The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 108

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 108: The Extra Is Too Strong

The members of the Hertho Unit cheered as the Mord Unit arrived. The commotion arose as everyone crowded around Kael, Leon, and Parwell, bombarding them with various questions.

Hertho, who had been dealing with Mord, asked, “That person… is Sir Eriu not coming?”

“I did ask, but they said it was fine.”

“I see.”

Hertho seemed somewhat disappointed.

‘Is it because she’s a woman?’

In a military environment, such as that of the gatekeepers, women were noticeably scarce, and the young, spirited men could hardly contain their excitement at the mention of a woman.

‘It’s not like she’s undecorated, she is indeed beautiful.’

Moreover, Eriu lived a rough life, far removed from civilization, but her features were distinct and beautiful.

Hertho said, “Your unit is more extraordinary than the rumors suggest. I see why headquarters are so anxious to make use of an understaffed unit. To neglect such power would be a tremendous loss.”

“Finding replacements for our unit isn’t easy.”

Mord gave a vague response. It wasn’t the time to consider expanding their unit, a notion that would seem too preposterous at this point.

“I understand. The current members are so powerful; bringing in recruits would probably just dilute the force. At the very least, we would need someone who could work at the level of the existing members… but those with such skills are already at high position.”

It’s difficult to create a special force unit comprised solely of strong individuals. Everybody desires treatment that matches their prowess, and rather than consolidating them, it’s often more efficient to let them lead the ordinary plenty.

This was the case for the gatekeeper unit through numerous real battles in the White Demonic Frontier.

‘Certainly, the situation is different from the grand fortress.’

The Bernas Duchy wasn’t in a position to conduct wars with bordering nations. Rather, they were the ones receiving requests for cooperation and dispatching special force units to other countries – units like the Kesner Unit or the Erna Unit, capable of operating solely with strong members.

For them, being part of an independent operation unit offered far better respect and treatment than commanding a general unit.

“It’s a daunting task to raise a unit’s strength. Spotting potential and nurturing it from the start is tough, and many of the ones you train either die or get injured and retire. Without full support from above, it is challenging.”

“Isn’t there a lot of divine blood? Don’t they provide full support?”

“The independent operation units certainly receive more benefits and support than the general ones. But even that has its limits. Despite my long career, my military feats aren’t all that impressive.”

Mord understood what Hertho was hinting at; despite his lengthy service, he hadn’t achieved a record that warranted full support from headquarters.

‘At his age and with these abilities…’ A Bernas bastard with average talent would’ve accumulated experiences similar to Hertho’s if they diligently went through training and continued until their thirties.

‘On a level similar to the current Leon.’

Leon was rapidly growing stronger after consuming nectar. With his legitimate heritage and early talent cultivation, he surpassed Hertho in raw physical and magical capabilities.

However, Hertho possessed a veteran’s savvy born of extensive experience. Technically, he was far ahead of Leon in utilizing his skills, making them practically even in combat effectiveness.

‘In about ten years, someone like Payon should be quite capable as well. There’s a reason divine blood receives special treatment.’

Suddenly, Mord wondered what Payon was up to; he should’ve graduated from trainee status and become a common warrior by now.

‘I’m also curious how Daisley is doing.’

It seemed like all the people he wondered about were those his own hands had wrecked. Realizing this made him slightly depressed.

“There’s one thing I envy about your unit—it has a mage. And not just any mage; an exceptional one at that.”

Hertho’s gaze was on Parwell as he said this.

“Though mages are scarce, surely one could be assigned to an independent operation unit?”

“That’s not as simple as it sounds. During demons’ manifestation resistance operations, a mediocre warrior can be useful, but a mediocre mage is not. We need at least a 4th-circle practitioner with a combat sense sharp enough to adapt in a real fight. Where would you find such a person?”

“Right, I suppose.”

Mord promptly agreed. With martial sorcery, instinct comes before theory, and for warriors who have mastered the basics, adapting to the corrupted environment of a demonic dungeon isn’t too hard.

However, with magic, theory precedes instinct. Even those with poor stamina and coordination can become mages if they have a sharp mind and magical talent. But such mages are limited in combat, restricted to providing firepower support from behind ample military forces.

A mage capable of resistance missions in demonic dungeons must overcome such limitations and achieve a level of at least the 4th-circle to survive the tainted environment. They’re undoubtedly precious.

‘There’s a reason why black mages are so powerful.’ It’s the difference between someone doing fitness training for an ideal body and someone practicing martial arts to fight better. Black mages, being inherently combative and destructive, ignore moral constraints to enhance themselves, leading to their prowess in battle.

“You’re destined for great things. Not only are you extraordinary now, but you’ll grow significantly and help ease General Ilden’s burden.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Mord clinked glasses with Hertho and downed his drink in one go. Thus, the Mord Unit enjoyed its first pleasant time mingling with another unit.

* * *

Working alongside the Hertho Unit, the reputation of the Mord Unit soared even higher. Having been in the military for many years and achieved the status of a senior warrior, Hertho had extensive connections. Many inquired about the Mord Unit, and the Hertho Unit did not hold back in sharing their experiences.

Requests for joint operations with the Mord Unit began to pour in to the command, and the Mord Unit occasionally participated in demons’ manifestation resistance operations, continuing to achieve excellent results.

A year passed, and January arrived.

* * *

On the first day of the new year, it held special significance, even in this world. Although the military organization couldn’t let everyone rest, the command tried to allow as much relaxation as possible.

‘A year has gone by.’

Mord felt a mix of emotions. Looking back, it was a year of fierce progress. Although only about nine months had passed since his reincarnation, it felt like years had gone by.

Kael grumbled.

“I didn’t expect to still be wearing the insignia of an ordinary warrior at year’s end.”


Leon sighed deeply, too. Only Parwell, now a middle-rank warrior, had been promoted in the Mord Unit after its formation, mostly because he was a senior mage deserving appropriate treatment. Due to the unit’s circumstances, operating in few missions didn’t allow for enough military achievements to earn promotions.

Kael asked, “Mord, it’s good strengthening our power through training, but how long is this going to continue?”

In the past three months, the Mord Unit had only been on six operations. The rest of the time was devoted entirely to training and rest, fulfilling the goal Mord had set when he first joined the gatekeepers.

“The process of building our reputation is almost complete. Just bear with it a little longer.”

“Easier said than done.”

Kael sighed.

“At least Eriu doesn’t seem like she’s really a member of our unit—she’s more like a mercenary who just shows up for training and combat.”

Eriu had been with the Mord Unit for over a month, but the distance between her and the other members hadn’t lessened at all. They had hardly spoken enough words to fill a page of a book.

“That’s fine. She’s doing her job well.”

“Hey, you’re the commander, you know. It’s kind of…”

“It’s not really a big issue as long as she isn’t ruining the atmosphere by being prickly. She cooperates during operations and training, and it doesn’t seem too problematic that she keeps to herself in everyday life. Plus, Ilden assured us she is reliable.”

“That’s true.”

Kael nodded reluctantly, even though he wasn’t pleased. Eriu wasn’t the type to antagonize others and spoil the mood. She simply avoided facing people and engaging in conversations.

“Social anxiety? For someone so strong…”


“What kind of backstory must she have…”

“Ilden did tell me, but asked not to share it. It’s not the kind of story that’s easy to just tell others.”

* * *

Eriu’s enemies, three lunatics who had crossed the sea from the distant East and called themselves the Antidragons, had an insatiable hatred for dragons. They sought the power of dragons and aimed to eradicate their traces from the world. They settled in the White Demonic Frontier and researched ancient remains. Ilden later reviewed their records and drew a conclusion; Eriu had been slumbering somewhere in the White Demonic Frontier since ancient times, and the Antidragons had come far to find her.

They awakened Eriu from her long sleep, making her their experimental subject. The Antidragons, who tormented Eriu and tested sinister sorcery on her, made the same mistake many evil-doers do, eventually getting caught by the Shadow Wolf unit for abducting people from nearby villages.

Despite their careful approach to “experiment collection,” the Shadow Wolf unit identified and tracked them, leaving enough evidence for Ilden to lead a successful assault on their hideout and rescue Eriu.

Afterward, with Ilden’s help, Eriu completed her vengeance. However, all that remained for her after revenge was emptiness and confusion, as she didn’t even know who she truly was. Ilden guided a lost Eriu, asking for a favor in the future as repayment. His words provided a purpose for her to stay in the White Demonic Frontier. She waited for the day Ilden would need her, living alone deep within its reaches. That was five years ago.

* * *

‘Perhaps in the original story, Eriu became an officer of the Traitorous Dragon Legion before needing to repay Ilden’s kindness, likely during an event that required her power,’ Mord thought.

Imagining such an event wasn’t difficult; the calamitous White Demonic Frontier was rife with disasters. Eriu repaid her debt and became free, and then the Traitorous Dragon Legion would have approached her.

‘Becoming a murderer, slaughtering the innocent without hesitation, won’t happen now. I will prevent it.’

The future was already changing, and it would continue to do so. With Eriu’s appearance within Mord’s reach, he couldn’t allow her to head towards destruction as she did in the original novel, “The Extra is Too Strong.”

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