The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 109

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 35: Commencing Activities

Another fortnight passed, and it was mid-January.

Ilden asked, “By the way, how is it going? Have you seen any results from the training?”


Mord confidently replied.

It had been three months since Mord and his party had joined the Gatekeeper Unit.

Farwell showed the most notable growth among them.

True to his reputation as a magical prodigy, on par with Aidan, his growth was thriving with just the necessary support and a calm environment to pursue his research as a mage.

He had not only mastered the Fifth Circle but had also acquired more than half of the reference spells of the Sixth Circle.

Moreover, by creating optimized modifications of the reference spells for his use and inventing new spells based on them, his level as a mage jumped significantly.

The skills of Kael and Leon, who received Rowen’s teachings, also increased sharply.

Truthfully, both of them would have become stronger simply by assimilating the power of nectar during that time. However, with Rowen’s teachings added to the mix, they grew remarkably.

‘”Leon’s inability to grasp Aura …must be a matter of talent, after all.’

For the majority of martial artists, Aura is a wall of despair.

Even if one progresses swiftly to the final stage of Impulse, countless people spend their lifetimes without ever mastering Aura.

Crossing that barrier is only possible for a truly minute handful among all martial artists.

Leon lacked such talent.

Despite consuming nectar, mastering Aura in a short period was too much to ask.

‘Kael would have been the same if not for the Tears of the War God. He seems likely to reach there eventually, but it would have been a story for a much later time.’

It’s not as if one can simply procure the Tears of the War God for Leon no matter what.

‘There’s no need to rush.’

Leon was steadily becoming stronger despite not mastering Aura.

His body and magical power were not the only things strengthened by the nectar. His achievements as a magical martial artist spoke volumes.

When Leon first met Mord, he was at the second stage of Impulse.

He demonstrated immense destructive power due to his overflowing magical power but technically, his prowess had been confined to manifesting the Impulse Gauntlet.

Now, Leon had perfectly mastered the third stage of Impulse, able to enhance targets from afar or cast Impulse on them.

Furthermore, he was now somewhat proficient in the fourth stage of Impulse, condensing and accelerating it to gain explosive power.

Soon enough, he would be able to use the fourth stage effectively in real combat.

Ilden inquired, “How about we start taking some action soon?”

“I was just about to ask for your permission.”

Mord believed they were sufficiently prepared.

Growth of Kael, Leon, and Farwell aside, even the unexpected addition of Eriu as a force multiplier indicated that achieving their desired ends in the White Demon Territory was well within reach.

“I see. I’ll issue the special designation orders at once. Is there anything else you need?”

“I plan to take care of my own business while working on the missions from headquarters. However, I might need extended periods for some tasks, so it would be great if Commander Ilden could assign me some special missions personally from time to time.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

Ilden smiled subtly.

And that day, the headquarters decided to test Mord’s troop’s capacity for independent operational activity.

* * *

During this time, the White Demon Territory boasted its severe cold.

The winter in an area where the snow never melted was indeed harsh. Any outsider would understand the biting cold firsthand.

In such a time, Mord’s unit began their first independent operation.

Their first mission; to infiltrate beyond the defensive line in the north, deep into the White Demon Territory, and find and subjugate the monsters situated there.

It was a perilous mission. The insides of the White Demon Territory could harbor any kind of monster, and the powerful demons often exerted their influence there.

Yet without carrying out such subjugation missions regularly, emergency support requests, the likes of which Mord’s unit experienced at the outset in the White Demon Territory, would occur.

It was a mission someone had to undertake, and the units performing it were comprised of correspondingly strong forces.

The fact that Mord’s unit was tasked with such a mission right upon starting independent operations indicated that the headquarters highly appraised their capabilities.


The sharp wind swept across the snow-covered mountainside.

Tracks of five people were imprinted on the icy snow-covered trail, trailing deep into the mountains, even down to the bottom of a steep cliff.

“Man, they really hid it in a nasty place. No wonder no one found it even after hundreds of years.”

Kael grumbled.

“That’s why we get to loot it.”

The search and subjugate mission they were on was quite a catch for Mord’s group.

Unlike netherworld conversion restraining duties, they could freely engage in this mission for elongated periods without worrying about prying eyes.

Mord seized this chance to find a relatively nearby ruin with concrete clues, not far from Antak Fortress.

With Kael around, locating the ruin was easy.

One of the key responsibilities of the Shadow Wolf Unit was scouting north of the defensive line, and the veteran Kael was thoroughly familiar with the local geography.

Upon hearing a few distinctive features from Mord, Kael quickly pinpointed the ruin’s location, allowing the unit to find the ruin in just four hours after their departure.

The ruin was buried in the snow underneath a sheer cliff.

It was a place one could not find without accidentally falling over, hence it had remained undiscovered until then.

“It will also be a good opportunity to test our powers.”

Mord’s unit had consistently faced actual battles. However, they had never encountered a fight where they were able to utilize their full potential.

Mord had thought it would be good to have a proper power test at least once.

“Well, it certainly seems like a decent place for that purpose.”

Leon agreed.

The ruin created by a forgotten god was quite dangerous.

There were no mechanically operated traps.

Simply advancing through a one-way path led to gates, and opening them beckoned enemies forth.

Upon opening the first gate, monsters frozen by magical power broke free and rushed toward them.

These rare monsters, called yetis, stood 3 meters tall and were covered in dense white fur, resembling great apes.

Their red eyes gleamed as they displayed remarkable strength, and as they fought, they surrounded themselves with a curse of cold, causing anyone who got too close to freeze solid—truly fearsome creatures.

But for Mord’s group, they were adequate for a warm-up exercise.

After dispatching them, a short fur cape dropped.

“A Cloak of Cold Dominion.”

It was, as expected, a powerful magical item.

In cold environments, it provided resistance to the chill, and in warm spaces, its power of coldness brought relief from the heat—a truly coveted item even for modern Earth people.

“Farwell, you take this.”

“Hm? Really?”

“Yes. The rest of us are quite resistant to cold.”

Mord was indifferent to both heat and cold. As he drew upon the blood of the gods in more high-dimensional realms, his body exhibited an abnormal homeostasis, unaffected by the environment.

Not that Mord was oblivious to warmth or coolness.

He could enjoy these sensations on a sensory level, but without suffering from the extremes of temperature.

One could say his body selectively indulges in the good aspects. How could this be possible?

‘Because I possess the power of the deities.’

An exceedingly straightforward answer.

‘In terms of games, this world is unbalanced due to lineage.’

Isn’t it clear just from those present here?

Anyway, while Farwell gleefully accepted the gift, the group reached the second location.

“Wow, it would have been troublesome if this place had been eroded.”

Leon marveled.

Crack! Crick-crack…

As the second gate opened, a wide cavity appeared, and the ice walls shattered, freeing the sealed demons within.

[At last! We have intruders! Damn that goddess’s seal!]

[Kekeke! Humans! It’s humans!]

Moreover, there was no small number of demons.

Ten were awakening—two high-ranking demons, three mid-ranking, and five low-ranking ones.

“If this place had been corrupted, the danger level of the netherworld dungeon would have soared. If the Herto Unit had been assigned, it would have been a major disaster they couldn’t contain.”

Kael muttered.

The demons, freed from their seals of hundreds of years, were ecstatic.

Although this ruin was not a netherworld dungeon, the magical energy provided them the strength to exert full force, just like within one.

They encircled Mord’s group with sinister laughter.

Who could refrain from joy with a target in front of them to unleash centuries of pent-up rage?

[Divine blood is here… wait, hang on.]

The demons, scrutinizing Mord’s group, sensed something odd.

[Just one, two, three divine blood… and is that an ancient elf?]

[And the other one… what’s that?]

Mord listened to the demons’ chatter before commenting.

“These creatures have a better nose than dogs.”

[What did you say? You dare… Aaargh!]

A low-ranking demon screamed in fury.

Mord, not willing to hear more, rushed in and struck with his fist.

With one blow, he shattered its torso bones, and with another, he sent its head flying, efficiently ending it.

That initiated the battle.

Of course, there was no threat to Mord’s group.

They annihilated the ten demons in less than five minutes—it was just about right for a combat drill at their current level.

Farwell asked, “Who seals away ten demons to use them as guardians? What exactly is this ruin?”

“It’s a relic made by an old god whose name has been forgotten. Besides this, there are a few other relics made by this deity scattered throughout the White Demon Territory.”

“He must have been a powerful god.”

“He was, at some point. He might have been one of the gods vying for domination of the North.”

“But now he’s been consumed by another god and his existence was absorbed…”

Such events were common in mythology.

For instance, becoming the supreme deity of the sun or moon typically required one to defeat hundreds of forgotten gods, competitors called by the same sacred name, in different regions.

“What was the original god?”

“God of snow and ice.”

“Very intuitive. Especially in the North, that would have been a powerful deity… But doesn’t that mean what’s inside could be very dangerous?”

“Probably. But it shouldn’t be a problem with our power.”

“I suppose.”

Farwell dismissed his concerns.

The party was simply too strong for such worries.

‘Finding Prexarass seems to be the problem, not dealing with what comes after.’

Farwell smirked wryly.

He didn’t want that kind of situation. Unlike last time, when he had to rely on Mord’s help for his revenge, he wanted to achieve it with his own hands.

‘Following Mord should be enough to do that.’

Farwell had come to trust Mord implicitly. He had no doubt that following him was the quickest way to grow stronger and secure his revenge most assuredly.

‘Revenge first, and then…’

Farwell thought while gazing at Mord’s sturdy back.

‘I want to see where his path leads, to follow it to the end.’

For the first time since he lost everything, he had found something he wanted to do after revenge was fulfilled.

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