The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 110

The Extra is too strong

Episode 110: The Extra Is Too Strong

As it happened with the first barrier, the second barrier—where we faced ten demons—yielded a powerful magic item. It was a thin, white, and transparent bracelet.

“Kael, you should use this.”

“What’s this bracelet?”

“It’s the Bracelet of the Ice Spirit. It allows you to control an ice spirit and has the same effects as the Flame Spirit Bracelet you’re wearing.”


Kael’s eyes widened in surprise.

Previously, he had casually acquired the Bracelet of the Flame Spirit from the ruins of a Great Archmage of the Bloodline, a remarkable magic item. Not only did it allow him to control flame spirits, but it also enhanced his power as a spirit summoner.

“Kael, you don’t need the Flame Spirit Bracelet anymore, right?”

“I guess not.”

Obediently, Kael took off the Flame Spirit Bracelet and handed it to Mord.

Now Kael could control flame spirits even without the bracelet.

“I thought it was nonsense to handle more than two types of spirits and for a spirit summoner’s power to grow even more after obtaining the Flame Spirit Bracelet… but it’s actually possible, really.”

Kael smiled wryly as he put on the Ice Spirit Bracelet on his wrist.

His growth as a martial artist had become prominent since he had the Tears of the Martial God, and now as a spirit summoner, he was incredibly powerful. His strength wasn’t just due to the Flame Spirit Bracelet, but fundamentally, it was because he drank the nectar and acquired the power of the ancient elves.

The more he fused the power of the nectar, the more rapidly his power as a spirit summoner surged.

“So who will you give that to?”

“Farwell, you use it.”

Mord tossed the Flame Spirit Bracelet to Farwell.

Magic items for manipulating spirits were more effective for mages than for warriors. Even if a mage was less efficient than a spirit summoner, they could still command spirits through summoning spells.

“Next is the last one. Let’s get it over with and move on.”

Mord led the way to the last barrier.

* * *

The third and final barrier was considerably more dangerous than the previous two.

The traces left by the once-revered god of snow and ice among the northern tribes, now a forgotten deity, were quite potent.

“Indeed, this place is quite a training ground.”

Nevertheless, the challenge was not serious enough to warrant our full attention.

As Mord, Leon, and Farwell unlocked their bloodlines and Kael unleashed the power of the old elves, the beings blessed by the forgotten god were devastated by our overwhelming force.


When the altar was shattered, luminous fragments of light emerged and were absorbed by Mord.

They were fragments of the world.

‘Sixteenth piece.’

Mord’s inventory of world fragments now stood at 10-3-2-1.

And that wasn’t the only achievement from conquering the forgotten god’s ruins.

“Leon, this is for you.”

Mord handed Leon a glove made of what seemed like carved ice, transparent and icy.

The single glove could be worn on either hand, right or left.

“What kind of glove is this?”

“Ice and snow gloves. They are artifacts that can only be used by those with divine blood. Almost on par with artifacts.”

The glove, which could absorb and emit cold, was noticeably powerful against spells or enemies dealing with cold.

Moreover, they had another ability.

“Since it’s an artifact imbued with divine power, it allows you to wield the cold itself as a weapon. If researched well, it could even be integrated with impulses or auras.”

“Is that even possible?”

Leon’s eyes widened in surprise.

It wasn’t unheard of for auras to have elemental power; however, that usually stemmed from bloodline talents or supernatural powers.

Could an artifact enable such a thing?

“It depends on how well you can use it.”

Leon now wore the Boulder Giant’s glove on one hand and the Ice and Snow glove on the other.

Truth be told, Mord had considered using this glove for himself.

However, he thought it would be better to bolster Leon’s capabilities as he was still growing stronger, while Mord was already swiftly ascending.

‘It’s just a matter of sooner or later.’

Another glove just like this one existed somewhere. Acquiring it would be a story for another time.


At that moment, an unexpected person called out to Mord.

Eriu, who had been silent until now, approached him.

“Why is that?”

“I would like to talk for a moment.”

She implied she wanted to speak in private, away from the other companions.

Mord nodded, excused himself from the group, and moved to a spot beyond earshot.

* * *

Eriu asked,

“Did you hear about me from Elder Ilden?”

“Yes. But rest assured, I’m the only one who knows.”

Mord reassured that none of the companions knew of Eriu’s circumstances.

Hearing this, Eriu clammed up, her expression slightly overcast, pondering carefully what to say.

“…Mord, that thing you’ve acquired here, the world fragment, what is it?”

“Weren’t you aware? It’s the same kind of thing you possess.”

Mord had never had a personal conversation with Eriu.

Eriu had shown a clear disinterest in such interactions, and Mord wasn’t exactly the type to delicately seek out private conversations either.

“I… don’t know what it is.”

“That’s strange. Didn’t you wield the power of the world fragment when we first met?”

Mord felt puzzled.

When they first met, Eriu had recognized the ’emulated world’ where Mord and the Marquess of the Demon Realm, Wirgun, had been fighting and had requested entry.

Mord had presumed that Eriu was well-aware of the essence of the world fragment, but her current words suggested otherwise.

“No, at that time, I just had a feeling it would work, so I followed it. I still have no idea what it is. But it seems like you know. You wouldn’t have come here to get it otherwise, right?”


Eriu obviously relied more on instinct than reason when tapping into her latent powers.

‘Well, I’m not much different,’ Mord admitted silently.

His expertise in theory was solely due to the knowledge gained through Sedokmar, and not because he was inherently theoretical.

“Alright, then. Start by telling me where you got your world fragment.”

“It’s… “

Eriu frowned, clearly reluctant.

Yet, Mord waited, silently insisting she reveal her story.


After a long silence, Eriu, as if having given up, sighed and began to speak.

“…How much did you hear about me?”

“I heard that those Eastern half-dragon people captured you and used you as a test subject. And that when Sir Ilden went to subdue them, you were set free and sought your revenge.”

“When I killed them, this came out. At first, another person had absorbed it from the dead, but…”

The last to die laughed maddly, passing the world fragment to Eriu.

Mord inquired,

“I heard there were three half-dragons. Did each carry one?”

“Yes. I had thoughts of separating it from my body… “

But she was unable to do so.

Once possessed of a world fragment, one cannot disentangle oneself from it unless it’s stolen or conveyed to someone qualified.

‘Divine blood, the power of the ancient elves, and descendants of dragons.’

Like them, Eriu was among those qualified to possess a world fragment.

What the half-dragons hoped to gain by designating Eriu as the next owner remained unknown.

‘It’s hard to understand the mind of a madman.’

And in this world, there were far too many madmen to ponder each one’s thoughts—a colossal waste of time.

“There’s a simple way to part with it from your body.”

“What is it?”

“Transfer it to me. The world fragment can be transferred to another qualified individual.”


“But before that, I should explain what it is, precisely—to present you with a fair choice.”

Mord shared with Eriu the same explanation he had once offered to Kael.

“The world fragments are remnants of myth. Long ago, in an age called mythological, gods left behind miracles here on Earth. After the mythic age ended, the gods vanished into the heavens, but traces of their divine power remained.”

“You’re gathering them?”



“To save the world.”


Like Kael before her, Eriu seemed skeptical of Mord’s earnest assertion.

“Mord, you killed that marquess of the demon realm and took his world fragment.”

“That’s right.”

“…If I refuse to give you mine, will you take it?”

A blunt question.

Whether it was a lack of diplomacy or a disregard for consequences due to desolation, Mord could not tell.


Mord’s answer was immediate.

“It belongs to you, Sir Eriu. If I ever attempt to take it from you, it would be because you have become my enemy. As long as you are not my foe, I will respect your possession.”

It was the truth.

Mord has come to a solid realization as he acquired more world fragments: he doesn’t need to collect them all.

’If I prevent someone from monopolizing the fragments, yet end up monopolizing them myself, won’t I become just like the person I stopped?’

He conjectured that obtaining all the fragments might entrap their owner in a god-like delusion of creating a new world.

If he, meant to save the world, became the same as those he stopped and ended the world instead, wouldn’t that be an absurd end?

‘And strategically, it’s better to spread them out.’

His battle with Marquess Wirgun had been precarious; had Eriu not intervened, his defeat was probable.

To avoid such events, it’s wise to distribute the fragments among companions to remain prepared and united.

‘Furthermore, it’s necessary for strategic reinforcement.’

Observing Kael and Leon’s growth, Mord felt certain that even if Kael might not, Leon would soon be beyond the point of following Mord’s path.

Despite consuming nectar, Leon’s development lagged, proving that his ascension in Sedokmar, without Aidan’s complete support, was not feasible.

Leon had to possess a world fragment as well, to continue fighting alongside Mord.

After a long silence, Eriu spoke.

“I see. Then I’ll give it to you.”


“I knew it was a source of great power.”

There was no denying the power that came with a fragment.

“But… I don’t want it. I detest holding something that was inside those creatures.”


For Eriu, the fragment was an abhorrent token from a detestable opponent.

It was loathsome that something which had been a part of her enemy now resided within her, granting her unbidden strength. Thus, she resisted using that power, even as it inflamed her hatred.

Had she known she could give it to a divine bloodline, she would have offered it to Ilden at the earliest opportunity.

“I wanted to forget.”

Eriu gazed hollowly into the void, tormented.

“No matter how much I tried, the thing I most wanted to recall eluded me. But what I wished to forget only became clearer. I despised it.”

Trapped in her eyes was emptiness.

To Eriu, this was punishment for failing to protect someone dear…

‘That’s why.’

Understanding Eriu’s candor for the first time, Mord could grasp why she had transformed in Sedokmar.

After losing the use of his legs, Tae Sung sought to forget reality; pleasant memories faded fast with effort, but painful recollections remained vivid.

“I can’t even remember the face of the person who taught me to speak.”

Originally, Eriu resembled a beast more than a person—fully grown but languageless.

To conduct more efficient experiments, the half-dragons had taught her to speak.

A human girl, abducted from her village, became her teacher, her friend, and more than just a companion.

Their relationship was integral to Eriu’s humanity, a calculated aspect of the half-dragons’ cruel experimental design.

From the beginning, the half-dragons intended to offer Eriu a precious connection, only to murder it before her eyes.

They wanted to observe the changes wrought by the loss of something dear, an insatiable cruelty.

“Sometimes I meet her in dreams. But every time, her features blur, her voice fades…”

This world knew no photographs, and portraits were luxuries of the wealthy.

Although magic could store and preserve images, it was not commonplace.

Eriu suffered, her most cherished memories fading each time she grasped the clarity of her enemies’ faces within her.

It felt like punishment—retribution for not saving someone important.

‘So, it was like that.’

Sensing the true nature of Eriu for the first time, Mord felt a kinship with her transformation in Sedokmar.

“Then… take it. To me, it’s nothing more than trash.”


Eriu connected with the world fragment within her, desiring to pass it to Mord. The mental world made of the fragment melted away, releasing a radiant shard that emerged from within her.

“… To think it was this easy.”

Eriu looked defeated.

For five years, she had tolerated the abhorrence of the fragment within her, ignorant of how to rid herself of it.

‘Who would have thought?’

Mord shared in the irony.

In Sedokmar, Eriu was frenetically collecting world fragments, committing countless atrocities. But at this juncture, she detested them.

With this transfer, Mord now possessed nineteen fragments.

But then…


An unusual transformation commenced within Mord’s mental world.

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