pieces.

‘With a sixteen-piece conglomerate, this is an unexpected windfall.’

Mordred’s collection of world fragments was now sixteen-two-one.

The elements comprising his mental world became far more diverse, and the spatial expanse vastly grew.

‘This power could yield an incredible output, yet the mental world’s stability has increased even more.’

The more world fragments merge, the greater their true worth.

In times of need, the power at his command increases, and so does their capacity to serve as the fulcrum for fusing additional fragments.

Larger conglomerates facilitate the integration of newly acquired fragments with greater ease.

Mordred fixed his stare on Eriu, her expression a tangled web.

She felt relieved, yet there was a sense of loss for something that had become a part of her over the past five years.

“Thank you, Knight Eriu.”

“I don’t want to be thanked for that.”

Eriu’s rejection was palpable.

Undeterred, Mordred assured her, “You’ll find your past.”


Eriu’s eyes widened in surprise at the unexpected promise.

“You’ll discover who you are. I’ll make sure of it.”


“It might be hard to believe. I’m not asking you to trust me now.”

In Sedokma, Eriu recovers only fragments of her past.

She learns bits of her lived life, but she dies without ever knowing her true identity because the Rebellious Dragon Corps kept her under their thumb.

They couldn’t let her regain her full memory, as it would’ve led her beyond their control, and so they exploited her until she perished as their disposable pawn.

“It’s curious.”

Eriu looked up at Mordred, a new sentiment in her voice.

“You’re the first person who has ever said such things to me. It sounds like nonsense, but it doesn’t anger me.”

“Whether it’s nonsense or not, time will tell.”


Eriu nodded.

“I’ll watch, hoping you’ll prove your words to be true.”


Mordred vowed not to let Eriu become the tragic figure she was in Sedokma.

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