The extra Is too Strong – Chapter 104

The Extra is too strong

Chapter 104: The Extra Is Too Strong

“What’s this?”

Mord frowned, his gaze drifting past the Black Orc to the backdrop.

A dark hole opened in the air, and within it, the eye of a monstrous creature was revealed.


Interest was apparent in the gaze of the creature.

A voice, tinged with a chilling echo, rang through the air.

[Interesting. To think that the prey of my past hunt and those who interfered with my work are gathered here.]

Mord tilted his head, his expression clearly puzzled by the creature’s words.

[…Do you not remember? The humiliation you bestowed upon me, Wirgern, the marquis of the demon world?]

Mord’s expression grew even more perplexed at the mention of the past.

His face seemed to say that it all felt somewhat familiar, yet not quite within reach.

[You cur! How dare a mere bloodline of Bernas mock me!]

At those words, Mord let out a slight chuckle.

“Have you finally realized? Clueless fool.”

Could it be the suspicious demon who intervened remotely in the minor demonic conversion dungeon when they were rescuing Leon?

While he claimed to be a marquis of the demon world, the truth of his claim was uncertain.

Judging by the craft he demonstrated in remotely intervening with the dungeon to create and control Bernas undead, he might well have been a true marquis.

[I will not forgive this! You will not die an easy death!]

Marquis Wirgern fumed with rage.

Simultaneously, the situation shifted.

Black armor emerged from the gaping hole, snapping onto the Black Orc, who was also provided with a same-hued greatsword.


The Black Orc’s sorcerous power surged exponentially.

“What’s going on?”

Hert was panicked.

Based on his experience, he had judged that the Black Orc was of intermediate demonic strength.

But what was exuding power now was a demon of greater rank, possibly…

‘A lord-level?’

One at the very lowest rank of nobility, perhaps a mere baron?

[Kekekeke! Splendid indeed! With such power, I’ll willingly become a vassal!]

Overwhelmed with elation, the Black Orc demon laughed out loud.

He had struck a deal with Marquis Wirgern from the demon world. In exchange for power, he would become a faithful servant, his soul subjugated to the pact!

It was unavoidable. The humans who had invaded this demonically altered dungeon were too strong; there was no chance of victory.

Now, however, he felt his decision to make that contract was the wisest choice he could have made.


But the surge of power transforming the Black Orc demon was not the only change taking place.

Ominous shadows began rising in the vicinity.

“A summoning spell! No, that’s not all—it’s a seal-breaking spell, and it’s faster!”

Parwell issued a warning.

As he spoke, a red magic circle appeared on the wall of the chamber, and fifty Black Orcs emerged from it, surrounding them.

“This can’t be happening!”

Hert was completely horrified.

He had served more than a decade in the gatekeeper troops and had participated in dozens of missions to thwart demonic conversions.

Yet, despite his vast experience, he was now facing an entirely new and hazardous situation.


However, Hert did not remain shocked for long. As a commander, he made a swift decision.

“Everyone, breakthrough at the rear! We retreat! I will hold the front!”

In tandem, Hert’s muscles, which had been in a state of semi-engagement, began to stir.


A silvery flash twined around him, and his hair turned a shiny silver tone.

Hert had transformed by opening his vital veins.

“Come! I’ll take every last one of you down!”

Even in such dire straits, Hert had confidence that he could defeat all his enemies and survive.

But he was not merely a warrior; he was a commander.

He knew that head-on combat would result in the death of most of his troops, leaving him the sole survivor.

Such an outcome was unacceptable.

[Hoh. Impressive. You’re not giving up but considering that you can actually take on this force?]

Marquis Wirgern’s voice rang out again.

[Indeed. With three descendants of Bernas gathered, it’s reasonable that you are confident.]

The descendants of Bernas were owners of talents optimized for battle, even among vital veins.

Their combat capabilities could not simply be rated by their status as warriors.

For instance, Hert’s ability as a martial art sorcerer was at the third stage of Impulse. But transformed by the open vital veins state, he could match any master-class martial art sorcerer.

In a battlefield where one had to fight endlessly against many foes, his power would be even more formidable.

[But your confidence may come too swiftly.]

As Marquis Wirgern scoffed, the summoning spell was complete.

“What’s this?”

Hert’s complexion hardened.

It couldn’t be helped.

An enormous power was emanating from the rising shadows that surrounded them.

“High-class undead? High-class undead in this demon conversion dungeon…?”

Hert murmured in disbelief.

Among the fifty Black Orcs, five high-class undead appeared—four Death Knights and a Lich.

This force alone was overwhelmingly powerful, far beyond anything manageable.

‘Dammit. I had heard about increasingly anomalous threats in recent demonic conversion dungeons, but this is excessive.’

There had been a rise in casualties and fallen warriors during recent efforts to conquer demonic conversion dungeons.

Because a plethora of unexpected events had been taking place within the dungeons.

Hert was aware of these abnormal cases reported by command, but the situation he now faced was entirely new and certainly fatal.

“Sir Mord, I apologize, but… will you remain here with me?”

Hert spoke awkwardly.

He was overwhelmed on his own. One more capable fighter needed to stand and die on this battleground to allow the others a chance to escape.

Just as he made this grim resolve and turned around, he noticed something.


The expressions on the faces of those who met his gaze were entirely unexpected.

Mord’s four troops, amidst this desperate scenario, were chatting leisurely—completely free from tension.

“It looks like playtime is over. I was getting itchy for action; this is perfect.”

As Leon chuckled wryly, Keal nodded in agreement.

“Right. I don’t want to hear I just tagged along for an easy ride. Mord, I’ll fight while protecting Parwell.”

“Understood. Leon, break through the back and secure our retreat route. The rest…”


As Mord opened his vital veins, a silver cyclone began to swirl.

“I will handle it alongside Sir Hert.”

* * *

A maelstrom of silver winds commenced swirling around.

-Mirage Breaker!

Mord’s punch shot out, and three Black Orcs ten meters away burst apart instantly.

[You wretch!]

Surging with newfound might, the heavily armored Black analyzing.k Orc demon charged in.

Elevated to baron-level strength, the demon now knew no fear.

Power beyond anything he’d ever experienced coursed through him. He felt undefeatable, ready to destroy any foe that arose.

“Sir Mord! Watch out…!”

Before Hert could finish his exclamation, a thunderous roar erupted.

“…He, ra?”

Hert was frozen, his cry unfinished because the Black Orc demon, leaping in his charge, was sent flying back into the wall.

“Pretty sturdy, I’ll give you that.”

Mord remarked nonchalantly.

[Impossible… How could this be…?]

Stunned, the Black Orc demon muttered in disbelief.

In the clash, Mord had simply countered the demon’s strike with his own punch.

Then, the magical sword, gifted by Marquis Wirgern, broke like dry straw…

[My weapon infused with my strength was shattered in one strike?]

Even Marquis Wirgern was taken aback.

The massive black armor worn by the Black Orc demon crumbled from the chest outwards under the force of Mord’s blow.


Another scream resounded.

Not an ordinary human shriek, but one from a non-human being.

As Hert looked towards the source of the scream in alarm…

“The more I fight, the easier it becomes.”

Leon was finishing off a Death Knight by shattering its backbone with a solid punch.

-Thunder Strike!

A jagged trail of light, akin to lightning, cut through the air, and the Death Knight’s skull burst apart.


Effortlessly dealing with the high-level undead Death Knight, Leon dove into the midst of the Black Orcs. With each punch, a burst of light exploded, sweeping the orcs away.


Another Death Knight, backed by a Lich’s sorcery, surged forward.

Parwell’s meticulously cast web of flames (火網) was penetrated, and the Death Knight collided with Keal.


And at the moment of collision, the match was decided.

[Was he a master all along?]

Disbelief colored the Death Knight’s voice.

Keal deflected the Death Knight’s sword with a shoulder enveloped in aura, then counterattacked. The Aura Blade he’d concealed until then unfolded, bisecting the Death Knight with lethal precision.

“You’ve had quite the journey to get here.”

Keal smirked, drawing countless trails of bright light in the air.


The trails exploded with light, swallowing the Death Knight.

-Impulse Ball Barrage!

More than ten Impulse Balls then flew towards the Lich.

[Even if you claim mastery, a martial art sorcerer! Daring to engage a magician in a long-range duel?]

The Lich was a high-ranking magician capable of casting at least 7th circle spells.

-Bang Bang Bang Boom!

Consequently, the Lich’s spellcasting was advanced. With minimal mana, the Lich deflected three of the countless Impulse Balls launched by Keal, and the rest were neutralized by the blast’s shockwave.

-Binding Mark!

However, Parwell seized the opportunity. His curse struck the Lich squarely.

It was a 4th circle spell that bound movement.

[Childish tricks!]

Even if caught off guard, the Lich wasn’t held by the spell for even a second.

Shattering the binding curse easily, the Lich prepared to counterattack.

-Mirage Breaker!

But from the haze of smoke, an attack, cleaving through space, struck hard.


Though the Lich’s ever-present defensive barrier absorbed the blow, confusion was inevitable.

With concentration broken, the nearly complete spell dissipated, and the attacker, Leon, already closed in.

-Mountain Breaker!

Before the Lich could erect a defensive spell, Leon’s fist shot straight forward, slamming into the Lich, detonating on impact.



The Lich screamed.

But the very act of screaming meant the Lich had not yet been annihilated.

Remarkably, the Lich’s automatic defense spell had mitigated more than half of Leon’s destructive power.

Still, the remaining force left the Lich half-destroyed and…

“That’s just the right state to devour.”

Before the Lich could regain composure, Keal reached it.

The Lich, lifting its head, saw trails of sharp glints and then nothing more.

* * *

Hert couldn’t believe the events unfolding.

It wasn’t just him—all members of Hert’s troops felt the same.

Likely even the Black Orc demon and Marquis Wirgern, the power behind it all, shared the sentiment.

Mord’s team consisted of merely four members.

Yet those four dominated the battlefield, slaughtering the overwhelmingly vast enemy force.

[Block them!]

[Take down the weak ones first!]

Summoned high-level undead: four Death Knights and a Lich.

Two Death Knights and the Lich had already been extinguished by the coordinated efforts of Leon, Keal, and Parwell.

But the remaining two Death Knights tried to block for the Black Orc demon, buying time.

It was a futile gesture.


A burst of light, and one Death Knight was shattered to pieces, obliterated.

Still, the lone Death Knight fearlessly launched itself at Mord. It swung its sword engulfed in ashen, cursed energy down on Mord.


Mord sidestepped and batted the sword aside with his forearm.

Then, his fist found the head of the Death Knight, whose stance had faltered.


Skull fragments scattered.

Yet the Death Knight, broken blade in grip, leapt again toward Mord.

Unlike lower undead, it possessed intelligence and braved annihilation for its mission.

This valor is why Death Knights were a force to be feared.


But even such valor was trivial before overwhelming power.

Mord’s uppercut clipped the Death Knight’s chin, the remaining half of its skull disintegrated.


A flurry of punches shattered the Death Knight’s torso, sending it flying backward…


The Impulse Wave burst, each of the scattered fragments hit with Impulse power, exploding upon contact with the remaining Black Orcs.


In the settling dust, Mord’s footsteps resonated.

The staggering Black Orc demon twitched.

“Wurgern, was it? Your tricks are irksome.”

Marquis Wirgern had never been mentioned in Sedokmar.

Yet could it be that such a dangerously potent being existed?

Assessing a demonic conversion dungeon’s scope, one could predict its level of difficulty.

But Marquis Wirgern’s schemes twisted those predictions.

For an invading group calibrated to the dungeon’s degree, all was well. However, should they match it just right, the distortions caused by Wirgern were lethal.

‘Many must have fallen victim to him, I suspect.’

Even Mord had encountered him twice already.

It seemed improbable Wirgern had perpetrated such antics only a handful of times. Likely, he had sent many to their demise using these methods.

‘This is impossible. No matter his unique talents.’

Mord was no magician.

Yet, he held substantial knowledge about magic.

In Sedokmar, magic and martial arts were expressed as ‘novel settings.’

Aligned with such knowledge, Marquis Wirgern was achieving the impossible.

‘A demon in the demon world, influencing a demonic conversion dungeon without even entering? Further, raising its difficulty level significantly with that influence?’

If that were feasible, what need would the mighty demons have to struggle to amass power and wait for opportunities to open a demonic conversion dungeon?

They could simply project their power into a readily accessible dungeon.

Moreover, one could do so without shouldering the inherent risks of being annihilated by humans!

‘If not just one-off tactics but impossibilities are being actualized, the answer is typically clear…’

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