The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 107

The Extra is too strong

**Chapter 107: The Extra Is Too Strong**


Kei ran towards him with a bright expression.

“You’re safe! What happened?”

“I fought with a guy named Wirgeon, who was really a demon count. I fought him, and I killed him.”


Kei’s eyes widened in shock.

Lion and Parwell reacted similarly, but the members of the Herto squad were even more affected.

“Hold on. Just a moment…”

Herto, with a face half plunged into panic, asked,

“Did I hear that right? You fought and killed a demon count?”



“Yes, but it was an exceptional case, so I don’t intend to claim any credit for defeating a demon count. Just let it go.”


Herto took a moment to understand the calm seriousness of Mord’s attitude.

“But that makes no sense! You’re saying you defeated a demon count?”


“Then wouldn’t that be a remarkable achievement? You’d be promoted to a higher warrior rank right away if you just reported it!”

“That may be so. But how would I prove it?”


“It was an irregular situation.”

Mord began to explain methodically.

Only he and Eriu, who had fought with him, had seen the demon count Wirgeon with their own eyes.

And since the situation they fought in was so unique, the loot obtained from this distorted dungeon would only be as initially predicted based on the size of the distortion vortex.

Therefore, proving that Mord and Eriu had fought and defeated the demon count would be difficult. In fact, it could be considered impossible.

“Indeed… That’s unfortunate.”

“Do you believe me, Sir Herto?”

“I believe you. You don’t seem like someone who would boast about such a thing for no reason.”

Despite seeing for himself that the young fifteen-year-old Mord was both a master aura-user and had reached the second stage of bloodline awakening, Herto found it hard to believe.

“Thank you.”

“It’s a shame about the demon count, but we’ll properly report the other achievements you’ve made. The anomaly of this dungeon needs to be reported anyway, and the way you handled the dangerous situation will be recognized as a major contribution.”

Herto said this and proceeded with the last phase of the demonization suppression mission.

Before destroying the core, they had to collect any valuables worth looting from the dungeon.

* * *

After clearing the demonized dungeon, Mord left the follow-up to Herto and returned to Antak Fortress.

Mord, Kei, Lion, and Parwell sat around Eriu as they returned to the barracks.

“Did you say your name was Eriu Lanphaloze?”

“Yes. As of today, I’ve become a member of your troop, Mord.”

“I see. Thank you for your timely assistance. It would have been a tough fight without your intervention.”

Mord expressed his sincere gratitude.

Without Eriu, victory would not have been guaranteed. Although he had many cards saved up, including the embodiment of faith, the power of the world fragment, and the power of magical items, it was uncertain whether even all of that would have been enough to defeat Wirgeon.

‘The demon count is no easy opponent after all.’

Furthermore, not all demon counts are equal.

The disparity between the weak and the strong among the demon nobility only grows with rank.

‘In game terms, if a demon viscount’s level range is about 10 levels, then a demon count would be over 30 levels.’

Plus, demon nobles are divided into those whose true form has strong combat abilities and those who command forces and are strong in using that to their advantage.

There are likely demon counts far more powerful than Rotais or Wirgeon.

‘At any rate, I’ve secured the world fragment, so there has been no loss.’

To Mord, it was more important to eliminate Wirgeon than to gain the world fragment, but he couldn’t deny it was satisfying to defeat him and obtain two fragments.

‘It’s significant to have 15 in my possession, but…’

What mattered more was that the newly gained world fragments had merged with the existing clusters, forming a connection that fused them all into one.

It was an unexpected stroke of luck.

’10 merged into a cluster. This is truly a significant development.’

Now Mord possessed a 10-3-1-1 configuration of world fragments.

He had only gained two more fragments, but in reality, it was a much more substantial increase in his power.

‘Bit by bit, the next phase is drawing closer.’

But those were thoughts for the future.

Mord put aside his contemplation on the world fragments and looked at the immediate issue—Eriu.

“Could you tell me about yourself?”

“I owe a debt to Lord Elden. As per his request, I will aid you until you fulfill his long-held wish. I would rather not ask anything more than that.”

Eriu’s words sounded quite brusque on the surface.

However, from her voice and demeanor, there was no sign she was gearing up for a confrontation with Mord.

It seemed she wasn’t used to interacting with people or having conversations.

‘If it’s like in the Sedokma, that would make sense.’

Mord didn’t press Eriu further. He was aware of her past and had received her assistance today.

‘She didn’t covet the world fragments either.’

Eriu possessed three world fragments herself.

Still, she hadn’t shown any greed for the two fragments held by the demon count Wirgeon.

‘In the Sedokma, she had over 20 and was actively hunting and killing others for theirs, but that was after the battle for world fragments had intensified.’

The situation was different now. It didn’t even seem like she was a part of the Rebellious Dragon Legion yet.

“You’ve sent me quite the troublesome subordinate, Lord Elden. Well, I understand. But as long as you’re part of my troop, I expect you to fulfill your duties as a soldier.”

“I will.”

“One question, though. Eriu, are you by chance part of the dragonkin?”


Eriu answered immediately.

Mord knew this was true.

‘Dragonkin, no. The dragonkin are…’

Still, Mord asked, pretending to be unaware.

“Didn’t you use the power of the dragonkin?”

“Just because I used the power of the dragonkin doesn’t make me one, does it? My eyes are human, and I have neither a tail nor horns.”

“Fair point.”

Mord appeared easily convinced.

In reality, it was true. In this world, there are far too many special cases and exceptions.

There were those who wielded the power of gods without being descendants and some who could use the power of demons without being demons.

“Alright then. You may return to the barracks to rest. Your barracks will be…”

Everyone in Mord’s troop held the rank of a warrior and, therefore, had their own personal barracks.

Mord assigned one of the vacant barracks to Eriu.

She left as if waiting for the moment, and Lion asked,

“Who exactly is she? Kei, do you know?”

“I do. But it’s also my first time seeing her in person. I’ve never worked with her on an operation.”

Eriu’s existence was a closely guarded secret known only to the veterans of the Shadow Wolf Troop.

But Kei, who had served more than ten years as a member and reached the rank of senior warrior, knew of her.

“Must’ve been about five years ago. She’s one of the people General Elden considers an ace up his sleeve. For when a demon duke or grand duke descends to the White Demon Territory…”


Everyone was startled.

Elden was a warrior who achieved the legendary feat of single-handedly defeating a demon marquis.

For someone of his stature to have considered someone as a trump card in case a demon duke appeared…

“…Mord, is that person strong?”

To Lion’s question, Mord nodded.

“At least as strong as me.”

Everyone was taken aback by the reply.

The current Mord was exceedingly powerful; all present knew this only too well.

And yet Mord asserted that she was his equal?

‘In reality, she might be stronger than me now. She’ll only get stronger with time…’

* * *

Numerous secret organizations appear in Sedokma, with three particularly powerful groups directly impacting the fate of the world:

– The Silver Blood

– The Golden Bough

– The Rebellious Dragon Legion

Eriu Lanphaloze is introduced as an executive in the Rebellious Dragon Legion.

She lived her life believing she was human, but she was not.

Her unique circumstances rendered her life tragic.

Eriu had suffered from amnesia for a long time.

She lived without knowing who she was, and her earliest memories were of being tortured as a test subject by wicked individuals.

Malevolent beings from the East captured her and conducted all manner of vile experiments.

Eriu’s escape from that unknown hell was thanks to someone else opposing those wicked beings.

Freed from her tormentors, who filled her memories with pain, she sought revenge with the aid of her rescuer.

However, without knowing her identity, Eriu’s life lacked purpose, leading to a monotonous existence. For a very long time.

Until she met the Rebellious Dragon Legion and succumbed to their temptation.

‘…The one who freed Eriu and helped her with her revenge wasn’t mentioned in the Sedokma.’

It was briefly stated that she was lucky to escape hell and exact revenge, but the details weren’t elaborated.

‘It must have been Lord Elden, after all.’

Mord decided he would have to ask Elden about it.

Figuring out Eriu’s past by talking to her seemed like a difficult task, and Mord wasn’t skilled at winning people over with words.

Kei chimed in,

“Anyway, it looks like our combat strength has significantly increased. I was worried about how much a new member would drag down the average, but I never imagined that the existing members would be the ones dragged down.”

“Are you talking about me?”

Lion glared, to which Kei shrugged nonchalantly,

“Well, I didn’t mention names, did I?”

“You looked straight at me when you said that!”

“Such an inferiority complex. Well, it’s understandable since you still can’t use aura even after drinking the nectar…however, I don’t think you’re incompetent, so try to be a bit more relaxed.”

“You little… Come on! Let’s settle once and for all who’s the better man today!”

“Come on, what’s the point? We’ve already seen the results several times before.”

As Kei and Lion bickered, Mord looked at them with a pitying gaze.

“You lot sure are full of energy. Our soldiers are completely wiped out.”

The burly man, senior warrior Herto, had just arrived.

“Sir Herto.”

“I’ve made sure to include as much as possible in my report regarding your achievements. Our unit is gathering to drink; wouldn’t you like to join?”

Objectively, due to unforeseen circumstances, the mission had been quite perilous.

But ultimately, there were no casualties, not even any serious injuries, so a celebration was warranted.

“We’ll be there.”

The others nodded readily and followed Herto to the drinking festivities.

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